Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/29/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/29/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Sami’s apartment:

Austin sits at his desk looking dumbfounded as Nicole knocks Sami’s feet off the couch so she can sit down. Sami lets Austin know that the landlord refuses to let them out of the lease on Brandon’s old loft. Sami and Nicole argue over whose fault it was but Austin insists that it was his decision. Nicole curses Lucas’ actions and Austin now regrets taking out additional loans before the deal was signed. Austin shocks Nicole and Sami when he tells them to start looking for other jobs. Sami and Nicole refuse to leave the company. Austin admires Sami and Nicole’s loyalty but doesn’t want to hold them back. Nicole and Sami want to turn things around and recover from losing the account. Nicole complains about getting revenge on Lucas for stealing the account from them but Austin reminds her that that is exactly what Sami did to Lucas. Austin still blames himself but Sami tells him to blame Nicole. Nicole complains that Sami blames Nicole even if she smudges her nails. Sami tries to convince Austin to fire Nicole because she convinced Austin to overextend in signing that lease for Brandon’s old loft. Austin has Nicole leave him alone to talk with Sami and once Nicole leaves, Austin yells at Sami for being out of line.

Lucas’ apartment:

Victor stops by to congratulate Lucas on a job well done. Victor acknowledges that Lucas is proving that he can be better than Austin and Lucas warns that he has big plans for Titan. Victor admires Lucas’ spirit and offers to deliver any resources he may need. Nicole lets herself in and confronts Lucas. Lucas orders Nicole to leave but Nicole refuses to leave until she tells Victor about Lucas’ blackmail methods to get the account. Lucas explains what Sami did to steal the account first. Victor turns to Nicole for confirmation and Nicole vaguely admits that to be true. Victor calls Nicole a sore loser and Nicole is surprised that Lucas’ tactics doesn’t bother Victor. Victor insists that one has to play hardball in business and that Austin’s company got exactly what it deserves. Victor suggests that Nicole join them in a toast to Lucas’ success. Nicole spills her drink on Lucas and when Lucas fumes, she complains that she only drinks the real thing and only with people she likes. Nicole vows to find a way to help Austin get Titan back. Nicole storms out. Victor warns that everyone should take cover when Nicole is on the warpath. Lucas is confident that Nicole should be the one to take cover. Victor asks to hear Lucas’ plans and Lucas shows him the plans to take over the same start up company as Nicole had mentioned to Austin. Lucas promises to have a proposal on Victor’s desk tomorrow morning but warns that if he sees an opportunity, he feels that someone else might as well and they must act fast. Nicole listens outside the door and realizes that Lucas is talking about the same company she was researching. Nicole is determined to act fast to get that company so she can get revenge on Lucas and look good to Austin. Victor warns Lucas not to expect Austin’s company to roll over and play dead. Lucas vows that he and Sami are through but Victor still cautions that Sami could be Lucas’ Achilles heel. Victor asks whether Lucas can separate Sami the mother from Sami the business opponent and if his feelings for Sami will keep him from going in for the kill.

Lucas points out how Victor goes against Kate in business all the time but they still work together when it comes to Philip. Victor notes that he and Kate are different because they’ve been divorced for a long time. Lucas continues to evade Victor’s original question by talking about how Titan has overcome Basic Black’s competition. Victor calls Lucas on not answering his question. Lucas admits that he loved Sami and while he respects her as Will’s mother, in business it’s war.

Sami’s apartment:

Austin asks Sami to lay off Nicole for she is only trying to help. Sami claims that Nicole only cares about getting Austin and only wanted the office space so she could move in on him. Austin maintains that this was his decision so it’s his fault. Sami is furious that Austin thinks more of Nicole when she’s been the one to bring the company the most success thus far. Sami warns that getting involved with Nicole could bring disaster both personally and professionally. Nicole walks in and tells Sami that she is wrong because she now has what they need to get back in the game. Sami begs Austin not to give Nicole another chance. Nicole reminds Sami how Austin gave her a second chance and Austin agrees to hear Nicole out. Nicole suggests using the money they borrowed to take over the start up company, High Style, and beating Lucas to it. Sami tries to convince Austin that this is a lame idea. Nicole asks Austin if he is going to go for broke or listen to Sami and give up. Austin tells Nicole to work up a proposal and he’ll make a decision from that. Austin steps away to work on renegotiating their loan. Nicole gloats to Sami about winning over her.


Belle is anxious because the doctors have not reached a definitive diagnosis for Claire yet. Belle complains about feeling guilty for not spending time with Claire but Philip assures her that it was the depression and not her voluntary choice. Philip suggests going to the chapel to say a prayer but Belle claims she’s been praying all along and refuses to leave Claire. Philip agrees to stay with Belle by Claire’s side. Belle thanks Philip for being so strong. Belle and Philip watch Claire as she sleeps. Philip vows to do whatever it takes to keep Belle and Claire safe. Belle asks Philip how he always knows what to say or do to make her feel better. Philip is glad to hear he has that effect. Philip agrees to stay by Claire’s side while Belle walks off to inform Marlena that they are doing better.

Kate sighs as she watches Philip comfort Belle and voices aloud her lament about Philip not being Claire’s father. Alex walks up to Kate and asks if she’s heard the bad news. Kate asks Alex why he would ask about bad news. Alex explains that he’s talking about Marlena choosing John and Kate exhales deeply with relief. Alex notes how Kate doesn’t seem too bothered by the news and Kate explains that John and Marlena is the furthest thing from her mind right now. Kate and Alex continue to watch Belle and Philip and when Alex assures Kate that Claire will start getting better soon, Kate remarks that Philip would be devastated to lose Belle or Claire. Alex asks why Philip would lose Belle but Kate claims she’s not talking sense because of her worry and only meant that if something happened to Claire, it would strain any marriage. Alex talks of accepting pain and loss but Kate doesn’t think that sentiment applies to her. Alex assures Kate that while Claire will recover, it will take longer for them to recover from losing John and Marlena. Alex steps away to make an airline reservation. Kate decides not to worry about losing John right now because she has to find a way to keep Philip from finding out that Claire isn’t his daughter. Alex uses the pay phone to purchase a single plane ticket and tells the clerk that he only needs a one-way ticket because he is leaving Salem for good. Kate wishes that the news of Philip not being Claire’s father were not true. Philip walks up behind Kate she declares Shawn is Claire’s father.

Marlena and John have stepped into the hallway to talk privately. Marlena sticks to her decision of remaining with Alex. John objects because Marlena doesn’t even know Alex but Marlena insists that knowing Alex is her husband and knowing that she loves him is all she needs. John brings up how Marlena is also remembering their life together and Marlena claims that none of those memories are accompanied by romantic feelings whereas her feelings for Alex are deeper and more emotional. John refuses to accept it. John acknowledges that this decision belongs to Marlena but he loves her too much to lose her. Marlena notes how John cares more about losing her because she’s being lost to Alex. John reiterates that he doesn’t trust Alex and claims that Alex abused his position to get close to Marlena. Marlena doesn’t believe that to be true. John decides to drop the subject of Alex and tries to remind Marlena of their history together. Marlena gasps when John turns her face toward him. John claims that by turning her back on him, she’s also turning her back on her children that they’ve raised together and the Marlena he knows wouldn’t do that. Marlena knocks away John’s hand as she is offended by John’s accusation of her abandoning her children. Marlena insists she is being honest about her feelings and refuses to pretend that she has feelings that she doesn’t. John claims he isn’t asking Marlena to pretend but Marlena interrupts him to insist that he is and claims she wants to give her deep feelings for Alex a chance to grow. Marlena adamantly declares that that is her decision and John must accept that. John refuses to let Marlena go. Marlena sticks to her decision and flashes back to seeing John and Kate on the couch. Marlena tells John that she doubts he would need a lot of time to get over her. That shocks John and Marlena claims it’s only a feeling. John insists that Marlena is wrong and asks her to work with him since he is willing to wait until she regains her memory. John asks Marlena to tell Alex that she can’t be with him yet so that she has a chance to regain her memory before making such a life changing decision. Marlena starts to cry as she considers John’s suggestion. Marlena insists that it wouldn’t be fair to Alex and rather feels honored that Alex has been so patient and faithful all these years. John is still skeptical but Marlena begs him to move on with his life so she and Alex can move on with their lives. John insists that one day Marlena will snap out of it and realize what she has to do. Marlena insists that she’s doing what she has to do for right now and just as Belle walks up, declares that she and John are done.

Deveraux house:

Abby watches anxiously through the front window for Jack to come home. Jennifer comes downstairs and Abby begs her to do something to stop the waiting. Jennifer explains that Frankie, Patrick, and Billie are out looking for Jack and she doesn’t know what else to do. Abby suggests calling the hospital. Jennifer calls the hospital and Nurse Molly informs her that Jack has not been brought in for treatment. Jennifer informs Abby about the call and assures her that Frankie and Jack will be walking through the door any minute. Abby tries to ease the tension by showing Jennifer the item she ordered for Jack’s Christmas present, a keychain that says Dad on the outside and inside houses a picture of her and Jennifer. Abby decides to change her plans and give the gift to Jack tomorrow just in case he doesn’t make it to Christmas. Abby quickly apologizes for saying that and Jennifer insists that they are not going to lose Jack. Jennifer apologizes for snapping at Abby and claims it’s because she wants the holidays to be extra special this year. Abby notes how it is for the same reason she wants to give Jack his present early. Abby wants Jennifer to admit that this may be their last Christmas with Jack.

Brady house:

Bo and Hope continue to go through family photographs for the family tree web site. They talk of going to Jack and Jennifer’s for the party tomorrow and Hope has a hard time saying that they are doing this for Jack so they can cherish every moment before he dies. The phone rings but Hope begs Bo not to answer it. Bo insists on answering it anyway because they are on call. Bo becomes alarmed as he asks the caller for details. Hope’s cell phone rings and its Frankie calling from the Salem Bridge to inform her of the accident he has come across. Hope and Bo end their respective calls by telling the person that they are on their way. They each confirm that their calls were about the same thing and both rush out the door.

Salem Bridge:

Police are covering the scene as Patrick and Billie join Frankie on the bridge. Billie explains that she and Patrick were also out looking for Jack. Frankie suggests that the car that went off the bridge was Jack’s car but Billie doesn’t want to even think it. Frankie fears that Jack could be dead. Bo and Hope arrive on the bridge and are informed of why Frankie, Patrick, and Billie are there as well as their suspicions about Jack. Frankie shows Bo and Hope the paint on the guardrail that matches Jack’s car but adds that he didn’t hear any cries for help or see any bodies floating in the river. Bo offers to coordinate the search and rescue team. Patrick offers to help but Bo is reluctant to accept his offer. Patrick walks off. Hope tries to convince Bo to let Patrick help but Bo still refuses and walks away. Frankie suggests to Billie that Jack could have intentionally drove his car off the bridge but Billie thinks her talk got through to Jack. Patrick consoles Hope and Hope tells him about how Jack saved Jennifer from going off the bridge once. Hope becomes upset at the memory of almost losing who she thought was her son, J.T. that day and now how it could be Jack in the river. Bo comes over with Officer Wilson, soon joined by Billie and Frankie, who informs them that through bridge video surveillance, they were able to determine that the car belonged to Jack but that it only went into skids. The video didn’t show the car going into the water. Bo orders Officer Wilson to get divers into the water anyway.

Patrick rejoins the group as Hope tells Frankie that he should inform Jennifer. Frankie wants to wait for more concrete news but Hope wants Frankie to go now so that someone is with Jennifer at the house. Billie joins Hope in telling Frankie that Jennifer needs him to be there especially if the news isn’t good. Frankie agrees to go only after Bo promises to handle things and to call with any news. Two EMS officers walk up to Bo and inform him that eight kids skating on the lake fell through the ice so all the divers are tied up at that scene. Bo refuses to wait on them. The EMS officers inform him that they have the wet suits but no one knows how to dive. Bo announces that he knows how to dive and will be going in. Bo leaves with the EMS officers.

Bo prepares to dive and rejects Patrick’s offer to help. Hope cautions Bo against diving but Bo insists that he has to go. Hope and Billie counter by begging Bo to let Patrick dive with him. Hope reminds Bo about how Patrick has saved their lives in the past. Bo agrees to let Patrick handle his air hose. Hope cautions Bo to be careful and Billie steps away, unable to remain standing there and watching them kiss. Patrick notes Billie’s reaction and accuses Billie of still loving Bo. Billie insists that she doesn’t love Bo in that manner and is only worried about Chelsea losing her father. Patrick returns to tending to the air hose. Bo promises to come back to Hope, checks that Patrick is ready, and then jumps into the river. Bo yells back for Patrick to send down the air hose and Patrick complies. Hope crouches down by the edge of the bridge and asks God to let Bo find Jack and bring them both back alive.

Billie joins Patrick and Hope by the edge and Patrick informs them that he’s worried since Bo hasn’t signaled them and notes how the air hose doesn’t feel right. Hope calls out to Bo to ask if he can hear her. Bo is stuck at the bottom of the river desperately trying to get his foot free from the bridge framing.

Deveraux house:

The doorbell rings and they rush to the door thinking it’s Jack but it’s Frankie instead. Frankie tells them that he didn’t find Jack. Jennifer can’t believe that Frankie didn’t find out anything. Jennifer begs Frankie for any information. Frankie insists he doesn’t have anything to tell her and couldn’t find Jack. Jennifer starts to have a bad feeling about the situation and Abby tries to reassure her by mentioning how they called the hospital but found no record of Jack there. Frankie is surprised to hear this. Jennifer frantically demands to know where Jack is.

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