Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/21/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/21/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Frankie's car:

Frankie has pulled over because there is black ice on the road and not safe to drive. Jennifer goes to call Billie and Jack to inform them of what is going on but finds that her cell phone battery is dead. Frankie offers his cell phone but there is no signal. Jennifer resigns to waiting out the storm in hopes of a tow truck coming by to help. Frankie turns on the radio and they marvel at how the song that comes on is one they danced to. Jennifer brings up their old art teacher, Mrs. Fullette and tells Frankie about how Mrs. Fullette was so sad because she lost her husband in the war in Korea shortly after they were married. Frankie asks when Jennifer last saw her and Jennifer says that she saw Mrs. Fullette about 10 years ago and she had been so sad and felt she had made a huge mistake by not remarrying. Frankie starts to say something but Jennifer interrupts to wonder if she is going to end up the same way and then begins to get upset at how she's talking like Jack is already dead. Frankie makes Jennifer feel better by revealing that he ran into Mrs. Fullette a few years ago and saw that she was on her honeymoon with Coach Olsen. Jennifer is shocked to hear this news and Frankie goes on to tell her how they were high school sweethearts and each other's prom dates. Frankie and Jennifer flash back to dancing at their own prom. Jennifer is surprised to learn that Coach Olsen waited all that time for Mrs. Fullette. Frankie concludes by saying that after a real tragedy good things can still happen. Jennifer is happy for the couple but still doesn't think anything like that could happen for her. Jennifer insists she'd never expect to find a love like Jack again. Frankie points out that Mrs. Fullette realized that she didn't need to replace her husband and was then free to move on. Frankie recalls how Coach Olsen gave him the advice of never giving up hope. Jennifer points out that Coach Olsen's case was different because Mrs. Fullette was available and asks Frankie for an explanation about why Coach Olsen would give him such advice. Frankie claims that he doesn't remember. A horn honks and an approaching salt truck interrupts their conversation. Frankie promises to get behind the salt truck for a safe ride home and Jennifer assures Frankie that she always feels safe with him.

Deveraux house:

Billie performs CPR on Jack to try and revive him. Billie, exhausted and sobbing, cries out Jack's name as she sits down next to him. Jack, still unconscious in reality, dreams that he is now dressed as an angel and surrounded by white light. Jack looks around and feels relieved that his suicide attempt was successful and he is now in heaven. Jack begins to wonder if he is really headed to hell and looks around frantically as the white lights change to red. Billie calls out to Jack in an effort to bring him back. Jack looks around at the red color and realizes this means he isn't going to heaven. Jack hears Billie calling to him and regains consciousness. Billie helps Jack to the couch and tells him after learning what Jack had seen that God is mad at him. Billie informs Jack that his suicide attempt didn't work and now she is going to make him regret it. Jack moans as he feels the effects of Billie giving him ipecac syrup. Jack complains of how hard it was to take the pills only now to have to do it all over again. Billie refuses to let him do that and tries to get him to see that there is a reason he didn't die tonight. Billie claims that Jack came back because he regretted doing this to his family. Jack insists that he was doing it for his family. Billie claims that if he does so, Jack will go to hell and never see his family again. Jack insists that God gave him this death sentence and needn't curse him anymore. Billie pleads with Jack to stick around and give his family the time to spend with him. Jack insists again that he was trying to end his life for Jennifer but is overcome with pain. Jack screams in agony as he complains that he didn't want his family to have their last memories of him in this condition. Jack accuses Billie of ruining it all. Jack insists that Billie not tell Jennifer of his suicide attempt. Billie reluctantly agrees. Billie adds that she only agreed for Jennifer's sake because if she ever did find out, she'd never forgive Jack and Billie doesn't want to put Jennifer through that pain. Jack agrees but is overcome with pain again. Billie helps him to the couch in an effort to get him to lie down and the empty pill bottle falls to the floor. Jennifer walks in and is instantly worried when she sees Jack in pain. Jack lies and claims that he stubbed his toe and Billie caught him before he could fall. Billie catches Frankie's eye as he watches her silently slip the ipecac syrup bottle into her pocket. Jennifer fills Jack in on how she talked to Abby who has decided to stay at Chelsea's house. Jennifer tends to Jack and helps him get comfortable on the couch. Frankie also watches Billie silently pocket the empty pill bottle from the floor. Frankie pulls Billie aside to ask what happened. Billie tells Frankie that she got to Jack just in time and Frankie isn't at all happy to hear that his suspicions of Jack's plan were confirmed. Billie hopes that Jack doesn't try it again because he is in such horrible pain. Jack breathlessly tells Jennifer that he is so glad to see her and Jennifer notes how Jack said that like he thought he'd never see her again.

Sami's apartment:

Austin is now excited at the belief that his company secured the account. Sami shares in his excitement and in gratitude for Sami's help, Austin picks her up and spins her around. Nicole suggests that they start moving their files over to the new office space but Sami complains that she'd rather telecommute. Nicole points out that as a receptionist, there is no point in Sami being the one to telecommute. Sami insists that she's more than just a receptionist. Austin agrees with Sami about it being bad that the space is Brandon's old loft but insists that they must move past it. Austin sits down at the computer to work on securing loans now that they can use the account as collateral. Sami warns that they shouldn't take such big risks before they sign the contracts but Austin is confident that the deal is done and he and Nicole use Austin 's computer to seek out the loans. Sami grabs her keys and storms out. Nicole discovers a small up and coming company that isn't yielding the expected profits on its own and brings it up to Austin in hopes that they can take it over. Austin compliments Nicole on her ambition. Nicole is confident that if they act fast, they can beat Lucas and Titan. Austin warns that it's going to take more than one account to beat Titan. Nicole is still confident that they can do it and is anxious to secure a loan that can be used to takeover this company and then focus on new office space. Austin is wary of taking such a big risk. Nicole claims it is worth it to get the gold ring. Austin points out that Nicole said gold ring instead of the correct phrase brass ring. Austin questions whether Nicole said gold ring because she was thinking of a wedding band.

Lucas' apartment:

Sophie notices that Will is already out of the apartment and playfully accuses Lucas of setting it up with Will so that he'd be away from home when Lucas wants to bring someone home. Lucas insists that Sophie is the only one he's been bringing home and that he only does so when he knows Will won't be home. Lucas and Sophie gloat about their success at regaining the Clear Visage account. Sophie and Lucas kiss. Lucas and Sophie are making love on the couch. Lucas wants to continue to gloat about their triumph over Austin but Sophie would rather focus on them. Sami runs into Will who is coughing and making his way back to Lucas' apartment. Sami tries to show her concern but Will brushes her off. Sami stops Will before he can enter Lucas' apartment and asks why he isn't already in bed if he is so sick. Will explains that he was going to spend the night at Arthur' s but then he started feeling nauseous and wanted to come sleep in his own bed. Sami fights Will's attempts to brush her off long enough to feel his forehead and determine that he has a fever. Will doesn't want Sami's help but Sami insists on mothering Will by tucking him into bed and making him something to settle his stomach. Sami opens the door and screams when she sees Lucas and Sophie on the couch. Sami quickly shuts the door so Will doesn't see what is going on. Sami tries to drag Will back to her apartment but Lucas steps out into the hall and frantically tries to get dressed again. Austin and Nicole have rushed over to see what is going on. Sami complains that Lucas was inside the apartment hooking up with Sophie and Will almost saw them, which could have scarred him for life. Lucas quips that Will is already scarred thanks to Sami. Will insists to Sami that it's fine because he knows all about Lucas and Sophie. Austin tries to greet Will with a handshake but Will declines because he is sick. Austin apologizes for not coming to see Will since he's been back and Will likes the idea of hanging out sometime. Sami opens Lucas' door and yells at Sophie that Will is sick and is going to bed. Will tells Sami to chill out and heads inside alone. Sami freaks out when Will exclaims that Sophie is hot. Everyone but Sami laughs, as Will reveals that he was only joking and Sophie isn't even in the same room. Nicole and Austin head back to Sami's apartment after exchanging competitive taunts with Lucas. Sami hesitates to leave despite Lucas' request and explains that she is staying to make sure Will is okay before telling Lucas to tell Sami to get lost. Sami takes Will's temperature. Sophie offers to leave so Lucas can focus on Will. Lucas doesn't want Sophie to leave because the storm is making driving treacherous but Sophie decides to take the train instead. Sophie leaves. Will' s temperature is 102 and Sami starts fussing over Will, which Will doesn't appreciate. Sami sends Will into his bedroom with a promise to bring in some chicken soup. Sami and Lucas deduce that Will has come down with the flu and Sami instructs Lucas not to let Will eat too much. Lucas laments about how they used to nurse Will through his ailments together. Sami rushes over to Lucas' desk and grabs a paper that Lucas quickly gets upset that Sami is looking at. Sami is shocked at what she reads on the paper. Lucas grabs the papers from Sami and Sami questions him about the legal documents. Lucas insists that the documents are none of Sami's business and doesn' t buy Sami's claim that she was only going to hand them to him. Lucas insists that he's not ready to show the papers to Sami yet and wants to wait so she and everyone can be surprised.

Sami's apartment:

Nicole is confident that they are the better company since she believes that instead of working hard after losing the account, Lucas went home with Sophie. Austin is concentrating instead on how seeing Will reminded him of how much he missed Will especially since for a while he thought he was Will's father. Nicole recalls how Sami has hurt Austin and insists that Sami can't be the woman Austin came back to Salem for. Austin laments about Nicole's persistence in finding out this woman's identity. Nicole admits that she'd like a personal and professional life with Austin and can't be blamed for being curious. Nicole demands to know the woman's identity now. Austin appears close to conceding. Austin agrees to give Nicole a description of the woman and describes her as patient and not pushy getting Nicole to realize his point. Austin repeats that he won't tell Nicole the woman's identity until the company gets off the ground. Nicole reluctantly agrees and claims it's motivation for her to work harder. Nicole warns that she's only doing this under the premise that she's the woman he wants and Austin agrees to let Nicole work under that assumption. Nicole notes how Sami isn't back yet and shares her hope that Lucas will forgive Sami so they can be a family. Austin doesn't want that to happen for fear that Sami could switch and tell Lucas all of their company secrets. Nicole points out that Sami has already done that and they would be better off with Sami working for the enemy. Nicole celebrates how they've secured the loans, capital to stage a takeover, and enough left over for the lease and renovation of their new offices. Nicole shares her impatient desire to see Austin's company become a success so he can announce the woman he came back for. Nicole gets in Austin's face as she insists that it better be her.


Marlena repeats her desire for John and Kate to leave so she and Alex can have some time alone to talk. Kate urges John to leave with her but John instead pulls Alex aside. John mocks Alex's claim that he was married to Marlena and now appears out of the blue right when Marlena has another bout of amnesia. Alex insists that he wasn't the cause of Marlena's amnesia. John agrees but warns that Alex is not going to get away with his attempt to take advantage of the situation. Kate urges Marlena to make a decision fast. Marlena agrees that Kate is right. Alex insists that he won't take advantage of Marlena in her condition. John claims that Alex should have used the time to come up with a better story because no one will believe what he's claiming. Alex points out that his story isn't more far-fetched as anything that has happened in Marlena and Roman and Marlena and John's lives together. Alex claims that he realized upon coming here that Marlena is at a crossroads and with her children grown, she isn't sure which man from her past she loves. Alex confirms John's claim that he's here to reclaim what he lost all those years ago. John refuses to allow Alex to succeed in selling his pack of lies to Marlena. Marlena asks if Kate believes Alex and Kate says she does. Marlena believes that Alex sounds convincing but must talk to Alex alone again to be sure. Kate warns that if Marlena chooses Alex, John will be heartbroken. Marlena suggests that if she does choose Alex, Kate could still find happiness again with John. John tries to blame the ice storm as reason for them not leaving Marlena alone with Alex. Alex pulls John aside again and insists that he accept the fact that Marlena's future is with him. John warns Alex not to push him and threatens to shove Alex's "treatments" down his throat if he finds out that this is all a lie. Alex insists that he is telling the truth and has shown proof. Alex is confident that Marlena will be true to her original vows and return to him. John returns to Marlena and urges her to reconsider before making the biggest mistake of her life. John urges Marlena not to make this mistake with Alex. Marlena insists that she must do this so she can remember her past and have a chance at being whole. John believes that Alex will only draw Marlena into his world of make believe but Marlena insists it's the only way of getting her memory back. John promises to be right here if anything should go wrong. John is hopeful that Marlena will remember more about the love and life they shared as she starts to remember her past. Marlena tears up as she admits that she does remember that. Kate pulls Alex aside to warn him that he'd best have God's mercy if he's playing mind games with Marlena. Alex insists that Marlena is his wife and that when she chooses him, he hopes for a chance to live happily ever after. Alex advises Kate to be honest and not miss out on the opportunity to be with John. Marlena admits to having memories of their life together but also admits to not having the same deep feelings for him. John asks if that means that Marlena remembers the deep bond she had with Alex. Alex joins them as Marlena insists that she does remember the deep feeling of love for him.

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