Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/6/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/6/05


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John’s car:

John talks to Belle on the phone about how he is waiting for Marlena outside the salon. John complains about how Marlena thinks that Alex is trying to help but his research indicates otherwise. John tells Belle to worry about Claire and let him worry about Marlena because he is confident that Marlena has spent the last hour away from Alex.

Java café:

Marlena stands outside Java cafe listening to the music in a trance until it stops. Alex comes up behind her and she is happy to see him. Alex announces that they have something important to discuss.

Mimi’s loft:

Mimi flashes back to kissing Shawn on the roof.

Police station:

The press hounds Sami with questions as Roman brings her into the police station in handcuffs. Roman yells at the press and Tek rushes around to try and get rid of them. Roman tells the press that there will be no statement today and escorts Sami and Austin into the main office. Sami is hopeful that Roman will help her but Roman insists that it’s out of his hands. Kate pushes past the press and enters the main office. Roman and Sami aren’t happy to see her at all but Kate merely smirks.

Roman and Sami yell at Kate for her presence but Kate merely taunts Sami. Sami reacts by calling Kate a bitch despite Roman’s attempt to calm her. Austin confirms Kate’s question of Sami’s arrest and joins Sami and Roman’s attempts to get her to leave. Mickey fights his way through the press into the main office and confirms that Roman isn’t’ questioning Sami without him. Roman tells Mickey that they may add more than just treason to Sami’s charges.

John’s car & police station:

John ends his phone call with Belle. John complains that Marlena is taking too long to get her hair done. John receives a call from Tek who informs him that the tail they put on Alex has reported that Alex left the penthouse but then they lost him. John realizes that Marlena has been in the salon too long and gets out of the car to look for her.

Java café:

Alex stops Marlena form calling John to tell him she left the salon. Alex compliments Marlena on her hair. Marlena is surprised and flattered by Alex’s compliments of her beauty. Alex judges by Marlena’s reaction that John doesn’t say such things. Alex tells Marlena that when she’s with him, he’ll be loved for who he is and not what she looks like. Marlena likes the idea of true love. Alex tells Marlena that he needs her to do something very important.

Mimi’s loft:

Mimi flashes back to the kiss again and tries to get herself to stop obsessing about the kids. Mimi tries to convince herself that she and Shawn are only friends and looks around for something else to think about. Mimi decides to focus on cooking pancakes and starts to go through the kitchen cupboards. Shawn enters the room and hears Mimi talking about needing something. Mimi and Shawn smile at each other.

Police station:

Austin tells Sami that he’ll be waiting in the office for her as he and Mickey interrogate her. Kate says she’ll wait too and Roman tries to get her to leave. Kate insists that she has more information to tell Roman but insists on waiting to reveal it until after the interrogation. Mickey and Austin agree that someone besides Roman should interrogate Sami but Roman insists that he will do it. Sami, while Austin, Mickey, and Roman are across the room, calls Kate’s bluff about having more information but Kate reveals to just Sami that she plans on revealing Stan’s sale of drugs to John. Sami thinks that John won’t want that revealed but Kate is prepared to say it anyway. Sami walks off with Mickey and Roman. Austin complains to Kate about being here and doesn’t want to listen to Kate’s attempt to warn Sami against letting her get his hooks in him. Austin points out that Kate is as much at fault as Sami is and even then, he can take care of himself. Kate can’t understand why Austin and Lucas keep running to Sami’s side and questions whether the sex is really that good. Austin wants to end the conversation and interrupts Kate’s rebuttal by telling her that it would be best for her to leave.

Kate refuses to leave and insists on continuing the conversation. Austin claims that he’s only drawn to help Sami because she’s a fellow human being in trouble. Kate tells Austin to use her humanitarian desires on someone else. Austin refuses to leave Sami because she needs a friend. Kate becomes angry as she refers to Sami as a manipulator but Austin still refuses to abandon her. Kate points out that Sami has a family to lean on. Austin points out that Sami’s family isn’t available and therefore he must step in. Kate wants Sami to be put away before she hurts anyone else. Austin tells Kate to leave if she can’t stop fighting with him anymore.

Sami thinks that Roman only put her in handcuffs so it wouldn’t look like favoritism. Roman asks Sami for her permission to tape the conversation and Mickey agrees on the condition that they get a copy of the tape. Sami starts to defend her actions but Roman reminds her that her actions were illegal and it looks like she could go to prison for a long time.

Mimi’s loft:

Mimi offers to make Shawn some pancakes too and he accepts the offer. Shawn mentions having to go look for a second job today. Mimi sympathizes about the lack of income but mentions that she can’t handle a second job and classes. There is an awkward silence until Shawn brings up the kiss. Mimi smiles as Shawn says it felt good.


John bursts into the salon and Glorianne tries to send him away to a barber. John identifies himself and Glorianne starts to make small talk until John asks about Marlena. Glorianne tells him how Marlena left without paying or saying anything. John pays for the haircut and runs out the back door where Gloriane indicated Marlena left by.

Java café:

Marlena questions what Alex wants her to do. Alex suddenly grabs Marlena and takes her off the street.

Police station:

Kate vows to spend as long as it takes to prove to Austin that Sami is no good. Austin tells Kate that he already knows about Sami but Kate isn’t so sure.

Sami begs Roman to let her go under the guise of taking care of Will but Roman refutes all her defenses with the reality of Sami’s crimes. Mickey confirms that treason is a federal offense. Roman warns that treason could carry the death penalty.


John searches the street for Marlena as he wonders where she could have gone and why she left so unexpectedly.

Java café:

Alex helps Marlena up after a bicyclist almost knocked her down. The bicyclist has stuck around to make sure Marlena is all right but Alex yells at him about being dangerous. The bicyclist leaves and Alex and Marlena head into the Java Café to sit at a table. Marlena wants to call John but Alex stops her again. Alex tells Marlena that he is worried about her recovery ever since they came back to Salem. Alex warns that unless certain things change, Marlena may not get her memory back. Marlena frantically begs Alex to tell her what to change. Alex holds up the pendant and it calms Marlena. Alex tells Marlena that it’s not too late to stop the damage to her recovery if she does exactly as he says.

Mimi’s loft:

Shawn suggests that the kiss was from their need to relax and distract themselves. Shawn is grateful for Mimi’s support through yesterday’s events and Mimi agrees that they were there for each other. Shawn tells Mimi that thanks to her, he’s been able to move on from Belle and for the first time he dreamt about them instead of Belle. Mimi breathes a sigh of relief as she is beginning to see too that there is life without Rex. Mimi is taken aback when Shawn says that the kiss should have never happened.

Java café:

Marlena is in her trance replaying Alex’s words in her head as Alex stands watching Marlena from the counter. John enters the café and joins Marlena at her table. Marlena pops out of her trance and claims that she came here to get a drink. John reminds Marlena that Gloriane was making her tea so Marlena claims that she didn’t know that. John asks why Marlena doesn’t have a drink in front of her and Marlena looks down as if surprised that it isn’t sitting in front of her. John compliments Marlena on her new hairdo but Marlena doesn’t take it as a compliment and instead insists that she is more than just hair. John asks if Marlena has talked to Belle and Marlena says she wants to go see Belle and Claire today. Marlena delights in John’s observation that Claire has Marlena’s eyes. Alex continues to watch from across the café.

Mimi’s loft:

Shawn claims that by grabbing Mimi like that he didn’t stop think how uncomfortable he was making her. Mimi assures Shawn that he wasn’t making her uncomfortable and confirms that the kiss felt right to her too at the time. Shawn insists that he meant all of the nice things he said about Mimi before the kiss. Shawn says he doesn’t want to mess up their friendship and Mimi downplays the kiss as totally innocent. Mimi claims that it’s not worth talking about anymore and heads into the kitchen to start the pancakes.

Java café:

Marlena and John talk about Belle’s mothering abilities. John brings up how they thought Belle was Roman’s baby at first which surprises Marlena but John brushes it off. Marlena suggests buying things for the baby and Belle. Marlena starts to cry as she gushes about how they are grandparents now. John and Marlena enjoy the fact that they are having a nice conversation again. Marlena asks John if she ever saved anything from when Belle was a baby for she would like to find something from that to give to Belle for Claire. John offers to help her go through the items. Marlena questions why John keeps calling Belle “Izzy” and he explains that Belle was named after his deceased wife. Marlena realizes that she is the only mother that Brady has ever known. Alex walks up with three cups of coffee and claims that he just happened to spot them across the café and thought they would like some coffee. Alex sits down and starts to make small talk but John complains about Alex interrupting them. Alex directs the decision of his leaving them alone to Marlena and John smiles as Marlena tells him that she’s safe with John and Alex can leave.

Police station:

Austin tries to walk Kate out but Kate still wants to complain about Sami’s crimes while over in the war zone working with Tony. Kate’s comments suddenly give Austin an idea.

Mimi’s loft:

Shawn mentions jumping in the shower and getting changed as Mimi works on preparing the pancake batter. Mimi claims that the kiss meant nothing to her and turns away. Shawn thinks that it meant something to him.

Police station:

Sami becomes hysterical at the thought of having to face the death penalty. Mickey tries to calm Sami down but Sami desperately pleads her case to Roman. Mickey gets Sami to quiet down and warns that Roman could use anything she says against her. Roman assures Mickey that everything is off the record until he turns on the tape recorder. Sami begs Roman to think of Marlena and Will but Roman wants Sami to have thought of that before she committed the crimes. Sami vows to kill herself before ever facing the death penalty.

Austin enthusiastically hugs Kate for saving Sami but Kate doesn’t’ understand what Austin is talking about. Austin proclaims that Kate has given him what Sami needs to get off.

Java café:

Alex agrees to leave but holds the pendant out of his hand enough to trigger a reaction in Marlena before leaving the café. John commends Marlena for standing up to Alex. John wants to continue their conversation but Marlena’s demeanor has changed as she explains that she wants to tell him something that she doesn’t want to say w/ anyone else around. John thinks that Marlena is remembering but Marlena proclaims that she wants a divorce.

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