Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/14/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/14/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Deveraux house:

Jack brings a tray containing three cups of tea into the living room and is surprised to find Jennifer sitting alone on the couch and Frankie gone. Jennifer explains that Frankie left to give them some time alone. Jack tries to appease things by offering Jennifer the tea but Jennifer angrily insists that nothing is going to make her feel better. Jack wishes he could take away the pain and Jennifer wants to know why Jack didn’t tell her sooner. Jack acknowledges that it was wrong of him but explains that he didn’t want to put Jennifer and Abby through a deathwatch. Jennifer suddenly realizes that they have to tell Abby the truth now. Jennifer buries her head in Jack as he wraps his arm around her.


Nicole hides behind a bush as Sami rushes by so fast that she bumps into a guy as he walks by. Sami apologizes to the guy but he smiles as he says he isn’t sorry and walks away. Nicole walks out from behind the bush and sneaks up behind Sami. Sami tells Nicole to get out of here because she and Austin have plans that do not include her. Nicole asks why Austin took off without Sami if that was the case. Sami claims it was because Nicole forced herself into Sami’s apartment and threw herself at Austin. Nicole denies that she threw herself at Austin but instead merely invited him to dinner. Sami claims that Austin wasn’t interested since he ran out and quips that she’d have run out on Nicole too. Sami tries to walk away but Nicole grabs her arm to stop her. Nicole points out that Austin invited them both out to dinner and only left because Sami threw a hissy fit. Sami claims that Austin was only inviting Nicole out because he feels sorry for her. Nicole points out that it was only a couple days ago that Sami was going to marry Lucas and now she is going after Austin. Sami starts to protest but Nicole yells at her for interrupting. Nicole tells Sami that neither Lucas nor Austin would take Sami back and neither wants anything to do with Sami romantically ever again.

Austin walks up to where Lucas is preparing drinks at the bar and makes small talk about how much Lucas earns in tips. Austin brings up how he saw Lucas talking to Victor and pretends that he has no idea what was being talked about. Lucas calls Austin on knowing that Victor was only offering him the job because Austin turned it down first. Austin guesses that Victor told Lucas but Lucas’ reply is to warn Austin that he knows what he’s up to and that he won’t get away with it.


John has gotten past Kate at her suite and now steps off the elevator on the penthouse floor. Kate, who has followed John here, steps off the elevator right behind him and continues her attempt to convince John that he shouldn’t be here. John declares that Alex’s first mistake was messing with him but now he has gone too far. John flashes back to seeing Marlena dancing in Alex’s arms on the balcony. John vows to stop Alex dead in his tracks. Kate points out that if John bursts in and attacks Alex, it’s going to have a negative effect on Marlena because Alex is her doctor whom she trusts. John points out that Alex is manipulating Marlena and controlling her every thought and vows that Alex will be out of here tonight. John uses his key to open the penthouse door and calls out to Marlena as he moves through the apartment but there is no answer. Kate notes how there no is no one at home but John retorts that Alex has taken off with Marlena.

Chez Rouge:

Marlena and Alex are dining out. Marlena seems lost in thought so Alex asks her if everything is all right. Marlena claims that everything is fine but Alex notes how she isn’t eating her dinner. Marlena admits to not having much of an appetite and Alex insists on knowing what is wrong. Marlena admits that she now thinks she made a mistake by asking John for a divorce.


Charlie, the doorman, shows up at the apartment and explains that Marlena has asked that John not to be here unescorted. John tells Charlie that Marlena is very ill and he needs to know where Alex took her. Charlie tells John about overhearing Alex mention going to Chez Rouge. John tips Charlie, says good night, and Charlie leaves. John then insists that Kate accompany him to Chez Rouge.

Chez Rouge:

Alex pretends to be shocked that Marlena is having second thoughts and tries to convince her that she wants the divorce. Marlena says she thought she did but now is thinking she made a terrible mistake. Alex presses for more of an explanation but Marlena says she can’t explain how she feels. Alex claims that Marlena was the one who felt John was interfering with her memory returning and accuses her of not wanting to get better. Marlena explains that John clearly loves her and is eager to have her remember and she now thinks she should take more time to be sure. Alex insists that at the time Marlena was surer than ever that she wanted a divorce. Marlena admits now that asking John for a divorce doesn’t make any sense to her and she doesn’t think she should be making any important decisions like this in her condition. Alex flashes back to using the pendant to remind Marlena of her trance state back at the Java Café. Alex reminds Marlena of her supposedly clear and concise reasons for requesting the divorce. Marlena starts to cry as she insists on waiting to get her memory back before making any of these kinds of decisions. Alex claims that while this is Marlena’s choice, he usually counsels his patients to trust their gut instincts, which in this case are saying to divorce John. Alex promises that they are going to find the real Marlena that is supposedly giving off these gut instincts. In an effort to step away from the uncomfortable situation, Marlena excuses herself for a trip to the powder room. Alex stops her from leaving long enough to offer to order her a cup of relaxing chamomile tea that she can enjoy when she gets back. Marlena heads for the powder room. Alex complains that Marlena isn’t making this easy and pulls the pill vial out of his jacket pocket as he decides its time to get Marlena back with the program.


Austin insists he isn’t up to anything and doesn’t think the fact that he turned down the job offer first should make any difference. Austin wants to know why Lucas is so pissed. Lucas tries to brush it off but Austin persists. Lucas admits that he’s tired of always getting Austin’s hand me downs and would like something to come to him first. Austin considers that concept ridiculous and insists that Victor wouldn’t have offered Lucas the job had he not wanted Lucas for it. Lucas vows to run Titan 10 times better than Austin ever could. Austin is shocked at Lucas’ hostility and claims that there shouldn’t be any competitiveness between them as brothers. Lucas scoffs at the suggestion. Austin realizes that Lucas is really angry about Sami.

Sami insists that Austin is merely a friend and vows that she and Lucas will get back together. Nicole reminds Sami of the awful things she did as Stan as she points out that Lucas will never take her back. Nicole refers to the technicality that got Sami off as lame. Sami insists that it wasn’t lame and is thankful to Austin for being the only one to believe in her. Nicole says that Austin sees the good in everyone but really deserves better than Sami. Sami angrily insists again that she and Austin are just friends and she really loves Lucas. Nicole insists that Sami knows she can’t get Lucas back so she’s decided to make a play on Austin. Nicole tries to walk away but Sami grabs her arm this time. Sami insists that she isn’t making a play for Austin but still will see to it that Nicole doesn’t end up with him either. Nicole insists that Sami knows that there is no chance with Lucas so she is keeping her options open with Austin. Nicole tells Sami that she doesn’t deserve to be with either of them. Sami decides it isn’t worth wasting her time with Nicole and tells her to go home because no one wants her here. Sami heads for the door but Nicole pushes her into the bushes and runs to beat Sami inside. Sami yells after her as she tries to climb out of the bushes.

Deveraux house:

Jack says he isn’t looking forward to breaking the news to Abby. Jack agrees with Jennifer that Abby needs to know. Jennifer is thankful that Jack Jr. is too young to understand any of this right now. Jack tells Jennifer of his plan to make a video for Jack Jr. but Jennifer’s voice breaks and she starts to cry as she voices that Jack Jr. will need his dad and Jack won’t be here. Jack suggests that one-day Jack Jr. will have another father. Jennifer is shocked that Jack would say such a thing because in her heart, no one can replace Jack. Jack isn’t so sure about that. Jennifer says she is and that Abby will agree with her. Jack isn’t looking forward to having to tell Abby that he is leaving her again and this time for good.

Abby and Chelsea are standing outside the front door talking. Chelsea complains about being stuck with Bo and Billie after losing the parents she loved. Abby offers her condolences for Chelsea’s situation but doesn’t understand how that has anything to do with her own parents. Chelsea warns that Abby can’t count on anything and that is something she learned the hard way. Abby assures Chelsea that she can count on Bo and Billie just like she can count on Jack and Jennifer. Abby is confident that things are finally going good for them and will only get better.

Abby and Chelsea head inside and greet Jennifer and Jack. Jennifer starts to talk to Abby but Jack rushes up to stop her and pretends that everything is fine by asking about Abby’s night. Abby tells them about the fundraiser and then asks if Jack and Jennifer are going to sign up for the walk. They hesitate to give a definite answer, which surprises Abby. Jennifer tells Abby that they need to talk to her about something and Chelsea agrees to wait in the kitchen so they can talk alone. Abby fears that she’s now in trouble but Jennifer assures her that that isn’t the case. Jack bluntly tells Abby that he’s been diagnosed with a very serious illness and there is no cure. Abby refuses to believe the news choosing to believe that Jack can simply take medication for the rest of his life and be fine. Jack insists that it’s a terminal illness and he will die. Abby’s eyes fill with tears.

Chez Rouge:

The chamomile tea has arrived and Alex empties a capsule into the tea before Marlena comes back to the table. Marlena returns to the table and is surprised to hear Alex caution her against being around John for the time being. Marlena doesn’t feel it’s right to turn her back completely on John for she knows it must really hurt him.

John and Kate arrive at Chez Rouge and John spots Alex’s car. Kate worries about John but John vows to do whatever it takes to get Marlena away from Alex before he does any more damage. Kate warns that if John bursts in there right now and makes a scene, Alex will use it to his advantage and John could lose Marlena for good. John asks what Kate thinks he should do and Kate says she has an idea.

Alex grows uneasy that Marlena isn’t drinking her tea. Marlena decides that she doesn’t want tea after all and has the waiter bring her a cup of coffee instead. Alex’s expression shows his disapproval as Marlena hands over the teacup to the waiter without ever taking a sip. Marlena’s smile fades when she looks past Alex and sees that John and Kate have arrived. Alex follows Marlena’s gaze and turns to see them as well. John and Kate catch their glances and pretend to simply be two acquaintances that happen to see each other about town by merely smiling and nodding in each other’s direction before John and Kate sit down at another table.

John whispers to Kate that he needs to find a way to get Alex away from Marlena but still smiles cordially over at Marlena and Alex who are still looking in their direction.

Alex taunts Marlena by claiming that John hasn’t wasted any time in moving on with Kate. Marlena looks over at John and Kate’s table as she ponders Alex’s comment.


Lucas scoffs at Austin’s suggestion that he is jealous. Lucas insists that Sami is poison and he wants nothing to do with her and neither should Austin. Lucas can’t believe that Austin is even talking to Sami let alone shacking up with her at her apartment. Austin can’t understand why everyone keeps assuming he is shacking up with Sami and denies that he is. Lucas advises Austin to stay away from Sami because she is nothing but trouble. Austin claims that he has no intentions of repeating his mistakes with Sami but is only helping her through a tough time. Lucas insists that Sami can’t be helped and if Austin knew what was good for him, he’d steer clear of Sami completely. Nicole walks up and agrees with Lucas. Austin asks Nicole where Sami is and Nicole claims that Sami got a little “hung up” and she came down to buy Austin a drink and officially welcome him back to Salem. Austin thanks Nicole. Lucas heads back to the bar after clearing a table to mutter under his breath about how he can’t tell who is worse between Sami and Nicole.

Nicole tells Austin that she missed him and is glad he came back to Salem. Nicole lightly kisses Austin’s cheek. Austin thanks Nicole and follows her to a table.

Sami walks in still picking debris from her clothes and hair when she spots Nicole and Austin at their table. Sami curses Nicole.

Austin holds out Nicole’s chair for her and while he is taking his seat, Nicole notices Sami in the entryway and makes a face at her. Austin doesn’t notice. Nicole asks Austin to tell her about his time in New York because she feared that she’d never see him again after Sami tore his heart out.

Sami fumes and uses a compact to make sure she got everything out of her hair as she vows to not let Nicole get away with this. Sami spots Lucas behind the bar and rushes over to him. Sami greets Lucas as if they are old friends and Lucas is surprised to see that Sami isn’t behind bars. Sami happily tells Lucas that all the charges were dropped thanks to Austin. Lucas looks quizzically between Sami and Austin.

Austin would rather not talk about Sami and Nicole agrees. Nicole however goes on to say she is worried about Austin because she sees that Sami is getting her hooks in him again. Nicole asks Austin to promise her that he won’t make the same mistake with Sami again. Austin admits that his feelings toward Sami have changed.

Lucas is outraged that Austin was the one who talked them into letting Sami go. Sami is shocked that Lucas feels this way and thinks that he should be just as grateful to Austin as she is. Lucas says that he’d be grateful if Austin would mind his own business and complains that even after just a couple days of being in town Austin has made everything a mess.

Deveraux house:

Abby is having a hard time accepting Jack’s death sentence and questions whether there is something that can be done. Jack insists that he’s already gone through several tests and second opinions and there is nothing left but time. Abby refuses to believe that this could be true as she starts to sob. Abby turns to Jennifer for support and Jennifer agrees that she can’t stand it either and knows it isn’t fair. Abby asks how long they’ve known and Jennifer tells her that she’s just found out but Jack has known. Jack interrupts Jennifer before she can mention that he’s known for a long while by explaining that he put off telling them because he didn’t want to ruin the time they have left. Abby realizes that Jack danced with her at Brady and Chloe’s wedding because he knew then that he wouldn’t be around to dance with her at her wedding and Jack confirms it. Abby is upset that Jack broke his promise never to leave them again. Jack assures Abby that he’ll always be protecting them and looking over them as a guardian angel. Abby says that she doesn’t want Jack as an angel but as someone here with them. Abby grabs her purse and heads for the door. Jack and Jennifer call after her but Abby turns back only to yell at Jack for lying and breaking his promise. Abby ignores Jack’s call for her to come back and slams the front door as she leaves.

Abby leans her head against the mailbox as she sobs. Chelsea rushes up and asks what is wrong. Abby tells Chelsea that she has to get out of here now and never wants to come back.


Sami apologizes for mentioning Austin’s name and wants to know what he is doing working here. Lucas tells Sami that he needs the money and it’s merely a job to him. Sophie, who has been standing at the bar to fill her tray with a drink order, lets Sami know that Lucas is leaving them to go work for Victor. Sophie walks off to deliver the drinks. Lucas explains to Sami that he is taking over Brady’s job and Sami is ecstatic that this is finally happening for Lucas. Lucas doesn’t share in Sami’s excitement because now his dream of sharing this event with her is dashed. Sami is still ecstatic for Lucas but Lucas quips that it’s funny it took Sami leaving him to have it happen. Lucas turns away from Sami with a scowl on his face and Sami turns around on the bar stool so Lucas doesn’t see her sad expression. Sami stops brushing more debris from her clothes when she looks up and sees Austin and Nicole toasting.

Nicole asks Austin to explain how his feelings for Sami have changed. Austin explains that he’s had some time to get over how Sami hurt him when he ended up leaving her at the altar in Vegas. Austin claims he isn’t condoning what Sami has done but believes that Sami really needs help to stop doing desperate things out of fear of losing someone she loves. Nicole considers that to be very generous of Austin but warns that Sami isn’t going to change. Nicole warns Austin to stay away from Sami. Austin repeats his desire to not talk about Sami and Nicole suggests they play a game of pool. They playfully taunt each other about their pool playing abilities. Nicole suggests that they play for the wager of who Austin goes home with, if she wins, Austin goes home with her instead of Sami.

Chez Rouge:

Marlena continues to watch John and Kate. Alex tells Marlena that she shouldn’t feel guilty about John because by all appearances, he is doing fine. Alex suggests that they dance and Marlena objects at first but gives in when Alex insists. Marlena forces a smile when Alex looks into her eyes but otherwise keeps a sad expression and looks down at the floor.

John watches Marlena and Alex dance and complains that they are acting like they are on a date. Kate looks over at them dancing and agrees. John knows that Alex knows that he’s watching but then realizes that Alex and Marlena have turned their backs to John and Kate. John insists that he and Kate dance so they can get a closer look and Kate complains that she was just served her food. John insists that Kate is going to dance with him because it was her idea to fake this dinner instead of just letting John come here to punch Alex out. They start to dance and John watches Marlena’s bothered reaction when she spots them dancing too. Kate suggests that John cut in and dance with Marlena so he can get some time alone with her.

John and Kate head over and greet Marlena and Alex. Marlena seems distracted but claims she is fine when John inquires. The couples pretend to be cordial to each other and John asks to cut in. Marlena’s face lights up at the idea.

Alex refers to Kate as he tells John that it appears he already has his own dance partner. Kate speaks up to admit that she is the one who suggested John and Marlena dance because it might ease tensions. John asks Marlena if she would like to dance claiming it is for old times sake. Marlena says she would as long as Alex doesn’t mind but Alex claims that he does mind and that they were just about to sit down and rest. Marlena’s smile fades as she confirms Alex’s claim. John and Kate watch Alex escort Marlena back to their table.

John and Kate resume dancing as John complains that Alex is acting like he owns Marlena. Kate agrees. John asks what he is supposed to do because if Alex takes this any further he’ll kill him.

Alex notices that Marlena can’t take her eyes off of John and Kate and blocks her view by standing in front of her and suggests that they leave. Alex adds that he wants to take her home and get her to bed. Marlena looks taken aback by Alex’s comment.

Deveraux house:

Chelsea and Abby sit down on the bench on the front porch and Abby confides in Chelsea that Jack is dying. Chelsea starts to tear up and now regrets her earlier comments. Chelsea tries to offer hope by pointing out that Abby refused to believe the last time that Jack was really dead and he ended up coming back but Abby insists that this time it’s true. Chelsea suggests that Abby should believe in miracles but Abby believes that there’s nothing she can do to stop Jack from dying. Chelsea hugs Abby.

Jennifer wants to go after Abby but Jack stops her rather believing that Abby needs some time alone knowing that they are there when she’s ready to come back. Jennifer starts to think that telling Abby was a mistake but Jack insists that since Jennifer now knew, it was only a matter of time before Abby figured it out. Jack is confident that Abby is strong and that they’ll all get through this together. Jack pulls Jennifer close and wraps his arms around her.

Abby hugs Chelsea tightly as she sobs.

Abby gets up and insists that she must leave. Chelsea tries to convince Abby to go inside and talk to her parents but Abby refuses. Chelsea asks Abby where she wants to go and Abby says that she wants to go anywhere but here and asks that they just get in Chelsea’s car and go. Abby heads for the car and Chelsea reluctantly follows.

Jennifer cries as she tells Jack that she doesn’t know how to handle him not being here. Jack grabs hold of Jennifer’s arms and insists that she can and will handle it for he will make sure of it. Jennifer doesn’t see how Jack can promise such a thing. Jack hugs Jennifer again as he insists that Jennifer should trust that everything is going to be all right this time.


Austin takes a shot but misses. Nicole taunts him by repeating the bet and Austin says they should wait and see how the evening goes. Austin adds that no matter what happens, he’s still going to be there for Sami because she needs a friend and he’d hate to think what would happen if he doesn’t help her get her life together. Nicole wonders if Sami understands how lucky she is to have a friend like Austin and Austin says he is Nicole’s friend too. Nicole jokes about that making her lucky and flashes a smile at Austin as she over exaggerates bending over the pool table to choose her shot. Nicole takes her shot and sends the ball into the pocket. Nicole celebrates her shot by telling Austin to get ready to pack his bags. Austin warns that the game isn’t over yet. Austin’s smile fades into more of a smirk as Nicole quips that she’s got all night.

Sami fights back the tears as she watches Nicole and Austin play pool. Sami looks hurt as Lucas taunts her about having competition for Austin’s attention now. Lucas tells her that Austin may not be as dumb as he looks even if it is just Nicole.

Chez Rouge:

Marlena assures Alex that she is not that tired. Alex insists that they go home by claiming that they have a lot to cover in therapy tomorrow and wants Marlena to get enough rest. Marlena reluctantly agrees. Alex stops Marlena as she starts to leave the table to give her the rose from the centerpiece and thank her for being his dinner companion. Marlena complains about not being good company but Alex says that they should go home for he has the perfect thing to make her feel better and leads her to the door.

John and Kate watch them leave as they are still dancing. John asks to be excused from Kate’s company and when she inquires, he says he is going to make a scene. Kate watches as John walks over and grabs Marlena’s arm to prevent her from leaving. Alex orders John to get his hand off of Marlena. John declares that Marlena is leaving with Alex over his cold dead body.

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