Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/14/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/14/05


Written By Danielle 
Pictures by Juanita

Belle’s loft:

There is a knock on the door and Belle thinks it is Philip who has forgot his keys again but it turns out to be Mimi. Belle informs Mimi that Philip was on his way to the hospital to get his prosthesis adjusted. Mimi mentions running into Philip in the hallway and how he asked Mimi to come in and keep Belle company. Belle takes offense at the insinuation that she can’t be trusted to be alone with Claire.

Mimi tries to convince Belle that her assumption isn’t how it happened but Belle is still furious. Belle insists that she is taking her pills and will be a good mother. Mimi suggests that Philip asked her to come over so she and Belle could work on regaining their closeness. Belle begins to calm down, as she believes Mimi’s claim that Philip trusts her to be alone with Claire. Mimi makes Belle feel better by adding that she was already on her way over because she wanted to spend time with Claire. Mimi is disappointed when Belle tells her that Claire just went down for a nap. Mimi apologizes again but Belle insists that there is nothing to forgive. Belle’s smile fades as Mimi brings up having a date tonight with Shawn.

Belle puts on a fake smile as she pretends to be interested about Mimi’s date with Shawn. Mimi mentions plans to go to Zio’s for pizza and Belle looks disappointed at how going to Zio’s, which turns out to be Belle and Shawn’s favorite place, was Shawn’s idea. Mimi offers to change to a Chinese restaurant but Belle claims it doesn’t bother her. Mimi still offers to suggest it at least to Shawn and becomes annoyed when Belle tells her not to go to a certain Chinese restaurant, as it was her and Shawn’s place too. Belle claims she’s only trying to make sure that Mimi and Shawn’s first date isn’t uncomfortable. Mimi wants Belle to honestly tell her whether her and Shawn dating and possibly getting serious are going to be huge problem for her.

Belle claims that she wouldn’t have any reason to have a problem with Shawn and Mimi dating. Mimi asks if Belle is okay then with her and Shawn being together and Belle says she is okay with it as long as Mimi is. Mimi notes how Belle doesn’t sound happy about it and Belle claims that Mimi shouldn’t rush into another relationship too soon. Mimi takes offense at Belle’s insinuation that Shawn is more of a rebound relationship for her. Belle tries to explain her point of view by adding that it isn’t fair for Mimi to get involved with someone when she still has strong feelings for someone else. Mimi asks if Belle is really talking about her own mistakes in marrying Philip while still in love with Shawn.

Belle claims to be offended by Mimi’s claim and insists that she and Philip have not broken their marriage vows. Belle fights back the tears as she insists that her concern was only that both Mimi and Shawn still have feelings for their respective exes. Claire starts to cry and Mimi asks to be the one to go up and tend to Claire. Mimi heads upstairs leaving Belle to cry alone over her disdain for Mimi and Shawn to be moving on together.

Belle wipes her tears as Mimi comes back downstairs with the news that Claire went right back to sleep. Mimi has found Claire’s scrapbook and the pictures waiting to be put in and offers to work on it with Belle. Mimi asks whom Belle thinks Claire looks like and Belle slips up by saying that Claire looks like her dad Shawn.

Sami’s apartment:

Nicole and Austin prepare for their presentation with Dr. Schnitzel. Nicole starts complaining about how Austin insists on keeping Sami around despite her recent mess-ups. Austin calls Sami’s slip up as an accident and refuses to fire her. Nicole voices her disdain but also feels relieved that Sami won’t be included in the presentation. Austin prefers to think that Sami has learned her lesson. Nicole doesn’t believe that Sami could ever learn her lesson and warns Austin that if Sami hasn’t, he can kiss his new company goodbye. Nicole and Austin leave and Sami comes out of the bedroom, visibly upset after overhearing the conversation. Sami works to devise a plan to win Austin’s trust back.

Sami flips through notes on the presentation in hopes of impressing Austin by helping him win the account but she complains of not knowing what the terms mean. Sami decides to focus on getting Austin to get rid of Nicole instead. Sami kicks Nicole’s bag as she complains that her living room is being used as a closet and then holds up a sexy negligee from the bag automatically assuming that Nicole plans on wearing it for Austin’s benefit. Sami uses scissors to rip the negligee in half before tossing it back onto Nicole’s bag. Sami vows to make both Austin and Lucas sorry by the end of the day that they ever left her and heads out the door.


Sami sits on a bench in the park and flips through the “Intruder” tabloid as she sips her coffee in hopes of coming up with a plan. Sami finds her horoscope but then decides that it’s not worth reading since her superstitions cost her Lucas. Sami decides it wouldn’t hurt to read it now and reads aloud that business and personal fortune will come from an unlikely source and to be patient for a stranger could hold the key to her success. A flashy woman walks up and sits down next to Sami on the bench. Sami looks at the woman and re-reads how her horoscope states that a stranger holds the key to her success. Sami strikes up a conversation with the woman by complimenting her jewelry. The woman tells Sami that to get the same jewelry, she needs to find a man who will spoil her rotten.

The flashy woman introduces herself as Lulu. Lulu explains that the man spoiling her rotten is her former boss and current fiancé. Sami is shocked as Lulu advises her not to waste time trying to get ahead in the business world but instead go after the man with the most money. Lulu calls Sami a secretary and Sami claims she’s actually a partner. Lulu has Sami admit that part of her job is to bring coffee to the other partners and is therefore a secretary. Sami nearly chokes on her coffee when Lulu says her full name is Lulu Weiner. Sami declares that her future is about to come true.


Lucas is nervous about the investor meeting but Eugenia does her best to calm him down. Lucas takes offense when Eugenia talks up Titan’s ability to beat Austin’s company by referring to Sami as a bitch. There is a knock on the door and Lucas prepares himself for Dr. Schnitzel’s arrival but the visitor turns out to be Billie instead. Billie seems momentarily shocked and annoyed to see Eugenia answering the door but moves on to declare to Lucas that she is here to stop him from making a huge mistake.

Lucas tries to usher Billie out but Billie insists that she is here because she wants to be involved in the presentation meeting. Lucas thinks that Billie wants to join him because she doesn’t trust that he can win the account on his own. Billie points out that she runs the company that Lucas is pitching to get the product for but Lucas accuses her of micromanaging. Billie cautions that Austin is good at what he does and tries to convince Lucas to let her be included. Lucas turns her down again but Billie brings up how Dr. Schnitzel has an eye for the ladies and it would be just like Austin to include Nicole in the presentation partly for that reason. Eugenia complains that she’s not considered as eye candy. Lucas decides that Billie is right and hands over his presentation notes. Eugenia asks for another task and Lucas snaps at her about getting hot coffee and sandwiches. The next knock on the door is Dr. Schnitzel but he doesn’t seem interested in meeting Lucas. Lucas introduces Billie and she enamors Dr. Schnitzel. Lucas introduces Eugenia and Dr. Schnitzel is just as enamored by her. Dr. Schnitzel asks to get started right away with the presentation just as Austin and Nicole burst into Lucas’ office. Austin introduces himself and Nicole and Nicole explains to Lucas that Dr. Schnitzel asked that they come to Titan to deliver their presentation. Lucas claims that it’s fine but doesn’t look happy.

Lucas prepares to present first and tells Eugenia to escort Austin and Nicole to the conference room while they wait their turn to present. Nicole steps up to insist that Dr. Schnitzel be given the choice of who presents first. Dr. Schnitzel suggests using a coin flip to decide and Lucas calls tails as Austin flips a coin. The coin comes up heads and Austin shows it to Eugenia for verification as to their winning the chance to present first. Lucas, Billie, and Eugenia leave Nicole and Austin alone with Dr. Schnitzel to present.

Billie, Eugenia, and Lucas gather in the outer office to complain about what just happened. Billie repeats her warning about Austin but insists that they are better. Billie is shocked when Eugenia suggests that she powder up a bit before the presentation but Eugenia explains that Billie needs to compete with Nicole’s sexy attire. Billie steps away to freshen up. Once Billie leaves, Eugenia reveals the real reason she asked Billie to leave. Eugenia pushes the button on the phone on her desk that enables them to hear what is being said in Lucas’ office. Lucas and Eugenia listen in as Nicole talks to Dr. Schnitzel about earnings predictions.

Lucas jots down notes frantically as they continue to listen to Nicole’s sales pitch. Eugenia quickly shuts off the phone communication as Billie comes back. Austin and Nicole come out of Lucas’ office having finished their pitch. Nicole gloats about how they don’t need to bother wishing Lucas good luck. Lucas and Billie head into the office. Austin and Nicole drink the coffee and Nicole complains to Eugenia about how bad it tastes. Nicole asks Eugenia to run and get her a real cup of coffee but Eugenia refuses to leave in case Lucas needs her. Nicole threatens to go in and ask Lucas if it would be okay but Eugenia rushes over to stop her and reluctantly agrees to go get the coffee. Nicole plans to do the same as Lucas did by listening in via the phone but Austin stops her to insist that they win this fair and square. Nicole suspects that Lucas and Billie did the same as she wants to.

Austin still insists on playing fair but Nicole begs him to break the rules with her. They never get the chance because Eugenia returns with the coffee. Billie and Lucas come out of the office and upon Nicole and Austin’s instant questioning, informs them that Dr. Schnitzel requested a few minutes alone to make his decision. Billie and Lucas step away to celebrate their pitch presentation going well. Nicole gloats to Austin about how they should buy out Countess Wilhelmina when they win the account and kick out Lucas and Victor. Lucas overhears Nicole as he walks up and Austin steps away to let them talk. Lucas asks where Nicole would place Sami but Nicole claims that Sami will be out on the streets where she belongs.

Billie sits down next to Austin and voices her concern over him working with two women who are competing for his love. Austin insists that he is only keeping things professional with Sami and Nicole so Billie suggests hiring other people who are also all about the work. Billie offers Austin the chance to work at her company but Austin counters by offering Billie a job at his company when Titan goes under. Lucas walks over and tells Austin not to hold his breath waiting for that to happen. Dr. Schnitzel comes out and has Nicole, Austin, Billie, and Lucas join him in Lucas’ office to hear his decision. Eugenia uses the phone system to listen in from her desk.

Dr. Schnitzel smokes a cigar as he announces that he has chosen to go with Titan because they have more experience. Nicole regrets not listening in on the pitch but Austin considers it incentive to work harder next time. Austin offers Billie and Lucas congratulations. Lucas gathers papers for Dr. Schnitzel to sign but before he can, Sami bursts in and demands to be heard.

Eugenia rushes in to apologize for not being able to stop Sami. Nicole and Lucas are furious at seeing Sami. Lucas orders Eugenia to escort Sami out but Sami refuses to leave. Sami reveals that the Lulu Weiner she had been talking to in the park is the fiancé of Dr. Schnitzel. Lulu greets Dr. Schnitzel with a kiss. Sami beams while everyone else watches in shock.


Marlena declares to Kate, Roman, Alex, and John that she now knows the person with whom she needs to spend the rest of her life with. Alex speaks for the group when he claims that they’ll abide by whatever Marlena decides. John insists on speaking for himself but then asks to speak to Marlena privately before she makes said announcement. Alex moves over closer on the couch so he can watch Marlena and John as they talk. John tells Marlena that she needs to take a certain name out of consideration before announcing her decision.

Kate taunts Roman with how the tension and wait must be killing him. Roman admits that he hopes Marlena chooses him over John or Alex. Roman claims that he never denied still loving Marlena but Kate claims that she shouldn’t be this surprised to hear him say it now. Kate brings up how Roman would probably be with Marlena now if the baby had lived but Roman fires back by pointing out that Kate would be happy with John then. Roman wants Kate to admit that Marlena chooses either him or Alex so she can be with John.

John tells Marlena that Alex can’t be trusted. Marlena is annoyed that John keeps bringing up this same thought but John brings up how all Alex has done is make Marlena doubt how her true friends and family think of her. John insists that Alex’s claim of making Marlena be in love with him is sick and unethical so Marlena shouldn’t consider being with him. Alex steps up and tells Marlena not to listen to John.

Kate claims she only wants John to be happy and Roman reminds her that Marlena’s decision is the only way that John could be hers. Roman warns that Marlena’s decision could very well be something neither of them wants to hear.

Alex and Marlena insist to John that she didn’t make this decision lightly and is capable of making her own decision. John insists that whatever Alex has done to influence the decision is lies and to leave their talk about Kate and Roman yesterday out of the decision. John concludes by adding that no matter the decision, Marlena will always have his love. Marlena tears up as she assures John that she has never doubted his love. Roman asks Marlena if she ever doubted his love and gives a speech about how he appreciates the two children they had together and the love that those children were conceived in. Alex leans in close to Marlena and confidently tells her that she knows how he feels about her and is holding the proof of that in her hands. Marlena looks down at the fax cover sheet in her hands and Roman demands to know what is included in those pages. Marlena, now with tears streaming down her face, declares that Alex is right. John asks that this not mean that Marlena is choosing Alex.

John demands that Marlena confirm that she’s not choosing Alex but Marlena declares that Alex is the man she’s meant to spend her life with. John looks over at Roman and Kate who are also in shock. Roman tries to talk Marlena out of it and John accuses Alex of brainwashing Marlena from the beginning. Marlena denies it and claims that she has proof in these papers that she once loved Alex. Marlena hands the papers over to John.

John is in disbelief at what he is seeing in the papers and Roman and Kate take a look at them next and are also shocked at the photos of Alex and Marlena’s wedding.

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