Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/17/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/17/05


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Jack prepares a romantic dinner for Jennifer. He wears a tux and lights candles while mood music plays in the background. Jen comes home with a bag of groceries, pleased by his surprise. He tells her that he has dinner planned from Chez Rouge as he kisses her. He also tells her that he set out a dress for her upstairs, to change into while he puts the groceries away. After she leaves, he says to himself that this has to be perfect because it's their last dinner together. He looks at the bottles of pills that he took from his pocket and says that he plans to take all these painkillers so that he won't wake up tomorrow. Later, Jack pours wine for him and Jen. She worries about him combining wine with his medication. They toast as Jack agrees not to make any jokes about dying. He says he is cherishing every moment, but Jennifer urges him to keep fighting and not just give up. He declares that he won't but says that they need to be realistic. He says they should talk about what she'll do after he's gone. Jennifer looks uncomfortable. Jack takes her hand and asks Jen to talk about it and get it out of the way. Jen agrees to listen. Jack asks her to find someone else after he's gone and not end up alone. She can't think about it right now. Jen tells him how much she loves him and can't imagine herself with anyone else. She wants to just enjoy their evening and not worry about tomorrow. He agrees and gives up on the topic. Jack agrees to focus on each other and their memories. Jack asks her to dance, so they do. She worries about his having enough strength, but he says he is fine to dance. They kiss and dance, remembering the great times they have shared. They both agree that they want more. Jen is not ready to let him go. He tells her that he's right there, and they dance close. We see a montage-- romantic flashbacks to Jen and Jack scenes from the past while a woman sings in the background. Back to the present, they kiss a lot. Next we see Jack sitting in bed in his pajamas, looking sad. Jen walks into the bedroom, wearing her robe. She gets in bed, and they make love. Afterward, they lie in each other's arms, very happy. Jen tells him not to forget to take his medication before she turns away to sleep. He says to himself that he won't, then he opens the bedside stand's drawer to get his medicines.

At Chez Rouge, Lucas finishes his phone call, so Sophie asks him if he's got the information he needs yet to blow Austin, Sami and Nicole out of the water. Not yet, he assures her, but he will. She suggests that they enjoy their evening now. As they are about to leave, he sees Hans Schnitzel of Clear Visage, and his fiancée Lulu. Lucas says he doesn't want to see them right now. Sophie says that Lulu looks very familiar, then she realizes she read about her in the tabloids. Sophie remembers that the woman is notorious and says that she feels bad for Dr. Schnitzel. Lucas leans forward so that Sophie can dish the dirt about Lulu. She wonders if the doctor knows about Lulu's background. Lucas doesn't think he knows about the woman's tabloid news. Lucas decides to use Lulu to get the campaign back, the same way Sami used her to get it. He asks Sophie to keep the doctor busy while he chats with Lulu. They go over to the table and talk to the couple. Schnitzel says he hasn't changed his mind about picking Austin's company over him. Lucas points out that he hasn't signed anything yet, but the doctor counters that he and Austin shook hands on it. Lucas invites them both to dinner with him and Sophie. Schnitzel turns him down, but then Sophie puts on an act, pretending to be interested in the doctor, and then she invites herself to sit down with him. Lulu is clearly bored, so she tells the doctor that she wants to have some fun. Lucas asks Lulu to dance, so she agrees. Sophie flirts with the doctor, while Lucas chats to Lulu. Lucas says that she seems very familiar to him. She tries to excuse herself to the ladies' room, but Lucas stops her. He insists that she stay and says he won't rat her out to Hans if she does a favor for him. She pretends she doesn't know what she's talking about, but he reminds her that she's called "The Diamond Divorcee". He lists many of her married names and that she has been married and divorced 15 times. She is annoyed, but he calls her a con artist. She claims that she brought sunshine into the lives of unhappy men. Lucas threatens to tell Hans, so she says he already knows about her past, but Lucas doesn't believe her and continues to blackmail her. She asks him what he wants her to do. Sophie continues to distract Hans, but he is mostly interested in Lulu and how sexy she is. He watches Lulu dance with Lucas. Lucas tells Lulu that he wants her to use her influence on Hans to convince him to back out of Austin's deal, or else he'll send Hans copies of the tabloid stories about her. She agrees angrily. Lucas assures her that Titan will make Hans richer so it's in their best interests anyway. They go back to the table with Hans and Sophie. Sophie whispers to Hans that he should get a prenup before he marries Lulu. Sophie and Lucas leave Lulu and Hans alone. Lulu tells Hans that they should go back to their room, even though they haven't had dinner yet (implying that they should go have sex), so he agrees. Lulu says she has something to discuss with him, but not there. She says that with a glare in Lucas' direction. Hans calls for the check. Lucas assures Sophie that he's going to get the account. He thanks her for her help. They joke about how educational the tabloids can be and gloat how this will kill Austin, Sami, and Nicole.

Austin has blindfolded Sami, to bring her to a space that he wants to buy for their company. He thanks her for getting the Clear Visage accounts so that now they can afford it. She worries that it's only one account and that they should conserve their money, but he tells her that with such a big account, they can get more money from the bank. Nicole comes in just as Sami is wondering why they can't just stay in her apartment. Nicole disagrees with that idea, so Sami wants to take off her blindfold, but Austin doesn't want the surprise ruined. Austin tells Sami that he called her to join them because Nicole found the space. Austin opens the door and leads Sami in, with Nicole following. It is a beautiful space that Austin admires, and then he takes off Sami's blindfold. Sami takes one look around and says there is no way that she is gonna work there. Austin's mouth drops open. He can't believe that she doesn't like it, but then Sami points out that this was Brandon's apartment. Austin asks Nicole if this is her brother's place. She admits it, saying she had the key and that he wanted to sublet it, so she thought it would be perfect for them. Sami yells at Nicole for wanting to stay at her place when she had this nice apartment. Nicole says that she didn't want to ask Brandon to stay there for free because of pride. Austin stops Sami from yelling at Nicole. Nicole keeps pointing out why it's such a great place, so Austin is forced to agree, but Sami is not happy. Nicole also points out that Austin could live there. Sami wonders if Nicole plans to move in there, too. Nicole smirks, so Sami goes on and on about Nicole's plans for Austin. Nicole says that she can afford her own place now that she is drawing a salary. Nicole goes to work on Sami about how this will help her. She says that maybe Will will want to move back in with her now. However, she carries it too far and ends up insulting Sami rather than talking her into moving there. They start bickering, so Austin, who has been wandering around, comes back and asks in a demanding tone if there is a problem. Nicole tells him there is no problem and that they are just disagreeing about the loft. Austin tells the women that they should move in there, despite the bad memories for Sami. Nicole is happy, but Sami is annoyed.

At the penthouse, Marlena wonders why John called Alex a fraud. Alex just brushes the comments aside as more of John's insults. John tells them and Kate that he looked on the internet to find a divorce decree for Marlena and Alex but couldn't find one. Marlena's eyes widen and then she turns to look at Alex. John accuses Alex of manufacturing the evidence that he and Marlena got married but says that he forgot to manufacture any evidence as to why they are not still together. Marlena asks Alex why they aren't still together if they were married and so much in love. Alex says there's a good explanation for all of it. John is skeptical. Alex says he died after they were married. John wonders if Alex staged his death to escape the authorities. He goes back to the computer to look up Alex's past and finds there is no record of his death, either. Alex says that John is looking for simple answers to a complex situation. Alex types an address on the computer and says John should find what he's looking for there on the secure site. John looks at it and then turns to Alex. He can't believe Alex was an undercover agent for the government. Alex tells John to put his ID number in the site, so he does. There is an article with Alex's picture, with the headline, "Missing, Presumed Dead". The file is sealed, so John can't get in, even with his security clearance. John wonders what kind of game Alex is playing, but Alex says he doesn't have to answer to John. Marlena asks Alex to explain it to her, so he agrees that he owes it to her. Alex says that he will tell her everything now. Alex explains that he was recruited by the government for special ops shortly after they were married. John argues with Alex on every point as he recounts his story. Alex says he didn't want to serve, but he did it out of patriotism. His psychiatrist-skills were needed in training soldiers and doing tests about the enemy. He tells them that he was shot down over enemy territory and officially declared dead. Marlena was notified and learned later that she took the news very hard. That was when Marlena experienced her first bout of hysterical amnesia. They are all shocked to hear this. Marlena seems hurt that Alex didn't tell her that she had a history of amnesia. Alex explains how he worked to gain her trust so that she would be ready for the news. He goes back to his story, saying that she blocked everything about their marriage out of her mind because of the trauma of his death. When he was finally rescued, he wanted to find her and their life. Marlena wails, asking why he didn't do that. Alex claims that friends told him what happened to her and that she was finally able to move on with her life with Roman and have children. He shows her an old newspaper clipping about Marlena's joining the hospital staff. Marlena remembers a flashback of being in her new home with her baby, Sami. Alex explains that he didn't want to disrupt her life and that she had suffered enough, so he walked away. He makes it clear that it was not an easy decision and that he has been haunted by it every day since. So when Lexie phoned him to consult on he case, he couldn't say no. John says it's all a bunch of b.s. and insists on details so he can check it all out. Alex says he will only give that information to Marlena. John says that Marlena is his wife, but Marlena points out that she's not because she was never legally married to John or Roman, since she never got a divorce from Alex. Marlena picks up the marriage license and says if it's real, and there was no divorce, then Alex and she are still married. They are all stunned. Marlena turns to Alex and says that she's his wife.

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