Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/16/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/16/05


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At the loft, Mimi interrogates Belle about whether she still has feelings for Shawn. Belle evades her questions. Mimi wants to know if she has a clear shot at Shawn or not. Phillip comes in and wonders why Mimi is yelling at Belle. The girls cover up what they were arguing about, but then Belle admits that Mimi asked her if she still had feelings for Shawn. Phillip wants to know what Belle told her. Belle admits she still does have feelings for Shawn and probably always will. Both Phillip and Mimi look disappointed. Belle tells Phillip that Shawn was her first love but she is committed to Phillip and loves him. Phillip, relieved, kisses her. She asks him how his rehab went, so he tells her that it went well and he will be going back next week. The doctor told him he was very lucky, but he already knows that. Phillip goes to check on their baby. Mimi asks Belle to be honest with her while her husband is out of the room. She asks if Belle is still in love with Shawn for real. Belle goes back to being evasive. Belle says that she loves Phillip and her baby, but they are not her whole world the way she thought a marriage and family would be like. When she states again that part of her still loves Shawn, Mimi wonders what part. Belle gets upset when Mimi is sarcastic with her. Mimi tells Belle that it's not right for her to hold on to Shawn and that it's not fair to all of them. She warns Belle that she will fight for Shawn. Phillip comes in the room as she is saying this, so he tells her, "You go, girl!" He doesn't think she will have to fight that hard, judging from the way Shawn already looks at her. Belle doesn't look happy to hear this. Mimi is not so sure that Shawn is hers yet. Mimi says that she and Shawn are working on it. Phillip can tell Mimi is happy, and she agrees. She thanks him for his support and remembers that not too long ago, she thought her life was over. Now she's looking forward to her future with Shawn. Belle hugs her, saying she's happy for her and hopes it works out for her. Phillip invites Mimi and Shawn to go out on the town with them. Belle agrees, so Mimi goes to talk with him. Phillip tells Belle what a perfect couple Shawn and Mimi seem to be. He's glad that she feels that way, too, saying that it's time for the four musketeers to ride again.

At Chez Rouge, Mickey wonders why Maggie is working behind the bar; he doesn't think it's a good place for her. She reminds him that she's been sober for a long time and is just fine. He wants to know where Ricardo the bartender is because he's a half-hour late. She informs him that Ricardo called in sick, so she has to replace him. Mickey insists on filling in instead as he takes off his coat. Maggie doesn't think that Mickey knows anything about bartending. He makes a double-scotch on the rocks for the waitress who asks for it. Maggie is amazed at this unknown talent.

Sami and Austin walk in the place, triumphant over getting chosen over Titan by Dr. Schnitzel. Austin and Sami both agree that she is the one who did the work. She points out that she is as valuable as Nicole, and he laughs. Maggie greets them before showing them their table. Maggie says hello, but Sami is uncomfortable. She asks for some champagne because they are so celebrating. Nicole walks in just as Maggie is making a face about Sami as she is seating them. Nicole heads to the bar and flirts with Mickey while she orders a Cosmo. Austin and Sami toast her success. He says she's proven herself to be a partner. Austin points out that Lucas is going to be even tougher now that they took this account from him and that Sami will have to work hard every day to keep beating him. She is up for the challenge. Sami assures Austin that this is not a game to her; this is her future. She admits that she used to think that her future happiness was in some man, but she finally gets it now that it's up to her to make her own happiness. They discuss how Lucas will be working hard against them.

Nearby, Lucas is holding onto a drink and inhaling its smell as he thinks about Sami, Austin and Nicole beating him out for Clear Visage. Maggie comes over and tells him to do himself a favor and put the drink down. He looks guilty but tells her that he isn't planning on drinking it; he just wanted to smell it. She understands. He tells her that it smells like paradise but he won't go down that path. He puts down the drink, so Maggie has the waitress take it away for a club soda. He asks her not to lecture him, but she does, anyway, and then she gives him a pep talk. She knows he's had a rough patch, but he informs her that it's not about his personal problems with Sami, it's about the damn company that she started up with Austin and Nicole. Maggie doesn't think he has to worry about them, and thinks that Sami and Nicole spell disaster. She is shocked when Lucas tells her that they stole the account from him. She tells him to use every trick he knows, plus his anger about Austin, to steal it back. She leans close and tells him quietly that only he can destroy Victor's confidence in him. Maggie says Lucas has a secret weapon. so he wonders what that is. She tells him it's the fact that he's a Horton and a Roberts, so he is a survivor and has his mother's fighting instincts. Lucas wonders how Maggie always know how to say just the right thing to make him feel better. She tells him that she likes him a lot. She laughs and then leaves, saying she will be back in a bit. Sophie arrives and joins Lucas at his table because he had left her a message. She asks if everything is all right, and he answers that it is now. They kiss. Lucas tells Sophie why he is so upset. She knows that it's because of who beat him, not just that he got beat. He fills Sophie in on how Austin stole the girl he loved long ago--Carrie. Sophie says that if she had met Lucas at another time, she would hold onto him tight over Austin or anyone, but right now she is not interested in settling down and not ready to be a step mom. However, she tells him that they can fool around any time. Lucas is happy to hear that. She urges him to take that energy that she knows he has (from the bedroom) and be a killer at work.

Austin is glad to hear that Sami plans to take Austin's company to the top. He remembers that he has to make a quick call, so he leaves her alone. Sami spies Lucas and Sophie together. She talks to him (but to herself), saying that she loved him so much and still does, but they ran out of chances, and he dumped her, so now she is going to burn him.

Roman walks into the restaurant, talking on his cell phone. He talks to Kate, apologizing for rushing out because he had a police emergency. He admits that he was also tired of what was going on at the penthouse and tells her where he is now. She tells him there's no news yet about John busting Alex. He wonders if he should be there, and she tells him that it's all between Alex, Marlena, and John. He hangs up. Nicole lurks around near Sami and Austin, watching them, so she runs into Roman. She curses at him until she sees who it is. Roman apologizes for spilling her drink. She points out that it cost her $12, so he's aghast at the price. He offers to buy her another one. She is shocked that Roman would sit with her at the bar, but she agrees. Nicole orders another drink, so Mickey asks what happened to the other one. She explains that it was spilled on the floor. Mickey notes that Maggie is cleaning it up, so he doesn't have to. Roman orders a beer. Nicole doesn't know why all men like beer so much because it tastes bad and gives you a beer gut. Roman opens his coat to show that he has no beer gut, so she is forced to agree. She wonders if a Cosmo is too girly for him. He says maybe it is and admits that he would feel uncomfortable ordering one, so she orders a second one from Mickey. Nicole tries to make small talk, but Roman looks at his watch, thinking about Marlena. Nicole is offended and they joke around, but there is an edge to their joking since he has arrested her a few times. Mickey brings the drinks, so Nicole tells him to start a tab. Roman tastes the Cosmo and can't believe how strong it is. He admits it is not bad for a girly drink. Nicole looks at him, puzzled, wondering what being Roman is like. She points out that his daughter is always in trouble, he has no woman in his life, and his son never visits him. Roman points out that she saw to that last thing. She says she feels sorry for him, but he tells her quietly that he doesn't need her pity. There is a weird dangerous-flirting vibe going on between them. Nicole continues to tease him about being all alone. He wonders if she's been spying on him, but she says that she can tell just by looking at him. She says there is a long list of women he's been with, but Marlena was the only one who treated him right. Roman admits that Marlena was a big part of his life but now that's in the past. Nicole doesn't think he's really moved on, but he insists that he has. Nicole thinks that he is better off without Marlena because she has too much package. She orders a pitcher of cosmos, so Roman half-heartedly objects, wondering if she thinks he's made of money. She says they've already established that he has no one to spend it on, so he should stop complaining. Nicole excuses herself to the ladies' room. When she gets up, she trips and falls into Roman's arms. The two of them are close for a moment, before she gets up and heads off. Roman says, "Well, I'll be damned. I'm sitting here, having a Cosmo". Roman tries phoning Kate again, but he gets her voice mail. He wonders what is going on over at the penthouse.

Maggie admires Mickey's bartending skills as he mixes the pitcher of cosmos. She tells him that everyone seems very happy. She notices, though, that he put way too much vodka in the pitcher of vodkas. From Mickey's reaction, it's hard to tell if he is doing it on purpose or not.

John argues with Alex about his being married to Marlena. He doesn't think she would marry someone like him and that Alex is lying. Marlena has a memory of marrying Alex and kissing him. She tells John that she's absolutely sure about her past with Alex. She says it plays in her mind like a movie and she remembers him proposing to her like it's happening right now, when she closes her eyes. John looks like he just ate something bad. John asks her to remember being a psychiatrist and to recall the phenomenon called recovered memory where a person recalls a false memory that has been heavily suggested to them by a doctor. He asks her to at least admit this could be what is happening. Marlena tells him that this is not what has happened and that she remembers them being married. Alex asks Marlena to tell John what she remembers about his marriage proposal. She has a flashback to them playing strip poker on a bed and then joking around. Alex says that she won his heart that night and has had it ever since. Marlena is tearfully relieved to finally remember something. John looks defeated as Marlena describes how Alex proposed to her in the snow and then later lit a fireplace in their chalet. She blushes, but Alex tells her she's beautiful. Tears continue to fall down Marlena's face as she tells John that she doesn't ever want to hurt him, but he has to accept that Alex is a part of her past. John turns and looks at Kate, who thinks that Marlena is telling the truth. John wrinkles up his face in pain. Outside on the terrace, Alex tells Marlena that this is a wonderful breakthrough and that he's glad she's remembering those special moments they shared. Marlena is very emotional but doesn't look all that happy. Alex tells her that the more time they spend together, the more of their past she'll remember. Alex tells Marlena that it's time for her to look at the photo album of the two of them together. She remembers that he tried to show it to her once before, but he says that she wasn't ready yet. He hands it to her, saying it should fill in the gaps from her past and that he thinks she will be happy again after she remembers.

Inside, John doesn't understand why Kate would be taken in by Alex. Kate thinks that if they were fake memories, they wouldn't be so specific. John thinks Alex had plenty of time with Marlena to give her all the details. Kate points out that Marlena was so emotional and seemed to really be recalling a time when she was deeply in love. John is determined not to lose Marlena to Alex, but Kate says there might not be anything he can do. John refuses to believe that Marlena would fall for Alex or be married to him. Kate wonders if maybe Marlena was different when she was younger. John points out that he's a liar and a fraud, not the type that Marlena would love. John goes on the internet to try to prove that Alex is lying about their past together. Kate looks worried.  John finds something that tells him that Alex is not who he says he is. As he says that he found evidence that Alex is a complete fraud, Marlena and Alex walk in, so Marlena turns to Alex and asks him what he means.

Outside of Chez Rouge, Roman talks to Kate on the phone again. She tells him that Marlena only remembers Alex, not him. Roman looks shocked.

Sami is not happy to see Nicole in the ladies' room and accuses Nicole of following her and Austin there. Nicole denies it and they trade insults. Nicole delights in telling Sami that she is having drinks with Roman and that he might want to get her into bed. Nicole walks out, leaving Sami looked stunned. Nicole returns t the bar and wonders if Roman stuck her with the bill. Sami goes back to her table, and Austin joins her again. He can tell that Sami is nervous about something, but she denies it. Sami then seems to realize that she is worrying about nothing. Austin tells Sami that he has a surprise for her, so he goes to get the car and says he will meet her out front. Sami puts on her coat and walks over to Lucas' table. She says that she's sorry that he's the one she had to beat. Then she twists the knife by saying he might be out of his league. After she walks out, Lucas shakes his head, laughing. Sophie knows that he has a plan, and he admits that he does. He makes a phone call and asks someone for some information.

Roman returns to the bar with Nicole. He says he came back for the cosmos. She comments that she got him hooked on the cosmos. He says that he may have lost an important person in his life, so he says, "What the Hell. Let's have a drink".

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