Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/30/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/30/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Kate declares that Shawn must be Belle’s father and wonders how Belle could have done this to Philip. Philip walks up to Kate and tells her that he doesn’t need this right now. Philip thinks Kate was blaming Belle for Claire’s sickness and defends Belle. Kate decides to take advantage of Philip’s misjudgment and claim that Claire is sick because she can sense when she’s been neglected. Philip insists that Claire hasn’t been neglected because Shawn and Mimi have been helping baby-sit. Kate bashes Shawn and accuses him of picking up whatever bacteria while working as a mechanic that got passed on to Claire. Philip insists that Shawn never comes close to Claire until he is completely clean but Kate claims that a man’s idea of cleaning up leaves a lot to be desired. Kate becomes uncomfortable when Philip insists that Shawn loves Claire like she is his own. Kate insists that Philip and Belle should be the only ones here for Claire and Philip points out that that leaves out Kate and the other grandparents. Kate walks away with the claim that she needs to make a phone call. Philip slams his fist down on the counter in frustration.

Belle is furious at the news that Marlena and John are breaking up. John tries to assure Belle that they will get through this but Belle insists that she needs them together. Marlena tries to explain her decision but Belle accuses her of destroying their family. Marlena glares at John when he tells Belle that Marlena doesn’t really want to destroy their family. Marlena assures Belle that she isn’t destroying their family. Belle thinks simply talking through their problems will keep John and Marlena together. John promises Belle that he won’t give up on Marlena or their relationship. Marlena asks to speak to Belle alone so John walks away. Marlena tells Belle that she knows how deeply John loves her and how she must have loved him too and Belle tries to convince Marlena that she still loves John. Marlena tells Belle about being married to Alex and her first account of hysterical amnesia. Belle thinks Marlena should still remain with John because Alex is her ancient past but Marlena admits to having strong feelings for Alex. Marlena tells Belle that her feelings are deeper than her feelings for John and apologizes for her insistence on exploring those feelings. Belle doesn’t understand how Marlena would want to be with a total stranger but Marlena points out that to her, everyone is a total stranger. Marlena insists that Alex was the one person she recognized and Belle walks off. Marlena follows after her and likens their current situations. Belle doesn’t think they are in the same situation. Marlena uses how Belle called out Shawn’s name during labor as an example for how she can still love her first husband. Belle insists that their situation is still different because Shawn was her first love but not her first husband. Marlena warns that if Belle still has such deep feelings for Shawn, she may have to choose between Shawn and Philip once again. Belle insists that she’s already made her choice in Philip but Marlena can see that it’s tearing her apart. Belle vows to remain true and faithful to Philip no matter how she feels about Shawn. Marlena asks Belle what she does with those feelings for Shawn and Belle admits that she would change things if she could go back. Belle doesn’t think that they should be talking about this right now because Claire is fighting for her life and Marlena is abandoning the family. Marlena assures Belle that she would never leave her and that she loves her. Belle warns that if Marlena leaves John for Alex, she’ll be making the biggest mistake of her life. Philip joins them and Belle tells him that she wants to spend the night with Claire. Philip agrees and Belle steps away to call Mimi to ask her to bring some clothes. Philip assures Marlena that he is going to take care of Belle and Claire. Kate watches from down the hall as Philip comforts a now tearful Marlena.

Alex yells at the airport clerk for keeping him on hold too long but then apologizes. Alex wants to get out of Salem tonight but the clerk points out that the airport is closed due to the ice storm. Alex asks to be booked on the first possible flight out no matter where it’s headed. Alex finishes ordering his plane ticket and turns around to find John standing behind him. John admits to overhearing Alex’s plan to leave and commends him for doing the right thing. Alex feels that under the circumstances it’s the only thing he can do but refuses to leave until he says goodbye to Marlena. John follows Alex into the corridor but stops talking when he sees Marlena standing there. Alex tells Marlena that he accepts her choice and respects it. Alex claims that he has no reason to stay in Salem now that Marlena has chosen John and will refer her case to a colleague. John tries to quickly get rid of Alex but it doesn’t work. Alex tells Marlena that he never stopped loving her and would have come back sooner if it wouldn’t have disrupted Marlena’s life. Alex adds that all he ever wanted was for Marlena to be happy and turns to go. Marlena calls him back. John tries to get Alex to leave under the premise of giving Marlena time to think. Alex disregards John’s attempt and tells Marlena that while he wishes she had chosen him, he will sign any divorce papers she gives him. Marlena tells Alex that she doesn’t want a divorce and doesn’t want him to go. Alex doesn’t understand why Marlena wouldn’t want to divorce him when she chose John. Marlena explains that she chose Alex and not John. Alex is ecstatic and enthusiastic for the chance to have the future he always dreamed of with Marlena. John, with a tear running down his face, vows to not let that happen.

Shawn’s loft:

Shawn and Mimi are now taking a shower together. Shawn and Mimi have taken their lovemaking session back to Shawn’s bed where they lie in each other’s arms. Mimi reveals to Shawn that back in high school she used to be late to class because she would purposefully walk in the wrong direction just to be able to pass Shawn in the hall between classes. Shawn now thinks that one should date more than one person in high school and Mimi brings up how she only ever dated Kevin right before he went away to college. Mimi mentions how she never kept in touch with Kevin and confirms that that won’t happen with her and Shawn. Mimi smiles as Shawn tells her that she’s the only one he wants to be with. Shawn suggests that Mimi move into his bedroom and then they can use the other bedroom as a game room. Mimi likes hearing Shawn say that he wishes they could spend every night in each other’s arms. Mimi’s cell phone rings and it is Belle who tells her that she is calling because of an emergency. Kate eavesdrops on Belle’s phone conversation. Belle fills Mimi in on Claire’s condition and asks for a change of clothes and Claire’s stuffed bunny. Mimi tells Belle that she and Shawn will be there as soon as they get dressed and Belle pressed for more information on what they were doing together. Mimi dismisses the question and promises to head for the hospital before hanging up on Belle.


Belle returns to Claire’s exam room and yells at Nurse Molly for there not being a diagnosis yet. Nurse Molly leaves to try and find out more information. Belle assures Claire that she and Philip are here and they are going to make it like her crib at home. Belle promises Claire to be there for her from now on because families are supposed to stay together.

Philip joins Kate again and Kate admits to overhearing Belle’s phone conversation. Kate warns against Mimi and Shawn coming down to visit. Philip disagrees because he thinks Belle can use all the support she can get and adds that he and Belle are all for Mimi and Shawn’s relationship. Kate is surprised to hear that Belle would be for the relationship and Philip tells her how Belle and Shawn had decided to wait before taking that next step in their relationship. Kate is skeptical that Shawn and Belle never made love but Philip insists that he was the first man Belle was with based on what Belle told him. Kate is overly relieved which leads Philip to question why Kate is so curious about Belle’s sex life. Kate claims it’s because she’s amazed that a girl these days could stick to the choice of being a virgin until her wedding night. Philip steps away to check on Claire. Kate feels relieved to learn that Shawn and Belle never slept together and that would mean Shawn couldn’t be Claire’s father but then considers whether Belle could have lied.

Mimi and Shawn meet up with Belle and ask about Claire. Belle says there is no change and Belle and Shawn step away to get coffee. Belle becomes flustered as she complains to Shawn about there being no change and how she can’t lose it now. Shawn helps Belle with the coffee and promises Belle that he and Mimi are here to help as well as Philip who is the best father a baby could have. Philip asks Mimi to talk with him about something else and brings up how close Shawn and Mimi were at dinner. Mimi blames it on the spices and Philip calls her on how she’s blushing now. Mimi hints that she and Shawn got a lot closer since dinner. Philip is happy for Mimi and is glad that after all they’ve been through they’ve straightened things out and remained friends as he and Mimi spot Shawn hugging Belle.

Kate sneaks into the records room and brings up Shawn’s file from his motorcycle accident on the computer. Kate checks Shawn’s blood type listed in the record and doesn’t like what she finds. Kate realizes that Shawn’s blood type matches Claire’s therefore proving that Belle lied about never sleeping with Shawn. Kate returns to the waiting room in time to see Shawn comforting Belle.

Deveraux house:

The doorbell rings and Abby rushes to answer it in hopes that it’s Jack. Instead it turns out to be Chelsea who has heard from Billie about Jack. Chelsea tries to console a now crying Abby by pointing out that they would have heard if Jack had been in an accident. Abby tells Chelsea about calling the hospital to check and worries that her luck at being able to say goodbye to Jack before he dies has run out because Jack is lying dead somewhere. Chelsea tries to calm Abby down but Abby now regrets going out with Chelsea tonight because if she had stayed home, she would have been able to see her dad one last time. Jennifer asks Frankie if he is keeping anything from her and Frankie avoids answering the question. Jennifer presses on so Frankie admits to telling her what he knows. Frankie tells Jennifer that he never saw Jack while he was driving around Salem. Jennifer considers that good news because Frankie never saw an accident. Frankie evades the comment and Jennifer apologizes for being on edge. Frankie looks near tears as Jennifer talks of knowing that God wouldn’t take Jack away without a chance to say goodbye. Chelsea tries to convince Abby that no news is good news but Abby laments that it doesn’t matter since Jack is going to die someday soon no matter what Jennifer does to help. Chelsea promises to be there for Abby since she can understand what Abby is going through.

Jennifer however feels relief at the no news is good news idea. Frankie sadly listens to Jennifer ramble on about how Jack was probably so distracted he didn’t even think about the dangers of driving in an ice storm. Jennifer recalls how Jack once spent $50 in quarters to get Abby a specific toy ring that would match her eyes out of a vending machine. Jennifer convinces herself that Jack is not hurt but merely out planning some grand romantic gesture for her. Abby and Chelsea joins them and Abby pretends to agree with Jennifer’s idea. Jennifer credits Frankie with giving them the relief of knowing that there hasn’t been an accident. Jennifer, in an attempt to keep a positive atmosphere starts delegating tasks for party decorating. Frankie advises Jennifer to wait on decorating but when Jennifer wants to know why not, Frankie claims that it’s because it is late. Jennifer disregards his concern and encourages everyone to join her in decorating.


Patrick warns Hope and Billie that even with Bo’s wet suit and oxygen, he can’t last underwater much longer. Hope rushes over to the EMS workers and asks if they’ve heard from Bo or know how much longer he can stay down there. They merely shrug their shoulders. Patrick warns that this doesn’t feel right and Hope calls out to Bo. The EMS workers warn that given the frigid water temperature, if Bo doesn’t surface soon someone is going to have to go down after him. Patrick rushes off with the EMS workers to prepare to dive. Billie tries to comfort Hope as Hope, sensing that something is wrong, frantically calls out to Bo. Bo uses everything he can including his air mask to try and free his trapped foot. Hope urges Bo to stop playing hero and get back to the surface. Billie, thinking literally, points out that Bo can’t hear Hope while underwater. Hope explains about her special connection with Bo. Hope thinks that the line just moved in the water but Billie insists that it didn’t happen. Billie repeats Patrick’s warning about Bo not being able to last much longer but Hope doesn’t want to hear it. Billie complains that Bo didn’t dive with a buddy. Patrick returns to the edge now dressed in a wet suit and Billie yells at the EMS worker for not being ready to dive as well. The EMS worker explains that they only carry two wet suits and Billie now doesn’t want Patrick to dive alone. Patrick insists that he must do this for Bo, Jack, Billie, and Chelsea. Patrick kisses Billie and then walks off with the EMS workers. Hope prays to God to keep everyone safe. Bo’s attempts to free his foot take too long and he passes out.

Hope becomes worried that Patrick hasn’t found Bo yet but Billie suggests that Patrick did find Bo and they are both working to find Jack. Hope would rather have both Patrick and Bo back up on the bridge. Patrick searches the water for Bo. Patrick finds Bo and gives him his mask to breathe into. Bo comes to and Patrick shares his mask again. Bo shows Patrick the problem with his foot and together they are able to free Bo’s foot. Patrick signals that they should head up but Bo insists on proceeding with the search for Jack. Patrick swims on after him. Hope worries that Bo isn’t going to be able to last underwater. Billie worries that there is even less hope for Jack since he doesn’t have a wet suit and an air tank. Hope fears that none of them will make it back. Patrick and Bo make it back on shore and Hope and Billie rush to their side. Patrick complains that Bo almost got them killed and Bo complains that Patrick didn’t have to follow him down. Patrick points out that Bo’s air hose was cut and he could have died. Hope wants to know why Bo risked it and Bo reveals that he brought up Jack’s license plate. Billie grills Bo about the rest of Jack’s car and wants him to go back down but Bo says he can’t because the river currant is too strong. Bo believes that even if Jack made it out of the car, the current of the river would have swept him away.

Deveraux house:

Chelsea, Abby, Jennifer, and Frankie have gotten a lot of decorating done. Abby hears a car pull up and Jennifer rushes to the door thinking its Jack. When she opens the door however, she comes face to face with a dismal looking group composed of Bo, Hope, Billie, and Patrick. Jennifer wants to know what is wrong and asks if they’ve found Jack. No one says anything and Jennifer becomes worried. Jennifer realizes that everyone is upset because they didn’t find Jack but repeats her theory that Jack is out on a crazy romantic errand and changes the subject to having the new group admire the party decorations. Jennifer becomes nervous when no one says anything. Hope takes Jennifer’s hand and urges her to be strong. Jennifer starts to cry at the realization of what they are here to tell her. Jennifer starts to sob and Hope pulls her close when Bo tells Jennifer that their news is about Jack. Billie wraps her arms around a crying Abby and Chelsea.

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