Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/1/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/1/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Belle’s loft:

Belle stares out her bedroom window but does not react to the sound of Claire’s crying from downstairs. Philip walks the living room with Claire in his arms in an attempt to figure out why she is crying. Philip calls quietly up to Belle to see if she is awake in hopes that Claire is crying because she wants to see Belle. Belle doesn’t answer so Philip assumes that Belle is asleep. Philip becomes frustrated at not being able to stop Claire from crying.

Loft hallway:

Mimi and Shawn step off the elevator and can hear Claire’s crying through the closed door. They agree that coming home to the sound of Claire crying isn’t as lonely as it used to be. Mimi suggests that Claire is colicky and Shawn recalls how JT used to cry like that before they knew he was sick. They decide to go into Belle’s loft and see if they can help. Philip is glad to see them.


Alex picks the charm up off the floor and complains that John has had too much time with Marlena.

John and Marlena are dancing together. Marlena smiles and strokes John’s hair, which makes him question whether she is remembering being with him. Marlena replies that she’s remembering being with the man she loves. John takes that as a sign that everything is coming back to Marlena.

Jack and Jennifer are dancing together. Jack lifts Jennifer in his arms and spins her around but the exertion makes him collapse. John tells Marlena to stay put and he and Frankie rush over to help Jack. Jack quickly comes to and John helps him to his feet. Jack claims that he merely tripped over his cape but Jennifer doesn’t believe him. Frankie suggests going to the hospital but Jack claims he merely needs a glass of water. John steps away to retrieve the water.

Alex walks over to Marlena who seems agitated. Marlena explains to Alex that she is feeling bad that as a doctor she doesn’t know how to help Jack. Alex pulls out the charm and tells Marlena to calm down and do exactly as he says.

Alex tells Marlena to tell John that she wants to go home and then no longer wants to see him ever again. Marlena refuses to do that because it isn’t true. Alex claims to know what is best for Marlena and insists that John is not good for her. Marlena questions whether that is true.

John brings Jack the water and Jack drinks it down still maintaining that he is fine. John suggests that Jack see a doctor and Jennifer agrees. Jack refuses but agrees to at least go home. Frankie offers to pull his car around and Jack now realizes he is even there. Frankie explains that he stopped by the house and saw the note they left for Abby about where they went so he came to join them. Frankie leads Jack to the car. Jennifer asks John to call Lexie and have her meet them at their house. John offers his condolences about Jack and Jennifer notes how John would be able to understand given what he’s had to go through with his wives. John shares his feeling that things are going to turn around for him and Marlena. John offers to help if at all possible and Jennifer leaves. John places the call to Lexie.

Belle’s loft:

Mimi suggests that Claire could be hungry but Philip explains that Claire now is refusing to take a bottle. Philip lets Shawn and Mimi know about how Belle is expressing her milk and Mimi is surprised to learn that Belle isn’t nursing. Philip downplays Belle’s neglect to nurse but hands Claire over to Mimi so he can head upstairs and check on Belle. Mimi quickly hands Claire over to Shawn.

Belle continues to stare out the window and merely nods in response to Philip’s attempt to talk with her. Tears stream down Belle’s face as she explains that she didn’t come down even though she knew she should because she knew Philip would take care of Claire. Philip asks what he can do to help Belle but Belle tells him that he is already doing everything. Philip is frustrated that what he’s doing isn’t helping and Belle fears that she may never be “right” ever again.

Shawn has gotten Claire to stop crying. Shawn asks Claire if she’d like a lullaby to fall asleep and Mimi jokes about how Shawn would make sure that Zach always fell asleep to classic rock. Mimi recalls how Bonnie would put on Willie Nelson for her to fall asleep by and then tells Claire that they must give her a better start in life. Shawn puts Claire in her bassinet while Mimi turns on the TV and the new Rolling Stones video is on. Mimi looks lost in thought and Shawn questions whether the video will upset Mimi again. Mimi insists she won’t be getting upset over Rex and losing it again. Shawn offers to change the channel but Mimi insists that Claire be exposed to the classics. Shawn looks away from the TV screen and spots Belle’s picture on the end table.

Philip tries to assure Belle that things are going to get better but Belle yells at him for claiming that when he can’t really see the future. Philip relates the situation to when everyone told him the same uplifting message when he lost his leg even though he didn’t believe it at the time. Belle complains that Philip can’t know how to help her when she doesn’t even know how to help herself. Belle complains that she can’t concentrate on simple things and is constantly anxious despite feeling numb inside. Philip gets Belle to take the medication that Lexie prescribed for evening out Belle’s moods. Philip mentions how Claire has stopped crying now so Belle will be able to sleep and Belle freaks out thinking that Claire is downstairs alone. Philip explains that Shawn and Mimi came over to help and suggests that it might do Belle good to go down and say hi. Belle doesn’t want anyone to see her like this and yells at Philip for persisting. Philip insists that Belle will have to see Shawn and Mimi eventually since they are Claire’s godparents. Belle complains that Shawn and Mimi are doing everything together lately. Philip notes how Belle gets upset every time he mentions Shawn and Mimi being together. Belle denies it but Philip accuses her of being afraid of losing Shawn.

Deveraux house:

Jack, Jennifer, Frankie, and Lexie enter the house. Jack walks through the door after Jennifer and jokes about being “Jack man” but no one else is amused. Jack tries to talk Lexie into going back to the hospital but Lexie insists on checking Jack out to see if they need to adjust his medication. Jack reluctantly agrees to the check up and Jennifer offers to head into the kitchen to make some tea. Jack jokingly compares Jennifer to Alice with her tea and donut making abilities. Frankie offers to help with the tea and Jennifer refuses the help at first until Frankie explains that he is offering so he can get away from Jack.

Jennifer heads into the kitchen and Frankie follows her. Jennifer begins to make the tea as Frankie calls her on being scared. Jennifer refuses to be labeled as scared for she is trying to be strong. Frankie assures Jennifer that she is strong but insists that she must find a safe place to let it out. Jennifer blames herself for letting Jack take her dancing. Frankie insists that Jack merely wanted to be close to Jennifer. Jennifer confirms that Jack is getting weaker and starts to cry as she admits to being scared as she sees this as the beginning of the end. Jennifer hugs Frankie.

Lexie confirms that Jack is getting weaker and Jack sarcastically jokes about how falling on his keister in front of the entire town while dancing wasn’t one of his finer moments. Lexie merely offers her condolences. Jack asks Lexie to say how bad it’s going to get before its over and when Lexie hesitates to answer, he mentions giving Lexie time to think about how to give him the answer straight before he’ll agree to any more check ups or medication changes while he goes upstairs to change out of his costume.


Marlena asks Alex why he wants her to forget about John because only a moment ago they were having a lovely time dancing and she was about to remember something. Alex places the charm in Marlena’s hand and tells Marlena to remember what it was like when he first came to Salem to treat her and how John and Roman were pressuring her to remember their love whereas he always put Marlena first. Alex insists he’s the only one that cares about Marlena. Marlena asks for confirmation and Alex claims that he loves Marlena. John, having walked up and overheard, confronts Alex. Alex proclaims that they needn’t hide it any longer for he and Marlena are in love. John looks between Alex and Marlena in disbelief.

Deveraux house:

Jennifer feels bad about leaning on Frankie but Frankie encourages her to do so. Jennifer complains of feeling weak but Frankie notes how after having to mourn Jack twice, he came back only now there’s been a time clock ticking away that Jennifer didn’t even know about until now. Jennifer is worried about how Abby can be made to feel better when losing her idol in Jack will be devastating.

Jack has come back downstairs after changing and insists that he is still strong on the inside. Lexie admits that Jack will lose most of his muscle control and motor functions along with no effective medication for pain control. Lexie insists that Jack’s family will want to take care of you but Jack refuses to put them through that. Lexie offers to arrange for a private nurse but Jack doesn’t think that Jennifer would allow that given she’s still in denial. Lexie insists that there will come a time when Jack will need 24 hour care but Jack insists that he won’t be around to get that care. Lexie questions him and Jack admits his plan on committing suicide and asks Lexie to use the contents of her medical bag to help him do it. Lexie refuses to help in that manner despite Jack’s persistent begging. Jennifer, followed closely behind by Frankie, stands in the doorway and having overheard, declares that she won’t let Jack do that.


John asks Marlena for confirmation of Alex’s claim. Marlena, now distant and as if in a trance, recites that she’s turned her life and her future over to Alex. John is furious at Alex for truly being after Marlena all along and confirms with her that Alex was behind Marlena asking for a divorce. Alex admits that he was behind Marlena asking for the divorce but claims it was because he and Marlena love each other. John scoffs at the idea that Marlena could be in love with Alex and accuses him of being in love with Marlena all along. Alex maintains his composure and notes how John isn’t easily accepting this news. John yells at Alex to drop the phony psychobabble but Alex insists he isn’t phony. John demands to know how Alex was able to get Marlena to fall in love with him and Alex claims that after talking and enjoying each other’s company, nature took its course. Marlena listens to this explanation looking confused and shocked. Alex claims to be offended that John is forcing them to answer questions and invading their privacy. John refuses to believe it because of how Marlena was just saying she loved him. John tells Marlena to tell Alex that she loves him and not Alex.

Belle’s loft:

Belle adamantly denies being jealous of Shawn and Mimi. Philip insists he is clear that Belle and Shawn are through but brings up how Belle and Mimi never really called a truce. Belle thinks being blamed for Rex leaving is stupid and Philip explains that Mimi doesn’t see it that way. Philip warns that Mimi may drag Shawn away and they’ll never see them. Philip insists to Belle that he is not threatened by what she and Shawn used to have because he knows he has Belle’s heart now. Belle seems cold and Philip thinks twice before going to hug her. Philip kisses Belle’s forehead and tells her that he’ll claim Belle was asleep to say why she didn’t come down. Philip heads downstairs and Belle stands there, shaking.

Shawn heads over to Claire’s bassinet to avoid looking at Belle’s picture but Mimi realizes what he was doing. Mimi and Shawn talk of how music can bring them right back to their old feelings about current situations. Philip comes back downstairs and claims that Belle was sleeping. Shawn explains that they only came over because they heard Claire crying but Philip is glad that they did. Philip confides in them how hard it is to be with Belle as she goes through her postpartum depression. Philip complains about not getting much sleep lately because of how Claire keeps being fussy and won’t go back down easily. Philip explains that he keeps Claire in the bassinet so that he can ensure Belle gets as much rest as possible in the hope that by the next morning Belle will wake up and be normal. Philip admits to being obsessed with consoling Claire and finding the reason for her cries. Shawn looks uncomfortable to hear Philip refer to Belle and Claire as his girls. Philip explains that for him growing up, he was Henderson’s priority because it was his job but for Claire he wants to provide the hands on attention and love. Shawn asks about Philip’s leg and he admits that it’s been bothering him. Shawn offers to have him and Mimi take Claire for the night so Philip can concentrate solely on Belle. Philip really appreciates the offer and helps them gather Claire’s things. Philip tells Claire that when she comes back both he and Belle will play with her. Mimi looks worried despite Shawn’s confident claim that they can handle babysitting Claire.

Deveraux house:

Jack shoots a quick glance at Lexie when Jennifer comes fully into the living room and claims her refusal is in not letting Jack take a habit-forming drug. Jack quips that there won’t be much time to get hooked which annoys Jennifer for she doesn’t like hearing him talk like he’s giving up. Jack mentions how he and Lexie were talking privately and Frankie tries to get Jennifer to go back into the kitchen with him to get the tea. Jennifer tells Jack one more time not to give up before following Frankie back into the kitchen. Jack complains of how it hurts him to see Jennifer living in such a dream world. Lexie tries to talk Jack out of committing suicide but Jack vetoes all of her reasons refusing to let Jennifer spend the remainder of his life holding his hand while it slowly grows cold. Lexie points out that saying goodbye is important for Jennifer’s mental and emotional health. Jack maintains his desire to commit suicide. Lexie refuses to help. Jack reluctantly accepts Lexie’s refusal but reminds her that her ethics also stipulate that she can’t tell anyone of his plan especially not Jennifer.


John asks Marlena to tell Alex that she loves him and that Alex should leave. Marlena clenches the charm tight in her hand and says that she can’t do that before asking Alex to take her home. Marlena jumps when John grabs her arms from behind and glares at Alex as he begs Marlena to open her eyes to see how Alex has been brainwashing her. Alex claims that John is the one harming Marlena and brings up how he’ll keep John from doing further harm by filing the restraining order. John claims that a restraining order can’t stop him. Marlena becomes embarrassed at the scene John is making but John is too angry to care what others are thinking. Marlena, now crying, refuses to deal with John while he is this angry and wants Alex to take her home. John, now facing Marlena, grabs her arms and reminds Marlena of how they were just making progress and begs her not to let Alex do this to her. Alex tries to lead Marlena away but Marlena gasps as John grabs Alex in a demand for Alex to get his hands off of Marlena.

Loft hallway:

Shawn hands Claire over to Mimi so he can get out his keys. Mimi complains that Claire is going to start crying again and despite Shawn’s claim to the contrary; Mimi turns out to be right. Shawn realizes that he never bothered to ask Mimi if she was okay with the idea but Mimi insists that she is fine. Shawn apologizes for forgetting how upset Mimi gets around babies but Mimi insists that she’s fine with the idea of babysitting. Shawn rushes to get the door open so that he can take Claire back and stop her from crying.

Belle’s loft:

Belle lies curled up on the bed crying and wondering why she feels this way since she should normally be happy. Philip, having appeared on the stairs, tears up as Belle asks herself why she is so unhappy.

Deveraux house:

Jennifer pours her and Lexie each a cup of tea. Lexie cautions Jennifer that Jack’s disease will progress rapidly from now on resulting in Jack becoming weaker and in more pain. Lexie is concerned about Jennifer’s welfare but Jennifer insists that she has to be okay for the kids but wishes to reserve the bulk of her strength for Jack so she won’t let him down.

Jack and Frankie enjoy their tea in the entryway as they watch Jennifer and Lexie talk. Jack gets Frankie to admit that he still loves Jennifer. Even though this is what Jack wanted, it hurts him to hear that. Frankie starts to apologize but Jack stops him to insist that he is thankful that Frankie is going to be here to give his family love and support. Jack hugs him in gratitude.


Alex tells John to let go of his arm but John merely tightens his grip. Marlena begs John to let go of Alex. John, though he lets go of Alex’s arm, refuses to let Marlena leave with Alex. Alex claims that the choice is Marlena’s to make and threatens to have John arrested for assault. John turns away. Alex starts to lead Marlena out but then turns back to speak to John. Alex rubs it in by claiming that he only had to remind Marlena of the love they share to make her fall in love with him. Alex claims that their love is stronger than any love she shared with John. Alex and Marlena head for the door leaving John standing alone with a look of anguish.

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