Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/29/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/29/05


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Lockhart house:

Billie has just served herself and Chelsea individual TV dinners. Chelsea complains that her original mother would cook her dinner every night from scratch and serve it on real plates. Billie apologizes for not being a good cook and tries to make up for it by offering to make a sandwich or some eggs. Chelsea interrupts to tell Billie to give up trying because she and Bo are never going to be her real parents.

Fancy Face III:

Bo and Hope come down into the galley with armloads of grocery bags. Bo wraps his arms around Hope from behind and gushes about having bought the boat so they could have romantic quiet getaways like this. Bo remarks how nice it was of Zach to want to stay with Doug and Julie and Hope admits that she had purposefully promised Zach a sleepover with her parents so they could be alone tonight. Bo protests at Hope having usurped his secret plans and Hope notes how it was a safe bet to assume that Sami’s wedding would implode leaving them to find their own dinner. They kiss as Hope jokes about how she wasn’t planning the dinner part of the evening. Bo quips about how they have Sami to thank for this moment and he mistakes Hope’s disappointment for the reveal of Sami as Stan. Hope explains that she’s just noticed that the bag boy forgot to pack the pie but Bo leans in close and kisses Hope as he jokingly refers to her as what he’ll be having for dessert.

Kate’s suite:

Kate becomes discouraged when she can’t reach Austin on the phone. There is a knock on the door and Kate rushes to open it thinking it’s Austin. Nicole jumps out to face Kate and Kate isn’t at all happy to see her. Nicole orders Kate to get dressed because they are going out.

Chez Rouge:

Mickey tucks the gift bag intended for Sami and Lucas behind the bar as he walks over to Maggie who is sitting at the bar making calls. Maggie explains that she was calling all the regular customers that had been turned away when they thought they’d be closed for the reception. Maggie and Mickey talk about Sami’s history with wedding mishaps and what could happen to Sami’s criminal proceedings. Maggie asks if Mickey would defend Sami if asked to but Mickey isn’t sure if he would or not.

Mimi and Shawn arrive and are greeted by Mickey and Maggie. Mimi apologizes for Bonnie’s earlier actions and verifies that Bonnie did take most of the food to the women’s shelter. Maggie assures Mimi that she doesn’t hold Bonnie’s actions against her and that Mimi is welcome at Chez Rouge anytime. Maggie asks about Belle and Mimi and Shawn fill her and Mickey in on the birth of Baby K. Mimi mentions how they are on a budget and can only afford appetizers tonight but Maggie insists that they should order anything they want because it’s on the house. Mickey adds that they still have food from the reception that won’t last as incentive to accept the offer. Everyone laughs as Maggie adds that Sami “paid for it all.”

Austin and Sami arrive and Austin hands his keys to the valet. Austin’s cell phone rings and he steps away to take the call from his assistant in New York. The valet notices that Sami is looking at the sign stating that the restaurant is closed for a private party and, not knowing that he’s talking to the bride, jokes with Sami about how the reception is no longer on because the bride turned out to be an international terrorist and was left at the altar by the groom. The valet rushes to put away the sign. Austin finishes his call and turns off his phone as he promises Sami that there won’t be any more interruptions. Austin notices that Sami is now close to tears and she starts to sob in his arms.

Kate’s suite:

Kate refuses to go out with Nicole and orders her out of her home. Nicole insists that she has some friendly information that Kate will want to know about so Kate agrees to let her stay. Nicole refuses to simply tell Kate what she knows and insists that Kate get dressed and take a ride with her so she can show her instead. Nicole tries to push Kate into the bedroom to get dressed but jumps back in fright at the look Kate gives her. Kate takes her cell phone into the bedroom and tells Nicole that she’s going to call Austin and that Nicole better be gone by the time she comes back. Nicole sighs and complains that her news is about Austin and collapses onto the couch.

Chez Rouge:

Sami has explained to Austin what the valet said. Austin tries to assure Sami that he wouldn’t have said that had he known she was the bride but Sami is more upset that the valet has probably already said that to everyone in town and now the valet made her feel like garbage. Austin asks if that was the valet’s doing or her own.

Mimi and Shawn are now seated at a table. Mimi thanks Shawn for thinking of going out to dinner but Shawn says he should be thanking Mimi because he never would have been able to get through today without her.

Maggie directs Mickey’s attention to Mimi and Shawn as they clink glasses in a toast and remarks that while one love may have ended today, it looks like another one is beginning.

Sami is shocked that Austin would defend the valet and starts to question whether she should be out with him at all. Austin asks Sami why she cares what the valet said to her because the only person that can make her feel bad about herself is her for only children worry about being called names. Sami recites the children’s name calling rhyme “sticks and stones.” Austin asks Sami when she is going to grow up and stop being her own worst enemy.

Fancy Face III:

Hope and Bo lay in each other’s arms after making love. Hope jokes about how they can’t stay in bed because dinner won’t get made especially after they’ve worked up such an appetite but then notices how Bo seems lost in thought. Bo explains that he was thinking about how Sami could have cost Shawn his life but Hope wants to put that in the past since they know now that Shawn is home safe and sound. Bo continues to talk about it so Hope joins in on the discussion. Hope brings up how Roman and Lucas may never trust Sami again and Bo laments about how Roman didn’t need this on his already full plate. Hope mentions how Will has to deal with his mother’s messes and Bo segways into asking about Shawn dealing with the birth of Baby K. Bo fears that Shawn will do something stupid but Hope is confident that Shawn has learned his lesson. Bo confirms with Hope that she still thinks Shawn and Belle belong together but Hope insists that Belle and Philip need to stick together now that they have a baby. Bo asks why Hope has suddenly changed her mind when the concept of the baby has been in the picture for a while now. Hope explains that she saw how much Philip and Belle were in love while at the wedding and while it may not be the way Belle loves Shawn, the baby will bring them closer together. Bo notes how a child can only bring two people really close together and Hope looks away with a sad look in her eyes and thinking about Chelsea in this case, agrees.

Lockhart house:

Chelsea tells Billie to drop the idea of them ever being a family. Billie insists that she isn’t trying to make Chelsea forget about the Bensons, she’s only trying to cook Chelsea a hot meal. Chelsea complains that Billie is always trying too hard and it is driving her crazy. Billie calls Chelsea on how she doesn’t seem to mind when it means getting free dresses from Kate. Chelsea starts to cry as she claims it’s because she, while she’s never had a grandmother, wants the Bensons back since they were the ones who were real parents to her and how it isn’t fair that some drunk driver could take them away. Chelsea asks Billie if she would still try to take her away if the Bensons were still alive and Billie insists that they would have worked out a way to share Chelsea. Chelsea doesn’t like being referred to as an object that can be shared. Chelsea doesn’t like Billie’s efforts to be there for her. Billie acknowledges that this is awkward for all but feels that it’s worth the effort. Chelsea quips that Billie isn’t worth her effort. Billie fights back her own tears as she suggests they try and be friends instead of mother and daughter but Chelsea insists she already has friends. Chelsea storms out of the room and Billie stamps her foot in frustration.

Kate’s suite:

Kate returns to her living room annoyed to find Nicole casually lying on her couch. Kate forcefully pushes Nicole’s feet off her couch. Nicole guesses that Austin didn’t pick up Kate’s call and Kate refuses to tell Nicole about it. Nicole complains that Kate didn’t change while she was in the bedroom and Kate repeats her refusal to go out with Nicole. Kate thinks that Nicole wants money and starts to give it to her but Nicole insists that this isn’t about money but about Sami. Kate scoffs and looks at Nicole quizzically.

Chez Rouge:

Austin advises Sami to not react to everything by lashing out and instead should empower herself. Sami repeats what the valet said about her but Austin points out that the valet doesn’t know that the real Sami is caring and loving. Austin assures Sami that she can still turn her life around but Sami claims that she tried that and still lost Lucas. Austin assures Sami that she’ll find another love. Sami starts to protest but Austin insists that if Sami is serious about changing, her next love will be for keeps.

Shawn and Mimi have now been served their food. Shawn enjoys his meal and jokes about how it is so much better than the microwave meals he usually eats. Mimi jokes about how she can’t even afford the microwave meals and sends Shawn lost in his own thoughts when she refers to being jealous of the cooking smells coming from Belle and Philip’s loft. Mimi trails on about how Bonnie lets her eat Alice’s sometimes but then calls Shawn on his lack of listening. Shawn apologizes for being distracted and notes how simply being told that Belle was having a child by another man wasn’t enough but now seeing Belle with Baby K made the end of their relationship seem real in a whole new way. They admit that now they really are adults. Mimi grabs Shawn’s hand as she proclaims that it’s time to stop drifting and dreaming and live their lives.

Mickey comes up behind Maggie and tells her that he asked the chef to make his special chocolate mousse cake for Shawn and Mimi as well as one for them because chocolate can be such an aphrodisiac. Maggie quips that she doesn’t need any aphrodisiac and Sami walks in just in time to see them kissing. Sami sees it as them rubbing it in her face and clears her throat to make her presence known. Mickey and Maggie are surprised to see her here and Sami points out that the food was already paid for so she figured she’d come to eat too. Sami admits to Maggie that she’s not doing well and Mickey offers to seat her at a nice quiet table. Maggie is worried about Sami eating alone but Austin walks up and declares that Sami is eating with him. Sami grins sheepishly as Maggie and Mickey look shocked to see Austin.

Fancy Face III:

Hope is cooking on the stove when Bo walks in and compliments her on the smell of the sauce. Hope puts some on the spoon and waves it under Bo’s nose but pulls it back before he can taste it. Bo tries to sneak a piece of bread dipped in the sauce for a taste but Hope wrestles the bread out of Bo’s hand before he can eat it. Hope insists that Bo wait until the sauce is perfect before he eats any and makes the mistake of putting the piece of bread back on the counter in front of Bo while turning her back on him to set the table. Hope turns around and spots Bo eating the piece of the bread with a big grin on his face. Hope complains again about the pie and Bo offers to go pick up something from the bakery down the street. Hope insists that since she cooked dinner, she gets to pick dessert so she instructs Bo to set the table and keep an eye on the sauce while she runs to the bakery. Bo teases her about the fact that she’s wearing his shirt and nothing else and Hope quips that it might help her get a better deal on the pastry. Hope heads into the bedroom to change as Bo mentions giving Chelsea a call to check on her because of what Sami said to her. Hope, replying from the bedroom, says that Bo has a better chance of developing a rapport with Chelsea than Billie does. Hope calls Bo on his continued sauce dipping and Bo tells her not to change the subject. Hope comes back out of the bedroom fully dressed in her own clothes and refusing to continue the subject. Bo, despite Hope’s attempts to avoid finishing her thought so as not to ruin the evening, insists that Hope say what she’s thinking. Hope declares that Billie and Chelsea are exactly alike.

Lockhart house:

Billie takes a bite of her TV dinner but spits it out as she realizes that Chelsea was right about how bad the meals were. Chelsea returns now dressed in a sparkly and barely there black shirt and halter-top. Chelsea explains that she might meet up with Abby. Billie asks if her outfit is from Kate and Chelsea spins around to show it off and asks Billie if she likes it. Billie refers to the outfit as “too sex-in-the-city for Salem” and Chelsea takes it as Billie calling her a whore just like Sami did. Billie tells Chelsea to forget what Sami said but Chelsea insists that Sami’s comment was too harsh to easily forget. Billie asks for Sami’s exact words and Chelsea tells her that Sami said she was following in the footsteps of Billie and Kate who were also whores. Chelsea gloats about how successful Billie and Kate are and asks why Sami would make it sound like Billie and Kate were a couple of prostitutes. Billie’s hangs her head and remains silent leading Chelsea to question whether Sami was really telling the truth.

Kate’s suite:

Kate wants to know what Nicole has to say about Sami. Nicole insists that Kate come with her to see the news about Sami. Kate doesn’t want to leave for fear of missing a call from Austin. Nicole points out that Austin has Kate’s cell phone number. Kate still doesn’t want to leave for fear of missing Austin if he should stop by. Nicole ominously assures Kate that she won’t miss Austin. Nicole claims that Austin wouldn’t come all the way from New York and not see his mother before going back and Kate finally agrees to head into the bedroom to change. Nicole gloats about how Kate is going to go berserk at the sight of Austin helping Sami get her life back together. Nicole helps herself to a drink from Kate’s bar.

Chez Rouge:

Austin enthusiastically greets Mickey and Maggie. Sami asks for a table that isn’t in the middle of everything and Maggie escorts her and Austin to a more secluded table.

Mickey spots the waiter heading over to Mimi and Shawn’s table with the two slices of chocolate mousse cake and takes them so he can deliver them himself. Shawn and Mimi are showing off to each other about how they can get their spoon to stick to the end of their nose but quickly act respectful when they notice Mickey walk up with the slices of cake. Shawn insists that they didn’t order dessert but Mickey claims that it’s a test recipe that he wants them to be the testers of. Shawn and Mimi exchange nervous smiles as Mickey gushes about how nice it is to see them here on a date.

Maggie seats Sami and Austin at a table in the corner and offers to get them something to drink. Sami starts to order a glass but then decides that she’d rather have a bottle of Shiraz. Maggie walks away. Austin questions Sami’s decision to drink tonight. Sami spots the gift bag with her and Lucas’ name on the tag and decides to leave it as it falls over when she puts it back down on the table. Sami justifies her decision to drink by complaining about how right now she’d be cutting her wedding cake and enjoying being a real family with Lucas and Will. Sami claims that if she literally died right then and there, no one would care. Austin removes the gift bag from the table and insists that he would care.

Fancy Face III:

Bo likens Billie and Chelsea to being common mother and daughter who are so alike it can be volatile but still find a common ground. Hope points out that Chelsea makes it clear how much she hates Billie every chance she gets. Bo suggests being a referee and insists when Hope protests that he has an obligation. Hope points out that his only obligation is one to Chelsea and he could end up losing her forever if she thinks he’s siding with Billie against her. Hope notes how late it is getting and in her rush to get to the bakery before it closes cautions Bo to think about what is really important, tells him not to eat the sauce and kisses him goodbye before rushing up the stairs and off the boat.

Lockhart house:

Chelsea starts to cry again as Billie confirms that in a matter of speaking she and Kate were hookers. Billie acknowledges that being a prostitute is more than simply being on the wild side. Chelsea becomes annoyed at the thought of Billie judging her given what she now knows Billie used to do but Billie points out that she knows better than the average person how vulnerable a young girl can be who thinks they are more sophisticated than they really are. Billie adds that she credits Bo for turning her life around. Chelsea asks if Billie and Kate were in business together but Billie explains that Kate allowed Stefano to turn her into a high priced call girl so she could provide for Lucas. Chelsea refers to her lineage as two generations of hookers but Billie insists that they are two women who turned their lives around. Chelsea fears that she is genetically doomed to follow in their footsteps but Billie adamantly refuses to let that happen. Chelsea doesn’t believe that Billie can promise such a thing and storms out ignoring Billie’s calls to stop and come back.

Lockhart house & Fancy Face III:

Chelsea’s cell phone rings as she is leaving and as she answers it, Bo can tell that Chelsea is upset. He asks what is wrong and becomes alarmed when Chelsea replies that everything is wrong. Chelsea refers to Bo as “daddy” as she tells him that she needs him.

Fancy Face III:

Chelsea, sobbing, runs down into the galley and into Bo’s arms as he steps out of the bedroom. Billie climbs down shortly after, grateful that Chelsea chose to come here. Bo asks Billie what happened. Billie relays to Bo how Chelsea was so upset that she got in her sports car and took off driving dangerously by swerving and running red lights. Billie lectures Chelsea on her risk of killing someone or herself. Bo asks Chelsea if this is true and Chelsea replies that she was merely in a hurry to get to Bo. Bo gives Chelsea the same lecture about being responsible behind the wheel. Chelsea becomes even more upset that Bo isn’t taking her side and begins to regret having come to see Bo. Hope returns with the dessert and a concerned scowl on her face.

Chez Rouge:

Shawn corrects Mickey by insisting that he and Mimi aren’t dating. Mimi adds that they are only really good friends. Mickey, though skeptical, acts embarrassed. Shawn makes Mickey feel better by saying that he’s lucky to have such a good friend in Mimi because she is someone who cares about him as much as he cares about her. Mickey advises Shawn to hold on to that as Maggie walks up to ask about the cake. Mimi and Shawn assure Maggie that the cake is delicious. Maggie gets Shawn and Mimi to dance together by claiming that the young DJ she hired for Sami and Lucas’ reception is getting upset because he sees a lot of people here but no one is dancing. Maggie and Mickey watch Mimi and Shawn start dancing. Maggie admits to Mickey that her lie about the DJ worked and agrees that they do look good together. Mickey insists that Maggie had it wrong about them being a couple but Maggie is confident that while they may not be dating now, they soon will be.

Sami is surprised that Austin still cares about her after all the things she’s done to him. Austin insists that as a human being, he can’t just walk away when he can see that Sami is hurting. Sami says that if he did, he’d be like everyone else in town but Austin insists that he’s not like anyone else and Sami agrees. Austin sympathizes with how it feels to have your whole world fall apart and assures Sami that she is not going through it alone. Austin suggests that Sami go wash her tearstained face before they start dinner. Sami heads for the bathroom.

Nicole and Kate walk in and stand by the bar. The bartender (special guest Amazing Race’s Reichen) walks up and takes their drink order. Reichen heads behind the bar to make their drinks and Nicole comments on his cuteness. Kate questions whether Nicole brought her here to see that Sami is moving on with the bartender. Kate can’t see Sami around anywhere so she assumes that she isn’t here. Nicole warns Kate to be patient. Reichen brings their drinks and Nicole admires his backside as he walks away. Kate insists to Nicole that she is going to go freshen up in the bathroom and then come back to drink her wine vowing to leave if the mystery isn’t solved by then. Kate heads for the bathroom. Nicole scans the restaurant wondering why Sami and Austin aren’t here yet but then spots Austin alone at the table.

Nicole joins Austin at the table pretending to be surprised to see him. Austin informs Nicole that he is here with Sami but Sami is freshening up. Nicole commends Austin on choosing to be there for Sami even after the way she’s treated him. Austin points out that just because things didn’t work out doesn’t mean he still doesn’t have feelings for Sami. Nicole asks Austin if he still has feelings for her too.

Sami turns away from the bathroom mirror as she sobs. Sami sobs harder as she declares that her relationship with Lucas is really over. Sami’s sobs turn to rage and hatred when she looks up to see Kate enter the bathroom. Sami yells at Kate to get out. Kate taunts Sami by saying that she thought at times that she wouldn’t be able to stop the wedding. Sami yells at Kate to shut up. Kate presses on to gloat about how she won and now not only are Lucas and Will finished with Sami but so is the entire town. Sami silently shakes her head in defiance. Kate taunts Sami more as she sarcastically asks Sami to congratulate her on her win. Sami declares that she is going to kill Kate and lunges at her with the candlestick from the bathroom counter raised high in the air.

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