Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/9/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/9/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn’s loft:

Shawn tells Belle that if Mimi can’t get over not being able to have a baby than they can’t have a future together. Claire starts to cry again and Belle becomes agitated at not knowing what to do. Shawn tells Belle to calm down and go home to get some rest. Belle agrees to head back to her loft while Shawn heads in to take care of Claire. Mimi returns home but pauses at the door when she hears Claire crying. Shawn curses loudly as he is working on the pipes under the sink when Mimi enters the loft. Claire begins to cry again and Shawn hurries to finish tightening the pipe so he can tend to Claire. Mimi walks by without saying a word and brings Claire, who has stopped crying, into the living room. Shawn is surprised to see Mimi but Mimi assures Shawn that everything is fine as she happily dotes on Claire. Shawn shares his surprise at seeing Mimi be so relaxed with the baby and she agrees to feel the same way. Mimi tells Shawn about how she came to the realization that she needed to forgive herself and move on. Shawn is happy for Mimi and Mimi delights in the pleasure of holding and nurturing Claire. Shawn joins Mimi on the couch and wraps his arm around her as they both dote on Claire. Mimi cries but insists that they are happy tears. Shawn marvels at the dramatic change in Mimi’s behavior. Shawn asks what changed and Mimi claims that while at the church she was struck with a sudden clarity that now allows her to see that she can move on with God’s help. Shawn jokes about having gotten Mimi to the church sooner but Mimi wants to thank Shawn for his help as well. Mimi tells Shawn that he has been there for her every step of the way and has definitely shown her that there can be someone for her besides Rex. Shawn asks if Mimi is talking about him as that someone. Mimi nods and laughs nervously. Mimi asks Shawn if he still wants to date her and Shawn says he does. Shawn confirms that Mimi will be okay with Claire and gently kisses Mimi’s cheek before returning to fix the leaky pipe in the sink. Mimi looks up and smiles at a vision of the Virgin Mary who appears in the corner.

Belle’s loft:

Philip comes downstairs looking for Belle and wonders where she went now. Philip greets Belle once she returns to her loft and Belle explains that she was at Shawn’s loft. Philip asks about Claire and Belle explains that she was asleep the entire time. Belle begins to feel bad that she spent the time being glad that Shawn was taking care of her tonight because it meant she wouldn’t have to. In her anger, Belle pummels and slams one of Claire’s dolls against the kitchen counter. Philip tries to comfort Belle by blaming her feelings on the postpartum depression. Belle questions whether that means the love she has for Claire isn’t real and Philip assures her that she does love Claire even if it doesn’t feel that way right now. Philip asks if anything else was wrong since Belle was gone a long time and Belle explains that Mimi was having a hard time and took off. Philip now regrets not even thinking how this would affect Mimi. Philip hopes that Mimi isn’t too mad at Shawn for offering and that it’s too soon in their relationship to be worried about such things. Belle chuckles at Shawn’s claim that he and Mimi don’t have a relationship and never will.

Belle insists at Philip’s inquiry that Mimi and Shawn are getting along fine. Belle explains that watching Claire brought the fact that Mimi can’t give Shawn any children home and now she thinks that they don’t belong together. Philip thinks that notion is ridiculous and wonders why Mimi can’t understand that what is in the past is over. Belle claims that it’s for the best and Philip questions how Belle can say that. Belle thinks it obvious that Shawn and Mimi don’t belong together but Philip tells her that she is dead wrong. Philip insists that Mimi needs Shawn to help her come to terms with her abortion. Belle insists that Shawn can only be with Mimi as a friend. Philip compares the situation to how they started out as friends. Belle says that they shouldn’t count on that happening with Shawn and Mimi. Belle claims that they shouldn’t be pushing Shawn and Mimi together when they couldn’t possibly be happy with each other. Philip asks whom else they could possibly be happier with. Belle hesitates to answer and Philip thinks that proves his point. Philip thinks they should push Mimi and Shawn together but Belle speaks out against the idea. Belle insists that Mimi will never get over having the abortion and will never get over losing Rex. Philip assures Belle that she will soon feel better and until then they must support their friends like they’ve been supporting them. Philip is surprised that Belle is so angry that he wants to push Shawn and Mimi together and Belle claims that it’s a mistake for Shawn to end up with Mimi. Philip accuses Belle of thinking it would be a mistake for Shawn period but doesn’t believe her when Belle denies it. Philip accuses Belle of not wanting Shawn to end up with anyone.

Deveraux house:

Frankie is sitting alone by the fire pit when Jennifer comes out to join him. Jennifer laments about how a cup of Gram’s hot cocoa can’t fix her problems now. Frankie asks about Jack and Jennifer informs him that Lexie is upstairs with him now. Jennifer tells Frankie about how Lexie plans to encourage Jack to try the holistic treatments but laments that Jack doesn’t share the same optimism. Frankie defends Jack’s desire to appease Jennifer but Jennifer insists that she’ll only be okay once Jack is okay. Frankie urges Jennifer to take care of herself but Jennifer insists that her trials don’t even compare to what Jack is going through. Frankie says he disagrees. Frankie urges Jennifer to take care of herself and get some rest but Jennifer angrily asks how she is supposed to be able to rest. Jennifer refuses to give up until Jack gets better. Frankie warns that the decision to buy books doesn’t mean that Jack is cured and Jennifer explains how despite the fact that she prays to God every night, every morning that she wakes up, Jack is still dying. Jennifer starts to cry and hugs Frankie as she voices out loud the realization that Jack is really dying this time.

Frankie apologizes for his earlier comment. Jennifer admits that she’s having a hard time dealing with Jack’s impending death. Frankie assures Jennifer that this is normal but Jennifer points out that this is Salem and normal isn’t as normal as one might think. Jennifer begins to think of what it will be like once Jack is gone and compares her current feeling of falling to how she felt when she was dangling over a cliff after an accident with JT but this time Jack won’t be there to pull her up. Frankie says he will be the one. Jennifer asks if this means that Frankie will stay and Frankie assures her that he will remain here. Jennifer laughs at how Jack will be so thrilled to know that Frankie has decided to stick around yet he gets jealous and angry whenever any other guy is around her. Jennifer sadly notes how it seems Jack handpicked Frankie to take his place. Frankie admits that to be exactly what Jack did. Frankie covers by claiming that he meant Jack asked him to look after Jennifer after he was gone. Jennifer becomes uncomfortable at the idea that Jack had thought of that. Jennifer jokingly calls Frankie lucky for being stuck with a mess like her. Frankie claims that Jennifer is perfect and Jennifer calls Frankie a liar but a great friend. Jennifer says she is grateful that Frankie is going to be sticking around and Frankie, with tears in his eyes, tells Jennifer that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her.

Jack sits in his bedroom and reads the assisted suicide book until Lexie knocks on the door and then hides it. Jack tells Lexie that his only problem is a little numbness in his arm. Lexie gestures toward the bed so she can examine him and Jack jokes about having to warn that he is married. Lexie touches various points going up Jack’s arm and he says he can’t feel any of them. Jack demands to know how long the numbness will last before the pain comes back and therefore the use of his left arm and hand. Lexie declares to Jack that his condition has worsened since the last time she saw him. Lexie cautions that Jack will soon have increased loss of mobility as well as increased pain. Jack asks how it’s possible for him to feel pain if he can’t physically feel anything but Lexie replies that it doesn’t work that way. Lexie offers to phone in a prescription painkiller but Jack refuses to take any more painkillers because he wants to be clearheaded at the end. Jack brings out the book on assisted suicide and Lexie thinks it’s the books Jennifer mentioned until she notices the title. Lexie refuses to let Jack do this whether or not it goes against patient/doctor confidentiality.

Lexie agrees not to run to Jennifer with Jack’s plan but insists on trying to talk Jack out of it. Jack doesn’t think there’s any point in talking anymore because he refuses to let his family stand by and watch him wither away. Lexie reluctantly says she understands and Jack starts to ask her for a favor. Lexie thinks that Jack is going to ask her to help him commit suicide and adamantly states her refusal before he can even ask. Jack asks Lexie to avoid conducting an autopsy in the end but Lexie insists that that isn’t her choice and Jack must talk to Jennifer about it. Jack asks Lexie to promise him now that she won’t tell Jennifer how he really died as part of an extended confidentiality clause. Lexie would rather hope it never has to come to that. Lexie reminds Jack about the prescription and offers to let him call at any time. Jack repeats his refusal to take the painkillers but promises as Lexie’s friend, to call and they hug. On her way out, Lexie asks Jack to promise that he won’t do anything stupid. Jack says that Lexie knows him and Lexie jokes about how that is what worries her. Jack moves his fingers and claims the feeling is coming back already as Lexie leaves. Jack picks up a picture of Jennifer and vows to do whatever it takes to protect his family.

Jack watches Frankie and Jennifer hug from the bedroom window and sadly declares that everything is falling into place. When Jack steps back from the window, he trips over the chaise lounge behind him. Jack breathlessly makes his way to the bed and declares that his time is finally up as he reaches for the assisted suicide book.


Alex, on the phone, asks that some information be authenticated and faxed to him. Alex claims that it will prevent a patient of his from making a terrible mistake and hangs up.

Kate eavesdrops by the door as John tells Marlena that he does love Kate and a part of him always will. Marlena, in between sobs, asks how it’s possible then for John to pledge his undying love to her as well. John says that while he loves Kate, his heart and soul will always be with Marlena. John compares his situation with how Marlena will always have feelings for Roman but belongs with him. Marlena and John argue over whether Alex is doing more harm than good. John uses the physical examples of the life they lead together as proof that what they had as special but Marlena is having a hard time believing it. Marlena is still full of questions about her past and John claims that he never did anything without Marlena still in his heart.

Alex, having also overheard, tries again to convince Kate that she can have John. Kate denies Alex’s claim and tells him to go to hell. Alex tries again to ask Kate to join forces with him believing it would make everyone happy but Kate claims he’s only fooling himself if he thinks that anyone can come between Marlena and John.

Marlena starts to cry again and wishes she had some sort of proof that John still loved her when he was in love with Kate. When John hesitates to answer, Marlena declares that without that proof, she can’t take John’s word over Alex’s. Alex interrupts them to declare that he now has proof that John has been lying to Marlena. John denies that Alex could have any proof that he stopped loving Marlena. Alex mocks John’s vows when he married Marlena and Kate has to step out on the terrace to keep John from attacking Alex when Alex mocks John’s priestly vows. Alex claims to have documents that show that John had Marlena declared legally dead within months of her alleged death and then had Marlena’s life insurance policy signed over to Kate. John is unable to deny these charges. Marlena looks over the documents and decides that Alex was right. Marlena hands the documents back to Alex and heads inside. John follows her to defend his decision to declare Marlena legally dead by claiming that there was no way anyone could have known that Marlena wasn’t lost at sea. Alex continues to taunt John and claim that he was all too eager to declare Marlena dead upon returning to Salem.

John lists several other friends and family that they believed to be dead but Alex calls him on neglecting to mention Roman’s name claiming that it was all too convenient for John and Kate to move on together. John continues to defend his decision by recalling the DNA tests done on the bloody clothes brought to them by the Coast Guard but vows that if he had thought for a second that Marlena could still be alive he would have gone to hell and back to find her. Alex asks John to then explain how he gave Marlena’s life insurance money to Kate. John explains that Kate’s name is only on that cancelled check because she runs the company and set it up so that the money went to an offshore account for Marlena’s children. Alex brings up how John had Kate move in with him upon coming home from the hospital as proof that he declared Marlena legally dead in his heart as well. Kate speaks up to explain that but Marlena interrupts to claim that Kate did so because she fell in love with John. John starts to reiterate that he only moved on with Kate because he thought Marlena was dead but Marlena interrupts to claim she understands that but doesn’t understand why John is here now. John explains that he’s here to live up to his vow of loving Marlena until he dies. Marlena declares that John has lived up to his vows since he was faithful until he thought she had died. Marlena then asks John to decide which woman he wants to be with, her or Kate.

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