Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/13/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/13/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Boo

Belle’s loft:

Philip paces as he worries about being kicked out of the bedroom while Lexie checks over Belle after Belle freaked out. Shawn suggests that them coming over was too soon and pushed Belle over the edge but Philip doesn’t think that’s it. Mimi assures Philip that Belle is going to be okay and blames Belle’s behavior on normal hormonal fluctuations. Philip stands at the bottom of the stairs anxiously waiting.

Belle sits up in bed with a tear stained face and a downcast demeanor. Lexie declares that there is nothing physically wrong with Belle but Belle complains of being tired. Lexie tells her that that is expected of new moms. Lexie advises Belle to try and take a nap and in the future to make it part of her daily routine to put down the baby for a nap when she wants to lie down. Lexie offers to have Belle call her if she doesn’t feel better after a few days or if she just wants a woman’s help through all this. Belle’s only response is to clutch a teddy bear against her body leaving Lexie to ask if Belle even heard what she said.


Kate tells Victor that she has the perfect person for the position at Titan and Victor seems interested in Kate’s opinion. Kate claims to have someone who is an extremely dynamic rising corporate superstar. Victor asks Kate why she doesn’t just hire this guy at Basic Black.

Austin arrives at Alice’s and laughs as he takes in how much the place has changed since it used to be Tuscany. Austin walks up to the bar and asks what is on tap and Lucas starts to answer but stops when he turns around and sees that it’s Austin. Austin isn’t at all pleased to see Lucas working behind a bar given his history. Lucas insists he can remain sober while still working this job but Austin thinks that will change as long as Lucas keeps pouring drinks. Lucas tells Austin that he already heard this argument from Nicole and Kate and doesn’t need to hear it again. Austin offers to help Lucas with cash but Lucas turns him down. Austin warns that Lucas isn’t in the right emotional state of mind to be among so much temptation. Austin claims that he knows from experience the signs of an addict and accuses Lucas of being in denial.

Kate’s suite:

John watches the penthouse balcony through binoculars. Abe arrives at the door having been driven over by a fellow officer upon receiving John’s message. John tells Abe about how Marlena kicked him out and how Alex doesn’t want Marlena to remember her old life because he wants to make a play for her. Abe agrees to help John figure out a way to get Marlena away from Alex.


Kate explains that she can’t hire this guy because they have a history and Victor correctly guesses that Kate is talking about Lucas. Victor tells Kate that Lucas’ head isn’t in the right place right now to assume the responsibilities of being vice president of a multi-national corporation. Kate insists that Lucas is over Sami and wants to kick start his career. Victor notes how Lucas is bartending as an example but Kate claims that Lucas is only doing it as a favor to Bonnie. Kate flatters Victor by telling him how he was like a father to Lucas and asks that Victor at least give him an interview because Lucas won’t take anything from her. Victor agrees to talk to Lucas but makes no promises.

Lucas admits that working in a bar is not ideal for him but he needs the money. Austin offers to help Lucas with money again but Lucas refuses to take charity. Austin claims that it wouldn’t be charity for he is only worried about Lucas. Lucas counters by accusing Austin of betraying him by going back to Sami.

Kate’s suite:

John admits to Abe that he is trying to pressure Marlena into remembering and that he is trying to undermine her trust in Alex because Alex isn’t helping her. Abe agrees that it sounds like Alex has Marlena right where he wants him. John is adamant about getting rid of Alex but asks Abe how he can do that. John resumes watching Marlena and Alex dance on the penthouse balcony through his binoculars.

Belle’s loft:

Lexie comes back downstairs and Philip drills her with questions about Belle. Lexie explains that there is nothing physically wrong with Belle but if her symptoms continue she’d like to run some blood work on Belle to rule out a thyroid condition common in new mothers. Philip is desperate to know what is wrong with Belle and Lexie mentions that Belle is exhausted. Philip readily offers to hire a nurse and pick up the extra slack so Belle can get more rest. Lexie warns that it is more involved than that and has Philip come sit down next to her on the couch. Lexie elaborates that Belle’s precarious mental state may have started as early as the rushed wedding and was added on to by Philip being shipped out and taken prisoner etc. Philip thinks he’s leaned on Belle too much for support but Lexie is quick to assure him that this isn’t his or Belle’s fault. Lexie looks over at Mimi before explaining to Philip that since Claire was an unplanned pregnancy, it is taking Belle a lot more to adjust. Philip breathes a heavy sigh as Lexie adds that on top of it all Belle also had a tough delivery and then tacking on the normal hormonal fluctuations and anxieties of being a new mom is more than anyone can deal with. Philip asks if this is why Belle can’t stop crying. Lexie declares that Belle seems to be developing a full-blown case of postpartum depression.

Asleep in bed, Belle dreams of giving birth, of Shawn watching her and Philip dote on newborn Claire, and of seeing Shawn dote on Mimi. Belle wakes with a start and wonders what is happening to her. Belle picks up Claire from her bassinet and looks as if it has suddenly occurred to her that Claire is not only her baby but also her baby with Philip.


Austin insists that he’s only trying to help Sami get through this tough time. Lucas points out that the tough time is all Sami’s making but Austin maintains that Sami still needs someone to support her. Lucas asks Austin to remember what Sami has done to him, to Will and to Austin and not stay with Sami simply because Austin is staying in town. Austin reminds Lucas of how he was also a Dimera employee but Lucas believes that Sami deserves to be a social outcast because she almost got him killed. Austin claims that Lucas is only saying such things because he is angry but Lucas maintains that brothers should stick together. Austin asks about compassion and forgiveness. Lucas insists that he did forgive Sami and starts to tell Austin to go ahead and ruin their relationship with such a backstabbing, lying, and manipulative person. Austin takes offense. Lucas reminds Austin of how Sami hurt him but Austin reminds Lucas that he was so quick to believe Kate when Sami claimed to be innocent. Austin insists that if he were going to marry Sami, he would have believed her. Lucas tells Austin that while he may be good in the business world, he’s horrible when it comes to people. Lucas insists that he’s been sober for years whereas Austin only got here less than 24 hours ago and Sami has already suckered him in.

Kate complains to Victor that Nicole and Sami keep sniffing around Austin ever since he got off the plane. Victor believes that Austin will be smart enough to know not to get involved. Kate points out that Victor is a smart man and still fell for Nicole. Kate apologizes for the remark and then explains that she’s worried about Austin because he won’t listen to her about Nicole and Sami and suggests that Victor talk to him. Victor agrees to talk to Austin and to consider Lucas for the job. Kate asks for an answer about her earlier request and Victor quips that Kate better hope he not call in all these favors on the same day. Victor promises to see what he can dig up on Alex. Victor leaves the table.

Kate’s suite:

John watches through his binoculars as Alex brings out two glasses of wine for them and Marlena stumbles and almost drops her glass. John tells Abe about how Alex is over at the penthouse romancing Marlena and she doesn’t even know it. Abe questions whether Marlena could really still love John because he was once convinced that Lexie loved him until he started suspecting that she was involved with another man. John assures Abe that Lexie loves him because of how upset she was when she thought Abe had died. Abe claims that was only before the complications and physical ailments he’s now developed. John insists that neither Lexie nor Marlena would voluntarily leave them. Abe notes that Lexie has done it before but this time it was because he chased her away. Abe hopes that he can sit Lexie down and convince her that he loves her. John complains that Alex has got Marlena where she not only doesn’t remember their love but also doesn’t want to even acknowledge that it existed. Abe confirms that this has been Alex’s intention all along and John is sure that Alex is out to wipe Marlena’s slate clean.

Belle’s loft:

Lexie explains that what is called “baby blues” is normal and usually goes away within a few days but what Belle has is true postpartum depression which won’t go away on its own. Philip asks whether Belle would hurt herself or Claire but Lexie says that she doesn’t think Belle has the postpartum psychosis aspect of it although she cautions that it’s too soon to tell. Philip asks how he can help Belle. Lexie tells Philip to make sure that as much stress as possible is eliminated from Belle’s life and that she gets lost of rest. Lexie adds that hiring the baby nurse was a good idea. Philip agrees to do all that. Lexie advises Philip to make sure Belle knows that she has his support. Philip asks about medication but Lexie wants to wait and see if the symptoms don’t improve or get worse before prescribing antidepressants. Philip worries that that will make Belle have to stop breastfeeding, which may depress her even more, but Lexie assures him that may not be necessary. Mimi and Shawn offer to be there for Philip and help. Lexie advises them to make sure someone is always here with Belle.

Claire is now crying and Belle is having a hard time getting her to stop. Belle starts to sob as she yells at Claire to stop doing this to her. Lexie, Philip, Shawn, and Mimi rush upstairs and Philip takes Claire from Belle as Lexie tends to Belle. Mimi and Shawn exchange looks as Belle questions her mothering skills to Lexie.

Lexie assures Belle that she is only having a hard time as a new mother. Belle looks over and sees Shawn and Mimi there and feels embarrassed. Lexie suggests that Mimi and Shawn leave and they do. Lexie draws up a syringe to give to Belle to help her get a restful sleep and repeatedly assures a sobbing Belle that she isn’t a bad mother. Lexie gives Belle the injection as Belle profusely apologizes to Philip. Philip turns Claire away from Belle as if scared and disgusted of Belle. Belle lies down and Lexie covers her with the bedspread.


Kate walks up to the bar and Lucas asks Sophie, the new waitress, to take Kate’s drink order instead. Kate says she doesn’t want a drink but wants to talk instead and Sophie walks away.

Lucas refuses to talk with Kate or even stand there and listen until Kate threatens to make a scene. Kate tells Lucas about Victor considering him to replace Brady at Titan since Brady and Chloe are now going to be living full time in Vienna due to Chloe’s career but Lucas correctly guesses that Kate put him up to it. Kate claims that Victor doesn’t do anything he didn’t want to do but thinks that Lucas would be a perfect fit for the job. Kate insists that she only wants the best for Lucas but Lucas quips that her moment of being allowed to talk to him is up. Kate walks away from the bar.

Austin is playing pool when Victor walks up and offers to play a game with him. Austin sets up the table for a new game as Victor notes how a lot of things have changed since Austin was last in Salem. Victor brings up how Austin is now staying with Sami but Austin immediately guesses that he’s here to talk to him about Sami because Kate thought he’d be more willing to listen to Victor. Austin insists that he makes his own decisions and Victor feels that he’s fulfilled his promise of talking to Austin and changes the subject to Austin’s business ventures. Sophie walks over and offers them drinks but they both turn her down so she walks away. Victor asks Austin what he’d think of working at Titan for he couldn’t think of anyone better to replace Brady. Austin thanks Victor but turns him down as he has plans to start his own business. Victor coyly jokes about how moving from JV to varsity isn’t easy and that just because they are sort of family, he won’t cut Austin any slack. Victor bids Austin good luck and starts to walk away. Austin points out that they are still in the middle of a game but Victor tells Austin to finish the game himself. Austin suggests hiring Lucas for he would be a great replacement for Brady and Victor says that is what he’s heard. Victor walks away and Austin resumes the game.

Victor walks up to the bar and counters Lucas’ offer of serving him a drink with the declaration of a proposition that he thinks Lucas is going to like.

Kate’s suite:

Abe suggests that John get Judge Fitzpatrick to declare Marlena incompetent so that he’d then be in charge of her affairs but John says that won’t work because Alex will then claim that Marlena is competent. John insists that he needs proof that Marlena is in danger or he’ll only come off as a bitter husband who’s upset because he was asked for a divorce. Abe believes that Judge Fitzpatrick knows both John and Marlena well enough that she would not believe Marlena would ask for a divorce if she was in her right mind. John complains that he can’t make a case on a gut feeling. Abe points out that they’ve dealt with worse villains in the form of Stefano and even the craftiest of villains make mistakes so it’s only a matter of John being there when Alex makes his mistake.

Mimi’s loft:

Shawn tries to fathom how Belle’s depression came out of nowhere but Mimi points out how Belle reacted when Shawn reached over and took her hand. Mimi is trying to clean the burnt pan but decides that it’s hopeless. Shawn takes the pan from Mimi and tosses it into the trashcan in a gesture to show that she shouldn’t worry so much about ruining the pan. Mimi begins to blame herself feeling that if she hadn’t ruined the recipe, they never would have gone over to eat at Belle’s loft and she never would have seen Shawn take her hand. Shawn insists that this isn’t their fault because Lexie said it’s been building and anything could have set it off. Shawn assures Mimi that they as godparents can play a role to help. Mimi vows to never cook again and Shawn says it was a nice gesture. Mimi admits that it was supposed to be more than that because she lied earlier when she said the kiss meant nothing and was hoping that by making this dinner it would give a chance to see if there was anything between them. Shawn laughs and then explains to Mimi’s offended reaction that he only said the kiss meant nothing because she said it didn’t mean anything but it really did mean something. Mimi compares their current situation to being in high school again as Shawn admits that he had a hard time deciding where to draw the line when he brought her the rose. Shawn leads Mimi out onto the fire escape to continue their date.

Belle’s loft:

Philip has now brought Claire back downstairs and thanks Lexie for coming over. Philip wants to go up and check on Belle but Lexie assures him that the sedative has surely kicked in by now and Belle is fine. Lexie assures Philip that Belle will get better with rest, relaxation, love, support, and time.

Belle tosses and turns and wakes with a start. Belle opens the window to get some air and steps out onto the fire escape. Belle hears music coming from the roof and begins to climb up the ladder.


Victor tells Lucas that his name keeps coming up as they go over candidates to replace Brady at Titan. Victor compliments Lucas on his past achievements on campaigns. Lucas complains about how no one wants to hire him because he worked for Tony. Victor replies that there are things to be learned from even the most unsavory of people and offers Lucas the job. Lucas is shocked that he doesn’t have to go through any interview process but Victor claims that there’s no need to waste time since they already know each other and have a history. Lucas accepts the job and they shake on it. Victor walks away. Sophie notes how Lucas is now in a better mood and he fills her in on his new job. Sophie lets it slip that Austin turned down the job first.

Kate’s suite:

Marc, the officer that drove Abe over, has now returned. Abe encourages John to hang in there and wait for Alex to make a mistake. John offers Abe the same advice and Marc starts to lead Abe out the door when Kate suddenly arrives home. Abe explains to Kate that he came over to see John and jokes about not being able to stay because his chauffeur has his squad car double-parked. Kate steps aside and Marc leads Abe out of the suite. Kate guesses that John wanted to talk to Abe about Marlena and Alex. Kate questions whether Alex and Marlena are still out on the balcony together and John uses his binoculars to see that Marlena is now dancing very closely with Alex. John throws on his coat in a fit of rage and is determined to go right over to the penthouse and get Alex out even if it means throwing him off the balcony himself. Kate steps between John and the door and stops him from leaving.

Belle’s loft:

Philip sits on the couch with Claire in his arms and promises her that he’ll do everything he can to make sure that Belle is fine.

Belle continues to climb up the fire escape ladder.

Loft roof:

Mimi and Shawn are now on the roof slow dancing to a song. They thank each other for suggesting and accepting this idea for the remainder of their date and they kiss. Belle reaches the roof just in time to see Mimi and Shawn kiss but they don’t see her. Belle starts to climb back down the ladder but her foot slips and she starts to fall.

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