Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/22/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/22/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Belleís loft:

Mimi and Shawn are kissing outside of Belleís door and donít notice that Philip and Belle have opened the door until Philip clears his throat. Mimi and Shawn enter the loft and Belle uses the excuse of grabbing items from a pantry to steal a moment alone to compose herself and remind herself that Shawn isnít her boyfriend anymore.

Belle composes herself and rejoins the group. Philip serves the wine and Shawn thanks him for saving them from going out in the storm and from having to endure another night of burnt TV dinners at home. Belle excuses herself to check on dinner and Philip joins her. Shawn checks with Mimi to make sure she is okay with being here and Mimi tells him about how Belle gave them her blessing. Philip can tell that Belle is upset despite her denial and asks to know what is wrong.

Mimi and Shawn anxiously wait the arrival of the food. Philip presses for why Belle is upset and Belle claims that itís because she doesnít want company right now. Philip notes how only a moment ago Belle was feeling better and Belle claims itís because sheís upset over him lying to her about his leg. Philip promises to never do it again. Philip directs Belleís attention to Mimi and Shawn who are doting on each other and suggests that Mimi and Shawn will pull a quick exit as soon as dinner is over. Philip interrupts Mimi and Shawn with the announcement that dinner is ready. Philip spots the picture of Belle and Shawn in the trash but Belle claims it only fell in. Mimi and Shawn help Philip bring the food to the table. Belle looks at the picture of her and Shawn and imagines that itís a picture of her, Shawn, and baby Claire as one happy family. Belle stuffs the picture back into the trash and carries the rest of the food to the table.

Everyone polishes off their dinner but Mimi and Shawn turn down Philipís offer to open up another bottle of wine. Mimi and Shawn and Philip make small talk about doing things as couples but watching Mimi play footsie with Shawn underneath the table distracts Belle. Belle uses the need to check on Claire as an excuse to leave the table and Mimi and Shawn use the opportunity to say their goodbyes as well. Philip tries to convince them to stay longer but Mimi and Shawn canít wait to get home and leave. Philip gloats about being right about Mimi and Shawn being in such a hurry to head home. Mimi and Shawn kiss the entire way back to their loft.

Belle and Philip finish cleaning up from dinner. Philip starts to kiss down Belleís neck but Belle barely seems to notice.

Mimiís loft:

Shawn and Mimi never bother to stop kissing until Shawn carries Mimi into his bedroom where they resume kissing again.

Samiís apartment:

Nicole hangs up with the bank and informs Austin that the funds from their loan will be in the account by tomorrow morning. Sami comes bursting through the door with arms full of groceries. Austin helps her but is upset that Sami went grocery shopping in the ice storm. Sami explains that she had to get the ingredients for Carolineís chicken soup for Will. Sami doesnít appreciate Nicoleís joke that Will wonít eat anything Sami cooks. Sami accuses Austin of not even noticing she was gone because he was so busy with Nicole. Nicole asks Sami to make the soup over at Lucasí place and Sami takes offense. Austin suggests that Sami take Nicoleís advice so she can be closer to Will. Sami takes offense at being thrown out of her apartment and storms out. Nicole laughs and refers to Sami as a dramatic little bitch. Austin yells at Nicole to stop it because she is way out of line.

Austin warns Nicole that their company is going to fail if she canít get along with Sami. Nicole apologizes but claims that Sami hasnít been pulling her weight. Austin disagrees and brings up Samiís help in landing the account. Nicole insists that Sami landing the account was only dumb luck and would never happen again. Austin claims that by going out in a storm for soup for her sick child, it shows that Sami has a lot of heart and would succeed in this business. Nicole claims Sami only did that to score sympathy points. Austin appeals to Nicoleís good side and asks her to get along with Sami for the sake of the company. Nicole thinks she would be able to do that if it were anyone but Sami. Austin believes that once Nicole gets to know Sami, sheíll see a side of Sami that he loves and that Lucas still loves.

Nicole thinks that Sami and Lucas belong with each other and hopes that things work out for them. Austin doubts Nicoleís sincerity. Nicole insists that even Sami belongs with the person she loves and hopes to find that for herself some day. Austin assures Nicole that some day sheíll have the family of her dreams. Nicole asks Austin if he wants kids and Austin says heíd love to have a dozen kids some day. Nicole turns away in tears. Austin walks over to her, concerned.

Nicole tries to brush off Austinís concern but when Austin persists, Nicole tells him about how she got shot and now canít have kids. Austin assures Nicole that she can still have children in other ways but Nicole feels that the only way she could do it was to share the responsibility with someone like Austin.

Lucasí apartment:

Sami drops the bags of groceries again once she reaches Lucasí door. Lucas steps out and offers to help.

Lucas criticizes Sami for going out in the storm. Sami explains that she went out to get the ingredients for Carolineís chicken soup so she can make it for Will. Lucas bluntly tells Sami that heís surprised that she would do that because itís such an unselfish thing. Lucas accuses Sami of being willing to do anything to help Austin succeed. Sami claims that Lucas is upset because he lost the account and Sami won fair and square. Lucas reminds Sami that he only lost the account because she stole it from him. Sami boasts about how Austin was able to secure a loan because of the account. Lucas warns that Austin is spreading himself too thin and taking a risk because he doesnít even have Dr. Schnitzelís signature on the contract yet. Lucas warns that if the deal falls through, Austin could be in trouble with his creditors. Sami replies that Austin would be ruined.

Sami comes back out of the bedroom having succeeded in getting Will to let her rub Vaporub on his chest. Sami uses a reference from Willís favorite movie to describe how horrible it is to live with Nicole. Sami doesnít appreciate Lucasí readiness to gloat. Sami tells Lucas about how Austin leased Brandonís old loft so he and the company can move there. Lucas is surprised that Austin is making such risky moves. Sami tells Lucas not to worry about Austin and is confident that soon their company will be bigger than Titan. Lucas looks at Sami disapprovingly and realizes that she is falling for Austin again.

Sami denies falling for Austin. Lucas accuses Sami of not really loving him since sheís falling for Austin so quickly after their breakup. Sami claims that she was equally hurt seeing Lucas with Sophie. Lucas accuses Sami of being willing to have either or both him and Austin. Sami claims it was Lucas who quit on their relationship and is at fault. Lucas warns that Sami better realize Austin is not as smart as she thinks he is and heads into his bedroom. Sami realizes that the recipe isnít in her purse and rather than go back out in the storm to get it from her car, she uses Lucasí computer to access her email. Sami reads an email from Lucas to Sophie that talks about how they stole the account from Austinís company. Lucas comes back into the room and Sami confronts him.

Lucas prefers to think of his win as taking the account back after Sami used Lulu to steal it from him. Sami is now concerned over Austinís spending since they no longer have the account and Lucas gloats about being right about Austin. Sami threatens that Austin will not let Lucas get away with this but Lucas says he already has.

Samiís apartment:

Austinís attempts to comfort Nicole are interrupted when Sami bursts in and alerts Austin about Lucasí new win of the account. Lucas follows Sami into the apartment and gloats. Nicole is furious with Lucas. Austin rushes to his computer to verify this news and proclaims that they are ruined.

Kateís suite:

Kate comes out of her bedroom and finds John pacing the living room, also unable to sleep. John still refuses to believe that Marlena could be married to Alex. Kate points out that even Roman believes it. John consents that it could be true but adds that there must be more to it because there is no way Marlena could have loved Alex like she loved him. Kate claims that she wants Marlena to remember her love for John. John is determined to find a way to break the hold Alex has on Marlena before he can move in further and even get so far as getting into Marlenaís bed. John grabs the binoculars to spy on Marlena but Kate pulls the binoculars down and warns that if he does, heíll be making a big mistake.

John wants to use the binoculars to spy on Alex and Marlena again but Kate cautions him against it. John complains that Marlena is living with a stranger and thereís nothing he can do about it. Kate points out how Alex is not a stranger but her husband. John refuses to believe that and vows to get to the bottom of it.

John still refuses to believe that Marlena could have feelings for Alex. Kate insists that itís very clear that Marlena has strong feelings for Alex.

John scoffs at Kateís belief that Marlena has strong feelings for Alex. Kate proves her case by claiming that they wouldnít have married had they not loved each other but John counters that with his disbelief that they werenít ever really married. Kate becomes annoyed when she points out that John determined the marriage certificate to be legitimate himself. Kate offers her condolences and adds that itís painful to lose someone you love. John thinks that Kate is talking about losing Roman but Kate admits that she was talking about losing John. John starts to try and explain that he now wants to be with Marlena and thought Kate understood that but Kate brushes him off. Kate likens their situation to Alex and Marlena because when Marlena regains her memory, she may want to pursue her feelings for Alex. John believes that Marlena would only feel that way because Alex is brainwashing her and decides to head over there right now. Kate urges John not to do that but John ignores her and continues getting dressed. As John bends over to put on his sock, he doubles over in pain.

Kate tries to comfort John but he can barely move. Kate offers to call Lexie but John refuses to take any more painkillers. Kate offers to give John a massage to help the pain and lifts off his shirt. Kate straddles John and starts to relieve the pain by massaging Johnís shoulder.


Alex brings Marlena a drink and asks to know what she is thinking. Marlena asks Alex to tell her all about him and to start at the beginning of their relationship. Alex tells Marlena that once he sat down next to her in med school, he thought the sun rose and set on her. Alex describes how they were so in love, they even did the grocery shopping together. Alex considers the day they got engaged and the day they married as the best days of his life. Marlena flashes back to making love with Alex. Alex asks if Marlena remembers how in love they were. Marlena admits that she can see how much in love they were but she just canít feel it.

Marlena complains of not being able to experience the feelings that go along with her memory flashes. Alex claims that itís normal for Marlena to only be remembering bits and pieces and that in time sheíll remember the feelings as well. Marlena admits to feeling something when they kissed. Alex says he felt it too and suggests that Marlena is merely feeling guilty at not being able to remember her past with John. Marlena says that she is because while sheís having flashes of memory from her time with John, they arenít like what sheís having of her time with Alex. Alex doesnít believe that what they shared could even come close to what Marlena shared with John.

Marlena starts to feel the connection she and Alex shared and Alex wants to celebrate the moment with a gift so he steps away. Marlena flips through the photo album John gave her and wonders why she canít remember any of it. Alex returns and hands Marlena a jewelry case. Marlena admires the string of pearls inside the case and accepts Alexís offer to put them around her neck. As he does, Marlena flashes back to someone trying to strangle her while putting a string of pearls around her neck and she backs away from Alex in fear.

Alex tries to approach Marlena out of concern but Marlena pushes him away. Alex is able to calm Marlena and get her to sit back down. Marlena describes her memory to Alex. Alex asks if Marlena saw a face but she can only describe the squeezing sensation. Alex suggests that putting the pearls around Marlenaís neck brought up some sort of deep-seated fear. Marlena is still confused so Alex replies that itís because Marlena canít yet bridge the gap between memories and actual feelings. Marlena begins to calm down fully and admires the pearls by asking if they belonged to someone in Alexís family. Alex says that they did because they belonged to Marlena.

Marlena is shocked to learn that the pearls were hers. Alex explains that he gave them to her right before their wedding ceremony. This time, Marlena puts the pearls on herself and refuses Alexís help. Marlena gasps when the strong wind blows the terrace door open. Alex latches the door closed and then grabs a small telescope to spot how the Titan radio tower is on the verge of collapsing. Alex then looks in the opposite direction and spots Kate stripping off her robe and leaning over John as he reaches out to hold her. Marlenaís interest is piqued by Alexís astonishment and Alex tries to hide the sight from Marlena. Marlena demands the telescope and Alex semi-reluctantly steps aside. Marlena looks through the telescope and upon seeing Kate lying on top of John, assumes that they are doing more than just massage.

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