Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/7/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/7/05


Written By Danielle 
Pictures by Juanita

Chez Rouge:

Maggie walks up behind Sami, who is watching Austin and Nicole in horror, and greets her. Maggie notices Sami’s unhappy expression and Sami explains that she wanted to talk to Austin. Maggie looks over at Austin with Nicole and advises that that isn’t a good idea. Sami says she doesn’t care and heads over to talk with Austin and Nicole.

Nicole isn’t happy to see Sami. Austin asks if whatever Sami needs can wait for he and Nicole are out for the night. Sami becomes angry at the connotation that Austin and Nicole are out on a date. Nicole starts to talk but Austin responds by claiming that they are discussing business as well as catching up on a few things. Sami claims that if it’s business, then she should be included. Austin insists that this is between him and Nicole and asks Sami to leave them alone. Sami is shocked that Austin is asking her to leave. Nicole beams.

Mimi’s loft:

Mimi returns to the kitchen and declares that she and Shawn were never going to work out. Shawn comes back out of his room after changing Claire’s diaper and getting her back to sleep. Mimi apologizes for not being of much help but Shawn reminds her that she didn’t volunteer for any of this. Mimi starts to protest but Shawn changes the subject by asking if she is feeling better now after being upset when she woke up. Mimi mentions the dream and Shawn wants to know if she was able to remember it. Mimi flashes back to the dream. Mimi lies to Shawn and tells him that she doesn’t remember it. Mimi becomes upset at how she can’t even take care of her own goddaughter. Shawn urges Mimi to calm down but she says she can’t. Mimi flips through a magazine but then tosses it back down on the table and declares that a relationship between her and Shawn would never work out because Shawn belongs with someone else.

Belle’s loft:

Belle comes downstairs to get a drink and wonders why if she’s so tired that she can’t sleep. Belle imagines that Shawn comes up to her and declares that Belle doesn’t want to be with Claire because she’s really depressed over not marrying him instead. Shawn adds that Belle can’t love Claire because Claire is the baby that she had with Philip.

Kate’s suite & penthouse:

Kate paces the room as John looks through the penthouse window and listens in on Marlena and Alex’s conversation. Marlena tells Alex that she doesn’t want to divorce John and now agrees with Father Jansen about the sacredness of their vows.

Marlena insists that while she may not remember their love, she owes John the benefit of the doubt and wants to talk to him. Alex pulls out the charm and holds it in front of him so that John can’t see it because Alex’s back is to the window. Alex holds up the charm just high enough to catch Marlena’s eye with it.

Alex tells Marlena to forget her conversation with Father Jansen and to remember what they talked about. John continues to watch and listen in as he complains that Alex is relentless and won’t give up. Kate listens in as Alex tells Marlena that “today is the first day of the rest of your life” and laughs at how cliché that sounds. Kate, unaware how close to the truth she is, jokes about how Alex could be trying to hypnotize Marlena by waving a little watch in her face. John thinks Alex would be too sophisticated for that. Kate wonders why it is so quiet now and John watches Marlena through his telescope as she paces the floor holding the photo of her and John.

Marlena tells Alex about getting flashes of memory whenever she looks at photos of her life with John. Alex, now growing annoyed, yanks the photo away from Marlena. Marlena stands in shock as Alex yells that John is not the psychiatrist and that Marlena should know better than to believe that John showing her a few pictures will cure her amnesia. Marlena glares at Alex after he tosses the photo to the couch.

John and Kate laugh at how Alex is showing his true colors and is no longer pretending to be calm and collected.

Alex holds up the charm, now blocked from view by Marlena who has her back to the window, and urges Marlena to be strong during these next few days as they are crucial to her recovery. Marlena, now in a more authoritative voice, insists that she is being strong and wants to call John to work things out. Alex reminds Marlena that John is with Kate and claims that they can’t be disturbed.

John doesn’t like hearing that Alex won’t let Marlena call him and vows to stop Alex right now. Kate asks what he plans to do and John vows to do whatever it takes to get Marlena back from Alex tonight.

Alex clenches his fist repeatedly as he tries to escort Marlena up to bed in hopes that by tomorrow she’ll have forgotten her desire to speak to John. The phone rings and Marlena goes to answer it before Alex can stop her.

Marlena answers the phone and beams when she realizes it is John calling. Marlena tells John that it’s lucky that he called. Alex steps away to look out toward the balcony and begins to wonder if it was really lucky. Marlena asks John to come over and talk through some issues. John says he’ll be right there and hangs up the phone.

John tells Kate that he suspects Marlena is finally on to Alex’s true intentions because of how she said, “we have issues to discuss.” Kate agrees that that sounds purposefully encrypted. John asks Kate to come with him because of Kate’s earlier warning that Alex, as long as he is in the penthouse with Marlena, may have something up his sleeve. Kate agrees to come with John to help keep an eye on Alex.

Chez Rouge:

Austin tells Sami that once he and Nicole come up with their campaign strategy, they’ll fill Sami in and then accept her help. Austin insists that they have no time to waste as they are facing a deadline and bids Sami goodbye. Sami sarcastically asks if she should have milk and cookies waiting for them when they get home and Nicole jokingly asks for a martini with her cookies. Austin scolds her and Nicole apologizes. Sami claims that Austin shouldn’t be alone with Nicole because she has her own agenda and Nicole points out that Sami has the same agenda. Austin breaks up the argument and insists that he isn’t the prize in some game between Sami and Nicole. Austin insists to Sami that he and Nicole are not dating and thought he had set clear parameters up when they started working together. Sami claims that Austin is breaking his own parameters because he went out alone with Nicole. Nicole asks why Sami would even care since she claims to have her sights set on Lucas now that he has said he still loves Sami. Sami explains that she and Lucas aren’t getting back together but then wants to know how Nicole would even know about what Lucas said. Nicole admits to overhearing the conversation and Sami accuses her of eavesdropping. Austin breaks up the argument again and insists that he won’t turn their business relationship into some sort of love triangle. Nicole complains that she has forgotten what business they were talking about and threatens to leave if Sami doesn’t because she has now lost her appetite. Nicole heads for the door. Austin pays the check and follows Nicole toward the door. Sami stops him to talk but Austin cuts her off by saying that he’ll see her back at the apartment. Sami retorts “Thank God!” and Austin stops to ask her to explain. Sami sarcastically replies that she’s relieved to be granted permission to go back to her own apartment. Austin leaves. Sami vows to not let Nicole win this war and starts to dig in her purse. Maggie walks up and advises her against doing anything.

Maggie reminds Sami that she is in love with Lucas. Sami confirms that she is and that Lucas still loves her. Maggie doesn’t understand why there is a problem and Sami explains that Lucas doesn’t want to be with her so she is not going to make a fool of herself by chasing after him. Maggie repeats that going after Austin is a big mistake. Sami feels that Austin deserves better than Nicole and asks what she is supposed to do since she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life alone. Maggie tells Sami not to be so dramatic and realize that there are more than two men in this world. Maggie points out that Sami is setting herself up for a situation like she was in with Mickey and Bonnie and warns that pushing too hard would be the kiss of death. Maggie advises Sami to stand back and let her competition self-destruct if that is what is meant to be. Sami doesn’t believe that Nicole would self-destruct and therefore she can’t take the chance. Sami storms out and Maggie sighs.

Belle’s loft:

Belle dumps out her drink and continues her fantasy. Belle insists to Shawn that she loves Claire. Shawn asks why Belle isn’t happy then considering she has a husband who loves her and a perfect beautiful little baby. Belle becomes upset as she claims not to know why. Shawn tells Belle that it’s because she didn’t have her baby with him. Shawn insists that Belle can’t go on like this because it isn’t healthy for any of them and Belle can only bond with Claire once she is honest about her true feelings. Belle comes back to reality and ponders Shawn’s words.

Mimi’s loft:

Mimi tells Shawn that he needs to find a woman who can have children and make him truly happy. Mimi claims that it would be a waste of time for Shawn to date her. Shawn tells Mimi not to say that because he wants them to get closer and who knows what could happen down the road. Mimi fears that they’ll end up as worst friends but Shawn prefers to hope that they fall in love. Shawn insists that he only wants to take Mimi out on normal dates like dinner and the movies and begs her not give up on them before they even start dating. Mimi sees how she reacted to Claire as proof that she and Shawn can never be together. Mimi storms out and her slamming the door makes Claire wake up and start crying. Shawn resigns to the fact that he can’t go chasing after Mimi since he must stay with Claire. Belle watches from her loft as Mimi, obviously upset, heads into the elevator.

Belle heads over to Shawn’s loft and knocks on the door. Shawn readily opens the door because he thinks it is Mimi knocking but is disappointed when he sees that it’s actually Belle. Belle is offended that Shawn is suddenly not happy to see her.


Sami hides in the bushes as Nicole and Austin approach. Nicole and Austin decide to take a seat on the bench. Sami makes a noise as she ducks further out of sight but lucks out when Austin chalks it up to the noise of a squirrel. Nicole asks for confirmation that Sami is not the love Austin came back to Salem for but Austin is more annoyed that Nicole keeps bringing it up. Nicole persists despite Austin’s refusal to answer her question. Sami, to herself, insists that Austin isn’t answering Nicole’s question because he had to have come back for her and not Nicole. Austin tells Nicole that his love life is between him and said woman and adds that right now he’d rather be focused on business and his career. Nicole confirms that Austin at least has a woman he is in love with but now is not the time to be serious. Nicole also confirms that said woman doesn’t know that Austin is in love with her and Austin adds that until he gets the business up and running, the woman will never know who she is and he won’t give her a hint. Nicole complains that she can’t tell if Austin is talking about her, Sami, or someone else entirely. Sami, still to herself, tells Nicole to give it a break for Austin isn’t in love with her.


John and Kate arrive and Marlena lets them in. Alex starts in immediately with John by complaining that John is wrong for coming over so late when Marlena needs her rest. Marlena insists on speaking to John. Marlena is surprised to see Kate there. Alex seizes the opportunity to discredit John by claiming that Kate came along because she still loves John and can’t let him out of her sight. John explains that he asked Kate to come along as a friend and Kate insists she’s just as concerned about Marlena as John is. John asks Marlena if she asked him to come over because she is getting her memory back. Marlena explains that while she still has amnesia, she’s been getting memory flashes and feelings that she can’t explain. Marlena hopes that by talking to John, it might help some. John asks Kate to keep Alex entertained while he talks alone with Marlena out on the terrace. John escorts Marlena out onto the terrace.

Kate tells Alex that he could make a fortune in this town if he had more than one patient. Alex claims that he knows the real reason Kate is here. Kate maintains that it’s to support John and Marlena in hopes that they work things out. Alex doesn’t buy it and accuses Kate of wanting John back.

Marlena tells John about Father Jansen’s visit and John pretends to be pleasantly surprised. John then admits that he sent Father Jansen to come speak with Marlena. Marlena smiles at the confirmation that her suspicions had been correct. John is surprised that Marlena isn’t upset by it and instead Marlena thanks him for doing so. John mentions his hope for a second chance now that Marlena has changed her mind about the divorce, which makes Marlena question how John knew she had changed her mind. Alex joins them on the terrace now to accuse John of having been listening to their conversations and claims that John has been the one to manipulate Marlena all along. Alex claims to Marlena that John is deceiving her.


Mimi kneels at the altar and prays to God asking Him to know of His plan for her and starts to sob. Father Jansen walks up and asks what is wrong. Mimi says she did a terrible thing. Father Jansen offers to hear Mimi’s confession but Mimi turns him down with the claim that she will never be forgiven. Father Jansen puts a comforting hand on Mimi’s shoulder.

Shawn’s loft:

Shawn lets Belle inside the loft. Shawn explains that he was merely surprised to see Belle because he had been hoping it was Mimi coming back having changed her mind. Belle wants to know what went on but Shawn doesn’t want to talk about it. Belle admits to seeing how upset Mimi was in the hallway and asks if it was because of the baby. Shawn assures her that Claire is fine and asks if Belle wanted to see her. Belle says no and persists with more questions about what happened between Shawn and Mimi. Shawn wonders why Belle cares so much and Belle claims she wants Shawn to talk to her as a friend. Shawn admits that Mimi is upset because she can’t have a baby of her own and doesn’t want them to get involved for fear that they’d regret it once it became something more. Belle confirms that it’s because Mimi can’t have children and knows Shawn wants them. Belle asks for Shawn’s opinion and Shawn says he doesn’t think Mimi should give up on them and how Mimi thinks he should be with a woman who can give him a family. Shawn says he tried to convince Mimi that she was wrong but Belle says that Mimi was right.


John becomes angry with Alex and threatens to do him harm. Alex heads back inside. John regains his composure and insists that there are no listening systems or cameras in the penthouse and he only called Father Jansen to come over because he was concerned about Marlena. John is convinced that Alex put the divorce idea into Marlena’ s head. Marlena confirms it but claims that it was only to protect her. John doesn’t think Marlena should need protection from the man who loves her more than anyone else in the world. Marlena points out that Alex claims to love her too. John scoffs but Marlena says she must decide whom to believe. John insists that he is showing Marlena the truth and that he still loves her. Marlena hopes that John is telling the truth about that and that he isn’t spying on her.

Kate gloats about how John got Alex to leave them alone. Alex claims that the thought of John making progress with Marlena is upsetting to Kate too because she’s trying to rekindle her relationship with John. Kate reiterates that she and John were together only when they thought Marlena and Roman were dead and now that they are back, they each belong with their respective spouses. Alex asks Kate why she asked John to move in with her then. Kate claims it was only because Marlena asked John to move out and it enabled them to help each other through a difficult time. Kate insists that whatever she and John had has to be over now because he has Marlena back. Alex claims that John doesn’t have Marlena back yet. Kate is confident that Marlena will get her memory back and be with John no matter what Alex does. Kate tells Alex to be an adult and accept that fact by getting out of Marlena’s life. Alex looks smug.


Sami continues to eavesdrop from the bushes as Nicole asks Austin if this truly isn’t a date. Austin decides to split the difference and consider this a non-romantic date. Nicole sarcastically delights in the idea of a possible future with Austin. Austin insists that they must get to know each other again and learn how each other’s minds work. Nicole adds that they should include knowing each other’s bodies and quickly covers by claiming that she meant knowing how to approach Austin by judging his body language. Austin doesn’t buy it and Nicole admits to wanting to get closer in every way. Nicole tells Austin that if he is the woman he loves, then they can consider this their courtship and if it’s Sami, then this will give her the chance to show Austin how wrong Sami is for him.


John directs the conversation back to the topic of Alex and asks Marlena if she truly believes that he loves her. Marlena jokes about how John sounds like Alex is the one in need of psychiatric help. John claims that the ISA has trained him in analytical psychology so he isn’t as clueless as Alex makes him out to be. John adds that he doesn’t need a degree to tell that Marlena has been used and manipulated. John hates the fact that he brought Alex into Marlena’s life. John tells Marlena that while he doesn’t know Alex’s agenda, he knows he wants his wife back and sees this as only one more obstacle to overcome in their love.

Kate insists to Alex that in the end, Marlena will choose John over him because John is honest and doesn’t play games. Kate adds that somewhere deep down in Marlena’s mind is the knowledge that John is a man she can believe in and trust. Alex suddenly thanks Kate and when a surprised Kate asks why, Alex declares that now knows exactly what he must do.


Nicole admits to Austin that she has been thinking a lot about them getting closer. Sami, to herself, vows that that isn’t going to happen. Nicole adds that she wouldn’t mind seeing, when the time is right, a little more romance in their relationship. Sami again vows to only let that happen over her dead body. Austin insists that they must focus on getting the company off the ground first despite enjoying how Nicole’s mind works. Nicole continues to flirt with Austin and Sami sighs loud enough for Austin and Nicole to hear. Austin doesn’t think the sound is something they should bother investigating and Nicole compares the sound to a wild animal. Nicole looks into the bushes and replies to Austin’s claim that there are no wild animals in this area that instead there is a bitch in heat.


Father Jansen tells Mimi that God will forgive her if she knows what she did is wrong and is truly sorry. Mimi now crying, confirms that she knows what she did is wrong and is truly sorry but still doesn’t think she can be forgiven because she knew it was wrong when she did it. Father Jansen notes how repentant Mimi is judging by her current actions and tells her that there is no sin so great that God won’t forgive. Father Jansen tells Mimi that if God can forgive her, then she must forgive herself.

Shawn’s loft:

Shawn is surprised that Belle would think that Mimi was wrong for him. Belle says that Shawn should be with a woman who can give him the future and family that he’s always dreamt about. Shawn still doesn’t see why that woman can’t be Mimi. Belle explains that both she and Mimi know that Shawn is a person who doesn’t just give away his love and affection for it’s like an investment to him that must pay off. Shawn retorts that sometimes you lose an investment and lose it all. Belle realizes that Shawn is talking about their relationship and fights back the tears as she asks Shawn if he hates her.


Father Jansen tells Mimi that repentance is more than just remorse for sins and is more connected to spiritual growth. Father Jansen asks Mimi if she’d ever commit this sin again. Mimi emphatically says no but then adds that she doesn’t even have the choice now. Mimi insists that she’d still never do it again. Father Jansen advises Mimi that if she asks for God’s forgiveness, she will be forgiven but must also forgive herself to truly heal. Father Jansen walks away and Mimi returns to kneeling at the altar. Mimi sobs as she declares that she can’t forgive herself and can never be with Shawn.

Shawn’s loft:

Shawn hugs a tearstained Belle as he tells Belle that he doesn’t hate her and he doesn’t blame Belle for what happened between them because Belle did the right thing considering the circumstances. Claire starts to cry so Shawn offers to go get her so Belle can hold her baby. While he’s gone, Belle wonders if she really did the right thing or actually made a mistake.


Austin steps away to buy a paper. While he’s gone, Nicole drags Sami out of the bushes and demands to know why she is spying on them. Sami claims it’s because she doesn’t trust Nicole to be alone with Austin and accuses her of trying to talk Austin into firing her or evicting her from her own apartment so Nicole can be alone with him. Nicole likes that idea which doesn’t amuse Sami. Sami threatens to tell Austin about Nicole’s part in Chloe’s scars but Nicole claims that it would backfire more for Sami because Austin would want nothing to do with her since she came up with the idea. Sami points out that Nicole made her own decision to do it and Austin already knows that she was Stan and is still her friend. They hear Austin coming back and Sami threatens to stick around but Nicole forces Sami back into the bushes so much that Sami nearly falls into them before Austin comes back. Austin asks if Nicole was talking to someone but Nicole claims that she heard the noise again and was only trying to shoo it away. Nicole offers to treat Austin to a hot fudge sundae at the Java Café and Austin takes her up on the offer. Nicole chuckles in embarrassment and asks Austin to pay since she doesn’t have any money yet. Austin assures her that that is going to change very soon. Austin and Nicole walk off. Sami climbs out of the bushes and scowls.


Kate wants to know what Alex is planning. Alex claims to not be planning anything because it is out of his hands. Kate sees that as Alex conceding but Alex denies that but tells Kate not to count herself out either because she’ll have John for herself when he doesn’t end up with Marlena. Alex thanks Kate again but Kate still has no idea what he’s thanking her for. Alex merely smirks.

John promises to get Marlena the help she needs so that their love and past will come back to her. Marlena, with tears in her eyes, asks where they go from here and John tells her to simply have faith in him and their love. Marlena confirms that John really loves her and John vows that they are going to be together forever. Alex watches them hug through the open terrace door.

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