Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/27/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/27/05


Written By Danielle 
Pictures by Juanita

Chez Rouge:

Bonnie samples some of the refreshments before spotting Mickey sitting alone at a table. Bonnie greets Mickey and starts talking about how Sami’s wedding went bad. Bonnie likens Sami’s humiliation to how she felt when she walked in here thinking that Mickey had chosen her. Mickey says Bonnie’s name warningly and she drops the subject. Bonnie asks Mickey if she can use the food that won’t be needed for the reception claiming it will go to a good cause but Mickey says that Bonnie will have to ask Maggie about that. Bonnie decides that it isn’t worth talking to Maggie over and gets Mickey to agree to talk to Maggie for her. Bonnie dramatically taps Mickey on the chin as she stops herself from kissing him and walks away. Maggie walks over to Mickey having seen him talking to Bonnie and asks him what that “two-bit home wrecker” wanted.

Nicole is sipping a martini at the bar when Bonnie walks up. Bonnie bugs Nicole to find out why she is here and Nicole admits that she came to crash Sami’s wedding reception in hopes of getting to talk to Austin. Bonnie tells Nicole about how Sami’s wedding crashed and that if she was smart, she’s crying on Austin’s shoulder right now.


Austin sits down on the bench next to Sami and this time she accepts his hanky. Sami complains of being cursed. Austin has Sami calm down and then tell him what happened.

Lexie complains to Alex that his methods are outdated and probably dangerous. Alex insists that he is doing everything in his power to get Marlena’s memory back but Lexie doesn’t buy it. Alex repeats his threat of telling Abe about Lexie and Tek if Lexie tells John about his methods. Lexie counter threatens to bring Alex up on charges and have his license revoked. Alex tells Lexie that if she tries that, he’ll see to it that she loses Theo.

Shawn paces the now empty chapel and then lights a candle as he offers up a prayer for Belle and the baby’s safety. As he is praying, Mimi walks in and listens. Mimi asks Shawn once he finishes praying if he was really praying for Belle’s happiness with her new family or for a miracle for him and Belle.

Belle cries out in pain and Philip tries to get her to use the Lamaze technique. Belle insists that there is something wrong.

Marlena is heading toward the bride’s room but is stopped before going in by John. John implores Marlena not to give up on regaining her memory because he and their children love her and need her. John tells Marlena that Sami needs her right now but Marlena says she doesn’t know what to do about that because Sami brought it on herself. They hear Belle cry and John gives in to Marlena’s desire to be in with Belle and opens the door. Philip is relieved to see them and begs Marlena to help Belle. Marlena reluctantly takes Philip’s prior seat next to Belle and John crouches down by Belle’s head to try and comfort her.

Shawn insists that for Belle to be happy and the baby to be healthy, Belle and Philip are going to have to be together for the rest of their lives. Mimi is skeptical that Shawn could really accept that. Shawn insists that he could never break up a family and likens the situation to how Will felt today and refuses to be a part of making a child feel like that. Shawn explains that he feels this way because of how he had to grow up and even now seeing how hard it is for Hope to deal with Billie and Chelsea now forever in their lives. Shawn insists that Belle and Philip are a family now and he could never come between them.

Lexie, now enraged, is offended at Alex’s threat. Alex points out that Abe won’t want Theo to be under Lexie’s influence once he finds out that Lexie had an affair with Tek and repeats that to prevent it all she has to do is keep quiet about his methods with Marlena. John walks up as Alex is finishing his last sentence and sends Lexie rushing to the bride’s room to help Belle. John tells Alex that he’s confident that once Belle has her baby it’ll spark Marlena’s memory enough that her family will finally get her back. John heads for the bride’s room. Alex agrees that that could happen.

Philip and Marlena work to make Belle comfortable. Marlena wraps her arm around Belle from behind and helps her work on her breathing exercises. Lexie arrives and Marlena tells her that Belle’s water broke and they now definitely don’t have any time to get to the hospital. John returns to the bride’s room just as Lexie rushes back out to get the supplies from her car.

Chez Rouge:

Nicole doesn’t like the news that Sami’s wedding didn’t go well because it could ruin her chances with Austin. Bonnie relays that Mimi gave her the play by play and Nicole asks what happened. Bonnie tells Nicole about Kate coming to the wedding dressed as Stan and revealing DNA evidence that proved Sami was Stan. Nicole laughs so hard that she snorts and almost chokes.


Austin asks Sami to tell him what happened and she relays how she came to be Stan. Sami cries as she complains of how everything bad always happens to her and how she’s now lost Lucas and Will. Austin bluntly tells Sami that she’s the one who made the choices and will now have to live with the consequences forever.

Austin continues to offer no pity to Sami as he tells her that she doesn’t learn from her mistakes but instead builds on them and uses their wedding in Las Vegas as an example. Sami doesn’t want to be reminded of how she ruined her chances with Austin on top of what she’s already been through today. Austin tells Sami that while she may do some insane things but also has the ability to make people love her again and asks Sami to forgive even if she doesn’t forget. Sami vows never to forgive Kate. Sami takes offense when Austin refers to her as the same old Sami. Austin asks Sami what made her dress up as Stan. Sami admits that it was a huge mistake but blames the entire thing on Kate.

Alex listens in on Mimi and Shawn’s conversation. Mimi ends a phone call and relays to Shawn that it was Bonnie calling about some emergency at Chez Rouge that she needs to go help with. Shawn agrees to meet Mimi at home. Mimi warns Shawn to stay clear of Belle and leaves. Shawn notices Lexie rush by and asks what is wrong. Lexie explains that Belle is in late stages of labor and needs to go get the supplies from her car. Shawn instantly wants to go be with Belle but Lexie stops him to insist that Philip is in there now in an effort to keep Shawn away from Belle. Lexie rushes out to her car.

Belle can be heard screaming from the bride’s room. Alex stops Shawn’s attempt to go to Belle to offer advice. Shawn wants to know why he should listen to Alex and Alex claims to have been in Shawn’s shoes by knowing what it’s like to lose the woman he loves.

Philip tries to comfort Belle by pointing out that he and her parents are here with her. Belle, in severe pain, fears that this kind of pain can’t be normal. John tucks his jacket under Belle’s head and begins to fear for Belle’s safety. Marlena asks Belle if she can feel the baby’s head pressing upward or any less movement from the baby in her lower abdomen. Belle becomes alarmed when she realizes that she doesn’t feel the movement in her lower abdomen. Marlena explains, as she feels along Belle’s lower abdomen, that this could mean that the baby is breech. John is worried that a breech baby could be dangerous for Belle and Marlena confirms that it could be. Marlena explains that the baby could turn once labor starts and pauses before completing her next thought. John presses Marlena for the rest of her thought but Marlena complains that she can’t remember. John insists that Marlena will remember once she goes to work on Belle. Marlena explains that if the baby is breech, they can try a cesarean but are unable to do that here. John and Philip anxiously demand to know from Marlena what they need to do. Marlena hesitates to answer and tries to defer to Lexie but there is no time to wait for Lexie to come back from her car. John prods Marlena to go to work because it is time for her to remember.

Austin is shocked to hear that Sami is blaming Kate. Sami tells Austin about Kate’s first attempt to botch her wedding to Lucas. Austin is shocked to hear what Kate had done. Sami tells Austin about how Kate admitted it after a while but at first no one would believe she was innocent. Sami goes on to tell Austin about how even though she was suspicious when the mysterious stranger showed up at her apartment with a makeup case she wanted revenge more. Sami then relays how she ended up in the war zone with Philip, Lucas, Brady, Shawn, and Rex. Austin listens to the entire story in amazement. Sami explains how she as Stan was forced to lure the guys into Tony’s bunker but then helped free them once she found out Tony planned to kill them. Austin tells Sami that she has outdone herself and will never top this one. Sami insists that she knows this was terrible and wishes she could take it all back but can’t. Austin insists that Sami must start taking responsibility or her life is never going to change. Austin bluntly tells Sami that she only has herself to blame.

Chez Rouge:

Nicole drinks a toast to Kate and almost admits to Bonnie how glad she is that she didn’t have to have any more part in it. Bonnie questions her but Nicole clams up. Bonnie guesses that Nicole has a big part with Sami in the story of Stan. Nicole denies it but when Bonnie doesn’t believe her, Nicole admits that she and Sami were sharing notes for a while to help each other with hanging on to their men but now they’ve both failed miserably at that. Nicole complains of how Austin was the only man besides Brady that ever understood her and now both have gotten away. Bonnie echoes the sentiment as she looks over at Mickey and Maggie doting on each other. Nicole complains that even now she wouldn’t have a chance with Austin because Kate is too protective of her kids. Bonnie sympathizes with Kate and admits that she’s out to get her kids married off to rich respectable spouses. Mimi walks up having overheard and insults Bonnie by comparing her to Kate. Bonnie claims that if she just had Kate’s money, acting like Kate would be just fine with her. Bonnie pulls Mimi aside to talk as Nicole returns to the bar. Mimi asks about the emergency Bonnie called about and Bonnie explains that she called in hopes Shawn would come with her because she wants the help moving all the food. Mimi points out that Bonnie can’t just up and take the food but Bonnie claims that Mickey said to take as much as she wants. Maggie walks up behind Bonnie and refuses to allow her to take the food. Maggie and Bonnie exchange insults and then fall to the floor in a fight. Nicole eggs them on as she watches from her bar stool.


Marlena presses on Belle’s abdomen as she apologizes for not having any medication to help relax Belle’s uterine muscles. John wants to call an ambulance but Marlena insists that they don’t have any time for that. Belle wants to know if her baby is going to die and Marlena insists that she is going to try and not let that happen. Belle whimpers as Marlena answers Philip’s questioning by explaining that she’s trying to externally press certain parts of Belle’s abdomen to force the baby into a vertex position. John caresses Belle’s head as Marlena urges her to keep breathing through the pain.

Alex tells Shawn that he knows how it feels to see the love of his life move on with another man and insists that sometimes they have to move on and let go. Alex flashes back to when Marlena left him with baby Belle. Shawn admits that it is harder than he thought. Alex claims that he wishes someone had given him the same advice. Alex flashes back to past moments when he had to comfort a tearful Marlena. Alex admits that he probably wouldn’t have listened then either and Shawn guesses that Alex speaks from experience. Alex explains that it makes you do things you never thought you’d do. Shawn insists that the least he can do is make sure Belle is okay. Shawn heads for the bride’s room. Alex remarks that Shawn will never give up on Belle like he’ll never give up on Marlena.

Marlena finishes pressing on Belle’s abdomen and instructs her to push on Marlena’s cue. John smiles as Philip begs him to confirm that Belle and the baby are going to be fine. John assures Philip that Marlena knows what she is doing and Philip breathes a sigh of relief. Lexie returns to the room and takes Marlena’s spot in front of Belle on the couch. Marlena explains how she turned the baby and then directs Philip to take John’s place behind Belle. Lexie checks Belle’s cervix and confirms that the baby is now in vertex and commends Marlena on remembering what to do. John is confident that this means Marlena’s memory is coming back and Marlena looks at him with hopeful shock before being jarred back to helping Belle when Belle cries out in pain. Marlena tells Belle to push and Philip helps hold up Belle’s back as she pushes. Shawn listens outside the door as Lexie urges Belle to push again. Lexie beams as she declares that the baby is a girl. A tear falls down John’s cheek.

John, Marlena, and Lexie now watch in awe as Philip and Belle dote on the new baby girl in Belle’s arms. Belle directs the baby’s gaze to Marlena as she tells her how Marlena saved their lives. John beams as he tells the baby that she’ll be spoiled rotten for the rest of her life. Belle then introduces Lexie to the baby and Lexie welcomes her to the world before leaving them alone to go check on the ambulance. Shawn watches Belle kiss Philip as they continue to dote on their daughter and he walks away. John commends Marlena on saving Belle and the baby and hugs her when she admits that she doesn’t know how she was able to do that. John insists that Marlena’s remembering her skills as a physician is a sign that her memory is coming back. Marlena looks behind John’s back to see Alex standing in the doorway. Alex holds up the pendant without saying a word and Marlena falls back into her trance. Marlena flashes back to being hypnotized to believe that she should no longer be concerned with her children or John. Marlena pulls back from John and brushes her hand past her face again.

Chez Rouge:

Mimi pulls Bonnie back and Mickey stands between Bonnie and Maggie to keep them from fighting again. Maggie insists that Bonnie leave and accuses her of coming in here to try and cash in on Sami and Lucas’ misery. Bonnie insists that she was planning to send most of the food to the battered woman’s shelter. Maggie calls Bonnie on her use of the term “most of” and accuses her of planning on putting it in the chili at Alice’s which isn’t fit for even her dog to eat. Bonnie tries to lunge at Maggie again but Mickey remains in between the two women. Maggie concedes to let Bonnie take the food and Mimi drags Bonnie over to the food so they can get it and leave. Bonnie accidentally bumps into a chair as Mimi is dragging her and Maggie jokingly tells her to watch out for that first step because it is a bitch before Mickey escorts her away.

Nicole comes out from behind the pillar as she finishes off the last of her martini. Nicole complains about how she’s now alone in a bar in the middle of the day and quips that at this rate she’ll end up like Bonnie. Nicole helps herself to the martini Bonnie left on the bar and wishes she had a guy like Austin to throw her a rope and help her back up again.


Austin urges Sami to take responsibility even though it hurts him to see her like this. Austin asks Sami if she can learn from her mistakes and make changes or go back to her ways and be the old Sami again. Sami hesitates to answer.

Chez Rouge:

Mickey apologizes to Maggie for what he put her and Bonnie through and Maggie is shocked that Mickey is feeling sorry for Bonnie. Mickey wants to know why Maggie lets Bonnie get to him and Maggie agrees that she’s the one who really won since she has Mickey and now this restaurant. Mickey and Maggie kiss. Maggie delights in how annoyed Bonnie would be to see them kissing and then looks over at Bonnie by the food and complains about how Bonnie is taking all the food. Mickey now says Maggie’s name in a warning tone and she quickly apologizes. Mickey and Maggie walk off.

Bonnie secretly delights in hearing via her cell phone that the women’s shelter’s refrigerator is on the fritz so they can’t take all of the food. Bonnie promises to drop off enough for a single meal and then lies about taking the rest down to a middle school near her house. Bonnie ends the call and spots Nicole jotting things down on paper at the bar. Bonnie sneaks up behind Nicole until she can see that Nicole is writing Austin’s name over and over and confronts Nicole about her plans to move in on Austin.


Sami complains that she can’t change even if she wanted to because she’ll most likely be spending the rest of her life in jail for helping Tony. Sami asks Austin for help and support and he professes to always be there to help Sami. Sami profusely thanks Austin for helping and forgiving her. Sami hugs Austin and tells Austin that she is so glad that he is back.

Marlena continues to stare at Alex though John is oblivious to her new trance. Alex puts away the pendant and vows not to lose Marlena gain. Lexie walks by, peeks in on the new family, and tells Alex that she doesn’t have to tell John anything now because Marlena is getting her memory back despite Alex’s methods. Lexie walks away but Alex’s confidence doesn’t falter.

Marlena smiles as John congratulates her on the birth of their first grandchild. Marlena tearfully tells John to take her home and John feels that that is a good place to start the journey. They return their attention to the new baby. Alex hovers in the doorway but then walks away.

Mimi returns to the church and finds Shawn watching Belle and Philip dote on the baby from the doorway. Shawn tells Mimi about Belle giving birth to a healthy baby girl. Shawn explains that he has mixed emotions because while it’s a new beginning for Belle and Philip, it’s an ending for him. Mimi tells Shawn that endings can mean new beginnings and suggests that they go home because it is too painful for him to be here.

Belle laughs as Philip continuously counts the new baby’s fingers and toes. Philip thanks Belle for giving him this gift. Belle thanks Philip for being here and supporting her. Mimi sadly watches Shawn as he sadly watches the new family. Philip declares that the three of them are now a family and will be a family forever. Shawn fights back his own tears at the sight of their happy moment.

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