Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/11/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/11/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Deveraux house:

The doorbell rings and Jennifer rushes to let Hope in the door. Jennifer explains that she asked Hope to come over because she has decided to go ahead with the party plans for Jack. Hope thinks it’s a wonderful idea and offers to help any way possible. Jennifer thanks Hope with a hug and vows not to give up on Jack.

Jack makes his way around the kitchen but suddenly his legs give out and he grabs the table for support. Frankie enters the kitchen and rushes over to help when he sees Jack. Jack, now trying to catch his breath, tells Frankie that this is the beginning of the end. Jack explains to Frankie that he is starting to experience what Lexie warned about and refuses to let Jennifer see him like this. Jack asks Frankie not to tell Jennifer that he is in pain but Frankie doesn’t want to keep any more secrets. Jack convinces Frankie to keep this secret.

Frankie helps Jack into the living room where Hope and Jennifer are talking about the party. Jennifer has Jack down another health shake and Hope and Frankie are grossed out. Jennifer reveals to Jack that she’s planning a party but Jack doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Jennifer to take on such a big ordeal. Hope offers to take over the party arrangements to give Jack and Jennifer some time together and Frankie offers to help. Jack decides to take their offer and leads Jennifer out to a surprise location. Hope delegates the invitations and the food to herself and gives Frankie the job of handling music and drinks. Hope asks Frankie how long he is planning on staying in Salem and Frankie recalls telling Jennifer that he’ll stay as long as she needs him to. Hope calls Frankie on still being in love with Jennifer but Frankie tries to quickly change the subject. Hope confides in Frankie that Jennifer never really stopped loving him. Hope adds that she hopes Frankie will consider staying in Salem for Jennifer. Frankie starts to say that he already assured Jack that he would stay and Hope is surprised to hear that Jack asked Frankie to stay. Frankie tries to change the subject again but when Hope persists, Frankie makes her promise before confiding that Jack asked him to take his place. Frankie insists that the idea wasn’t his intention and he’s only doing it as a favor to Jack. Hope considers Jack’s plan selfless and cautions that once Jack dies; Jennifer is going to need Frankie more than ever. Hope urges Frankie to keep his promise to Jack.


Jack has brought Jennifer to the airport so they can lie on top of the car and watch the planes take off. Jennifer notes how romantic the scene is and Jack thinks it is because they can look up at the planes and imagine the people on board going to some far off exotic place where nothing bad ever happens. Jennifer laments at how things have changed since they last came here and Jack flashes back to that time. Jack unveils another surprise in the form of a video scrapbook of their happiest memories. Jennifer laughs as she and Jack watch a slideshow of their past together. A picture of Jennifer holding Abby as a baby sparks a flashback to when Jennifer told Jack she was pregnant. Jennifer tears up as Jack refers to the slideshow as a remembrance of him to her. Jack starts to ask Jennifer to treasure it long after he’s gone but Jennifer stops him from finishing the sentence and starts to cry as she insists that she can’t take losing him. Jennifer wants to freeze this moment in time and Jack pulls out a camera so they can take a picture of themselves together. The slideshow of the picture series they just took is shown to the viewer as Jennifer and Jack view them. Jack gets choked up as he adds the latest photos to the computer slide show and talks of holding on to the cherished memories forever and ever. Jennifer would rather spend forever and ever holding onto Jack. Jack starts to spasm in pain. Jack insists he is fine and claims it was only a leg cramp. Jennifer heads into the car to retrieve Jack’s health shake. While he waits, Jack decides that he must “bite the bullet” to spare his family from suffering his long drawn out death. Jennifer returns with Jack’s shake and makes him drink it all. Jack tells Jennifer to never forget that he loves her and hugs her.

Sami’s apartment:

Austin tells Nicole and Sami about a new skin care line called “Clear Visage” being developed in Switzerland and his plans for their company to convince the inventor to give them worldwide marketing and distribution rights. Sami is ecstatic about the idea but Nicole has her reservations about nailing the account. Austin explains that he was able to find out about the product before the inventor, Dr. Schnitzel, went public so they should be able to get the scoop on the competition. Austin asks for Nicole’s help on forming a pitch but Sami complains that she isn’t included. Austin doesn’t answer Sami because he is already hard at work at his desk. Nicole pulls Sami aside to claim that today Austin is going to see that Sami is way out of her league here and will then realize that she is the one more valuable for Austin to invest his future in and not Sami. Nicole steps away and Sami calls her a bitch under her breath.

Nicole suggests using sex to sell their pitch but Austin thinks Dr. Schnitzel will be more turned on by facts and figures. Nicole offers to work on toning down the sex while Austin works on the facts and figures. Sami mutters that that’ll be a first under her breath. Sami tries to help Austin by offering to do the facts and figures for him but Austin turns her down. Nicole tells Sami to be more helpful by making coffee but Sami insists she’s capable of more than making coffee. Austin discovers that Dr. Schnitzel is in Salem so they work more frantically toward forming a pitch. Nicole mentions targeting women 30-50 years old but Sami interrupts to suggest targeting the product to younger women. Nicole complains that the product is meant for women with wrinkles and wouldn’t be used by younger women. Austin tells Sami that he and Nicole have it covered and tells Sami to take the rest of the day off since she’s been working so hard. Sami, not swayed by Austin’s attempt at flattery, calls him on it. Sami leaves.

Lucas’ apartment:

Eugenia stops by Lucas’ apartment with the news that Victor has hired her to be his new executive assistant. Lucas isn’t at all happy to see Eugenia but Eugenia thinks that Lucas should be grateful for her and Kate’s actions in ousting Sami as Stan. Lucas doesn’t see Eugenia’s point of view and attempts to fire her and escort her out. Eugenia threatens to file a lawsuit against Lucas if he tries to fire her. Eugenia explains that she can’t be fired simply because Lucas doesn’t like her. Eugenia pleads her case by adding that Victor hired her knowing her full history and cautions Lucas against going against Victor. Lucas reluctantly agrees that Eugenia is right but warns that if he suspects any sort of foul play, she will be fired immediately. Eugenia promises that Lucas won’t regret it and she and Lucas shake on the deal.

Sami heads over to Lucas’ apartment where she is able to eavesdrop through a slightly open door to discover that Eugenia is talking over a document with Lucas. Sami continues to eavesdrop as Eugenia asks to be given her first task. Sami is shocked to hear Lucas mention the new skin care line to Eugenia and his plans to secure it for Titan. Eugenia leans in close to whisper that the walls have ears and gestures toward the front door. Lucas throws open the door and finds Sami eavesdropping. Sami turns the attention off of her by confronting Lucas about hiring Eugenia. Lucas taunts Sami about her trouble working with Nicole but Sami vows to prove that she can succeed. Sami fantasizes about Austin promoting her to co-CEO and his wife for being able to land the account. Sami then fantasizes that Lucas comes in and demands that Sami marry him and come work at Titan. Lucas calls Sami back to reality and continues to taunt her with her company’s failure. In an attempt to boast, Sami lets it slip that Dr. Schnitzel is in Salem. Nicole overhears Lucas thanking Sami for giving them the heads up about Dr. Schnitzel and Austin’s plans to go after the account. Nicole calls Sami pathetic and gloats to a now frantic Sami about telling Austin. Austin comes in and demands to know what he’s going to be told. Sami starts to defend her “accident” but Nicole interrupts to inform Austin about Sami’s slip. Lucas jokingly calls Sami a great assistant and Sami tries to blame the slip on Lucas but Austin doesn’t care about how it happened. Nicole demands that Austin fire Sami now. Sami profusely begs Austin for another chance. Nicole claims it’s too late and objects when Austin agrees to give Sami another chance. Austin repeats his order for Sami to take the rest of the day off so he and Nicole can work alone. Austin and Nicole leave. Eugenia gloats about what just happened to Sami.

Lucas hangs up the phone and celebrates with Eugenia being able to snag a meeting with Dr. Schnitzel that occurs before the meeting with Austin and Nicole.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami paces the hallway vowing to prove herself to Austin and Lucas but also decides to search for a way to take Nicole out with the trash. Nicole tries to convince Austin to fire Sami but Austin refuses. Austin receives word that Titan has an earlier appointment with Dr. Schnitzel. Nicole claims to have an idea that will help the company.

Kate’s suite:

Alex, John, and Kate are having breakfast. The three share their mutual disdain for the current living arrangements. Roman arrives with the divorce papers that he’d like Kate to sign and Kate lets him in. Roman questions Kate about Alex living here and John explains that it’s part of their effort to keep Alex away from Marlena. John fills Roman in on the papers Alex gave Marlena. Kate asks John to leave her and Roman to talk privately and John steps away. Kate accuses Roman of wanting to end their relationship because he expects to have a relationship with Marlena. Roman feels that John has a right to feel he belongs with Marlena but vows that Alex will never have her. Kate brings up Alex’s claim of mutual love and Roman blames it on mind control. Roman vows again to not let Alex have Marlena. Kate becomes infuriated with how Marlena has several men clamoring for her despite her treating them like dirt and complains that John deserves better than that. Roman calls Kate on her feelings for John and her hopes that Marlena doesn’t pick John so that he’ll be free for Kate. John claims to Alex that the papers he gave her won’t change Marlena’s mind on which she really loves. Alex claims the papers will only confirm it. Alex claims that his and Marlena’s love is more than anything she’s had with anyone else. John vows that no matter what Alex tries, he will end up with Marlena.


Marlena looks over the papers and though the news contained in them seems unbelievable to her, she insists that there is enough proof in them to prove the claim to be true. Marlena declares that she now knows what she has to do. Marlena decides that this isn’t going to be easy but now that she knows, she has to do it right away. Marlena calls John’s cell phone and asks him to come over and bring Alex, Roman, and Kate. Marlena gathers the group in the living room once they arrive and informs them of her decision to end the confusion and questioning. John thinks this means that Marlena has regained her memory but she informs him that she hasn’t despite having flashes of wonderful times with John. John asks for specifics and Marlena flashes back as she describes a Christmas night where she made love with John. John smiles at the recollection despite Alex and Roman’s annoyed expressions. John moves to sit closer to Marlena because he sees the memories as Marlena coming back to him but Marlena informs him that she isn’t done saying what she called them all over to say. Marlena warns that her decision isn’t what John or anyone else is expecting.

Marlena, while she understands that she loved John and also at one time loved Roman, she doesn’t understand how she could have ended up in love with both men at the same time as well as in love with Alex. Marlena flashes back to making love with Roman at the castle. John claims that Marlena can scratch the last part off the list because she never loved Alex. Roman echoes the sentiment. Marlena isn’t so sure of that and wonders which man she truly belongs with. Marlena declares that it is time to end keeping everyone in limbo waiting on her to decide. Marlena declares that she now knows the person with whom she’s meant to spend her life.

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