Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/23/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/23/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn’s loft:

Shawn and Mimi are in the process of making love when Mimi stops Shawn from going any further. Shawn worries that he’s misreading Mimi but Mimi insists that she wants to make love to Shawn now. Shawn stops the lovemaking so he can set the mood. Shawn lights some candles around the bed. Mimi lies in Shawn’s arms and they admit to each other that they are both nervous. Shawn is wary of hurting Mimi and they talk of how things happen for a reason. Shawn doesn’t want to risk losing their friendship by taking things to the next level but Mimi assures him that she wants to be more than friends. They start to make love again but are interrupted by Hope’s call. Shawn assures Hope that he and Mimi will try and stop at Jack and Jennifer’s for Thanksgiving and quickly ends the call. The lovemaking is interrupted again by Shawn’s computer beeping to alert him to a new IM message from Alice wanting to make sure Shawn was in safe from the storm. Mimi starts to wonder if this wasn’t meant to be.

Shawn quickly ends his IM conversation with Alice and returns to Mimi. Mimi suggests that they not do this but Shawn insists that he wants to and steps away to bring Mimi a vase of slightly dying flowers that he had forgotten about getting. Mimi grabs her scarf and tosses it over the lamp for a muted light effect. Shawn tries to untie Mimi’s top but has trouble undoing the knots. Mimi has trouble undoing Shawn’s zipper. In the process, the strings on Mimi’s top get caught in Shawn’s zipper. Mimi suggests getting scissors but Shawn insists he can figure it out. Shawn recalls how their relationship is notoriously plagued by zippers and reminds Mimi of how the zipper got stuck on Caroline’s wedding dress. Mimi is finally able to free her top from Shawn’s zipper. The lovemaking resumes until Mimi notices that something is burning. They look over and realize that Mimi’s scarf over the lampshade is burning. Shawn rips the scarf off the lampshade and stomps out the fire before Mimi can rush over with the water from the flower vase. Mimi and Shawn start to think that this is a sign that they shouldn’t make love tonight. Mimi and Shawn disregard that thought and resume lovemaking.

Kate’s suite:

John’s pain is gradually relieved as Kate continues to massage him. Kate suggests muscle relaxers but John insists that Kate is the only one who can help. Kate gets into the moment and John apologizes for not wanting to go further. Kate tells him not to be sorry. John begins to tense up again and Kate jokes about how he only paid for half an hour. John jokes about having to be billed so Kate can continue massaging him with the magic touch.


Marlena continues to watch John and Kate through the telescope, still assuming that what she is seeing is them making love. Marlena laments that John is acting this way so soon after he was pledging his love to her. Alex suggests that John is acting this way because he realizes that Marlena belongs with him instead of John. Marlena uses the telescope to look again but then criticizes herself for being a voyeur. Alex attempts to console Marlena. Marlena still doesn’t understand how John could be making love with Kate when he pledged his love to her. Alex continues to console Marlena and Marlena becomes frustrated and confused. Alex wraps his arms around Marlena as she starts to cry.

Belle’s loft:

Belle and Philip kiss. Belle insists to Philip that she is happy about Shawn and Mimi. They head for the couch to try and make love but they are interrupted by Claire’s crying. Belle leans over the bassinet to check on Claire and calls Philip over in alarm. Belle realizes that Claire is burning up and must have slept so long because she is sick. Belle insists that they must take Claire straight to the hospital. Belle works on getting Claire ready to go while Philip grabs the diaper bag and calls Kate and John. Kate promises Philip that she and John will meet them at the hospital after calling Lexie. Belle calls Marlena and Marlena promises to be there. Belle is scared and Philip consoles her as they head for the hospital.


Marlena fills Alex in on Belle’s call and Alex offers to drive Marlena to the hospital since she is so upset.


Belle and Philip arrive with Claire at the hospital and Lexie greets them. Lexie has Nurse Molly take Claire into an exam room and take her temperature. Lexie urges Belle and Philip to be strong for the baby and heads into the exam room. John and Kate run into Marlena and Alex on their way into the hospital and each explain how they were called to come. They spot Belle and Philip and join them. Belle complains to Marlena that Claire is sick because she has been neglecting her. John and Marlena assure Belle that this isn’t her fault. Lexie comes back out and tells Belle and Philip that Claire is very sick and it was good that she was brought in now. Belle begs Lexie not to let Claire die. Lexie assures Belle that Claire is now on IV fluids to flush out her system but her condition is not life threatening. Lexie explains that Claire appears to have an infection that should be helped by antibiotics. Belle and Philip complain that they haven’t done anything to make Claire susceptible to an infection but Lexie assures them that it isn’t something they did or didn’t do. Lexie informs them that they are running tests and have called Claire’s pediatrician to come. Lexie starts to head back into the exam room but John pulls her over to talk.

Belle cries with worry over Claire. Philip becomes frustrated and snaps at Belle when she complains that everyone is helping but her. Belle backs away from Philip in shock. Philip promises to not let anything happen to Belle or Claire and hugs her. John heads over to Kate as they both watch Philip and Belle from across the room. Kate describes how hard it was when her children first got sick. John is grateful that Belle has Philip to support her and Kate agrees that it’s good that they are there for each other. Kate is worried about Claire and John hugs her to comfort her. Marlena looks over at John and Kate hugging and looks sad. Alex rubs Marlena’s arm to console her and John looks over at them not liking what he sees either. Philip brings Belle a cup of coffee but she doesn’t want it. Belle claims that nothing will make her feel better until she knows Claire is okay. Philip tries to calmly console Belle and Belle criticizes him for being so calm. Philip explains that he has to remain calm because both of them can’t fall apart. Belle angrily looks at Philip and declares that if anything happens to Claire, their relationship is over. Philip looks at Belle in shock and Belle quickly apologizes and begs Philip to forgive her. Philip insists that there is nothing to forgive. Belle tells Philip that he is the only reason she hasn’t totally lost her mind.

Alex offers to see if he can find out more information about Claire since he is a doctor and heads back into the exam room. Marlena laments about not being able to do more since she is a doctor by training. John tries to help by noting that Marlena is not a pediatrician. Marlena points out that she is not an OBGYN but was still able to deliver Belle’s baby. Kate steps away from the uncomfortable scene of watching John comfort Marlena with an excuse of getting coffee. John notices Marlena’s pearls and she explains that Alex gave them to her when they were married. Marlena flashes back to seeing John and Kate on the couch and shares her doubts over John’s truthfulness of his feelings for Kate. John insists he’s only staying at Kate’s suite because Marlena needed time to make a decision about her future. John asks if Marlena has made that decision. Kate, becoming frustrated at the wait, secretly looks into Claire’s file and is shocked at what she finds. John decides that this might not be the best time to be talking about their future but then suggests that it might be the perfect time because Belle would feel better knowing her parents are together. Alex returns with the news that he couldn’t get anything further on Claire’s condition. Philip comforts Belle and urges her to stay strong. Lexie returns and informs the group that she wishes she had better news.

Deveraux house:

Jack is resting on the couch as Jennifer digs out the serving trays for Thanksgiving dinner. Jennifer suggests that Jack go upstairs and rest but Jack is wary of bothering with such a huge meal. Jennifer looks Jack in the face and refuses to let him give up on finding a cure and has Jack promise to try and hang around for Christmas in hope for a miracle. Jack vows to always love Jennifer and they hug. Jennifer assures Jack that Abby is going to stay at Chelsea’s house tonight and lists all the things for the dinner that are covered by other people so Jack doesn’t have to do anything. Jennifer complains that she won’t get flowers for the cornucopia centerpiece because she forgot to call the florist and now they are closed for the night. Jack tries to assure Jennifer that the meal will be fine without it but Jennifer is still upset that the tradition won’t be included. Jack hugs her and assures her that it will be fine and Jennifer agrees that it’s more important that everyone will be together. Jennifer rushes upstairs to check on Jack Jr. Jack decides that he can help after all and calls to verify that the florist is still open. Jennifer returns downstairs and looks around for Jack. Jennifer wonders where Jack could have gone. Jennifer discovers that Jack is not home at all and then spots that he took the car. Jennifer turns on the radio and hears a report about the bad condition of the roads. Jennifer asks God to get Jack home safely.

Jack’s car:

Jack tries to drive and wipe off the inside of his windshield while keeping his car from sliding on the ice. Jack is determined to get Jennifer her flowers. Jack realizes that driving in the storm is crazy but is still determined to get Jennifer’s flowers since he feels that this will be their last Thanksgiving together. Jack’s car skids on the ice again and he considers turning back but decides that he must keep going.

Deveraux house & Jack’s car:

Jack calls from the car and Jennifer is furious at him for going out in the storm. Jack explains that he went out to get the flowers. Jennifer is touched by the thought but would rather have Jack home with her. Jack looks over at the flowers he’s already picked up and explains that he still needs to find a cornucopia. Jennifer tells him about finding one already and Jack promises to come right home. Jack notices how one of their favorite songs is playing on the car radio and turns it up so Jennifer can hear it through the phone. Jennifer is worried that Jack won’t be able to drive home safely but Jack insists that he’s fine. They end the call and Jennifer vows to never lose Jack.

Deveraux house:

Jennifer anxiously waits for Jack to return home and tries to convince herself to stop fearing the worst by reminding herself that every day with Jack is a gift.

Jack’s car:

Jack continues trying to drive and wipe the inside of his windshield as he drives home. Jack starts to drive across the bridge but hits a patch of ice and his car spins out of control. Jack’s car breaks through the guardrail and plunges into the river below.

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