Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/4/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/4/05


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Deveraux house:

Jennifer is sitting at the kitchen table looking over a couple pads of paper when Julie and Doug knock on the back door. Jennifer quickly and quietly ushers them in, as she is glad that they were able to get here so quickly. Jennifer motions toward the living room as she whispers that what she needed them for is about Jack.

Frankie walks in through the front door and calls out to Jack who grunts his reply through a pencil filled mouth as he works fervently at the computer in the living room. Frankie walks over and starts to make small talk about how people are always spending their time sitting in front of the computer but then becomes angry when he sees what Jack is working on.

Loft roof:

Mimi paces the roof alone and flashes back to having to hand Claire over to Shawn at the hospital because it is too hard for her to even hold the baby. Shawn arrives on the roof but Mimi can’t even look at him. Shawn asks how he can make it better but Mimi insists that no one can make it better.

Hospital & Penthouse:

Belle’s phone rings so she hands Claire over to Lexie. John is calling to ask for permission to bring Marlena by to see her and Claire. Belle is all for the idea and hangs up the phone.


Marlena and Alex join John in the living room and John informs Marlena that he was just getting the okay from Belle for them to go see Claire. Marlena seems happy at the idea and they both turn to look at Alex in surprise when he advises against it.

John wants to know what would be wrong with Marlena going to see their first grandchild together. Alex accuses John of pushing Marlena into a situation that he hopes will pack an emotional wallop and restore her memory. John accuses Alex of not wanting Marlena to remember. Alex claims that Marlena would be too traumatized and therefore would set back her recovery. Marlena reacts as if in a conscious trance and recites to John that Alex would never harm her but also insists that she wants to go see Belle and Claire because she doesn’t see any harm in it. John reminds Alex that Marlena had a breakthrough in being able to remember her days back in medical school to be able to save Belle and Claire. John turns to Marlena as he suggests that she give Belle the chance to thank her and complete the whole experience for Marlena. Marlena turns to Alex and tells him that she’d like to go and backs up her decision by pointing out that it could help her remember and while she may not remember Belle, Belle remembers her and would want her mom to be there. Alex agrees to let Marlena go on the condition that he gets to come along so he can monitor Marlena’s reaction and John agrees. Marlena steps away to get her purse and John looks at Alex with a knowing smirk.

Loft roof:

Shawn acknowledges that it was hard for Mimi to hold Claire because it reminded her of the baby she could have had. Mimi considers herself no longer a real woman and therefore one that no one would want. Shawn points out that there are many women in the world who can’t have children. Mimi claims it’s different for her because her own actions caused her to become infertile. Shawn tries to convince Mimi that what happened was not her fault and that it may even have happened for a reason. Mimi starts to object but Shawn uses how much Hope and Bo love J.T. even though he’s not their biological child. Mimi explains that she’s now afraid to let herself dream again for she once had it all but now she only has herself to blame.

Deveraux house:

Julie and Doug are extremely worried that Jack has done something horrible. Jennifer apologizes for making them worry and explains that she’s actually excited about an idea. Julie asks to hear the idea and Jennifer explains that she wants to throw Jack a huge party. Julie is angry that Doug nearly sprained his ankle in his effort to hurry out of bed and get his pants on to get here only for it to be about a party. Jennifer apologizes for waking them but Doug hints at how they weren’t in bed because they were sleeping. Julie makes Jennifer laugh as she points out that to be why they always look so happy. Julie asks for the occasion for a party and Jennifer explains her wish to throw Jack a big blowout simply because she loves him. Jennifer adds that it is just what the doctor ordered and Julie becomes worried that Jennifer is saying that Jack is sick. Jennifer explains that Jack has been down lately since coming back from the Dimera island and Doug agrees that that time was no picnic. Julie mentions that a party might make Jack feel self-conscious but Jennifer feels that once Jack sees that everyone is there to celebrate him, he’ll be thrilled. Doug mentions his desire for more wives to throw parties for their husbands and Julie jokes about how some wives need to be inspired. Doug jokes about how he’ll inspire Julie when they get back to what they were doing before Jennifer called. Jennifer is amazed at Julie and Doug’s still active intimacy but is shocked when Julie quips that you either use it or lose it. Julie asks how they can help Jennifer make this the best party Salem has ever seen. Jennifer rubs her hands in anticipation.

Jack tries to cover the computer screen but Frankie has already seen what he’s working on. Frankie calls Jack on looking up unexplained disappearances and mysterious deaths, referring to it as the coward’s way out. Jack tells Frankie to walk a mile in his shoes before lecturing him. Frankie urges Jack not to do what he’s planning. Jack insists that every human has the right to “check out” the way they want to and insists that this is the way to keep his family from suffering. Frankie calls Jack a selfish bastard.


John and Marlena arrive and greet Lexie with their wish to see Belle and Claire. Lexie tells them that Belle just finished nursing Claire so they can go right in. John has Marlena go on in to Belle’s room so he can talk to Lexie alone. John and Lexie watch as Alex steps off the elevator. John complains to Lexie that Alex is like a shadow in that they can’t go anywhere without him. Lexie hopes that seeing Claire will help spark Marlena’s memory. John agrees and Lexie wishes him good luck before leaving. John glares over at Alex who is standing outside Belle’s door.

Marlena greets Belle as John enters the room and calls the three of them beautiful. Belle introduces them both to Claire. Belle offers to let Marlena hold Claire but Marlena hesitates.

Loft roof:

Shawn tries to get Mimi not to do this to herself but Mimi, with tears streaming down her face, repeatedly calls herself a loser. Mimi apologizes for having such a hard time tonight and Shawn says he understands more than anyone. Mimi asks Shawn why Belle gets everything she wants and when it’s going to be her turn.


Lexie uses the phone in her office to call and request information on all cases handled by Alex. Alex walks up and hangs up the phone, warning Lexie not to do that.

Belle and John smile as they watch Marlena rock Claire in her arms. Belle asks Marlena for guidance on how to be a mom. Marlena replies that while she doesn’t have the memory of raising a specific child, there are things that everyone knows about what to do and what not to do. Everyone laughs as John jokes that one thing not to do would be to drop the baby. John senses that the ladies want to be alone and offers to leave but Marlena tells him that he doesn’t have to go. John claims he is going to check in at the nurses’ station to see when Belle can be released and leaves. Marlena flashes back to holding Belle as a baby. Belle looks at Marlena in shock as Marlena refers to Claire as baby Isabella.

Deveraux home:

Jack insists that he isn’t being selfish because he is trying to protect his family. Frankie points out that it’s selfish because Jack is doing what he wants for his family. Frankie accuses Jack of not knowing Jennifer at all to be doing this. Jack insists that by being married to Jennifer, he knows her better than Frankie does. Frankie tells Jack to act like it then because Jennifer would want to know and would want to be at Jack’s side to spend every moment with him that she can. Jack refers to Jennifer as loving and caring and complains that people keep hanging on her because they come looking for advice. Frankie reminds Jack that Jennifer married him twice and lives by her vows every day. Frankie warns Jack that Jennifer will blame herself. Jack accuses Frankie of always wanting to take Jack’s place and just waiting for him to die so he can have Jennifer. Jack tries to swing at Frankie but misses and Frankie has to hold Jack and help him down to the floor to prevent Jack from going through the window behind Frankie.

Loft roof:

Shawn tries to get Mimi to think of the good things that have happened in her life and reminds her of the “Love Is Blind” dating show. Mimi points out that the bachelor turned out to be Philip who chose Belle and Shawn tries to turn that into a positive by pointing out that Mimi won the prize money. Mimi negates it by pointing out that Bonnie stole the money to buy losing lottery tickets. Shawn complains that Mimi is making it too hard to look on the bright side and sees hope when Mimi brings up how she once had a guy who loved her. Mimi negates it right away by bringing up how she lost Rex because she couldn’t tell him she was pregnant after hearing him say that he didn’t want to have kids. Shawn claims that guys always say that whereas girls are born wanting to have babies. Mimi starts talking about how she doesn’t think she can live with not ever feeling a baby kick inside her and not ever hearing someone say that her baby looks just like her if she ever does adopt. Shawn tries to get Mimi to stop talking like that but Mimi goes on to compare herself to how Belle gets to sit in the hospital and have people come visit and gush over the baby. Mimi decides that she shouldn’t be up on the roof because it is where lovers come to put their initials in the door. Shawn points out that he and Belle put their initials in the door but it doesn’t mean their relationship was a sure thing to work out. Shawn points out that he did some dumb things but Mimi insists that her actions were worse. Shawn questions whether Mimi sees life as a contest now and Mimi quips about how she’s finally won something. Mimi sees losing Rex and being never able to have children as God’s way of saying she deserves to be unhappy. Shawn hugs Mimi.


Alex taunts Lexie with a sex scandal that would ruin her reputation and repeats his threat to tell Abe about her affair with Tek. Lexie calls Alex on his lack of using the “Black” in Marlena’s full name and Alex claims that Marlena shouldn’t acknowledge a husband she doesn’t remember. Lexie confirms her suspicions that Alex isn’t in support of Marlena’s marriage to John. Alex insists that he is here to help Marlena but Lexie calls him on not helping Marlena remember her life with her family but in fact distancing her away from John and Belle the longer Alex treats her. Alex denies it but gets in Lexie’s face as he repeats his warning about not crossing him. John enters the office after knocking and is annoyed to see Alex there. Alex claims that he and Lexie were finishing up a professional consult and before bidding them goodnight, tells Lexie to give his regards to Abe as a way of disguising his repeated threat. Lexie glares at Alex as he leaves. John asks if Lexie was able to dig up dirt on Alex and Lexie claims that she is having a hard time getting anyone to talk about it. John is anxious to prove that Alex is a scam artist. Lexie urges John to look into Alex’s background on his own claiming to be too busy to do it herself. Lexie excuses herself on the claim that she has to go give bad news to a family and leaves John alone in her office looking confused.

Belle calls Marlena on the fact that she called Claire Isabella. Marlena is surprised that she even did that but quickly changes the subject to gushing about Claire being born with hair and looking like Belle. Marlena smiles as Belle says that she is just like her mom. Belle tells Marlena that she is glad that Marlena and John are getting closer because she now realizes how important family really is. Belle remarks how this should be the best time in Marlena’s life with the ability to spoil her grandkids and is confident that Marlena will remember that she loves John. Marlena asks if Belle has chosen godparents yet and Belle fills her in on asking Shawn and Mimi. Belle reminds Marlena that she and Mimi have been best friends for life and starts to talk about how they have had a rough time lately but decides not to talk about that now. Marlena isn’t surprised that Belle chose Shawn but asks how Philip feels about it. Belle insists that Philip is fine with Shawn being the godfather. Marlena tells Belle about how she called out Shawn’s name during labor but Belle claims not to remember doing so. Marlena apologizes for upsetting Belle and questions whether Belle is really with the right man. Belle insists that she loves Philip and that calling out Shawn’s name has no explanation. Belle is dedicated to making her marriage with Philip work and is hopeful that Claire will bring them closer together. Marlena doesn’t think she can give advice but knows that Belle deserves to be happy. Belle insists that she is happy and feels that Shawn will move on and find happiness some day.

Deveraux house:

Jennifer, Doug, and Julie are now sitting around the kitchen table looking over several papers. Jennifer takes offense at Julie’s mention that she could still care about a guy who she used to love. Doug tells Jennifer not to take offense because even he would be jealous of Julie still caring about past loves if it weren’t for the fact that he gets to go home with Julie every night. Doug and Julie kiss. Doug insists that Jack knows that he’s the only guy in Jennifer’s life. Julie recalls standing on the deck of an ocean liner with a former beau and Doug recalls how they argued about it. Julie claims that nothing happened and Doug playfully calls her a liar. Julie admits that it is a lie to protect the one she loves and she and Doug wrap their arms around each other. Julie and Jennifer laugh as Doug suggests they should write a book about their love and life together.

Jack uses the table to help himself up from the floor as Frankie shares his shock at how Jack is attacking him for doing what he asked. Jack claims that he didn’t beg Frankie to fall in love with Jennifer in front of him but Frankie points out how Jack keeps leaving them alone together. Jack admits to locking them together in the closet at church but insists that he doesn’t have to like it. Frankie adds that it doesn’t justify Jack taking a swing at him either. Jack agrees but still believes that this is the right thing to do with Frankie being the right guy. Jack uses the situation of teaching Jack Jr. to play catch as a reason for Frankie to do as he asks. Frankie tries to get Jack to pick a different guy but Jack insists that it has to be Frankie because Frankie already loves Jennifer as much as she loves him. Frankie admits that the old feelings came back a lot easier than he expected but still offers to leave town without a word if Jack has changed his mind. Jack insists that he’s going to be the one to leave town despite Frankie’s attempt to change his mind. Frankie begs Jack to go to Jennifer and tell her what is going on but Jack doesn’t want Jennifer to have sit by and watch him slip away.

Frankie agrees to keep Jack’s secret despite how he feels about Jack’s decision. Jack apologizes for his earlier accusations and Frankie questions whether Jack is experiencing some of the neurological symptoms of his illness. Jack insists that he’s thinking clear and Frankie promises to not let Jack down. Jack hugs Frankie in thanks.

Loft roof:

Shawn complains that Mimi is feeling sorry for herself and Mimi apologizes. Shawn tells Mimi that she can feel anything but sorry because she did what she thought was the right thing and shouldn’t have to apologize to anyone. Shawn flatters Mimi by saying she is the sweetest, funniest, most talkative and most giving woman he knows. They both laugh as Shawn notes how Mimi cares about where the polar bears will go when the polar ice caps melt. Shawn adds how Mimi loves Bonnie no matter what she does and how she will stay up all night when a friend needs to talk. Shawn concludes by telling Mimi that she is everything that a man looks for in a partner and is incredibly worthy of love. Shawn leans in and kisses Mimi.


Belle is now holding Claire in her arms as Marlena sits by the bedside. Marlena tells Belle to remember that she does know what she’s doing when taking care of a baby. Belle complains that she doesn’t know what she’s doing because she had trouble with the simple task of nursing earlier. Marlena tells Belle that that is normal and points out that Claire looks happy right now. Belle complains that she doesn’t know by Claire’s cry what she needs and Marlena likens the issue to something all new parents face. Belle complains that she never babysat or had to take care of younger siblings so she has no idea what she is doing. Marlena advises Belle to always remember to make sure Claire knows that she loves her. Alex enters the room and tells Marlena that it’s time to go. Marlena agrees without an argument and says a cold goodbye to Belle.

John steps off the elevator on his way back to Belle’s room in time to see Marlena leaving with Alex and Marlena tells John that she really has to get back and bids him goodbye. Marlena and Alex board the elevator without another word.

John enters Belle’s room and asks why Marlena had to leave so quickly. Belle tells John about how Marlena was holding Claire and giving her advice and then the second Alex came in and said it was time to go, she left. John hangs his head and sighs. Belle tells John about Marlena calling Claire Isabella and correctly guesses that Marlena was remembering when she was born. John sees that as a sign that Marlena was on the right track. Belle tells John about how it really felt like the Marlena they know was with her and then when Alex came in, Marlena was there in body but her spirit and personality was totally different. Belle begs John to get Marlena back as the only one who can get through to her. John tells Belle not to worry for he will bring Marlena back no matter what he has to do.

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