Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/27/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/27/05


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At home, Hope is on the phone, trying to get Shawn on the phone, but she has to leave a message. Bo comes home and wonders what's going on. Hope explains that she ran into Mimi, and she said that she was not going back to college because it was too expensive. She said Shawn was not going, either. Hope is very upset, but Bo is not surprised. She gets annoyed that Bo didn't call her and let her know. He says he tired to call and also that he was not able to talk Shawn out of it. Bo hopes that Shawn will come around on his own. Hope doesn't think that is good enough. She doesn't think that Shawn and Bo are thinking about the big picture. She argues that education is important. Bo tries to console Hope, who is angry and upset about how Shawn's life has been derailed. Hope insists on tracking Shawn down and shaking some sense into him, but Bo grabs the phone and tells her that she can't do that. They argue about how to handle the situation. Bo doesn't think they can convince Shawn to do anything he doesn't want to, and he also points out that neither of them went to college and they are fine. Hope reminds him of all of the bad decisions Shawn has made and that Shawn was interested in becoming a lawyer. She blames Bo for not working hard enough on Shawn. Bo says that if she wants him to spend more time with Shawn, he can't always be on his case about not making the right decisions. Bo strokes her face and tells Hope that he's not their little boy any more. Hope knows that Shawn will always be their little boy and that it's hard for her to sit by and watch him make mistakes. Bo is reasonable about it, but Hope is very frustrated and worried. BO has faith in their parenting and in how their kids will turn out. Hope still thinks Bo has his work cut out for him with Chelsea. He wishes Hope weren't so negative about Chelsea. Hope feels bad for Chelsea. He hugs her as they discuss getting along better with Chelsea. Hope explains that she tried to invite Chelsea over for dinner, to get to them all, but Chelsea was not receptive. Bo thinks Chelsea still feels like an outsider. They argue some more about Chelsea and how she is spending so much money. Hope wonders where she is getting the money. Bo looks guilty as he remembers handing money to Chelsea, so Hope realizes that he is the one. She points out that Chelsea is playing him. Bo tries to explain that he felt bad for Chelsea because she had nothing. Hope yells at him about how Chelsea is spending the money unwisely and is out of control. He promises to talk to her about her spending, but Hope thinks it will be pointless. Hope smiles and calls Bo a pushover. Bo gets annoyed when Hope compares her to Paris Hilton. Hope agrees to try harder with Chelsea and give her more of a chance, if Bo talks to Shawn again about college. Bo promises to talk to Shawn.

Max shows Chelsea around his new garage, but she is not very impressed. She wonders why he invested his race money into this place instead of something like jewelry. He laughs at her but tells her that this is a great place for him because he can work on his cars and if he ever fails as a race car driver, he can be a mechanic. He just needs to find someone to take care of things while he's at the races. She wonders about their date. He says he just has to finish Bo's bike and then he'll be finished. He makes it clear that he's busy for now, so she goes to get a cold drink to occupy herself while she waits. Max can't figure out why Bo's bike is still not sounding right. Shawn walks in and tells Max what the problem is and why it's happening. They look at the problem, and Shawn fixes it easily. Max is impressed with Shawn's knowledge. They introduce each other, shaking hands, and catch up. Shawn knows that Max is looking for a mechanic. Max says he needs not only a mechanic, but a business partner. Shawn considers this and they discuss the business end of things. Shawn is definitely getting a good deal and appreciates it. Max wonders about school, so Shawn explains that he's not going back. They discuss how Bo reacted to the news. Chelsea walks back in and notes that Hope will not take it so well. Shawn is obviously a little disgruntled by seeing Chelsea there and how she is talking about Hope. He wonders why she's down on his mom. She says Hope is not crazy about her being her step-child. Shawn wonders if she really knows Hope. Chelsea knows that Hope will go nuts when she finds out that he bailed on college. Shawn agrees that Hope can be tough but also fair. Shawn doesn't believe it when Chelsea says that Hope chewed her out at the spa for no reason. Shawn says that if Chelsea talked with Hope, she'd find out that she always wanted a daughter. He is confident that things will work out with them and asks how Chelsea has been. She says she's been okay, considering everything that has happened lately. Shawn finds out that Chelsea and Max are about to go out on a date, so he apologizes for interrupting. Max says he has to finish Bo's bike first, but Shawn offers to do it for him. He points out that this way Max will see his work and know whether he really wants to be his partner. Max already thinks he made the right decision. Max thanks him and gives Shawn the keys, asking him to lock up when he's done. Max observes to Chelsea that her brother seems like a great guy. She agrees but is a little perturbed that all the men she knows are grease monkeys. Max tells her how he will clean up for their special night. He promises to take her somewhere that she's never been, so she gets excited. She guesses, but he asks her to just trust him. They leave the garage.

Max takes Chelsea to the church rec room, where a friend of his is teaching salsa dancing and other dances. He says he ran into his friend at the Java Cafe the other day and she offered to teach them in her class. Chelsea pretends to be okay with it but we can tell she's not too thrilled. Max's Latina friend comes over and greets him. They hug. Max introduces his friend, Amber, to Chelsea. Chelsea asks how they know each other. Max says they used to date until Amber dumped him, but Amber corrects him, saying she went to Mexico to learn Spanish and she asked Max to go with her, but he was too busy with a blonde. Amber warns Chelsea with a smile to be careful with Max and then tells her to enjoy the class. Chelsea is a little annoyed about Max's past exploits. Max tries to make Chelsea see that their date shouldn't be a disappointment because it's not a fancy restaurant. He wants to get to know each other and points out that dancing can make them close. Chelsea's mood improves as they start dancing. She steps on his feet, though, so she gets upset. Max urges her to continue, so she does. They take a break for water. Chelsea feels that her dancing skills are too lacking. Max tries to help her, but it doesn't work. Max gets Chelsea to go back to the dancing; he asks her to just look into his eyes and not worry so much about her feet. They dance, and it works out much better. Everyone in the class applauds when they are done. Chelsea is happy now and admits that she's had fun. Max and Chelsea kiss.

Shawn gets a phone call from Mimi. She tells him about her new job at Gloriane's, and he tells her about his new job working for Max. He finds out from Mimi that Hope knows about his not going back to college. He worries that Hope will kill him. Mimi apologizes, but Shawn assures her that it's not her fault.

Frankie visits Mickey at his office; they shake hands hello. Mickey asks about Nicole's divorce, so Frankie tells him there are no problems. Mickey is pleased to hear it. Frankie tells Mickey that Carolina is working on finding Frankie an office, so Mickey offers to let Frankie use his office in the meantime. He tells Frankie that he will be in court and adds that John Black will be coming in because Marlena might want a divorce. Frankie wonders why everyone in town seems to be getting divorced. Mickey chuckles at his comment but says it's too bad about them because they have been together for years. Mickey thinks it's just Marlena's amnesia causing the problems. Mickey tells Frankie that if he has any problems, to talk to Carolina because she can run the office just as well without him. Frankie wonders if there's anything else he needs to know about John's case. John walks in behind them and declares that all they need to know is that this divorce is not going to happen. They look at him in surprise. Mickey shakes John's hand and explains that Frankie is taking over the case because he has to get to court. Mickey leaves, so Frankie offers John a beverage. Frankie gives John a glass of water and then asks him to explain the situation with Marlena. Frankie takes notes as they catch up on what's going on. John tells Frankie that the doctor he brought in, Dr. North, is a charlatan, and he thinks North is brain-washing Marlena. John explains all that's happened and why he doesn't trust Alex. He mentions how Marlena sometimes seems to be remembering their past, but then North comes in and takes her away. John tells him how Marlena wants a divorce and asked him to leave. He explains how he can watch Marlena from across at Kate's place. John wants a restraining order against Alex. Frankie points out that he wants to reconcile with Marlena. John thinks that if he can get Marlena alone and with a reputable therapist, he can work things out with her. Frankie thinks they should send a letter to Marlena, requesting that she meet with John and a marriage counselor, without Alex present. Frankie doesn't think that she can refuse, but he hopes that their letter gets to her before her petition for divorce is filed. John asks why, so Frankie explains that if they can show John request counseling, a judge will see that he is making a good faith effort to save the marriage. The judge might order her into counseling. John agrees to that idea, so Frankie leaves him there while he goes to dictate the letter. John talks to himself, saying he's got to get to Marlena before North erases all of her memories. Frankie gets the letter done and has John sign it. John signs the letter and they messenger it over to Marlena. Frankie asks John if he has a particular marriage counselor in mind. John doesn't, so Frankie says Mickey probably has some to suggest.

Marlena sits in her bedroom. Alex brings her a photo album to look at of the two of them and their past good times. He explains that he tried to show them to her last night, but she was too tired. Marlena wonders why he's showing them to her and if he's trying to get her to remember her past. He hopes that will happen. She wonders why they aren't looking at the ones John brought, since they are part of her past, too, and she's married to him. Alex says that if she still wants to see some of John's old photos after looking at his, they will look at them. Marlena opens the photo album and starts looking at them. Alex wonders to himself what happened because he thought he had erased all of her memories of John. She looks at an old picture of her and Alex (actually of her and Roman) and notes that he had curly hair. He jokes that he had more of it, too. She apologizes for not remembering their time together and asks if it was before Roman. Marlena asks him to tell her more about it, but he wants her to remember on her own. He takes out his little hypnotizing necklace and fondles it. Next we see that he is hypnotizing Marlena again. He works hard to erase her memories. Marlena feels refreshed after he wakes her up. He asks her to do something, saying it will permanently alter her future with John. She agrees to do whatever he asks. Alex is glad that he has her complete trust. He takes the photo album away and asks her to focus on their future. He takes out a pen and the divorce papers. He leads Marlena over to the desk and tells her that he has an important document for her to sign that will ensure her future happiness. He asks her to sign it but doesn't tell her what it is. Marlena signs without looking at the papers. Alex goes to fax the papers. Marlena looks at the clock and flashes back to a memory of John giving her the clock. He tells her that each time it chimes, she'll remember her love for him. Marlena picks up the clock and holds it close. Meanwhile, Alex faxes the divorce papers.

Back at Mickey's office, they receive the faxed papers. Frankie asks John to confirm Marlena's signature. John is annoyed because he knows that Alex is behind it. Later, Carolina explains to Mickey what happened. She tells him that Frankie and John are headed over to Marlena's penthouse, but Mickey doesn't think that's a good idea.

Frankie tries to get John to calm down as he bangs on the penthouse's door. John refuses to let Alex take advantage of Marlena any more. Alex jokes to himself that the cavalry has arrived. He opens the door. John insists on seeing Marlena, but Alex says she will only speak to him through her attorney. John attacks Alex physically, so Frankie tries to break it up. Marlena comes downstairs and sees them fighting.

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