Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/5/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/5/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Alex, alone in the guest bedroom, answers a cell phone call from someone wanting to warn him about Lexie looking into his past medical career. Alex tells the caller that he already knows about it and not to worry. Alex replies to the caller’s question about John by vowing that John will be sadly mistaken if he thinks he’s going to get him out of Marlena’s life.

John is working on his computer in the living room when Marlena enters the room. They make small talk and John directs Marlena over to a fresh pot of coffee. John exclaims that he’s finally found something and tells Marlena that Alex isn’t as forthcoming as they thought. Marlena doesn’t want to talk about it but John thinks that once Marlena sees what he’s discovered, she’ll be convinced too that Alex is up to no good.

Java Café:

Kate orders a double espresso and the clerk offers to bring it to her table but Kate decides to stand at the counter and wait for it. Roman walks up to the counter and reluctantly replies to Kate’s greeting. Roman orders his black cup of coffee. Kate seems relieved to see Roman there and explains that she came to meet Lucas here. Roman tells Kate not to get her hopes up because Lucas is never going to forgive her for what she did to him and Sami. Roman gets his coffee, says goodbye to Kate, and takes his coffee and the newspaper he’d been carrying over to a table. Roman looks at the newspaper headline and sighs as he complains that no one is going to be able to help Sami now.

Sami’s apartment:

Austin is asleep on Sami’s couch. He wakes up and calls out to Sami but there is no answer. Austin finds Sami’s note letting him know that she went out to get his favorite things for breakfast and will be back soon.

Sami, arms full with bags of groceries, stops outside her door when she runs into the elderly neighbor. The woman looks up from her newspaper to see Sami standing in front of her and backs away and out of sight as if scared to be in Sami’s presence. Sami quips that she didn’t want to talk to the woman either and fumbles to get her keys out while still holding the bags. Some of the groceries fall out of the bags as she bends down to put the bags on the floor. Lucas steps up to help pick up the groceries. Sami starts to politely thank Lucas until she stands up and realizes whom it is.


John explains to Marlena that he’s been digging into Alex’s background. Marlena is completely against the idea and tells John to stop. John insists he’s only looking for the truth about Alex and Marlena insists that the truth is only that Alex is helping her. Marlena accuses John of having an agenda but John claims that his only agenda is to make sure that Marlena is getting the best medical treatment possible. Marlena seems skeptical. John points out that Marlena has to know by now that they did have a past together and that they loved each other enough to create Belle. John reminds Marlena of how she looked at Claire and Marlena quips that she remembers that because it was yesterday! John claims it was the same look when Marlena held Belle as a baby but Marlena claims that it was a reaction to the simple fact of holding a newborn. John insists it was a specific reaction to holding a grandchild. Marlena acknowledges that this is frustrating for John and wishes she could help. Marlena wants to focus on her own healing right now so that she may uncover her past. John says he understands that and is only trying to help by checking into Alex’s background. Marlena can’t understand why John keeps pursuing Alex. John shares his doubts about Alex’s methods but Marlena insists that there is nothing wrong with Alex’s methods. John claims that Alex doesn’t want Marlena to get better which shocks Marlena. Marlena reminds John that Alex is an effective specialist in treating cases like hers. John is skeptical about that but Marlena insists that she believes in Alex’s methods and feels that she is making progress. John asks Marlena to give him an example of what Alex has helped her remember. Marlena has a hard time coming up with an example and John calls her on the truth about how Alex hasn’t helped her remember anything about her past. Marlena claims that Alex is helping because he is making her feel comfortable in the present and really wants Alex here as long as he is helping her. John reveals that Alex has not treated a patient in 10 years before coming here to treat Marlena, which surprises her. John has Marlena check out the web site he pulled up of the psychiatric association of America directory. John points out that Alex hasn’t kept up with his colleagues for years but drops everything to come running when Lexie calls him. Marlena blames it on Alex being retired to do research. John refutes that theory by pointing out that there is no sign of any published research. Marlena suggests that it’s because Alex is writing a book. John decides that it’s better to give up this particular argument and flatly tells Marlena that he doesn’t feel comfortable with Alex treating her. Marlena retorts that it isn’t John’s decision. John forcibly makes Marlena face him as he shares his doubts about Alex’s methods. Marlena breaks his hold on her arms and insists that she has absolute confidence in what Alex is doing. John complains that they are busting themselves to get Marlena’s past back but they don’t know a thing about Alex’s past. Alex comes downstairs at that moment and replies to John’s comment by saying that all he had to do was ask.

Java café:

Kate asks Roman to be able to join him because there aren’t any other empty tables. Kate tells Roman that she’s glad to see him because she has been thinking about him. Roman doesn’t want to talk to Kate right now. Kate defends her actions by claiming that she was doing it because she had no choice and couldn’t let Sami get away with what she did especially since their son Rex was one of the guys involved that Sami almost had killed. Roman tells Kate she is wasting her breath because he agrees that she did the right thing. Kate is surprised by Roman’s declaration.

Sami’s apartment:

Lucas hands Sami the last of her groceries and turns toward his apartment. Sami stops him by asking if they can talk about yesterday and try to make some sense of it. Lucas doesn’t think they’ll ever be able to make sense of it but does ask to talk because Will has asked to live with him permanently. Lucas suggests going into Sami’s apartment to talk but Sami negates it by suggesting they talk in Lucas’ apartment. Lucas vetoes that idea because Will is in there sleeping away the fact that he stayed up most of the night worrying about Sami. Lucas yells at Sami for Will being upset that Sami lied to him when he sensed that something was up and refuses to upset Will anymore by going into his apartment with Sami. Sami starts to talk about how she understands why Will and Lucas are upset but Lucas would rather they go into Sami’s apartment to talk privately. Sami ignores Lucas’ request and starts to cry as she continues her comments about letting them down. Lucas insists that they either talk in Sami’s apartment or not at all since he doesn’t want to make a scene. Sami starts to make a case as to why they don’t need to go inside when Austin opens the door, still only wearing the pants he slept in.


Marlena apologizes to Alex about John’s suspicious nature. John tells Marlena not to apologize for him and takes Alex up on his offer by asking if he has had a psychiatric practice in the last 10 years. Alex tries to stall but John demands a straight answer. Marlena tells Alex that he doesn’t need to answer if it makes him uncomfortable. Alex insists on answering and gets permission to use John’s laptop. Alex explains that he’s spent the last 10 years doing research and volunteer work and uses John’s laptop to pull up a secure site showing his work with NORAD in Antarctica. John is skeptical while Marlena seems more intrigued. Alex explains that he was part of a team that studied the emotional effects of isolation and sunlight deprivation in Polar Regions. Alex then shows them another secure site where he was part of a team that studied the long-term psychological consequences of deep-tissue trauma. John doesn’t consider this as an answer to his question since none of the secure sites will verify or deny the validity of the information. Marlena looks confident that Alex has proven his point but annoyed by John’s continued skepticism. Alex assures John that the information is accurate and that John will have to trust that his only concern is helping Marlena recover. Marlena tells Alex that she believes in him and then notices that she is late for an appointment. Marlena leaves. Alex prepares to escort her but John insists on doing it himself. Before leaving, John tells Alex that he doesn’t trust him and will do everything in his power to make Marlena see that Alex is the one standing in the way of her progress. John leaves.

Alex heads back upstairs to the guest room and digs out his small tape recorder. Alex refuses to sit by while John destroys everything he’s worked for. Alex decides that it is time that he separated Marlena from John permanently. Alex talks about building a wall so strong that not even John and his determination will be able to prevent it. Alex claims to feel sorry for John because once he gets Marlena under his control; she’ll be lost to John forever. Alex adds that there isn’t a damn thing John can do to keep Marlena from being his.

Java Café:

Kate is stunned that Roman has said that she did the right thing by turning Sami in. Roman goes on to explain that while what Sami did was unconscionable, he still believes that Sami wouldn’t have done what she did had Kate not pushed her into it. Kate maintains that she didn’t push Sami into anything and Sami getting involved with Tony was all her own doing. Roman defends Sami’s actions by pointing out that Sami didn’t know it was Tony that was helping her just like she didn’t know about Kate drugging her and Brandon for that was what put her over the edge. Kate is offended that Roman is blaming her. Roman criticizes Kate for not being able to stand back and let Lucas be with the woman he loves even if it is a woman that she can’t stand. Kate maintains that Sami and Lucas didn’t belong together. Roman asks Kate how she could know what is right for someone else but decides that arguing with Kate is pointless. Roman complains about how Will, Sami, and Lucas not only lost the chance to be a family but he lost a wife in Kate and if Sami goes to prison, he’ll have lost a daughter too. Kate points out that she lost Lucas, Will, and Roman in this too. Roman admits that he feels sorry for Kate and that a part of him still loves her and wishes that he could just forgive her. Kate asks why Roman doesn’t just forgive her then. Roman doesn’t see forgiving Kate as a hurdle that is possible to overcome despite Kate’s willingness to work through it. Roman bids Kate goodbye and leaves.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami quickly denies to Lucas that having Austin inside her apartment only half dressed isn’t what it looks like. Austin insists that Sami is telling the truth and Lucas quips that Sami telling the truth is a first. Lucas accuses Sami of not wanting him to come into her apartment because she had Austin naked in bed. Austin explains that he just got out of the shower and while he did spend the night, it was because Sami was a mess and after they got home from dinner, he slept on the couch. Lucas is appalled that Sami was able to carry on so easily and go out to dinner while he’s so miserable that he can’t eat or sleep. Lucas starts to walk away but Sami stops him. Austin mentions how they tried to eat at Chez Rouge but it didn’t work out so they came back to the apartment. Lucas is now outraged that they went to the place that was meant for their wedding reception. Lucas tells Sami that he is no longer surprised by her behavior but now sick of it. Lucas then turns to Austin and asks how he could have fallen for Sami’s sob story and insists that Sami will ruin Austin’s life too. Sami begs Lucas to not take his anger out on Austin for Austin was only trying to do a good thing. Lucas is still outraged that Austin could have fallen for Sami’s sob story after what she did to his own brother and nephew. Austin believes Sami’s claim that she got involved with Tony without knowing it and Sami blames Kate. Lucas insists that while he isn’t excusing what Kate did, Sami should have had faith in their love and that they would find their way back to each other. Sami recalls how despite insisting that she was innocent, Lucas was convinced she was a liar. Lucas defends his reaction and Sami complains of having revenge left as her only option and claims that Tony took advantage of her vulnerable state. Lucas can’t believe that Sami wasn’t smart enough to realize that Tony was behind it all or even bothered to ask. Sami insists that she didn’t want those things to happen. Lucas notes how bad things always happen to Sami and warns that someday she’ll be accountable for her actions. Lucas calls Austin a fool for letting Sami back into her life and slams his door as he heads into his apartment. Austin pulls Sami close as she starts to sob.

John’s car:

Marlena thanks John for driving her and John is grateful for the extra few moments he got to spend with Marlena. John asks how long Marlena will be as she gets her hair done and agrees to wait when Marlena says she’ll only be about an hour. Marlena tells John that he doesn’t have to wait but John wants to wait so they can continue their conversation about Alex while Alex isn’t around. Marlena feels that Alex sufficiently explained his interruptions in his career and that John shouldn’t need to know anything more. John insists that he has to live up to his vows of protecting Marlena that he needs to be satisfied that Alex has her best intentions in mind. Marlena wants to know what it will take to satisfy John and he hopes to find something in Alex’s past as he keeps digging. Marlena asks John if he is jealous of Alex and he admits that he is a little jealous and a lot hurt that Marlena would turn to him and not to her husband and family. Marlena claims to feel like she’s known Alex for a long time and John explains that that worries him because in reality, Marlena’s only just met Alex and he’s now way too familiar with her. Marlena ends the conversation by her rush to not be late for her salon appointment and leaves with an uneasy demeanor as John promises to be at the car waiting for her. Marlena heads into the salon as John decides to get out and lean against the car as he waits.

Roman walks by and John greets him. Roman is surprised to see John standing outside the beauty salon and John explains that he just dropped Marlena off for an appointment. John explains that he figured the longer he could keep Marlena away from Alex the better. Roman asks about John’s progress in digging into Alex’s past. John fills Roman in on how he busted Alex about not practicing medicine in 10 years and how Marlena bought Alex’s glossed over explanation. John complains that Marlena keeps running to Alex’s defense every time he tries to throw Alex out of the penthouse. Roman tells John to let him know if he needs any help and leaves.


Alex comes back downstairs and spots Marlena’s notation about going to “Gloriane’s salon and day spa” in Marlena’s day planner. Alex gloats to himself about how if he chooses just the right moment, Marlena will be his.

Gloriane’s salon:

Marlena looks at her new hairdo in a handheld mirror and thanks Gloriane for doing such a good job. Gloriane leans in close as she stands behind Marlena and jokes about how their hairdos almost match. Gloriane offers to do more for Marlena but Marlena turns down the offer. Gloriane touches Marlena’s shoulders as she is about to undo the hairdresser’s cape from around Marlena’s neck when she notices that Marlena’s shoulders are tense. Marlena revels in the feeling of Gloriane’s neck massage. Gloriane offers to talk but Marlena brushes off the request. Gloriane suggests something to melt the stress away and steps away to get it.

Gloriane’s salon & penthouse:

Marlena’s cell phone rings and she answers it but there is no answer. Alex is shown to be on the other end of the line but doesn’t say anything.

Java Café:

Lucas arrives at the café and orders his own coffee drink before joining Kate at the table. Kate hopes that Lucas wanted to meet her to forgive her but Lucas says that isn’t why he is here. Lucas gives Kate back an envelope and its contents that she had previously mailed to him. Kate gives back the envelope explaining that it was a wedding gift for him. Lucas gives back the envelope and insists that she must take it back because it was for a wedding that didn’t happen because Kate sabotaged it. Kate insists that she sent it before she had proof that Sami was Stan but Lucas still doesn’t want it because Kate gave it to him while she was looking for the proof. Kate maintains that she was doing Lucas a favor and hopes that someday he’ll see it that way. Lucas vows never to forgive Kate for coming between them the way she did. Lucas starts to criticize Kate about breaking up his family but Kate claims she made Lucas face reality. Lucas yells at Kate that she should have just left them alone and then Sami wouldn’t have done what she did. Kate admits to playing a part in Sami’s unraveling. Kate defends her actions by claiming that she had no idea Sami would go so far as to align herself with Tony but Lucas doesn’t believe that Kate didn’t expect Sami to be so self-destructive. Kate apologizes for hurting Lucas and Will but prays that Sami’s hurt is 10 times worse. Lucas tells Kate about how he found Austin in Sami’s apartment, which angers Kate.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami questions why Austin is being so nice to her and Austin tells her that while she’s made some mistakes, she’s not the only one at fault. Austin tries to get Sami to eat a muffin but she continues to cry as she refuses because the pain of loving and losing Lucas is too great. Austin advises that time will heal but Sami thinks that this was the last straw and she’s now blown all her chances. Austin tries to get Sami to recite a vow that she will not lie to anyone she loves ever again and Sami promises to try and pull herself together. Sami takes a bite of the muffin and quips that it can’t get any worse when there is a knock at the door. Sami throws open the door excited to see that it’s Roman but her face drops when she notices Roman’s disappointed and angered expression.

John’s car:

John has now returned to sitting in his car. He checks his watch and complains that Marlena is taking longer than an hour to return.

Penthouse & Gloriane’s salon:

Alex tells Marlena to remember the music and places the phone next to his tape recorder so she can listen to the slow tempo music box style music being played. Marlena scoffs at first but the music puts her back into a trance and she hangs up the phone. Marlena throws off the cape and rushes out of the salon. Gloriane comes back with the cup of tea intended to relax Marlena and finds her gone.

Outside Gloriane’s salon:

Marlena steps outside, dons her jacket, and walks away.

John’s car:

John continues to check his watch and wonder where Marlena is.

Java café:

Lucas questions why Kate wasn’t surprised to hear that Austin was with Sami and Kate tells him about spotting them at Chez Rouge. Lucas isn’t happy to hear that he seems to be the only one who didn’t go to Chez Rouge last night. Kate and Lucas complain that Austin didn’t have the good sense to send Sami packing. Kate isn’t happy to hear that Austin spent the night on Sami’s couch because she fears Sami could have drugged him. Lucas quips that Sami would have learned that from Kate. Lucas tells Kate to leave Sami alone but Kate refuses to as long as Sami keeps using her children as prey. Lucas tells Kate to do what she is doing to do anyway because he is now officially off the Sami Brady and Kate Roberts roller coaster. Lucas leaves. Kate picks up the paper and reads the headline “Charges forthcoming against Sami Brady” above Sami’s wedding picture and feels grateful that her children will finally be safe from Sami.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami lets Roman inside and he greets Austin. Roman announces that he is here on official police business. Sami starts to worry about what that means and Roman regretfully declares that he is here to arrest Sami for treason. Sami has a hard time believing it but Austin assures her that he’ll be here for her.

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