Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/18/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/18/05


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi comes home during the thunderstorm, looking for Shawn. She prepares for their date, getting out wine and setting the mood with candles. Shawn comes home, looking banged up and dirty, with oil all over his face. He gets a soda. She goes to hug him, but he doesn't want to get her dirty. He goes to take a shower, saying he's beat. Mimi takes that as a hint and blows out the candles. She is frustrated about losing their romantic night. Shawn peeks his head out from the bathroom and asks for a clean towel, so she gets it. She holds it to the door, but he has gone back in the shower. Mimi goes into the bathroom and gives him the towel. He invites her into the shower, saying it's warmest in there. She joins him (dress and all!) and they start kissing passionately. Of course, it is a fantasy of Mimi's. Then Shawn really does ask for the towel, so her eyes widen because it was just like her fantasy. However, when she hands him the towel, he takes it and closes the door. Mimi goes into her bedroom.

Philip makes a dinner for him and Belle. He is making a fancy Italian dinner that she remembered he liked from Chez Rouge once. She worries that he is going to too much trouble. Suddenly he grabs his leg and starts screaming in pain. After a minute, Philip assures her that it's just the old phantom pains from his leg acting up again. Belle is surprised that he still feels them. He admits that he's been keeping the pain from her because he didn't want her to worry. Belle berates herself, saying that he deserves a better wife than her. He comforts her. Later, she feels better. He shows her sparkling cider that he picked up for them to drink with their dinner. She is touched by his gesture, since she can't drink wine. She gets the corkscrew. When she opens the cupboard, she sees an old picture she put in there of her and Shawn together. She looks at it and her mouth gets sad again. She hides it quickly in a bag. Philip pours the cider and hands it to her. They toast to their future and their family. They joke around while Philip tends to the dinner. He made too much, apparently, so he suggests they invite Shawn and Mimi over to share it. Belle is not sure but then tells him that it's a great idea.

When Belle arrives to invite them for dinner, Shawn answers the door wearing only a towel. Mimi comes out, so Belle invites them. Mimi reminds Shawn that they had plans to go out. Shawn says it might not be a great idea to drive because of the ice storm. Mimi is clearly not okay with the change in plans, but she has no choice but to agree. Shawn gets dressed and Belle goes back to her place. Mimi prays to God to get her through this. Back at her place, Belle is distracted, nervous about the dinner. Shawn apologizes to Mimi for not having their special date. He kisses her passionately to make it up to her, and she leans into the doorbell. When Philip and Belle open the door, they see Shawn and Mimi's wild kissing. Philip is thrilled, but Belle...not so much.

Frankie sips coffee outside Jack and Jen's house. Billie walks by and wonders why he's out there, since an ice storm is about to hit. He wonders if she's looking for Jack, but she is looking for Chelsea. She is worried about where she is, out driving when the roads might get slick. Billie is disappointed not to see Chelsea's car outside, but she hopes that she and Abby will be home any minute. She asks Frankie if it's ok to hang out with him, so he lets her sit down on the bench next to him. She realizes it's freezing, so he gives her some coffee from a thermos. It is from Caroline and he reminisces about how he used to drink it when he was younger. She asks him what he's thinking about, but she knows he's thinking about Jack and Jen. They talk about Jack and Jen's problems. Frankie is surprised that Billie's knows about Jack's plan to have Frankie take his place. She wonders if he is going to honor Jack's request. Frankie says that Jack can't just decide that two people should fall in love. Billie knows that Jack's thinking about Jen takes the focus off himself. Frankie talks about his feelings for Jen. He doesn't admit that he loves her, but he doesn't want to force himself into Jen's life. He thinks it will be selfish to use her husband's death for his own personal gain. Billie doesn't agree.

Jack lies in bed, ready to take his medications (to commit suicide). Jen lies in bed next to him, asleep. He puts them down. She stirs and asks him to hold her. She turns and he holds her from behind. They say, "I love you" to each other. Jack gets very emotional, crying and upset. She worries, so he tells her not to leave him. She assures him that she won't be going anywhere. Jen says she's trying hard to be strong for the children; she worries if this is their last dinner, their last night, etc. He replies that this night will never end. She thinks he should rest, but he swears that he doesn't feel anything but love. He kisses her and they make love again. Jack goes back to the drugs after Jen falls asleep again. He opens the bottles, but Jen wakes up, wondering what he's doing. He tells her that he's taking his medication, so she worries that he's in so much pain. He swears that pain has no power over him. She tries to be upbeat about their future. She goes to get him some more cranberry juice for his medicine. He protests that he has water, but she reminds him that he is supposed to take it with the juice. He empties the bottles of pills into his hands and says, "I'm sorry, Jennifer". He adds that he's doing this for her.

Jen sees Frankie and Billie outside as she is getting the juice; she thought they might have been the girls. She invites them inside, since it's so cold, so they go. They all wonder where the girls are. Jen phones Abby but gets her voice mail. Jen wants to look for Abby, but Billie and Frankie offer to go instead. Jack comes downstairs and wonders what they are talking about. Jen gives him the juice, but he says he already took them upstairs with water. Jack learns that Abby and Chelsea have not come home and they are worried about the ice storm. Jack wants to go, but they don't want to let him, since he took his medication. Jack decides that Billie should stay with him while the other two go look for the girls. He wants to talk to Billie and Frankie, he tells them while Jen gets her coat. Jack wants to talk to them about his being gone. They demur, but he insists. Jack asks Billie to take Jen out to lunch once a week. He asks Frankie to buy Jen flowers and tells him what kind. Jack is sort of babbling about Halloween and how you have to buy the candy ahead of time. Jen comes in and hears him say "next year", so she thinks he is finally being optimistic about the future. She hugs him gratefully. Jen and Frankie go to leave, but Jack stops her. He hugs her one last time and tells her that he loves her. He asks her next to forget that as he kisses her on the forehead. She assures him that she won't and tells him to go back to bed. They leave. Jack tells Billie in wonder that saying goodbye was harder than he thought. Jack realizes he never got to say goodbye to Abby. Jack tells Billie that he took the pills, so she screams in protest. He babbles about how there is no more pain for anyone. She wants to call 991, but he stops her. He collapses and she yells his name. She holds him and cries, saying his name over and over.

John and Marlena are watching the storm from the penthouse window. He argues that Marlena can't be married to Alex. Marlena points out again that if they were never divorced, she is still Alex's wife. Alex comes up behind them and adds his two cents. John wonders why Alex waited until now to return to Marlena, instead of years ago after his special ops mission. Alex reminds John that he's already explained that Marlena had amnesia and had moved on with Roman and her children. John doesn't buy it because if Alex loved her as much as John does, he would have fought for her and tried to break through the amnesia. Alex points out that it hasn't worked for John. He lays out how hard it is for amnesia to be overturned. They argue about Alex's methods, since John still thinks he's brain-washing Marlena. Alex claims he's only tried to help Marlena get her memory back. John accuses Alex of being paid to do what he's been doing. Alex scoffs at the idea that he is working for the DiMera's. Alex tells Marlena that after she remembers all three of her husbands, she will have to decide which husband she wants to stay with. John objects, saying it is too soon for her to make a decision. Marlena insists on talking to Alex alone. John doesn't want to, but Kate suggests they go out on the terrace.

It's cold outside, so John gives Kate his jacket. He puts his arms around Kate in a friendly way, saying he feels that he is losing Marlena. Kate tries to comfort him, but she believes Alex's evidence of their marriage. John is worried that Marlena will believe him, too. John wants to go back in, but she stops him and asks him what he plans to do. He wants to reclaim his wife. She advises him not to attack Alex because it might force Marlena to choose him.

Marlena talks to Alex about whether he's telling the truth or not. He swears he is, but she has her doubts. He says there is only one way to convince her, so he kisses her. Marlena gets upset and breaks away from his grasp. She whimpers and tears are in her eyes. Alex says that he could have told her all night how he felt. Marlena knows that emotions can't be faked like lies. He points out that she returned his kiss so passionately because she has the same feelings that he does. They both agree that it felt so right and natural. They hold hands. He begs her for the chance to prove that he's the only man that she's ever really loved. Kate and John come back in from the cold. John asks for some time with Marlena, but Alex says they're not through. Marlena tells Alex that it's okay and that she wants to speak with John alone. Kate asks Alex if he was telling the truth, and he confirms that he was. She feels sorry for him because he waited so long to come back. She thinks that what they have is long over. He informs her that he has no intention of losing Marlena, but he adds that Kate would be a fool to give up on John. Meanwhile, John assures Marlena that he won't be flying off the handle like he did before. He wants to speak with her rationally about Alex and his claims. Marlena doesn't want to talk to him about that. She says she needs time to process all the information. She wants John and Kate to leave. She adds that she doesn't want to hurt John, but she thinks she owes it to Alex to talk about their past. John asks why she thinks she owes him anything, so Marlena replies that Alex is her husband.

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