Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/30/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/30/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Fancy Face III:

Hope asks Chelsea why she is so upset. Chelsea points at Billie as she exclaims that Billie is ruining her life and she can’t stand her.


Belle and Philip dote on Baby K. Philip mentions taking the baby home and Belle realizes that they don’t have any baby supplies at home. Philip assures Belle that by the time she and Baby K come home, he’ll have it all taken care of. Belle refuses to let Philip leave the room without finally deciding on a name. Philip rattles off the three choices, Claire, Meg, and Hillary but Belle glares at Philip when he suggests giving baby K all three names and simply pick the order by using “eenie meenie miney moe.” Philip insists he was only kidding. They confirm that they both have a favorite of the three choices and Belle suggests that they each write their favorite name down and then exchange them so that there won’t be any influence. Belle tries to sneak a peek every now and again as Philip writes his choice down. They exchange papers and smile and laugh as they realize they each picked the same name. Philip turns to the baby and bestows the name Claire Kiriakis. Belle notes how she can now cross that task off her list and Philip picks up the list and shows how it’s a couple pages long. Belle lists how she still has to order birth announcements, get a pediatrician and Claire’s social security card. Belle adds that they also need to call Father Jansen to schedule Claire’s christening and asks Philip for his input on who the godparents should be.

Chez Rouge:

Shawn and Mimi are still dancing. Mimi notes how she’s had good food, good music, and good company tonight. The song ends and Shawn and Mimi head back to their table as they joke about how unlike being at an actual wedding reception, they never had to do the chicken dance or go through another bouquet and garter toss. Shawn brings up how they each caught the respective item at Brady and Chloe’s wedding and Mimi complains about how Bonnie pushed them into catching the items and how Bonnie had acted like they were automatically meant to get married to each other. Mimi laughs but Shawn has to force a chuckle.

Austin watches in amazement as Nicole downs drink after drink. Nicole complains about Austin getting on her case about drinking. Nicole complains about her horrible year and Austin says he’d like to hear the abridged version. Nicole refuses to change the subject until Austin answers her about having feelings for her. Austin admits that he does but also still has feelings for Sami. Nicole’s smile fades.

Kate warns Sami not to hit her with the candlestick unless she wants to spend her wedding night in jail. Sami, still enraged, declares that it would be worth it.

Nicole asks Austin to elaborate on his feelings for her and Austin notes how Nicole isn’t interested in hearing about his feelings for Sami. Austin refuses to let Nicole put him on the spot but admits that he did think about calling her once from New York. Nicole asks why he didn’t and Austin explains that he had heard about her marrying Victor. Austin adds that he did finally call when he had heard that Victor died but since Nicole wasn’t home, he didn’t leave a message. Austin asks to be brought up to speed on Nicole’s life and she fills him in on all the bad things that have happened to her recently. The waiter brings Nicole her fresh martini and she has time away the first now empty martini glass. Nicole complains about having no job therefore no money and nobody cares. Nicole sips from her drink and Austin tells her to put the drink down. Nicole refuses at first, calling the drink her only friend. Austin insists he can be a better friend. Austin gets Nicole to get up and dance with him so she won’t wallow in her drink.

Sami claims that she won’t kill Kate because she’d have to touch Kate to do it and the thought of doing that makes her skin crawl. Sami puts down the candlestick. Kate laughs and once again mentions a desire for Sami to congratulate her on her win. Sami quips that the only thing she’ll be giving Kate is her eternal hatred. Kate gloats about how it kills Sami to know that she finally beat her. Sami points out that in the process Kate lost Lucas, Will, and John. Kate acknowledges that she did pay a high price but it was worth it and she’d do it all over again. Sami calls Kate crazy. Kate claims that she can put others first and knows that real love requires sacrifice. Kate is confident that everyone will eventually see that she did it for Lucas and Will’s benefit and are only suffering now because of Sami’s alliance with Tony. Sami insists that she did it all because of Kate.


Belle mentions wanting to ask Brady but Philip agrees that that wouldn’t be a good idea because Brady is off on his honeymoon for who knows how long. Belle suggests Lucas and Philip considers it a possibility. Belle notes how it might be awkward for Lucas given that Sami is Belle’s sister and Philip quickly confirms that Belle isn’t considering Sami as a godparent. Belle suggests Billie but Claire crying for another feeding interrupts their conversation. Philip asks Belle if he can get her anything and Belle requests something healthy from the vending machine. Philip refuses to allow Belle to have dinner from a vending machine and insists on going out to get her some real food. Philip kisses Claire goodbye and leaves.

Chez Rouge:

Mimi tells Shawn not to take her comment about marriage the wrong way and Shawn assures Mimi that he understands because he knows Bonnie. Shawn has Mimi confirm that they wouldn’t be able to have such a carefree fun time together like this if they were dating. They talk about how they’ve never really had to go through all the nervousness and awkwardness of going through an actual date. Mimi claims she’s had no one while Shawn has always had Belle but Shawn reminds her of dating Kevin. The waiter brings them champagne compliments of Mickey and pours them each a glass. They decide to toast to being friends forever. Mimi forces a smile.

Fancy Face III:

Hope stands up for Billie and Chelsea isn’t surprised that even Hope is taking Billie’s side. Chelsea accuses Hope of being against her simply because she’s the product of Bo and Billie’s affair. Hope insists that this time Billie is right and Billie, though momentarily shocked by Hope’s approval, agrees and tries to convince Chelsea that they are talking to her for her own good. Chelsea sees it as being ganged up on and heads up on deck. Bo asks to be the one to talk to Chelsea in hopes that she’ll be less defensive and heads up on deck.

Chelsea agrees to let down her guard when Bo promises not to give her another lecture. Bo asks Chelsea to tell him what has got her so upset so he can better help.

Hope apologizes to Billie for making things worse and Billie thanks her for backing her up. Billie complains that one minute everything is fine and the next Chelsea is angry and walking out the door. Hope welcomes Billie to the life of raising a teenager. Billie asks Hope for tips on how she survived raising a teenager. Hope explains that kids Chelsea’s age are moody because while they are trying to spread their wings and find independence, they are also learning that the world can be a scary place. Billie asks about finding the balance. Hope advises that what works for one kid may not work for another. Hope tells Billie that she can only imagine how it must be twice as hard to do alone.

Chelsea complains to Bo that all he and Billie do is criticize her. Bo apologizes for it seeming that way. Chelsea continues to complain about all the things Bo and Billie don’t like about her. Bo claims that it’s only because they want her to be safe. Chelsea insists that it’s too much to suddenly have Bo and Billie up in her face when she only just found out that they were her parents. Bo insists that while this is hard for them too, being 18 doesn’t mean Chelsea still doesn’t need guidance. Bo asks Chelsea to tell him what she and Billie were arguing about and Chelsea fills him in on Sami’s whore comment. Chelsea adds that Billie admitted her and Kate’s past. Chelsea is beginning to believe that the tradition does run in the family and Bo is quick to denounce that idea and notes how it was good that Chelsea heard it from Billie first. Chelsea thinks that Billie would have never told her had Sami not said anything. Bo insists that Billie would have told Chelsea in her own time and has worked hard to turn her own life around. Bo insists that Billie is only trying to protect Chelsea. Chelsea insists that she doesn’t need protecting but instead needs Billie to stop butting into her life.

Chez Rouge:

Kate forcibly makes Sami turn and look at herself in the mirror as she calls her a mean vindictive creature who hurts everyone she comes in contact with. Sami protests but Kate uses Sami’s comments to Chelsea after only having talked to the girl once as proof. Sami claims to feel sorry for Chelsea Kate will probably ruin her life just like she ruined Lucas and Will’s life. Kate is confident that Lucas will get over Sami and find the true love of his life. Sami doesn’t think that Lucas will get over her that easily. Sami asks Kate if she is going to buy Lucas another $5 million bride and insists that what she and Lucas had was real love. Sami forcibly turns Kate to face her to make her listen. Kate vows that Nicole and Sami were the worst things to happen to Lucas and Austin and starts to threaten what would happen if they got close to her sons again. Sami calls her on her threat and Kate decides that she won’t have to do anything because her sons would never have anything to do with Sami or Nicole.

Austin and Nicole continue to dance. Nicole says she is feeling better and Austin admits that he also needed some cheering up because he doesn’t get out much. Nicole is shocked to hear this since she remembers the more outgoing Austin. Austin admits that he’s now turned into a workaholic. Nicole comments that Austin must have a load of women waiting on him in New York and Austin admits that he did go out but didn’t have anyone special. Nicole finds that hard to believe and Austin proclaims that it’s because he left his heart here in Salem. Nicole smiles at the idea that Austin is talking about her.

Mimi starts to feel guilty about drinking champagne that was meant for Sami’s reception. Shawn points out that Mimi didn’t feel guilty when they downed the other champagne bottle meant for Sami at the church. Mimi suggests at least making a toast to her about finding happiness but Shawn thinks that Mimi is too forgiving and insists that Sami won’t find happiness unless she has a personality transplant. Mimi asks if it is crazy that she feels sorry for Sami. Shawn admits that he feels a little sorry for Sami too but says that Mimi is a better person than him. Mimi suggests they instead make a toast to finding their own happiness. They toast to finding and keeping true love.

Philip arrives to pick up some food for Belle and shakes his head in disapproval when he spots Austin dancing with Nicole. Nicole asks Austin if he was talking about Sami or someone else when he said he left his heart here in Salem. Before Austin can answer, Philip interrupts them. Nicole is annoyed when Philip tells her to go get another drink while he talks to Austin alone. Philip drags Austin away from Nicole so they can talk. Philip confirms that Austin has already heard about Sami’s wedding disaster and Austin hugs Philip as he congratulates him on marrying Belle and having Claire. Austin offers his condolences about Philip’s leg but then commends him on his progress. Philip wants Austin to stop by and see Claire and jokes about how Claire is just as beautiful as Belle but with less hair. Philip remembers that he came here to pick up food for Belle and warns Austin to stay away from Nicole. Philip, having overheard Nicole’s question, asks Austin whom he was talking about but Austin refuses to answer. They promise to catch up soon and Philip leaves.

Nicole, having retrieved her drink, ponders what Austin meant about his earlier comment. Nicole then wonders what happened to Kate and Sami because she was expecting more fireworks. Nicole complains that Kate and Sami have probably killed each other and she missed it.

Kate asks Sami why she is here but then claims not to care about why Sami is dining alone and heads for the door. Sami stops her by coyly asking why Kate thinks she is dining alone. Kate tells Sami that after her humiliation, she can’t believe Sami would be able to scrounge up a dinner partner.

Fancy Face III:

Hope assures Billie that Bo is going to be involved in every aspect of helping to raise Chelsea. Billie thanks her for saying that. Hope acknowledges that it’s hard enough just raising a teenager from birth that hasn’t been through what Chelsea went through and offers both the help of her and Bo. Billie explains how she feels torn between not being too hard on Chelsea and not letting her run around wild without learning responsibility. Hope notes how Billie will want to make up for lost time and Billie insists on restraining from doing that because then Chelsea will never learn the value of anything. Hope explains that she was talking about how Kate spoils Chelsea. Billie insists that she tried talking to Kate but it didn’t work and points out the dress Chelsea came to the boat in. Billie acknowledges that at that age, she wanted clothes just like that but is confident that Chelsea is a good kid and will turn out all right. Hope notes how Chelsea has had a lot to deal with for a girl her age. Billie feels that by them not giving up, it’s going to make all the difference in the world.

Chelsea claims to Bo that women like Hope and Billie don’t like her. Bo claims the opposite but Chelsea sticks to her opinion while vowing not to change just for them. Chelsea explains that while some days are okay, other days she only feels like staying in bed. Bo adds that they all have days like that. Chelsea explains that winning the car made her feel like something good was finally happening but now since the insurance cost so much, she has no money for gas and refuses to ask Billie for money. Bo agrees to give Chelsea enough money to get clothes for her new job, to fill her gas tank, and some for fun. Bo asks Chelsea to be nicer to Billie in exchange for the money and Chelsea agrees to try. Bo hands over a wad of cash and Chelsea kisses him on the cheek before leaving.

Chez Rouge:

Shawn asks Mimi to dance again but as they head out onto the dance floor, Shawn’s cell phone rings. Shawn tells the caller that they will be right there and then tells Mimi that Philip wants them come back to the hospital. Mimi is surprised that Philip didn’t say why but Shawn notes how it sounded like something important. They head for the hospital.

Nicole returns to Austin’s table and claims to be glad that he got a chance to catch up with Philip. Austin is surprised at all the things that have happened while he was gone. Nicole recants how while Austin was gone, half of Salem died and then came back to life. Nicole adds that she wishes some had stayed dead.

Sami tells Kate that she is not here alone. Kate claims that it must be some lowlife because no decent person would be out with Sami. Kate leaves the bathroom. Sami quips that Kate is in for quite the shock.

Austin offers his condolences about Nicole’s relationship with Brady and Nicole replies that Sami isn’t the only one in town with a bad record when it comes to men. Kate walks up and is overjoyed to see Austin but disappointed when she sees Nicole thinking that they are dining together. Nicole claims she came over to say hi and Kate says that now Nicole can say bye.

Fancy Face III:

Bo comes back down to the galley and Hope and Billie grill him about his talk with Chelsea. Bo is confident that he and Chelsea had a good talk and that things will get better. Hope is skeptical that Chelsea would change her attitude so easily and Bo claims Chelsea only needed someone to talk to. Billie complains that Chelsea wouldn’t talk to her and Bo replies that Chelsea felt better about talking to him because she has a hard time relating to Hope and Billie. Hope and Billie look at each other quizzically.


Chelsea calls Max on her cell phone and is all smiles as she tells him to meet her a club downtown because she’s now got a load of cash and is ready to party.


Mimi and Shawn hurry into Belle’s hospital room anxious to find out what is wrong. Belle and Philip assure them that everyone is fine and apologize for having them think something was wrong. Philip gives Belle the honor of asking Shawn and Mimi to be Claire’s grandparents.

Chez Rouge:

Austin criticizes Kate for being rude to Nicole but Nicole agrees to leave anyway after whispering in his ear that she’ll be in touch while enjoying seeing Kate’s disgusted reaction. Kate is overjoyed to see Austin and starts going on about how they can have dinner and catch up. Austin insists that he can’t have dinner with Kate tonight because he is dining with someone. Kate assumes that Austin meant he brought a girlfriend from New York but Kate’s smile turns to rage when Sami walks up behind Kate and declares that she is the one Austin is dining with tonight.

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