Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/10/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/10/05


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Sami’s apartment:

Austin heads for the elevator at the same time that Billie steps off of it so they great each other with a big hug. Billie explains that she came to see Austin because Maggie told her about Austin going into business with Nicole and Sami and begs Austin to say it isn’t true. Austin corrects Billie by claiming that Sami and Nicole are working for him but Billie doesn’t see that as any better off. Austin insists he knows what he is doing and wants to take Billie inside the apartment to show her but Billie stops him. Billie tries to talk Austin out of hiring Sami and Nicole but Austin believes that they both are quite talented. Austin gets Billie to agree to trust him to handle Sami and Nicole. Austin heads down in the elevator to put the items he’d been carrying in the car.

Sami is still angry that she wasn’t included in the business dinner and Nicole claims that they were talking business that would have been over Sami’s head. Sami mimics Nicole’s flirtatious advances that she overhead in the park as proof that it wasn’t all business. Sami wants Nicole to admit that she’s trying to seduce Austin but Nicole denies it. Sami complains that Nicole keeps trying to convince Austin to leave Sami out of the pitch session because of her past as Stan. Nicole considers it a legitimate concern and Sami questions whether “nurse Nicole” should attend either. Sami insists that she wants to be more than the assistant and has some good ideas that Austin can use. Nicole tries to dismiss them but Sami begs to be able to voice her ideas. Nicole turns her down with a sarcastic comment about needing to close the pitch deal whereas Sami can’t even close her own wedding. Sami threatens to go to Austin personally with her ideas and even threatens to tell Austin about Nicole’s part in Chloe’s scars as a way to get Nicole to listen to the ideas. Nicole tells Sami that she doesn’t want to hear any of her ideas and doesn’t care if Sami tells Austin about her misdeeds because she’ll then reveal that Stan told her to do it and then they’d both end up fired. Sami sees that as proof that Nicole is after Austin and calls her a slut. Sami and Nicole argue over which of them Austin came back for. Sami flashes back to one of her past attempts to get married with Austin. Nicole taunts Sami with the flashback of her last failed attempt to marry Austin.

Sami declares to Nicole that Austin came back to Salem for her just as Billie makes her presence known by slamming the door. Billie tells Sami that she is delusional if she thinks that Austin is still interested in her. Billie explains that she saw Austin in the hall and gave him hell for hiring the both of them. Billie admits that Nicole did a good job managing Countess Wilhelmina when she worked at Titan. Sami complains that she didn’t get such a glowing compliment about her time at Titan and tries to play the martyr by mentioning the use of her apartment and loss of privacy. Billie tells Sami that Austin only hired her because he was feeling sorry for her. Sami insists it was because she needed a job. Billie warns both Sami and Nicole that if either of them tries to bring their personal baggage into Austin’s life, they’ll have to answer to her. Austin clears his throat to announce his presence and Billie claims she was only wishing Sami and Nicole good luck. Austin suggests to Billie that they head up on the roof to catch up and he and Billie leave. Sami complains that Billie hates them and if she had her way, neither of them would end up with Austin.

Nicole insists that Billie doesn’t have any say in who Austin loves or doesn’t love. Nicole heads into her bedroom to work alone and Sami sits down at her desk to work on the computer. Sami wishes she knew what Billie and Austin were talking about and realizes that Austin could be telling Billie the name of the woman that he loves. Sami climbs out onto the fire escape and climbs up the ladder. Halfway up, she spots Nicole above her who had the same idea. Sami grabs Nicole’s foot and orders her to stay put as Sami climbs up the ladder enough to be at the same level as Nicole. Sami uses Nicole’s fear of heights to distract her long enough to climb past her and get ahead on the ladder. Nicole makes her way up the ladder.

Apartment roof:

Austin questions Billie about her conversation with Sami and Nicole and Billie claims she was only telling them to work hard for Austin in certain ways. Austin insists he can take care of himself. Billie bluntly tells Austin that Sami and Nicole want to jump his bones. Austin assures Billie that if either Sami or Nicole becomes a problem then they will be fired and insists that he is here to stay. They hug again and Billie asks Austin why he came back to Salem. Austin hints at coming back home to start a family and Billie delights in grilling Austin about the girl in his life. Austin hesitates to answer and Nicole and Sami duck down out of sight after reaching the top of the ladder.

Sami and Nicole fight over who should remain on the ladder. Nicole’s foot slips and Sami clamps her hand over Nicole’s mouth to keep her from screaming as the inner ladder extension slides down with them on it. Austin and Billie hear the sound of the fire escape ladder release but Billie credits it to an old stray cat that liked to knock the lever loose with his paw. Austin wants to check anyway but Billie refuses to let him leave until he reveals who he is in love with. Austin refuses to tell Billie the name until he gets his business up and running and even refuses to deny that it’s either Sami or Nicole. Billie decides that it’s okay as long as Austin is happy and hugs him.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami and Nicole return to the apartment and argue over whose fault it was that they missed out on hearing who Austin is in love with. Sami claims that Austin is only using Nicole to further his company and Nicole smacks Sami with a pillow before heading into her room. Sami vows to show Austin that she is the perfect partner for business and for life.

Belle’s loft:

Philip accuses Belle of not wanting Shawn to be with anyone but her but Belle denies it and claims that Shawn needs to take the time to find the right person. Philip insists that Mimi is the right person. Belle claims she’s tired and wants to go up and lie down. Philip offers to go with her but Belle insists she is fine alone and heads upstairs. Philip heaves a heavy sigh. Belle climbs into bed and sobs. Belle has now fallen asleep and dreams of hearing Shawn claim that he and Mimi were meant to be together from the beginning and that he and Mimi are expecting a baby. Belle wakes with the realization that if Shawn gets closer to Mimi, she really will lose him forever.

Belle comes back downstairs and upon spotting Philip gone and the door slightly open, she checks to see if Philip stepped out to take the trash out. Not seeing him in the hall, Belle closes the door. Belle picks up a photo album and flips to a photo of her and Shawn. Belle fights back the tears. Belle insists she must pull herself together and must let Shawn go even it he does move on with Mimi.

Mimi’s loft:

Mimi hums a lullaby while holding Claire in her arms. Shawn enjoys watching them as he works on the pipe in the kitchen. Mimi looks over and doesn’t like Shawn watching her. Mimi sends Shawn out of the room and resumes humming to Claire. Shawn comes back into the living room had cleaned up and changed clothes. Claire has now fallen asleep so Mimi gets up to take Claire back to her portable crib. Shawn offers to open up a bottle of wine for them to celebrate with when Mimi comes back. Philip knocks on the door and Shawn lets him in upon relaying the news that Claire is asleep. Philip explains he came over to apologize to Mimi upon hearing that she was so upset and Shawn fills Philip in on how Mimi has now overcome those issues. Shawn asks about Belle and Philip claims Belle’s moods are better but thinks that something else is bothering Belle.

Philip is worried that Belle isn’t bonding with Claire which he thinks will help her and Shawn assures him that Belle will start doing that once the weeks go by and Claire starts sleeping more and crying less. Philip mentions peeking in on Claire but at that moment Mimi comes back with Claire in her arms since it’s time for a feeding. Shawn steps away to warm up a bottle. Mimi offers to have Philip feed Claire but Philip allows Mimi to do it. Shawn brings Mimi the bottle and Philip watches how the trio looks so close and happy together.

Belle lets herself in to Mimi’s loft and Philip points out the loving moment between Claire, Mimi, and Shawn. Belle questions Mimi about her earlier apprehension being around babies and Mimi starts to mention her earlier experience but then asks to be able to talk to Belle after she finishes feeding Claire. Philip offers to take over the feeding so Belle and Mimi can step out into the hall to talk. Philip is hopeful that Mimi and Belle work things out but Shawn tells him not to count on it. Shawn burps Claire and then tells Philip that he should enjoy the wine instead since they ought to be sober while babysitting. Philip and Shawn talk over whether Mimi and Belle can patch things up. Philip is hopeful that Mimi and Belle work things out because Mimi would be the best person to help Belle through her depression.

Loft hallway:

Mimi starts off the conversation by asking about Belle but Belle quickly diverts the attention off her condition by asking about Mimi’s night. Mimi shocks Belle by saying that she wants to apologize. Mimi tells Belle about what caused her to run out earlier and Belle admits that Shawn already told her about this. Mimi then tells Belle about talking with Father Jansen about forgiving herself and has also decided to forgive Belle and stop blaming her for losing Rex. Philip and Shawn, with Claire in his arms, urge Belle to forgive Mimi. Belle forgives Mimi and they hug. Philip hugs Belle but Belle still looks sad as she watches Shawn and Mimi kiss.


Marlena asks John if he’d prefer to spend the rest of his life with her knowing that she may never regain her past or move on with Kate. John adamantly tells Marlena that he wants to be with her. Kate and John implore to Marlena that they only got together because of John’s grief over losing Marlena. John blames himself for not being able to save Marlena. Kate points out to John that he was unable to save Marlena because he was paralyzed and the news of that shocks Marlena. Kate explains that John was bedridden when he got home and had no one. John tells Marlena about how he became addicted to the painkillers and how Kate only moved in to help him kick the habit. John claims that without Kate, he would never have been able to cope with losing Marlena. Alex applauds sarcastically and claims that John’s claim isn’t sincere and tells John to go ahead and admit that he would be better off now if Marlena had just stayed dead. Marlena and Kate gasp at Alex’s blunt remark and John hauls back and sends Alex to the floor with one punch.

Marlena and Kate hold John back from attacking Alex again. Alex claims that if Marlena had come back a few days after John married Kate, he wouldn’t have divorced Kate. John insists that he only deals in facts and not hypothetical questions and warns Alex to quit poisoning Marlena against him. Alex denies it and claims that John is the only one doing that. Kate insists that that isn’t true and claims that Alex can’t know the facts because he wasn’t here when they happened. Kate implores Marlena not to believe Alex. Alex recalls how John has spent the entire time since Marlena woke up in the hospital room trying to remind her of their love and marriage but asks why John would be so afraid of that not happening if their love was so solid. Alex asks John if he is trying to convince Marlena or himself. Marlena thinks that Alex is right but John claims he has only been so aggressive in getting Marlena back so he can protect her. John explains that many men have been envious of their bond and might try to break it. Alex makes John admit that he was concerned about Roman being one of those men and then brings up how John asked Alex to tip the scales in his favor. John admits that he thought Marlena would want to stay with Roman considering their past together. Alex sits down on the other side of Marlena and insists that John would have left her high and dry just like the rest of her family who did move on thinking that she was dead. Alex claims that he is the only one who can love and cherish Marlena the way she should be.

John claims that Alex has no right to be with Marlena as the fax machine beeps a warning of an incoming fax. Alex rushes over to grab the fax and tells Marlena that it is proof of how special she is to him. Alex hands the papers over to Marlena. Marlena looks at the papers, casts a shocking glance over at Alex, and then tells John and Kate to leave. Kate wants to know what the papers say but Marlena insists on having to time to process. John and Alex argue over whether Alex will remain at the penthouse until things are resolved. Kate offers to have Alex move in with them so they can keep an eye on him and John likes the idea. John proposes the idea to Alex and after checking with Marlena, who claims she needs to be alone, abides by Marlena’s wishes. Alex, John, and Kate leave. Marlena looks among the family photos and then at the papers in her hand again. Marlena wonders whether what she’s looking at could really be true.

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