Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/31/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/31/05


Written By Danielle 
Pictures by Juanita


Philip is glad that Kate offered to baby-sit Claire so that he and Belle could have a night out. Belle fears that she won’t be the best of company. Philip asks Belle if she is feeling bad because of her depression or because they saw Shawn’s car in the parking lot. Belle seems surprised by the question and Philip insists that Belle tell him exactly how she is feeling so they can talk about it and get it over with. Philip asks Belle if she is nervous about seeing Shawn and Mimi together tonight.

Shawn and Mimi are sporting their new Halloween costumes thanks to Bonnie, Tarzan and Jane. They complain about Bonnie’s choice of eye candy costumes. Mimi complains of being cold and Shawn does a Tarzan reference as he suggests that he and Mimi duck back behind the bar and get warm. Mimi insists that they must remain at work and Shawn is hopeful that his new job with Max will pan out enough for him to quit working here. Mimi suggests that Shawn could go back to school and work at Max’s but Shawn compares her to Hope.

Bonnie stops Roman who has entered with no costume. Roman claims he is dressed as a police commander but Bonnie gives him a cowboy hat to wear so he can pass a sheriff. Roman ignores Bonnie’s commentary about where to put a badge as he watches John and Marlena at a table. Bonnie sticks Roman w/ the badge and he walks off annoyed.

John is hopeful that after spending some time together, Marlena will reconsider asking for a divorce.

Alex walks in and Bonnie stops him to complain about his lack of costume. Bonnie gives him another hat and brands him as the town villain. Alex spots Marlena and John and is annoyed. Alex holds up the pendant.

Deveraux house:

Jack rushes to the phone to keep Jennifer from realizing who is calling but Jennifer turns to face Jack as she repeats the caller’s words about suicide.

Jennifer asks Jack why someone would be calling him about suicide. Jack takes the phone and claims that the caller is saying “sushi side.” Jennifer doesn’t believe him because Jack hates sushi. Jack insists that he was trying to surprise Jennifer with sushi but Jennifer doesn’t really buy it. Jack tells the caller to “kill the sushi.” Jack and Bo prepare to serve the pizza while Jennifer confides in Hope that she knows something is going on with Jack.


Belle insists that she is fine with Mimi and Shawn and angrily storms into the bar.

Mimi returns to the bar with more drink orders. Mimi and Shawn joke about how they wish they had each other’s mothers. Shawn offers his trust fund for Mimi’s education but Mimi refuses again. Shawn asks Mimi to drop trying to convince him to go back to school. Belle and Philip walk up having overheard Shawn say he is dropping out of college.

Marlena and John switch to another table so that Marlena’s back is now to Alex. John spots Alex across the room but doesn’t tell Marlena. John gets a call from Frankie who is calling to warn him about Alex coming. Marlena inquires but John still neglects to tell her about Alex. John takes Marlena’s hands in his and tells her to look into his eyes as he tells her something important.

Roman walks over to where Alex is staring at Marlena and confronts him. Alex claims he’s only helping Marlena but Roman accuses Alex of having other motives. Alex claims that Roman will be the loser because he’ll wind up with nothing. Roman insists that it only matters that Marlena gets back to her old self and is happy. Alex smirks and walks away.

John tells Marlena that Alex planted the divorce idea in her mind. Marlena flashes back to Alex’s hypnosis session and being told to forget about John. John notices Marlena’s reaction but she claims to be fine. John leans in close to Marlena and describes how much of a bond they shared for it will empower her to fight the amnesia.

Deveraux house:

Hope, Bo, Jack, and Jennifer have polished off the pizza. Jennifer and Hope carry the dirty dishes into the kitchen. Bo talks with Jack about his strength and current physical sensations. Bo repeats his offer to help and Jack repeats his request for Bo to watch over his family. Bo assures Jack that Patrick will get nowhere near Jack’s family and Jack hugs him in thanks. Jennifer and Hope come back as Jack is saying that he’ll be watching over her. Jack suggests that they go dancing but Jennifer thinks he should rest. Jennifer complains that Jack Jr. is asleep but Jack insists that Mickey and Maggie will be happy to watch him. Everyone finally agrees to go out and Jennifer and Hope head upstairs to get Jack Jr. ready. Jack starts to dial Mickey and Maggie’s number as he laments about how this might be the last night they get to enjoy together.


Belle tries to convince Shawn to go back to school but Shawn doesn’t want to hear it. Belle defends her leave of absence but Shawn insists that his absence is right for him. Mimi starts to walk away and ponders how Shawn insists that he is moving on with his life.

John spots Belle and has Marlena turn around to look at her. John mentions how it seems like yesterday Belle was only a baby and Marlena flashes back to holding Belle as a baby. Marlena tears up as John talks about how much they need her.

Roman watches Marlena and starts to believe that Marlena is getting her memory back since Marlena and John look closer. Bonnie walks up and after massaging Roman’s shoulders, asks if Marlena could remember being in love with Roman. Roman insists that nobody will come between John and Marlena.

Alex insists that he must remove any hint of memory that John or Roman could stir up in Marlena.

Bonnie offers to get Roman another beer and backs into Alex. Alex yells at her and then walks off. Bonnie looks down and notices that Alex’s pendant has fallen onto the floor.

Alex pulls the chain out of his clenched hand and realizes that the pendant is gone. Alex frantically searches his coat pockets for it.

Belle continues to yell at Shawn about dropping out. Shawn refuses to talk anymore about it. Belle sighs but then notices that her parents are here and walks over to them. Mimi greets Philip and Philip complains about Belle’s moods. Mimi assures him that they’ll get through it and walks away.

Belle greets Marlena and John and Marlena instantly notices that something is wrong with Belle. Belle explains about her depression and Marlena insists that she will get through this. Marlena has Belle follow her to the ladies’ room to freshen up.

Roman joins John at the table and John tells him about Marlena’s reaction to Belle. Roman insists that he wants Marlena to get back to her old self and then he will deal with whatever she chooses on her own.

Marlena and Belle arrive at the ladies’ room. Belle starts to cry as she tells Marlena how much she misses her. Marlena assures Belle that she’s there for her. Belle explains how she feels like a total failure because she’s a mess. Marlena interrupts to question whether Belle is upset less because of postpartum depression and more because of losing Shawn.

Philip sits at the bar and talks to Shawn about living his life as a mechanic. Hope and Bo walk up and Hop insists that she has a problem with it.

Bonnie tucks the pendant into her cleavage and walks off in hopes that it will attract attention.

Alex realizes that the pendant fell off when he bumped into Bonnie and searches the floor for it.

Jack returns the phone call and unknown to him, Jennifer walks up behind him and eavesdrops on Jack telling the caller that he is still interested in assisted suicide and asking the caller to be as circumspect as he needs to be.

Jack talks with the caller about how laws in the US are different and quickly ends his call when he turns and sees Jennifer standing there. Jennifer inquires about the call but Jack claims he was checking his horoscope. Jennifer asks for the horoscope and Jack claims that it was that he’d have a night they’d never forget if he spent it with her. They kiss and joke about the horoscope as they head inside.

Alex searches the floor for the pendant and John walks up to inquire. Alex claims he lost his car key so John offers his own keys in an effort to get Alex to leave. Alex refuses and John insists that Marlena will change her mind about everything and walks off.

Bonnie sticks out her cleavage in Roman’s face as she flirts with him. Roman agrees on the basis that it’s nothing serious and they toast with their beer bottles.

Hope tries to convince Shawn to work part time and still go to school but if falls on deaf ears. Mimi walks up and Hope asks for her opinion. Mimi claims she can’t speak on the issue because of her own situation. Shawn walks away rather than listen to Hope. Hope asks Mimi to help convince Shawn but Mimi refuses to press the issue and walks off.

Belle insists that she and Shawn have each moved on. Marlena isn’t so sure. Marlena insists that their distance during the past few months is going to change for, as she tears up, she wants to be a part of Belle and Claire’s life. Marlena tells Belle to remember that she is anything but alone and Belle starts to sob as well. Belle hugs Marlena as she shares her hope of Marlena getting her memory back so they can be a family again.

Jack sneaks up behind Jennifer and reveals that he is the one now wearing a superhero costume. Jack asks to dance and Jennifer is reluctant to agree despite kissing him. Jack puts the mask back on and they start to dance.

Hope tells Bo to talk to Shawn and walks off. Bo tells Shawn that he loves him and Zach and is there for them no matter what they choose. Shawn asks how he can convince Hope that he needs to make his own decisions. Bo says to do it very carefully.

Hope joins Belle and they discuss how they are both against Shawn dropping out. Belle complains that Mimi isn’t trying to talk Shawn out of it and Hope remarks that Mimi may not be the best influence on Shawn. Bonnie walks up and confronts Hope about her claim that Mimi isn’t good for Shawn. Mimi spots them and frantically calls for Shawn to come help.

John pulls off his wedding ring and has Marlena close her eyes and listen to him describe how he proposed. John slips the ring on Marlena’s finger. Marlena flashes back to the proposal and cries as she tells John that she remembers.

Alex gives the music box CD to the DJ and as it starts to play, Marlena seems confused again despite John begging her to tell him everything she remembers.

The music continues to play but now Marlena is too distracted to answer John’s questions.

Jack complains to the DJ about the music and asks for it to be replaced with something with a beat. The DJ agrees and Jack and Jennifer resume dancing. Alex curses them.

John calls Marlena’s attention back to him and Marlena doesn’t understand how she could have gotten distracted. Marlena tells John that she remembers being engaged. John mentions how they danced that night and suggests that they dance now in hopes of stirring up another memory.

Alex watches them dance and becomes more determined to find the charm.

Jack twirls Jennifer around on the dance floor. Jennifer is reminded of how Jack did that once on their old TV shows.

Roman greets Bo and mentions talking to Bonnie, which makes Bo laugh. Bo notices how Bonnie is talking to Hope now and they don’t look happy.

Bonnie threatens to harm Hope if she continues to talk bad of Mimi. Shawn joins Mimi and the group. Bonnie claims that Hope claimed Mimi was trailer trash and Hope denies it. Bonnie claims she is well educated and lists all the mail order certifications she’s earned. Mimi yells at Bonnie to stop because it’s embarrassing and storms out. Belle watches Shawn run after her. Philip walks over to ask what is wrong and Belle demands to be taken home now.

John and Marlena continue to dance. John asks if it is bringing back any memories and while Marlena says it isn’t, insists that she knows this to be where she belongs.

Alex continues to search the floor for the charm but then spots it in Bonnie’s cleavage as Bonnie rushes past.

Shawn catches up with a crying Mimi and wraps a coat around her. Shawn insists that he cares about Mimi and no matter what their mothers say, that is going to change. Shawn and Mimi kiss as Belle and Philip walk up. Philip delights in the sight but Belle isn’t so happy.

Bo questions Hope about the argument but Hope would rather spend the rest of the evening concentrating on themselves. They hug.

Bonnie watches Hope and fumes. Roman walks up and literally lassoes Bonnie. The sudden movement makes the charm fall from Bonnie’s cleavage and Alex picks it up.

John and Marlena continue to dance. John asks again if Marlena is remembering anything and Marlena says she remembers the man she loves.

Jennifer squeals in delight and laughs as Jack spins her around in the air. Jennifer falls on top of Jack when he falls to the floor barely conscious. Jennifer cries out for help.

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