Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/28/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/28/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn’s loft:

Shawn and Mimi lie in each other’s arms after making love. They joke about Mimi’s knack for burning things like the scarf and dinner. They kiss and come close to making love again but Shawn needs a break so he gets out of bed to oblige Mimi’s request for a glass of water. Mimi reaches for a magazine on the nightstand but ends up knocking it to the floor instead where she notices a picture of Shawn and Belle on the floor.

Shawn returns to the bedroom and notices that Mimi is looking at the picture of him and Belle. Mimi explains that it was in the car magazine. Shawn insists he didn’t know it was in there and only took out the magazine because it included a car he is currently working on. Shawn insists that while he and Belle will always be friends, there is no future between them. Mimi is hesitant to reply and Shawn thinks it’s because she doesn’t believe him. Mimi assures Shawn that she believes him but wants to make a confession before they go any further.

Mimi confesses that while she was with Belle earlier, they went from being happy like old times to Belle acting possessive when Mimi mentioned her and Shawn’s date for tonight. Mimi adds that she asked Belle if she was still in love with Shawn but tells Shawn that Belle gave them her blessing. Mimi admits she was worried that Belle might come between them and she was afraid of getting hurt. Shawn assures Mimi that Belle is married with her own life now. Mimi worries that six months from now something might happen with Belle and Philip but if she didn’t think that she and Shawn were planning on a serious relationship, she wouldn’t have let tonight happen. Shawn agrees. Shawn is glad to hear Mimi say that Belle still has feelings for Shawn but is committed to Philip. Mimi asks Shawn if he is still in love with Belle.

Shawn assures Mimi that while a part of him will always love Belle; he knows that they both are ready to move on. Mimi wants to know if the sex they shared tonight meant something more and Shawn is glad that they are talking about this. Mimi rambles about how girls talk more about feelings than guys do and admits that she used to write “Mrs. Shawn Brady” all over her notebook in high school. Mimi continues to ramble on but Shawn interrupts her so he can answer her previous question. Shawn assures Mimi that this was not casual sex for him and is glad that they are talking now because he has something to tell Mimi. Mimi stops him and tells him that if it’s that he loves her, and then don’t say it. Shawn doesn’t understand why Mimi would ramble on about feelings if she didn’t want him to say he loves her. Mimi explains that she doesn’t want Shawn to say it after she’s spent the night pushing him to do so. Shawn stops Mimi from explaining further by telling her that he thinks she is wonderful.


Lexie tells Belle and Philip that Claire is on oxygen now and appears to be more comfortable. Lexie tells Philip that Claire’s temperature has dropped a little. Belle becomes upset at the news that Claire had to get a spinal tap. Lexie tries to make a quick exit but Belle stops her to beg for the truth of Claire’s condition. Lexie claims she doesn’t know but tells Belle to remain positive. Lexie leaves and Philip holds Belle close.

Kate, with the photocopied paper from Claire’s file in her hand, thinks that she must find out if what the paper says is true. Philip walks up to Kate and asks about the paper. Kate claims that the paper is from work and asks about Claire. Belle tells Kate about how Lexie said they could go in for a few minutes but it’s too hard to see Claire sleeping like that. Kate assures Belle that this is all part of motherhood and Belle has a future of nursing Claire through cuts and bruises and colds etc with each and every time wanting to be in Claire’s place instead. Kate tells Philip and Belle to be there for each other to be there for Claire. Philip allows Belle to go in to see Claire alone for a few moments. Philip shares his fears for Claire and how much Claire has helped him and Belle bond more with Kate. Philip is worried that Belle’s postpartum depression will hinder her ability to deal with Claire’s condition. Kate assures Philip that Belle will be fine because he is there for her. Philip heads in to join Belle and Claire. John joins Kate and they mutually agree at how right Belle is for Philip and vice versa. John is grateful that Belle has Philip because he believes he and Marlena haven’t been good parents lately since they aren’t together. Kate assures John that Belle understands the complicated situation. Kate steps away to make some phone calls.

Once alone in the records room, Kate begs God to let her be wrong. Kate discovers that the last staff member to use the computer neglected to log off. Kate uses the paper to guide her computer search and finds the results upsetting. Kate stops a medical student to ask if it is possible for a child to be neither blood type of their parents. The student says it is possible and Kate asks for confirmation using Belle, Philip, and Claire’s specific blood types. The medical student becomes concerned and asks why Kate wants to know. Kate claims that she was asking because of a bet with a friend. The medical student tells Kate that it is genetically impossible for someone of Belle’s blood type and someone of Philip’s blood type to have a baby Claire’s blood type.

John approaches Lexie for an update on Claire. Lexie explains that they are waiting for the antibiotics to take effect. John complains that they’ll be waking up tomorrow on Thanksgiving morning doubtful on what to be thankful for. John expresses his worry about Marlena and Lexie apologizes for recommending Alex. John fills Lexie in on the latest news concerning Marlena and Alex’s marriage. John vows not to give Marlena up without a fight.

Alex asks Marlena if she is sure about her decision. Marlena says that she is and is sorry that one of the guys has to be hurt. Alex says he understands and suggests that Marlena go tell John the news. John walks back into the waiting room as Alex tells Marlena to tell John her decision. Marlena walks over to John and tells him that he has something important to tell him. John asks if this is good news or not. Marlena tells John that she has decided whom she wants to be with but before she can say whom, Belle and Philip come back out. Belle is in tears so John and Marlena become concerned. Belle explains that it’s hard to see Claire in pain and not be able to help her. Marlena assures Belle that by holding Claire and talking to her, it helps more than anything else. Belle thanks her and she and Philip head back to Claire. John brings up Marlena’s earlier comment about her decision but is surprised when Marlena gasps at his comforting touch. Marlena declares that she’s chosen to be with Alex. John refuses to believe that Marlena chose Alex. John asks Marlena to reconsider her decision and stay with him. Marlena uses the passionate reasons John used as why she can’t be with him and adds that she must choose the person she first pledged to spend her life with and that is Alex.

Alex apologizes to Lexie for blackmailing her about the affair with Tek and insists he never would have followed through on it. Lexie asks if Alex is still afraid of what she might find from digging into his past but Alex claims that there is nothing left to hide and his only concern was having Marlena find out before he thought she was ready. Alex laments that the bulk of Marlena’s past is still a mystery to her and sighs when he claims that he has lost her. Lexie claims that Alex couldn’t have lost Marlena because he never had her. Alex reiterates that he and Marlena were married but Lexie is skeptical. Alex claims that he didn’t come back until now because Marlena had already moved on. Alex explains that he came back to Salem because he felt he was the only one who could treat Marlena. Alex acknowledges Lexie’s disagreement with the methods he chose to use. Alex is confident that the tools were working but laments that Marlena chose John. Lexie is surprised that Marlena would tell Alex that and Alex says that’s the gist he got from their conversation and that is why he’ll be leaving Salem soon. Lexie is surprised that Alex would give up that easily. Alex insists that he must respect Marlena’s choice and Lexie apologizes for misjudging Alex. Alex advises Lexie to deal with her feelings for Tek and Abe. Lexie admits to avoiding Tek and Alex asks if she is avoiding him because she doesn’t want to see Tek anymore or because she wants to avoid having to make a decision. Lexie insists that she made a mistake with Tek and wants to be with Abe. Lexie thanks Alex for his advice and Alex apologizes again for the perceived blackmail. Lexie notes how when it comes to love, people can do things completely out of character. Alex admits to acting unprofessionally driven more by his love for Marlena that now he feels will never be fulfilled.

Deveraux house:

Jennifer stares out the window until Frankie walks up. Jennifer blames herself for wanting the flowers so bad thus sending Jack out into the ice storm. Frankie assures Jennifer that Jack will be okay. Jennifer hears someone coming in the door and rushes to open it thinking that it’s Jack but it turns out to be Abby. Abby explains that she had Chelsea drive her home so she’d be available to help Jennifer with the party preparations. Jennifer and Frankie are horrified that Abby and Chelsea were out on the icy roads but Abby assures them that they went the long way around and the roads are salted. Abby asks about Jack and Jennifer tells her that Jack went out. Abby is furious with Jennifer for letting Jack go out in the storm.

Jennifer tells Abby that Jack chose to go out on his own. Jennifer explains that Jack went out to get her flowers but Abby is still upset that Jack is out on a night like this. Frankie assures Abby that Jack called and said he was on his way home. Jennifer tries to change the subject by getting Abby to help her with the decorations but while Abby agrees to help, she admits that she knows Jennifer is just as worried as her.

Abby begs Jennifer to call Jack again since he isn’t home yet. Jennifer explains that she tried earlier but the cell phone service isn’t working due to the storm. Frankie offers to try again as Jennifer assures Abby that Jack is fine.

Frankie suggests that Jack could have pulled over to wait out the storm. Abby insists that the roads are fine now. Frankie points out that salt trucks may not have made it out to Ogden where Jack was coming from yet. Jennifer is too anxious to sit and wait. Frankie offers to go look for Jack but Jennifer and Abby don’t want him to risk his safety too. Frankie insists he’ll be fine and leaves. Jennifer assures Abby that Frankie will bring Jack home soon.

Jennifer becomes worried when she can’t reach Frankie either. Abby is more worried about Jack because she fears he could have passed out or drove off the road.


Jack is bent over the steering wheel unconscious and the car is half full of water. Jack comes to and frantically looks around at the car now filled with water up to his neck and thinks to God that he wasn’t revived from his suicide attempt to die like this. Jack tries to undo his seatbelt but can’t. Jack tells God that he is determined to be home with his family for Thanksgiving. The water continues to rise in the car. Jack recalls that he needs to open the window, wait for the water pressure to equalize and then swim to the surface. Jack tries again to unhook his seatbelt. The water continues to rise as Jack frantically tries to free himself from the seat belt. The car is almost filled with water now. Jack apologizes to God for trying to commit suicide and asks for forgiveness so he’ll be able to see his family and die the slow painful death that was the original plan. As Jack begins to lose consciousness, he fantasizes about being back home with his family for Thanksgiving. Jack coughs one final time before slipping unconscious under the water level.

Frankie arrives at the bridge and finds the broken guardrail that shows that someone went off the bridge. Frankie hopes that it wasn’t Jack. Frankie pulls out his cell phone and calls for help.

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