Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/26/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/26/05


Written By Danielle 
Pictures by Juanita

Jillian’s bowling alley:

Patrick has chosen bowling for his date with Chelsea as part of the deal to get Chelsea to be more respectful of Billie. Chelsea’s first ball goes in the gutter and Patrick gets a laugh out of Chelsea’s lack of knowledge about bowling jargon. Chelsea suggests going back to the Java Café but Patrick insists that bowling will be fun. Chelsea gets Patrick to agree to follow through the motions with her as he teaches her how to properly throw the ball. Chelsea is ecstatic when the throw results in a strike. Patrick steps up to take his turn but turns down Chelsea’s offer to help. Chelsea hooks her arm in Patrick’s arm and thanks him for taking her out on such a fun date. Patrick puts down the ball, unhooks his arm from Chelsea’s grasp and tells her that she’s got the wrong idea.

Mimi and Shawn, dressed in matching bowling shirts, arrive as Mimi points out how fun the place is to Shawn. Mimi teases Shawn about her being known as an extreme bowler. Mimi and Shawn sit down to put on the rental shoes as Shawn jokes about how he can beat her while wearing the really cool bowling shoes and really cool matching shirts. Mimi explains that she found the shirts at Barons and would have gotten the shoes too but they cost $80. Shawn suggests it would be cheaper to walk out wearing the rental shoes and Mimi quickly tells Shawn to hush because that would be shoplifting. Shawn points out that he’s already been in jail and Mimi adds the fact that she’s already been in jail too. They joke about being the next Bonnie and Clyde if they steal the shoes. They laugh and Mimi calls Shawn on the fact that he’s having a good time and that’s why she wanted to bring him here so he’d get his mind off of Belle. At the mention of Belle, Shawn’s face falls.

St. Luke’s church:

Lexie pours Belle a glass of water as Marlena tries to comfort Belle through her labor pains. Marlena suggests getting Belle to a hospital but Lexie vetoes the suggestion because Belle would have a greater risk of giving birth in the back of the car. Marlena continues to help Belle breathe through the pain as Lexie rubs Belle’s shoulders.


The pilot announces that they are making their final descent into Salem. Austin, thinking, decides that he’s most likely missed Sami’s wedding by now. Austin then thinks that he only missed the wedding if it did indeed happen. Austin hopes that this wedding didn’t turn out like the others did.

St. Luke’s church:

Roman asks John to see the DNA report and John hands it over. Kate points out that the DNA report came from the ISA and was delivered with the disguise which gives undeniable proof that Sami’s DNA was all over the disguise. John’s cell phone rings and he steps aside to answer it. Roman calls Kate on her smug look and points out that Kate just as easily convinced everyone when she came in dressed as Stan. Lucas begins to think like Roman and accuse Kate of doing this just to hurt Sami. John ends his call and reports to everyone that the caller was the ISA confirming that the report is legit and Sami was indeed Stan. Sami lashes out at John accusing him of never wanting her to be happy. Lucas turns away and Sami begs him to believe that John and Kate are trying to ruin her happiness.

Sami implores Lucas to believe that she’d rather die than see anything happen to him or Will. Kate points out to Sami that DNA evidence doesn’t lie and insists that she wasn’t going to let a lying snake like Sami become part of her family. Sami begs Roman to tell everyone that Kate is lying. Roman turns to Lucas without responding to Sami and apologizes for the fact that once Kate isn’t lying. Sami tries again to beg Roman but Roman turns to face her and bluntly tells Sami to stay the hell away. Roman goes on to tell Lucas that Sami was Dimera’s right hand man. Sami looks around and sobs as everyone glares at her.


Austin gets into the back of a limo and tells the driver (guest star Kathy Griffin) that he is going to St. Luke’s and offers to pay extra if Kathy can get him there as fast as humanly possible. Kathy first assumes that Austin is the groom and is late to his own wedding. Austin corrects her by saying that he isn’t the groom...this time. Austin relays how he once married Sami out of convenience but then fell in love with her and almost married her again. Austin flashes back to finding out about not being Will’s father at their wedding. Austin impresses on Kathy how much he really needs to get to the church. Kathy explains that there is construction on the interstate that would delay them and advises Austin to get back on the plane and stay away from Sami. Austin explains that he and Sami are semi-friends and Sami is really marrying his brother Lucas. Kathy jokes about being in a 12-step program and how this conversation is harming her progress. Austin shows Kathy a wad of cash as incentive to hurry on the way to the church. Kathy agrees to take Austin to the church but tells him not to count on making it for the ceremony because it sounds like Sami has bad marriage karma. Austin admits that to be what he’s afraid of.

St. Luke’s church:

Marlena helps Belle through the end of her contraction. Marlena notes to Lexie that the contractions are now coming about two minutes apart. Belle fears that her baby won’t be okay. Marlena assures Belle that her baby is going to be perfect and urges her to relax in between contractions. The situation sparks a flashback for Marlena of when she was giving birth with John’s help. Caroline enters and offers to help so Lexie directs her to get towels and more water. Everyone stands frozen as Belle cries out in pain. Marlena continues to help Belle breathe through the pain but all stare at Belle in confusion when she screams out Shawn’s name.

Jillian’s bowling alley:

Mimi knocks down the last few pins and cheers her success. Shawn insists that he still has a chance to win as he steps up to take his turn. Shawn rolls his eyes as Mimi compares his ability to keep the balls out of the gutter to Sami’s inability to keep her wedding out of the gutter. Mimi brings up how unbelievable it is to think that Sami could have been Stan. Shawn doesn’t want to judge Sami since he’s no saint himself. Mimi acknowledges that she’s made her share of mistakes but thinks that Sami’s actions take the cake. Shawn groups himself with Belle as he talks about how they’ve made mistakes they wish they could take back but now can only move on. Shawn sends the ball down the lane and gestures toward the pins as they can be heard being knocked down.

Chelsea insists that she doesn’t have the wrong idea because even though it’s bowling they are still out on a date. Patrick insists he is only doing this to get Chelsea to be nicer to Billie. Chelsea rolls her eyes as she watches Patrick bowl.

St. Luke’s church:

Lucas, enraged and now crying, asks Sami who she really is. Sami identifies herself as Lucas’ son’s mother but Lucas refers to Sami being Will’s mother as an accident of birth because you can’t choose who your parents are going to be. Sami starts to claim that Lucas knows how much she cares for and loves him but Lucas interrupts to insist that he knows nothing about Sami except that she worked for Tony. Lucas gets in Sami’s face as he points out that as Stan, Sami nearly got him, Philip, Rex, and Brady killed. Sami latches on to the mention of Brady and defends her behavior by pointing out that Brady hates her. Lucas points out that everyone hates Sami. Lucas stops short before finishing his thought to apologize to Will. Will tries to walk past Sami but Sami stops him to beg that he believe her. Will points out that just because he’s a kid don’t mean he’s stupid and tells Sami that he doesn’t believe her and that she’s ruined everything yet again. Will walks over to stand with Lucas. Sami turns away and wonders why no one will believe her. Roman tells Sami that it’s too late and tells her to look at everyone. Sami remains with her back to the crowd so Roman loudly yells at Sami to look as he forcibly turns her around and makes her face the people she’s hurt. Philip steps up to Sami and touts how wonderful he’s doing now with his artificial leg. Philip asks if Sami wants to see it and Sami turns away. Philip’s tone becomes louder as he tells Sami that it’s a reality he is forced to face everyday when he has to strap the leg onto the stump that Sami gave him. Sami insists that that isn’t how it happened and reminds Philip that Tony had planned to execute them all. Philip is shocked that Sami expects to be thanked for her actions. Roman gets in Sami’s face and demands that she tell the truth. Sami backs up to get away from Roman’s hostile advance and literally backs into Philip. Feeling cornered, Sami finally admits that she was indeed Stan.

Jillian’s bowling alley:

Shawn insists that he has no other choice but to move on as Mimi returns to gloat about how she got another strike. Shawn looks up at the scoreboard with a smile and tells Mimi that it is still her turn. Shawn smiles as he watches Mimi over exaggerate preparing to throw the ball. Mimi dances as she walks back up to Shawn to gloat about getting another strike. Mimi’s glee turns into a moment to ponder when Shawn tells her that he likes her wild side before taking his turn.

Patrick looks over and sees that Mimi is here with Shawn and suggests that they go over and say hello, much to Chelsea’s annoyance. Chelsea quips that Mimi, as Patrick’s sister, is here with Shawn, her half-brother and complains that this town is too incestuous. Chelsea and Patrick join Mimi and Shawn. Mimi is happy to see Patrick but Shawn isn’t happy to see that Chelsea is with Patrick. Chelsea claims that they are only bowling and drags Patrick away. Once they are gone, Shawn tells Mimi to tell Patrick to stay away from Chelsea because she is trouble.

Bowling alley & Church:

Patrick and Chelsea make their way to the snack bar. Chelsea’s phone rings so she tells Patrick to order her a strawberry ice cream cone and steps away to take the call. Chelsea isn’t at all pleased to learn that the caller is Billie. Billie asks Chelsea if she is with Patrick.


Alex paces outside the bride’s room and comments that if Marlena starts having involuntary memories, he’ll have to put a stop to that.

Caroline steps away from her role of wiping the sweat from Belle’s face to get more towels. Marlena flashes back to the same moment of when she was forced to give birth with John’s help. Lexie has Marlena move from the couch and help her get Belle lying down and drapes a blanket over Belle’s legs. Lexie checks Belle’s cervix but Belle doesn’t like Lexie’s surprised reaction.


Now struck in traffic, Austin grows anxious. He asks Kathy to beep her horn and Kathy does so as she sarcastically quips about how traffic has now miraculously opened up. Kathy tells Austin that she won’t tell him to stay away from lunatic Sami if he doesn’t tell her how to drive. Kathy asks Austin to tell her how he and Sami broke up. Austin tries to avoid reliving the story but Kathy points out that they’ve got nothing but time. Austin flashes back through several past moments including living as if he was Will’s father to finding out at the wedding that he wasn’t Will’s father. Kathy recalls all that Austin has just flashed back through as he has just told her and likens it to having to keep track of the confusing storylines on soap operas. Kathy jokes about finding a 12-step program for Austin and calling it “exes of Sami Brady anonymous.”


Sami apologizes to Lucas upon admitting that she was Stan but then blames it on Kate forcing her to seek revenge. Lucas finds it hard to believe when Sami claims that she didn’t know she was working for Tony at first. John can’t believe that Sami is claiming that she merely another one of Tony’s victims. Sami claims that if everyone is going to turn his or her back on her anyway, there’s no point in being good. Sami apologizes to Lucas again in hopes that one day he’ll be able to forgive her. Abe steps up and points out that Sami has broken several laws. Roman agrees that criminal charges should be brought and Abe warns that the punishment could be quite severe.

Lexie suggests telling Philip that he is going to be a father today and Marlena agrees to do it.

Church & bowling alley:

Caroline is bringing the extra towels to the bride’s room when her cell phone rings. It is Shawn who is calling under the impression that the wedding must be over by now. Caroline, thinking Shawn was talking about Belle, informs him that Belle is still in labor. Shawn is shocked to learn that Belle is in labor and promises to be right over. Caroline hangs up the phone and begins to regret having spilled the beans.

Bowling alley:

Shawn tells Mimi about Belle being in labor as he rushes to change his shoes and leave. Mimi reminds Shawn that it isn’t his baby but Shawn insists on being there to make sure Belle is okay and heads out. Mimi grabs her shoes and rushes after him.

Bowling alley:

Billie repeats her question to Chelsea about being with Patrick. Chelsea picks up a napkin from the snack bar and crumples it into the phone to try and convince Billie that they have a bad connection. Billie tries to talk over the noise but Chelsea continues to crumple up the napkin into the phone and promises to call Billie back when she has a better connection. Chelsea grins as she hangs up the phone. Patrick walks up with their ice cream cones and Chelsea admits that she was talking with Billie but maintains that it was a bad connection even though Patrick points out that his cell phone works fine in here. Chelsea reaches for her ice cream but Patrick holds the cone out of her reach. Patrick wants Chelsea to call Billie back and invite her to join them but Chelsea refuses.


Sami begs Roman not to charge her because of how bad it was when she was on death row. Roman explains that the grand jury is the one who will decide the charges and insists that he can’t help Sami even if he wanted to. Sami begs Roman not to do this to her but Roman insists that Sami did this to herself and tells her not to blame anyone but herself.

Roman wants to know how Sami could end up working for Tony. Sami repeats that she didn’t know she was working for Tony at first and by the time she learned the truth, she couldn’t stop because Tony threatened to expose her. Roman tries to get Sami to see that the truth always comes out eventually. Sami insists that she couldn’t turn down Tony’s proof that Roman and Marlena were alive. Lucas yells at Sami about luring them into the bunker where they were almost killed and asks if she cares about anyone but herself. Marlena rushes in and whispers to Philip to get him to leave the chapel with her. Sami wants the fact that she kept them from being executed to count for something.

Marlena tells Philip, standing now with Caroline, that Belle may be in labor but both she and the baby are fine. Marlena stops herself from mentioning that Belle called out Shawn’s name and tells Philip to go see Belle as Shawn and Mimi arrive at the church. Philip heads for the bride’s room to see Belle.

Mimi reminds Shawn that he knew that Belle would be having Philip’s baby. Shawn acknowledges that Philip and Belle need to be together now and he can no longer pretend like this wasn’t going to happen.

Caroline looks over at Shawn and Mimi before whispering to Marlena that Belle’s cry for Shawn was a sign that she truly loves him instead of Philip. Marlena insists that telling Philip that his wife is in love with another man while the wife is giving birth to his child is too cruel and makes Caroline promise not to tell anyone so Belle and Philip can have a chance at happiness.

Philip greets Belle and sits down on couch next to her. Belle answers his questions of concern by filling him in on how it hurts and how she hasn’t had any contractions in a while but still feared that she was losing this baby. Philip hugs Belle’s knees to comfort her as she cries.

Bowling alley:

Patrick wants to know why Chelsea doesn’t want Billie to join them. Chelsea explains that she wanted to go out and be able to relax from the stress of recent changes, Billie being one of them. Patrick agrees that Chelsea has a good point and won’t push inviting Billie to join them. Patrick suggests they all get together sometime and adds that Chelsea should bring a date her own age. Chelsea turns away as she suggests inviting Max and secretly delights in Patrick’s instant objection to that idea.


Alex happens upon Marlena who is sitting alone in the hallway. Marlena confides in him that she’s been having memories. Alex pulls out the pendant and puts Marlena back into a trance as he smoothly tells her to trust him and everything will be all right.

Lucas, now sobbing, tells Sami that he can’t believe he ever loved her now. Lucas tells Sami that any love he had for her is gone now and she is dead to him. Lucas adds that he only feels hate and disgust for Sami now. Sami runs out of the chapel and accidentally trips over Kate and the steps of the altar on her way. Roman tries to call her back but Sami tells him to get out of the way and runs out in sobs.

Kate apologizes to Lucas for not getting the evidence sooner so he wouldn’t have to go through the anticipation of the wedding. Lucas, instead of being grateful to Kate, yells at her about getting what she wanted only not to expect his thanks. Kate now begins to cry herself and insists that she did this for Lucas’ happiness. Lucas claims that Kate only did this for revenge against Sami and insists that this whole thing is Kate’s fault.

Shawn looks through the slightly open door at Belle and Philip. Caroline walks up and Shawn grills her about the baby. Caroline assures him that the baby is going to be fine. Shawn insists that he now believes Belle and Philip and the baby belong together as a family and Caroline hugs Shawn and tells him that she is proud of him. Shawn takes Mimi’s hand and they walk away. Caroline smiles as she takes a last look in on Belle and Philip and then closes the door to give them their privacy. Caroline walks away.

Alex walks up and Lexie follows close behind. Lexie confronts Alex about his true intentions of having Marlena to himself and vows to tell John. Alex threatens again to tell Abe about Lexie’s relationship with Tek. Lexie vows to do what she feels is right and walks off. Alex warns that Lexie will regret that decision.

Bowling alley:

Chelsea pretends to be offended that Patrick doesn’t like Max. Patrick becomes uncomfortable when Chelsea talks of saving herself for the right guy. Chelsea tells Patrick that he’s the only one she trusts and insists that Billie must work to earn her trust. Chelsea vows to save herself for the man of her dreams and takes Patrick up on his offer to bowl some more.


Abe has Lexie join him outside so they can talk. Abe admits that the events of today have made him do some soul searching and he now realizes how unfair he has been to Lexie. Abe apologizes and asks if they can try again at their marriage. Lexie is overjoyed at this change in Abe and hugs him. Lexie becomes uncomfortable again and uses Belle as an excuse to quickly leave the situation.

Lexie heads back inside and runs into Alex who had been listening at the door. Alex claims to be happy for Lexie that things are looking up for her marriage but warns that if she wants to keep it that way, she’d best not tell John.

Philip suggests trying to make it to the hospital and helps Belle stand. Belle doubles over in pain again and announces that the baby is coming.

Most of the guests are now filing out of the chapel. Lucas accuses Kate of starting the whole problem with her lies and accusations at the first wedding. Kate defends her behavior by claiming that it was because Sami was wrong for Lucas. Lucas can’t understand why Kate can’t see that he loved Sami and it was his one shot at happiness. Lucas blames Kate for Sami getting involved with Tony and causing them not to have a family. Lucas tells Kate that he never wants to see her again and yells at her to stay out of his face. Lucas takes Will and storms out of the church.

Caroline remarks to Roman about how Kate was actually telling the truth about Sami after all. Roman agrees but adds that it didn’t make Kate right and agrees with Lucas that what Kate did may have been even worse than Sami’s actions.

Billie walks up to Kate and asks if it was worth it. Kate says yes it was because now both her sons Austin and Lucas are finally rid of Sami.

Sami sits alone on a bench in the churchyard and sobs. She looks up when a hanky is offered but tells the person to go away without even looking to see who it is. Sami complains that she hates everyone and they hate her. Austin replies that he doesn’t hate Sami and Sami looks up in shock when she recognizes the voice.

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