Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/10/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/10/05


Written By Danielle 
Pictures by Boo

Brady’s Pub:

Kate arrives at the pub and fumes as she paces outside the door. Kate flashes back to when Austin figured out how to free Sami by talking to her at the police station. Kate thinks of using the other thing that Sami did as Stan to put her in jail for a few years.

Shawn puts down the paper in which he was looking through the classifieds to flash back to kissing Mimi. Caroline comes over and notices the big smile on Shawn’s face and correctly guesses that he is thinking about a girl. Bo walks up having overheard Caroline explain that she knows that look from raising sons and Caroline notes how Shawn is getting over Belle. Shawn agrees with Bo that he doesn’t have a choice either way now. Caroline asks Shawn who the girl is.

Gloriane’s salon:

Gloriane greets Mimi and gushes about how the last time Mimi came into the salon, it was to get her ready for a big night and embarrasses Mimi by asking to see the ring. Gloriane realizes her mistake when she notices that Mimi isn’t wearing a ring. Mimi fills Gloriane on the abridged version of events that have led up to why she and Rex aren’t engaged or married now. Gloriane asks if there is hope for reconciliation but Mimi tells her that Rex got a dream job in another city. Gloriane quotes an old line given to her about a guy going on ahead and then calling her to come join him but then never calls. Gloriane asks about a new beau in Mimi’s life. Mimi flashes back to the kiss with Shawn. Gloriane notices Mimi’s expression and takes that as her answer. Mimi is reluctant to confirm it but Gloriane convinces her to tell by claiming that she isn’t going to blab to anyone they both know. Mimi admits that it’s Shawn. The woman, her identity concealed with a towel around her head and cucumber slices over her eyes, in the next chair and separated from Mimi and Gloriane by a curtain, perks up at the mention of a new beau for Mimi and nods approvingly when she hears that it’s Shawn.


Alex remains in the hallway and listens to the music on his tape recorder. He flashes back to playing the music over the phone for Marlena. Alex pulls out a canister of pills as he quips about using them in case the music didn’t work.

The photo album sits closed on the coffee table as John tries to fathom how Marlena could still be asking for a divorce when just a moment ago, they were bonding over family photos. Marlena insists that while she was affected by looking at the pictures, she has no memory of that time. John says that they were talking about how their love has gotten them through tough times but Marlena claims that John was the sole person talking about that and was instead trying to convince her of how much she loved John. John insists that he was getting through to Marlena until the phone call came in and then Marlena wouldn’t tell him whom it was. Marlena insists that she did tell John who was on the phone when she said that it was a wrong number. John doesn’t buy her explanation and correctly believes that it was Alex on the phone and demands to know what kind of thoughts Alex is putting into Marlena’s head. Marlena defends Alex and claims that as long as she is married to John, she can’t find out who she truly is. John simply puts that they love each other. Marlena agrees that she might have once had feelings for John but no longer does and that’s why she wants the divorce. Marlena asks John to move out as soon as possible.

Deveraux house:

Jack pushes Jack Jr. in his stroller toward the house but stops before going inside to talk to Jack Jr. Jack fights back the tears as he tells Jack Jr. about how much it kills him that first he wasn’t there to see Jack Jr. being born and now won’t be around to see him grow up. Jack tells Jack Jr. about his biological father and how he came to be adopted. Jack tells Jack Jr. about how Jennifer, Abby, and him have helped Jack turn his own life around and become a stand up citizen. Jack sighs as he realizes that even though he’s saying all this to Jack Jr., he’s too young to remember Jack. Jack tells Jack Jr. about leaving Frankie for him to look up to as a father figure. Jack complains that every time he thinks about his own plot, it kills him a little bit faster.

Jennifer refuses to believe that Jack is dying. Frankie suggests that Jennifer talk to Jack about this. Jennifer refuses and now realizes that this is what Jack had been hiding from her. Jennifer reads off the web site that says that Jack’s medicine is only used to treat a fatal disease. Frankie tries to offer hope by suggesting that the medicine can be used as treatment but Jennifer insists that the medicine is only prolonging the inevitable. Jennifer starts to cry as she wonders how she’ll ever be able to live without Jack. Frankie comforts Jennifer.

Brady’s Pub:

Kate is discouraged that she can’t find John after trying at Basic Black and at the gym. Kate realizes that there’s only one other place John could be.


John is shocked at Marlena’s request for him to move out and chalks it up to her not thinking clearly. Marlena agrees that she isn’t thinking clearly but claims it is because John won’t give her a moment’s space to try and figure out her life.

Penthouse & Brady Pub:

John starts to say something to Marlena but the phone rings. John picks up the phone and yells at the caller who turns out to be Kate. Kate asks if something is wrong but John tells her that now isn’t a good time and hangs up. Kate stands there in complete confusion.


John starts to mention needing a few minutes alone with Marlena to talk but Alex who claims to have come in to see if everything is all right interrupts them. John becomes outraged at being asked the same question twice in the last few seconds and scares Marlena as he tosses a vase of flowers across the room and yells at Alex to get out. John accuses Alex of doing this to Marlena because he questioned Alex’s ethics. Alex insists that he’s only trying to help Marlena and reiterates that the treatment would have been better served if they had stayed at the cabin. John points out that the only thing Alex planned to serve at the cabin was himself. Alex blames John for the tension between him and Marlena because John keeps pushing and interfering. John claims that Marlena needs to be around the people who love her but then turns to Marlena and promises to do anything she asks to make her feel comfortable but begs her not to ask him to move out. Marlena insists that her mind is made up.

Deveraux house:

Jennifer remembers that Lexie prescribed the medicine for Jack and wants to call Lexie to come over. Frankie tries to stop Jennifer and make her talk to Jack first but Jennifer refuses to do so because Jack will only evade her questions and pretend everything is fine. Jennifer insists that she must do her homework first and then confront Jack with all the facts.

Deveraux house & Hospital:

Jennifer calls Lexie and as soon as she tells Lexie that something is wrong with Jack, Lexie promises to be right over and hangs up before rushing out of her office. Jennifer tells Frankie that she’s going to find out for sure if Jack is dying.

Brady Pub:

Shawn tells Caroline that he’d rather not talk about his love life. Caroline jokes about how Shawn doesn’t want to talk about such things with his grandmother and leaves. Bo guesses that the girl in question is Mimi. Shawn admits that there could be something more than friends brewing for him and Mimi.

Gloriane’s salon:

The woman in the next chair continues to listen approvingly. Gloriane gushes to Mimi about how handsome Shawn is and wants to know all about him. Mimi tells Gloriane about how Shawn was her first crush and her first kiss. Gloriane questions whether Shawn wasn’t a good kisser and Mimi explains that their first kiss was as friends. Gloriane points out that it must have meant something since Mimi still remembers it. Mimi says that she considered herself not to be a great kisser since Shawn started dating Belle shortly after. Gloriane refers to Rex as the jerk Mimi got a chance to practice on but brushes off Mimi’s defense of Rex. Mimi tells Gloriane about how Belle married Philip and had his baby and Gloriane asks Mimi what the problem is since Shawn is now a free agent. Mimi starts to respond but they are interrupted by a loud crash from the other chair and Bonnie pulls off the cucumber slices and reveals herself as she throws open the curtain. Mimi is shocked to see Bonnie there. Bonnie tells Mimi to “rope and brand her initials on Shawn’s butt” and adds that she has just the thing to help Mimi do it. Bonnie rushes off and Mimi shakes her head in disbelief as Gloriane laughs.


John wants to break the hold Alex has on Marlena but both Marlena and Alex deny any wrongdoing. Marlena tearfully begs John to pack his things and go. John is outraged that he must leave their home while Alex gets to stay. Marlena backs away in fear as John shoves the photo album in her face. John wonders what will happen when Marlena snaps out of this and realizes what a big mistake she’s making. Alex claims that John is the one making a mistake but John tells him that if he opens his mouth one more time, John will put his fist in it. Marlena repeats her desire for John to go. John mentions sending for his things, slams the photo album down on the table and leaves. Alex pulls Marlena close to comfort her as she sobs.

John punches the wall in anger as he waits for the elevator to arrive just as Kate steps off the elevator. Kate asks what happened and John can only shake his head so Kate pulls him close for a hug.

Deveraux house:

Jack tells Jack Jr. that he hopes he’ll take after Jennifer because having Jennifer as his parent makes Jack Jr. the luckiest kid around. Jack reluctantly adds that having Frankie as a father will be the icing on the cake. Jack is confident that Frankie wants Jennifer in his life and chooses to now focus on getting Jennifer to want Frankie in her life.

Frankie points out to Jennifer that Lexie couldn’t tell her anything even if she wanted to. Jennifer believes that Lexie, as a friend, will tell her if something is wrong. The doorbell rings and Frankie lets Lexie inside.

Jennifer shows Lexie the pills she found and begs Lexie to tell her that Jack isn’t dying.

Gloriane’s salon:

Mimi can’t believe that Bonnie actually ran out to the valet in her robe and Caroline, now in the chair on Mimi’s other side with her hair wrapped in a towel and a wearing a beauty mask, having passed Bonnie on her way in, echoes the sentiment. Caroline asks if Bonnie forgot her wallet but then Mimi cries out when Bonnie comes rushing back in carrying a rope and branding iron with her initials she had retrieved from the trunk of her car. Bonnie gushes about how she carries it around in case she sees a hot guy that she can then brand with her initials and encourages Mimi to do the same to Shawn. Bonnie’s eyes widen when Caroline takes the cucumbers from her eyes and reveals herself. Gloriane returns to escort Bonnie to her waxing but stops short when she sees that Bonnie really went out to get rope and a branding iron. Gloriane has Bonnie leave the items on her chair and leads her into the other room.

Mimi apologizes to Caroline for Bonnie and insists that she doesn’t plan on taking Bonnie’s advice because she believes there to be nothing more than a friendship with Shawn. Caroline hints that there could be something more but will only ominously reply that “grandmothers know these things” when Mimi asks for an explanation. Mimi decides that Caroline would be the perfect person to talk to and tells her how the kiss with Shawn was intense and she wants to know if there might be something more. Caroline starts to tell Mimi exactly what she needs to do to find that out.

Deveraux house:

Jennifer wants Lexie to tell her why she gave Jack that prescription but Lexie sticks to the doctor/patient confidentiality agreement. Jennifer tries to get Lexie to agree that that doesn’t apply to them as friends but Lexie sticks to her ethics. Jennifer tries to get Lexie to answer her questions under the guise that she’s asking for advice about the drug but Lexie still refuses. Jennifer claims that if the tables were turned, she’d be the first to tell Lexie. Lexie insists that to get answers, Jennifer must take it up with Jack. Jack walks in and realizes instantly that something is wrong. Jennifer holds up the prescription bottle and proclaims that she knows.


Alex empties a capsule into a teacup before handing it to Marlena who is too busy trying to calm herself by bundling up in a blanket to notice what Alex has done to her cup. Marlena tells Alex about how she doubted whether telling John to leave was the right thing to do until something snapped inside her that made her feel that it was the right thing. Alex assures Marlena that she did do the right thing and works to convince Marlena that John was pushing Marlena back in her recovery simply because he thought he knew better. Alex insists that Marlena must be kept in a controlled environment to get better. Marlena says she is glad Alex is staying here and Alex delights in the feeling when Marlena puts her head on his shoulder.

Brady’s Pub:

John and Kate return to the Pub and stop outside the door to talk. John tells Kate about how Marlena was making progress at the Java Café until Alex came in. John points out that it wasn’t until after Alex left did Marlena ask for the divorce. Kate doesn’t believe that John would agree to that and John says he had no choice but to agree to move out. Kate asks what will happen now but John asks that they not talk about this right now and apologizes for hanging up on Kate earlier. To get the focus off himself, John asks about Kate’s life but Kate doesn’t want to talk about it either. John persists so Kate asks for his help in nailing Sami once and for all.

Shawn tells Bo that he has to try and move on but is sure that he doesn’t want to hurt Mimi. Bo notes how Shawn really cares about Mimi and how they’ve both been there for each other. Shawn confides in Bo that something just clicked for him and thinks it might have for Mimi too. Bo takes the rose from the table centerpiece and holds it out to Shawn as he advises Shawn to go pay Mimi a visit. Shawn takes the rose, thanks Bo and leaves. Bo remains at the table with a big grin.

Deveraux house:

Jack plays dumb so Jennifer asks him to explain the pills. Jack claims they are the antibiotics that Jennifer already knew he was taking but Jennifer admits to knowing that these particular drugs are ones given to combat side effects of a terminal illness. Jennifer also admits that she asked Lexie for confirmation but refers to it as patient/doctor conspiracy.

Jack corrects her but Jennifer exclaims that she meant what she said. Frankie reaches out to comfort Jennifer but Jennifer brushes off his touch and asks him to check on Jack Jr. Frankie heads into the kitchen. Jennifer slams the bottle of pills down on the table and storms out through the front door. Jack exchanges looks with Lexie before following Jennifer out to the front porch.

Jennifer tearfully begs Jack to tell her that he isn’t taking the pills because he is dying. Jack takes Jennifer’s face in his hands and tells her that he loves her. Jennifer sobs into Jack’s chest when Jack confirms that he won’t be growing old with her like he wishes he could.

Gloriane’s salon:

Bonnie returns to the main room and finds Mimi gone. Caroline, now getting a head massage from Gloriane, explains that Mimi went to fix dinner for Shawn. Bonnie thinks that signals doom for the relationship but Caroline insists that it’s one of her no-miss recipes. Gloriane laughs as Bonnie holds up the branding iron and insists on bringing Mimi the dessert.

Mimi’s loft:

Mimi works on preparing Caroline’s recipe as she quips that there shouldn’t be onions in it. Shawn arrives home and keeps the rose hidden behind his back. Shawn is delighted to see that Mimi is making his favorite dish of macaroni and cheese and Mimi explains that she got the recipe from Caroline. Shawn confirms with Mimi that Caroline also told her how he likes his macaroni and cheese to be crispy and burnt on top. Shawn gives Mimi the rose and she is touched that he thought to do that before he even knew she was cooking for him. Mimi grimaces when Shawn playfully wipes the flour from her face but inhales sharply when Shawn gently kisses her cheek.

Brady Pub:

Bo talks to Hope (not shown) via his cell phone at the bar. He tells Hope about his talk with Shawn and his belief that Shawn is finally ready to move on.

The waitress brings Kate and John some coffee as they are now seated in a booth. Kate is filling John in on how Austin got Sami off on the charges. Kate suggests that John have Sami charged with being a drug dealer but John readily refuses to do that partly because the DA won’t take the case since he didn’t actually pay for the drugs and it would hurt any chance he still had with Marlena. Kate tries to dismiss the latter reason under the idea that John’s relationship with Marlena is already over but John insists that Marlena doesn’t know what she’s doing and still refuses to do that to either Marlena or Sami. John recalls how he had Marlena as a therapist when he first came to Salem and knew nothing of his identity but then fears that Marlena will turn out like him and still not have regained her memory. John worries that he may have lost Marlena for good.


Marlena complains of feeling woozy and Alex suggests putting on some soothing music while Marlena sits and relaxes. Marlena agrees and drinks more of her tea. Marlena lies back against the couch and Alex watches her expression change after he puts on the same music box style music. Alex declares that it is now time for his work to really begin.

Deveraux house:

Frankie nervously waits inside as he watches Jack and Jennifer moving about through the glass window in the front door. Lexie comes back downstairs after putting Jack Jr. down for a nap. Frankie has tears in his eyes as he remarks about how hard it is to look at Jack Jr. knowing what is going to happen to Jack. Lexie wishes she could have been able to tell Jennifer the truth. Frankie is glad that Jennifer did find the pills because now there are no more secrets.

Jennifer tells Jack about how she feels like she’s lost him twice in the last two years and doesn’t appreciate Jack’s feeble attempt at humor when he quips that the third time’s the charm. Jack apologizes and explains that he doesn’t know how to deal with this and would give anything to keep Jennifer and the kids from going through it. Jennifer asks about Lexie’s prognosis but Jack says that Lexie can only say that he doesn’t have much time. Jennifer demands to know why Jack didn’t confide in her. Jack explains that he was in denial at first and kept thinking that Lexie was wrong. Jennifer recites the traditional wedding vows and wants to know why Jack felt that he had to go through this alone. Jack says he couldn’t bear watching Jennifer go through the loss and worry and grief. Jennifer is determined to fight it and wants to call her dad and find a specialist. Jack tells Jennifer that while he loves her for saying that, they aren’t going to cheat death this time. Jack pulls Jennifer close and she starts to sob. Frankie and Lexie watch them through the front window.

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