Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/8/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/8/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn’s loft:

Shawn brings Claire out to Belle. Belle feels bad about not helping out more with her own baby but Shawn insists he can handle it. Shawn tells Claire all about how lucky she is to have Belle and Philip as parents until Claire falls asleep again. Shawn takes Claire back to her crib still in his bedroom. Belle starts to cry again as she wonders what is wrong with her. Shawn comes out of the bedroom and Belle quickly wipes away her tears. Belle wants to take Claire home but Shawn tries to convince her take the opportunity to get some rest. Belle starts to cry again as she admits that she would rather Shawn watch the baby than take her back and considers herself the worst mother in the world. Shawn hugs her. Shawn assures Belle that she isn’t a horrible person and that her mood swings are part of the postpartum depression. Belle thinks everyone is using the depression as an excuse to avoid seeing the real her. Shawn compliments Belle’s personality but Belle claims he is only saying such things because he still loves her. Shawn insists on being a friend and helping Belle through this tough time and Belle feels bad about having such a tough time during what should be a joyous occasion. Shawn sits Belle down and tells her that that’s only society’s pressure when in reality babies often take and take without the ability to give back and only in time will they learn to love their parents and Belle will learn to love Claire. Belle wants to love being a mom now. Shawn promises Belle that she will have a long and happy life with Claire and Philip. Belle mentions how much she hurt Shawn but Shawn doesn’t want to talk about that now. Belle surprises Shawn when she claims that she wants him to be happy too. Shawn explains his surprise by reminding Belle how dead set she was against him being with Mimi and then how Belle seemed relieved that Mimi didn’t want to be with him because she couldn’t give him children. Belle admits to still feeling that way and when Shawn presses, she explains that it’s because if Shawn and Mimi wind up together then she could lose Shawn forever and she can’t live without him.

Shawn confirms that Belle isn’t talking about a future for the two of them. Belle claims that Shawn and Mimi being together would make them cease being friends because Mimi is still angry with her over Rex. Shawn refuses to let that happen. Belle brings up how Mimi doesn’t feel loving toward Claire either because of not being able to have her own kids and begins to think it was a mistake to ask her to be the godmother. Shawn insists that Belle give Mimi some time and Belle claims she would hate for Shawn to have to choose between Mimi and her. Belle is relieved when Shawn promises to never be out of their lives. Shawn tells Belle that while he can’t imagine his life without her in it, Belle must face that at some point there will be another woman in his life whether or not it’s Mimi. Belle admits that she always thought that woman would be her and when Shawn insists that that can’t be now, she decides to be completely honest about how she feels. Belle admits that while she wants Shawn to be happy, she can’t stand the thought of seeing him spend his life with anyone but her. Belle starts to feel selfish for saying such a thing. Shawn claims it’s only Belle being honest and it’s a fact that they can’t get out of this life without still partly loving the other. Belle fears that no one loves her in her current state of mind but Shawn insists that Claire and Philip love her. Belle asks if Shawn feels the same but then regrets asking him. Belle insists that she made her decision to let Shawn go and must live with it. Shawn assures Belle that he won’t be alone whether or not he’s with Mimi. Belle is confident that Mimi is never going to change her mind. Shawn insists that he must now accept Mimi’s decision just like he’s had to accept that he and Belle will never be together.


Mimi kneels at the altar and tells the Mary statue that she can’t forgive herself. Mimi sobs as she declares that there is no forgiveness for her ever. Mimi hears a woman’s voice call her by her full name, Miriam, and claim that that isn’t true. Mimi spans the church but sees no one. Mimi calls out but there is no answer. Mimi begins to fear that she is freaking out but the woman’s voice tells her to be still for it is she. Mimi turns back to look at the Mary statue as it begins to glow. The statue comes to life and tells Mimi to sit down next to her on the first pew so they can talk. Mimi sits down next to Mary. Mary tells Mimi to believe in herself. Mimi tells Mary that she can’t because she has done too many unforgivable things and after retelling all that she’s been through, adds that no man would want anything to do with her. Mary tells Mimi that she’s right about no man wanting her while she’s wallowing in self pity and advises Mimi to forget about things she can’t have and focus on what she can have. Mary gestures with her hand and Mimi is able to see a potential future raising a family with Shawn. Mary dotes on the baby in her arms and tells Mimi that she was so blessed to have him as her son. Mary tells Mimi that she is the only one who can make sure that the future she was shown actually happens by not continuing to wallow. Mimi wishes she could go back and change what she did but Mary tells her that there are no do-overs in life, only second chances to learn from what happened and move on. Mimi insists she’s always tried to be a good person and Mary tells Mimi that God forgives her. Mary asks Mimi to forgive herself.

Mimi tells Mary that she’s learned that to be forgiven, she must be truly sorry and to be truly sorry is to feel humility beyond any low point she’s ever felt which she feels now. Mary asks for more and Mimi adds that if she’s repentant but doesn’t believe in God’s forgiveness, it’s like she’s placing her decision above His and must love herself before she can expect anyone else to love her. Mimi assures Mary that she is getting there now and thanks her. Mary asks if Mimi can forgive herself now and Mimi says yes. Mary tells her to do it and Mimi suddenly opens her eyes and finds she lying down on the pew. Mimi looks over at the Mary statue and wonders if she just dreamed everything that happened. Mimi kneels before the Mary statue and thanks her for showing that she can forgive herself and may still find happiness with Shawn after all.


Alex watches from inside as John and Marlena hug on the terrace. John is able to recite exactly what Father Jansen told Marlena and it makes Marlena wonder how John could have known that. John covers by claiming that he was reciting them from their wedding ceremony. Marlena cries as she acknowledges her deep feelings for John but isn’t sure of John’s feelings for her. John thinks it is because Marlena doesn’t remember their time together but Marlena says it is because she can’t remember how she ended up pregnant by Roman. John explains that Marlena and Roman took comfort in each other because they thought they’d never see their loved ones again but Marlena still doesn’t understand how she could have been unfaithful if she loved John so deeply. John vaguely speaks of Tony and Stefano’s wrath on their family and the mention of Stefano’s name reminds Marlena that he was also known as the Phoenix. Marlena asks if Stefano could have risen again like the Phoenix and could be alive out there someplace. John looks in at Alex. Marlena follows John’s gaze and questions whether he really thinks Alex could be working for Stefano. John says that it doesn’t seem likely that Alex is working for Stefano because while his background check included some inconsistencies, it isn’t like he just appeared out of nowhere.

Marlena says she feels comfort and familiarity with Alex but John warns that Alex’s plan for Marlena obviously includes not having John anywhere near Marlena. Marlena starts to protest but John stops her long enough for him to close the terrace doors so they won’t be overheard. Marlena is having a hard time believing that Alex could be manipulating her but John insists that Alex is because it wasn’t until after the amnesia and Alex coming into Marlena’s life that she started doubting their love. Marlena reminds John that she was pregnant with Roman’s child before Alex came on the scene and never told John. Marlena wonders why she would have kept that a secret if she really loved John. Marlena asks John if she didn’t tell him about the pregnancy because she is dishonest but John assures her that she is the most honest person he knows. Marlena asks if it was because she could have been in love with Roman but John doesn’t know the answer to that. John tells Marlena that he and Kate got engaged the day that she and Roman came back and that the longer it took for Marlena to tell him, the harder it became. Marlena empathizes with John’s pain upon hearing the news but still doesn’t understand why she would have acted that way. John assumes it was that Marlena was feeling guilty. Marlena suggests that she was more afraid that John loved Kate more than her. John believes that Marlena had to know that she was his life and that he and Kate only got together because they thought Marlena and Roman were dead. Marlena doesn’t think that John and Kate were merely “together” or they wouldn’t have progressed so fast to getting engaged. Marlena asks John if he was in love with Kate. Tears now fall down John’s face.

John hesitates to reply and Marlena begs him for an answer. John looks up at Marlena with tears in his eyes and declares that he was in love with Kate. Marlena pauses as more tears of her own fall and asks if John is in love with Kate now. John starts to answer but Marlena stops him in favor of having John take some time to think about it before telling her whether he is still in love with Kate. Kate watches John through the windows in the still closed terrace doors as John nods in agreement to Marlena.

Alex tells Kate that he must take a risk and show Marlena proof that he and Marlena belong together. Kate scoffs at Alex’s claim that he can take Marlena away from John but Alex insists that when he’s finished, Marlena will want to be with him. Alex sits at the desk and begins to work on the computer as he hints at finding “it” in time but won’t tell Kate anymore about it. Alex repeats his thanks for Kate giving him the idea but Kate denies having any part in it. Alex repeats Kate’s words about honesty and Kate asks that Alex then be honest with her about his plan. Alex stops typing as Kate calls him on breaking ethical barriers in his professional treatment of Marlena by falling in love with her. Alex tries to condone his plan to Kate by pointing out that once John is free, he can return to Kate. Alex smirks as Kate claims that she doesn’t want John for herself because she only cares that he is happy and that means being with Marlena. Alex smiles but doesn’t answer as Kate realizes that Alex had a special reason to come to Marlena’s aid before he even laid eyes on her. Kate asks Alex if he is working for the Dimeras. Alex insists that he isn’t working for the Dimeras or anyone else. Alex tells Kate to ask John since he knows of John’s background check on him. Alex sits back and waits for the results of his data search in hopes that he will be able to find what he is looking for. Kate accuses Alex of playing games but Alex insists that he’s only taking Kate’s advice and being honest and wishes Kate would do the same.

Alex tells Kate that she should be honest about her feelings for John. Kate scoffs at the suggestion that she is still in love with John. Alex calls Kate on how her body language disagrees with her claims and urges her to admit the truth. Kate claims that Alex is reading her body all-wrong and that proves that he is a lousy psychiatrist. Kate insists she would never come between John and Marlena but Alex points out that Kate did so once without regret. Alex tells Kate to give up her attempt to be noble and become his ally. Kate considers the offer absurd but Alex tempts her with the notion that Marlena will be his so John can be free to be with her. Kate flashes back to showering with John and Alex is able to tell what she’s thinking of by her expression. Alex asks Kate again to be his ally. Kate turns down Alex’s offer to be his ally. Kate defends her relationship with John once again by claiming that they only acted on their feelings because they thought their spouses were dead and they only had each other to lean on. Alex continues to taunt a now crying Kate that she couldn’t have easily broken off the engagement to John. Alex repeats his plan of getting Marlena for himself enabling Kate to have John believing that once that happens, they all can live happily ever after.

Kate repeats her refusal to help Alex and Alex claims that he didn’t need Kate’s help anyway. Alex tells Kate to think about how whether or not it happens with her help; John will be a free man for the taking. Alex returns to the computer, finds what he’d been searching for, and declares that Marlena is his.

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