Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/15/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/15/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Belle’s loft:

Mimi confronts Belle about her slipup claiming Claire’s father to be Shawn but Belle denies having ever said it. When Mimi insists, Belle claims it was merely a Freudian slip because they were just talking about Shawn. Mimi questions whether it’s really because Belle wishes Shawn was Claire’s father. Belle denies it and denies ever sleeping with Shawn when Mimi questions it. Mimi demands that Belle be honest with her about whether she is still in love with Shawn.

Belle insists that she and Shawn are good friends. Mimi reminds Belle that she was considering going back to Shawn even though she was married to Philip. Belle insists she loves Philip. Mimi claims that they won’t be close again until Belle starts being totally honest with her. Mimi promises not to tell Philip but demands to know whether Belle is trying to keep Shawn available so that one day she’ll be able to get back together with him. Belle adamantly denies it and reiterates that she is married to Philip and now has Claire. Mimi calls Belle on the fact that she’s not happy about her life choice.

Belle maintains that she loves Philip and Claire and accuses Mimi of aggravating her postpartum depression. Mimi wonders whether part of Belle’s depression is because she can’t be with Shawn. Belle is shocked that Mimi would say such a thing and points out that she has a valid condition shared my millions of women. Mimi insists that she’s only talking about Belle’s feelings in this case and notes how her comment got such a reaction out of Belle. Belle repeats her response about being married and a new mom and has an answer for every one of Mimi’s counterclaims. Mimi asks if Belle would be even having postpartum depression if Shawn were Claire’s father and her husband. Belle picks up her wedding picture and imagines Shawn in Philip’s place.

Mimi wants Belle to admit that she wishes she had married Shawn instead of Philip. Belle’s wedding picture morphs back into its correct state and Belle insists that she wanted to marry Philip. Belle accuses Mimi of looking for a fight and undermining her marriage. Mimi explains that she’s not out to make Belle unhappy since she believes that she and Shawn could have a future together. Belle is unnerved at the notion that Mimi and Shawn could be getting serious. Mimi admits that she and Shawn haven’t had sex yet but that they have flirted, had dinner together and kissed. Belle is surprised that that is all Shawn and Mimi have done and Mimi conveys her nervousness over their first real date. Belle bluntly tells Mimi that it’s too soon for her or Shawn to be rushing into a rebound relationship. Mimi takes offense at Belle’s comment by pointing out that Belle has the same rebound relationship with Philip.

Mimi claims that if Belle is truly as happy as she claims with Philip, then that’s proof that rebound relationships can work like hers and Shawn’s. Belle insists that this is a completely different situation. Mimi explains that she has reservations about moving on with Shawn because he still has feelings for Belle and if Belle keeps messing with his head he can’t have a life with anyone else. Mimi begs Belle to tell the truth about whether she still loves Shawn so she can decide her own life.


Lulu greets Dr. Hans Schnitzel with a kiss. Lulu tells Hans that she is here to keep him from selling his invention to the wrong company. Lucas and Billie claim that Sami’s attempts are too late because Hans has already agreed to sell to Titan but Sami claims it’s not too late until the papers are signed. Nicole begs Austin to stop Sami before she ruins everything but Austin feels that after losing the account to Lucas, everything is already ruined. Despite Lucas’ attempts to convince him otherwise, Hans insists on hearing Sami’s reasons for choosing her company over Titan.

Sami explains to everyone how she was reading her horoscope about a stranger holding the keys to her success and after Lulu sat down next to her, they discovered they had the same horoscope. Sami compares her down home roots to Lulu’s upbringing and Lulu claims that upbringing has taught her to be wary of soulless conglomerates like Titan. Billie takes offense at the slam against Titan and demands to know why Lulu has that impression of Titan. Lulu credits Sami for her viewpoint.

Lucas and Billie defend their products and Titan but Sami urges Hans and Lulu not to believe them. Sami claims that she was fired from Titan for no reason. Lucas tries to talk up the plans they have for Clear Visage but Sami brings up how Titan once had big plans for some products that never received good exposure. Lucas recalls how he wasn’t working for Titan then but promises to personally guide the Clear Visage campaign. Sami discredits Lucas’ claim by mentioning that Lucas’ job could be gone if he falls out of favor with Victor again. Billie tries to save their case by offering to take over the campaign should Lucas leave but Sami claims Billie has been out of the company for so long that she wouldn’t be a good choice. Sami tries to convince Hans that signing with Austin’s company means a more heartfelt investment. Lucas claims that Titan is better because they have the number one marketing firm in the nation. Lucas tries to sweeten the deal but Hans stops them with the announcement that he’s made up his mind.

Lucas offers to sweeten the deal and Billie, Lucas, Austin, Nicole, and Sami leave Hans and Lulu alone in Lucas’ office to talk over the deal. Once out in the reception area, Lucas threatens to sue Hans and Austin’s company if Hans changes his mind based on Sami’s interruption. Austin claims that Lucas would be laughed out of court. Sami claims that Lucas is only upset because she turned out to be a better marketer than him because she knew who the target audience was and got them to buy the product. Lucas accuses Sami of using Han’s girlfriend to pimp her product but Sami prefers to think of it as a celebrity endorsement. Austin now feels as confident as Sami that his company will win the deal. Eugenia hits the phone button so they can see if Lulu is really in there convincing Hans to go with Austin’s company. Instead, they hear the sounds of Hans and Lulu being intimate.

Everyone giggles nervously and looks embarrassed as they listen to Hans and Lulu through the phone intercom. Lucas turns off the intercom and tells Austin to take his bimbos Nicole and Sami and leave. Austin refuses to disregard Hans’ request for them to stay. Lucas vows to crush Austin’s start up company. Austin reminds Lucas that just yesterday he was a bartender and only has this job now because he turned it down. Lucas warns that Austin is going to regret that decision but Billie steps in between them to stop the fighting. Sami gloats to Nicole about how her helping get this contract will prove that she’s better for Austin than Nicole. Nicole claims that Sami wouldn’t have been able to repeat this good fortune unless she dips into Stan’s Rolodex. Sami sarcastically tells Nicole that she plans to speak to Austin about a cosmetic line that hides the effects of flesh eating bacteria. Lucas and Billie agree that Sami and Nicole are going to ruin Austin and his company. Lulu and Hans step into the reception area and declare that they’ve decided to go with Austin’s company. Nicole is annoyed when Sami pushes past her to wrap her arm around Austin.

Austin hands the contracts over and Lulu promises to fax over their copies once the lawyers look them over. Hans assumes that Sami will be in charge of the account and Austin promises to take Hans’ wishes into account. Hans and Lulu leave. Lucas tells Austin, Nicole, and Sami to see themselves out and orders Billie and Eugenia into his office for a private meeting. Lucas is furious that they lost the account and considers what Sami did a personal attack. Back in the reception area, Austin celebrates their win and thanks Sami for saving the day. Sami suggests he thank her by taking her out for a celebratory dinner and Austin agrees. Nicole watches in horror as Sami talks of deciding who is going to get to be in charge of the account. Austin picks up Sami in his excitement and spins her around. Sami relishes in the feel of Austin’s arms around her.


John refuses to believe the faxed documents that claim Marlena and Alex were ever married. Roman and John point out how Marlena has never mentioned being married to Alex during their time together. Marlena admits to not having any memory of being with Alex but Alex counters by pointing out that Marlena doesn’t have any other of her past memories either. Marlena thinks Alex has a good point when he says that it wouldn’t have proven fruitful for John or Roman to admit that Marlena did mention a first husband. Alex tells Marlena that the first man she married and the only man in God’s eyes is he.

John uses the desk lamp to inspect the papers more closely and Alex claims he has nothing to hide. Alex insists that the papers are completely legitimate and describes how they include a copy of the lease they signed on their first house together. John discredits Alex’s claim by pointing out that Marlena doesn’t remember but Alex counters by pointing out that Marlena has amnesia. Alex accuses John of meddling with his treatment and prolonging Marlena’s amnesia but both John and Roman accuse Alex of being the meddler. Marlena recalls how she has been having memories of her time with Alex but all the while Alex had been saying it was transference. Alex claims he said that because he thought it was less confusing at the time. Roman and John urge Marlena not to listen to Alex. Alex suggests that it was God’s work to give Marlena amnesia so that he could come back into her life.

John refuses to consider the fact that Marlena was married to Alex. John tries to throw Alex out but Alex claims that it would be Marlena’s decision and doesn’t think that Marlena would disrespect their vows by throwing him out. John urges Marlena not to let Alex manipulate her but instead focus on the memories she has regained of her and John’s love. Marlena becomes upset and confused. Alex tells Marlena that it’s her choice of who gets to stay and who must go.

Marlena starts to wonder whom she can believe and John insists that Alex is the one Marlena can put in the not to believe column. Roman agrees with John and brings up how Marlena never mentioned being married to either of them. Marlena thinks there could have been a valid reason for that. Kate comes back over to the group and tells John that upon reviewing the papers, they all seem accurate. Kate wants John to consider the possibility that Alex is telling the truth. Roman accuses Kate of wanting it that way so she can be back with John but Kate claims that this is all about Marlena and chastises the three guys for treating Marlena like a trophy that one guy wins by beating up the other two. John insists that he only wants what is best for Marlena but Kate calls him on the fact that he’s still thinking along the lines of what he wants and insists that Marlena has the right to make her own choice. Marlena thanks Kate and agrees with her so John asks Marlena to voice her decision. Marlena notes how Alex has been the only one not to try and get her to remember her past. Marlena turns to Alex and asks him to tell her everything about their past.

Alex sits Marlena down and tells her how they met the first day of medical school and after ending up as lab partners, he saw it as fate and asked Marlena out to dinner. Alex goes on to explain that Marlena turned him down in favor of concentrating on her studies. Alex makes Marlena chuckle as he describes how he formed a study group and conveniently had the other group members decide to drop out. Alex goes on to explain that after spending several hours studying with just each other at the library, they decided to take turns studying at each other’s apartments. Alex flashes back to the times they spent together as he continues to talk about how they went from casual dinners while studying to things more intimate before he finally got Marlena to accept an offer to go with him to a New Year’s Eve formal. Alex talks about how they laughed and danced and then finally kissed in a moment that changed everything including ending up spending the night at the Village Inn. Alex concludes by claiming that they both vowed not to let the relationship interfere with their studies and it was only because of Marlena that he became the doctor he is today. Roman and John scoff and make sarcastic remarks throughout Alex’s story. The flashbacks continue as Alex tells of how by the next winter they went on a ski trip and began to talk of marriage. Alex ends his story by saying that he finally wore Marlena down until she allowed herself to fall in love with him. John accuses Alex of trying to wear Marlena down now and vows not to let him get away with it.

John tries to forcefully confront Alex but Marlena insists on hearing the rest of Alex’s story. John insists that all of Alex’s claims are lies. Kate asks Roman if he thinks it’s true but Roman refuses to believe it as well. Kate points out that none of them knew Marlena back then so it very well could be true. John reluctantly steps back as Marlena insists on having Alex continue relaying his memories. Alex tells Marlena of how they planned on opening a practice together and all the things they planned to accomplish as a team. Alex tells Marlena how he brought her back to that lecture room the night before they were to be married and told her that he is very honored that Marlena is going to be his wife and how, as Marlena tears up, Marlena replied that she loved him from the moment she saw him and will love Alex for the rest of her life. Alex describes the wedding as small and including Dr. Robbins giving Marlena away since he brought them together by assigning them as lab partners. Alex reminds Marlena how she carried white irises and afterwards they found a one-bedroom house with a spare room that could be converted into a nursery. Marlena asks Alex if they ever had children.

Alex tells Marlena that they did have a baby but that baby is gone now. Marlena wants to know what happened but Alex doesn’t think she’s well enough to hear that story yet. John insists that Alex is only making up this story because he fell in love with Marlena after being called in to help with her case. Roman agrees with John about the made up story and the claim that the documents are forged. John tries again to throw Alex out of the penthouse but Alex claims that it would be Marlena’s decision. Alex asks Marlena if anything he said has brought back any memories. Marlena starts to cry as she declares that she remembers it.

John refuses to believe that Marlena could be remembering anything Alex is saying because it didn’t happen. Marlena insists that she does remember. John accuses Alex of brainwashing Marlena for months and declares that it’s over now. Roman threatens Alex with being arrested if he doesn’t leave since he’s not really helping Marlena like he professes to. Alex claims that his only intent was to help Marlena and heads for the door. Marlena calls after him to wait.

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