Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/23/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/23/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Deveraux house:

Jennifer dotes on Jack who isn’t feeling well. Jack claims it’s only a bug and insists that Jennifer not miss Lucas’ wedding. Jennifer ignores his desires and, as Frankie walks in, has Frankie make sure Jack stays on the couch while she heads into the kitchen to make Jack some tea. After Jennifer leaves, Jack tries to convince Frankie that’s simply got a bug but Frankie knows better. Frankie insists that Jack need to be in the hospital but Jack insists that there is no doctor that can help him and insists that Frankie stick to his promise. Jennifer returns with the tea. Jennifer lightly touches Jack’s back and he stiffens up with pain. Jennifer sends Frankie out to the garage for a heating pad. Jennifer leaves Jack to his mutterings about not needing a heating pad and ducks into the entryway to dial her cell phone, commenting on how this is going to cause world war III but she doesn’t care.

St. Luke’s church:

Lexie’s cell phone rings and she steps outside to answer it.

Roman and Lucas finish their conversation and step away. Sami glares at Kate as she grabs Will and they walk away in the same direction. Kate watches her walk away with a satisfied smirk.

Belle leans against the back of a pew in obvious pain. Philip walks up to check on her but Belle claims to only be in shock from Kate’s display. Philip steps away and Belle allows herself to show the pain again. Shawn walks up and sees that something is wrong with Belle but Mimi stops him to insist that he let Philip take care of Belle.

Marlena, obviously agitated, jumps when Alex covers her hands with his but follows willingly as he escorts her out of the chapel. John watches them leave. Alex questions Marlena’s demeanor and she explains that she’s bothered by the fact that she isn’t bothered by Kate’s display. Marlena begs Alex to take her away from here and Alex motions toward the door but John stops them as they try to leave. John urges Marlena to stay because Sami needs her but Marlena protests that while she’d like to help, she can’t. John grabs Marlena by the arm and escorts her somewhat unwillingly back into the chapel leaving Alex standing there alone. Alex, annoyed, heads back into the chapel.

Sami pleads her case to Roman and Lucas by claiming that Kate hates her and is only trying to make her look bad. Sami calms down a little when Roman assures Sami that Kate will never hurt her again.

Billie criticizes Kate for her actions but Kate insists that she knows what she’s doing and soon everyone will see the truth about Sami. Billie asks Kate to consider how Austin would feel when he sees that their family is about to self-destruct.


Austin lifts a glass of champagne to toast Sami and Lucas in hopes that nothing goes wrong this time around and takes a sip.

St. Luke’s church:

Sami practically pushes Billie out of the way. Sami yells at Kate that she won’t ruin her wedding to Lucas this time because no one will believe her lies. Kate claims that this is something she didn’t think of on her own and would never have believed it herself if it weren’t for the large envelope with Sami’s name on it that Kate still holds in her hands. Everyone looks shocked as Kate proclaims that Sami is Stan. Sami fumes.

Lucas and Roman refuse to believe that Sami could be Stan and Lucas assumes that Kate must have finally flipped out. Roman wants to know how Kate could have come up with such a story. Kate claims that she now knows how Sami was working for Tony. Sami maintains that Kate is lying. Kate explains that the Stan disguise and the file were delivered to her earlier. Roman asks who sent it and finds Kate’s answer of it being delivered in a pizza box too unbelievable. Sami maintains that the file’s contents are lies as well. Kate opens the envelope and hands Roman pictures of Sami’s transformation into Stan. Lucas takes a photo from Roman’s hands and looks between it and Kate. Billie shares some of the photos with the rest of Sami’s family. Sami tearfully begs everyone to believe that she wasn’t Stan.

Alex suggests to Marlena that she shouldn’t subject herself to this and Marlena agrees to his offer to leave. John, standing behind them in an effort to block their exit, points out that Sami is Marlena’s daughter. Marlena insists that she doesn’t feel any sort of maternal instincts and only wants to leave. John agrees to let Marlena leave only if it is without Alex. Marlena recites the mantra about needing and trusting Alex and says goodbye to John. Marlena and Alex walk away.

Philip and Belle look over the pictures. Philip tries to convince Belle that Sami could really be Stan but Belle refuses to believe it. Belle can’t see how Sami could pass herself off as a guy and Philip points out that Kate did just that a moment ago. Philip points out that Stan knew a lot about him when he was there and becomes angry at the realization that it was Sami’s fault that he wasn’t rescued sooner because if he had been, he would never have lost his leg in the minefield. Belle still refuses to believe that Sami could be Stan and Philip angrily interrupts to yell that Sami is capable of anything. Belle becomes flustered and hands Philip back the pictures as she expresses a need to leave. Belle assures Philip that she and the baby are fine and tells him to go see what he can find out from Kate before heading outside. Shawn watches Belle walk out and wants to go check on her but Mimi’s objections fall on deaf ears as Shawn ignores her and walks out after Belle. Mimi sighs and follows Shawn.

Philip looks over at the core group of Lucas, Roman, Will, and Sami talking and wonders whether Kate could really be right about Sami.

Deveraux house & St. Luke’s church:

Jennifer sneaks an occasional glance over at Jack, as she talks to Lexie in hushed tones. Jennifer relays to Lexie about how Jack says he is too sick to go to the wedding but would hate it if he knew she was calling Lexie. Lexie vaguely tells Jennifer about how there may not be a wedding and Jennifer doesn’t press the issue further. Lexie agrees to Jennifer’s request to come over and check on Jack.

Deveraux house:

Jennifer thanks Lexie and hangs up the phone. Jack walks up behind her and begs her to say that she didn’t call Lexie. Jennifer boldly admits that she did and that she’s glad she called Lexie. Jack warns that calling Lexie was a big mistake.

Frankie searches the garage and laughs as he finds the box labeled “Horton home remedies” in which Jennifer said he’d find the heating pad. Frankie takes the heating pad out of the box and uncovers a sealed letter addressed to him in New York with Jennifer’s address listed on the back as the return address.

Jennifer takes Jack’s temperature after they return to the couch and feels his face as she worries over what the thermometer reads. Jennifer rushes to let Lexie in when she knocks and as they walk back into the living room, Jennifer shows Lexie that the thermometer reads that Jack’s temperature is a little over 101. Jack shares his annoyance that Lexie was called and Lexie purposefully sends Jennifer out of the room to make more tea. Lexie takes Jack’s blood pressure as he complains that he’s tired. Jack doesn’t like Lexie’s reminder that they expected he’d feel tired in a matter of time. Lexie lightly touches Jack’s arm as he complains about always getting bad news.

Jennifer works to prepare a fresh pot of tea and wonders what is taking Frankie so long to retrieve the heating pad. Jennifer suddenly flashes back to also finding the letter in that same box. Jennifer, knowing what is in the letter, rushes to the garage to try and keep Frankie from reading it.

Frankie is already reading the letter when Jennifer reaches the garage. Jennifer exasperatingly tells Frankie not to read the letter as she turns on the light but Frankie turns to face her with tears in his eyes and asks why she didn’t mail the letter.

St. Luke’s church:

Sami, after scanning the photos, tries to convince everyone that the photos have been altered to look like her. Kate tells everyone to look at the photos and insists that she couldn’t have doctored them all. Caroline, John, Philip, Lucas, Roman, and Will look over the photos once again. Kate mentions having more evidence and Roman confirms that she received this evidence anonymously too. Sami accuses Kate of trying to ruin her wedding again and begs Lucas and Roman to believe her. Kate smirks as Sami looks around and sees the disappointment in everyone’s faces.

Marlena tries to calm down after she and Alex seek refuge in the parish study. Marlena complains of how upsetting it is to be around Roman and John knowing that she once had feelings for them but now not having any feelings for them at all. Alex acknowledges that a wedding makes Marlena’s situation all that more traumatic for her. Marlena asks what is wrong with her. Alex suggests that Marlena is uneasy around Roman and John because she suspects that they both are now in love with Kate.

Shawn and Mimi reach Belle’s side and Shawn expresses his concern. Belle says she is having more cramps. Mimi mentions going to tell Philip but Belle asks her not to and claims that she’s already feeling better. Belle ducks into the bride’s room and drops the brave face to try and breathe through the pain. Shawn wants to rush to Belle’s side again but Mimi stops him to insist that Belle doesn’t need him.

Marlena is surprised by Alex’s theory. Alex explains that Roman may still love Kate despite wanting to divorce her and that John was once engaged to Kate. Alex reminds Marlena of how Tony would allow her and Roman to see Kate and John together and how that led up to their one night stand. Marlena decides that this theory makes sense. Alex goes on to repeat that subconsciously Marlena is realizing that both men want to be with Kate and that is hard for her to deal with. Alex suggests that since Marlena has developed such a strong dependency on both men, the uncertainty of how they feel about her could have contributed to her memory loss. Alex claims that Marlena is afraid to remember because she may find that they both love Kate and that she doesn’t know if either man will even return her love. Marlena’s voice breaks as she begins to think that all of this makes sense. Alex apologies for making things worse but Marlena assures him that he has actually made things clear for her and declares that she wants to leave. Alex thinks that Marlena is so upset that she wants to leave the church to be away from John and Roman but Marlena explains that she wants to leave Salem altogether.

Deveraux house:

Lexie confirms to Jack that he is getting worse. Jack confirms that the weakness and the dizziness are only the beginning. Lexie advises Jack to tell Jennifer and Abby of his impending death but Jack is more worried that Jennifer will overhear.

Jennifer explains to Frankie that she wrote that letter a couple months after he left for New York but didn’t mail it because she was afraid that Frankie had already found another girlfriend. Frankie can’t believe that Jennifer thought he could forget about her in a couple months time. Jennifer points out that by the time Frankie came back to Salem to visit she was with Jack and then he moved on with Eve Donovan. Frankie insists that if Jennifer had mailed the letter, things could have been different. They talk about how Jennifer wrote of their love and her plans to come to New York to be with Frankie. Frankie demands to know why Jennifer gave up on them by not mailing the letter. Jennifer finally agrees to tell Frankie the truth.

St. Luke’s church:

Sami swears that she wasn’t Stan. Kate tells Sami to go up on the altar and swear with her hand on the Bible that she wasn’t involved with Tony.

Alex claims that Marlena shouldn’t be making such a big decision on the spur of the moment. Alex offers to take Marlena back to the penthouse and give her time to think things over but Marlena says she doesn’t need any more time and doesn’t want to go back to “John’s place.” Marlena explains that John and Kate made a home there where she used to call home with John and her children. Marlena doesn’t want to be made to feel like she has to go back there and would rather go to some place far away. Alex suggests going back to his cabin and Marlena gives in to sobs and hugs Alex as she takes him up on the offer.

Mimi points out that while Shawn may feel the need to be Belle’s protector, she’s married to Philip now and while it hurts, Shawn is not a part of that anymore. Shawn acknowledges that it hurts. Mimi reminds Shawn that Lexie said Belle’s cramps were brought on by stress and advises him not to add more stress and to let Philip take care of his wife.

Belle continues to try and breathe through the cramps.

Deveraux house:

Jack downs a pill. Lexie writes Jack a prescription for an antibiotic but warns that it will only be a temporary help. Lexie begs Jack to tell Jennifer that he is dying but Jack still refuses. Lexie tries to convince Jack that he has no other choice but Jack insists that he does have a choice. Lexie, knowing Jack’s tendency for wild ideas, wants to know what he’s thinking. Jack declares that he’s going to disappear.

St. Luke’s church:

Mimi convinces Shawn to leave Belle alone to rest. They run into Marlena and Alex and Mimi relays to Marlena that Belle isn’t feeling well and asks that Marlena go check on her. Alex agrees to wait while Marlena goes in to see Belle. Mimi convinces Shawn that Belle is taken care of now with Marlena and he agrees to leave with her.

Marlena enters the bride’s room and explains that she heard Belle wasn’t feeling well. Marlena notices that Belle is bent over in pain and holding her stomach. Marlena begs Belle to tell her what is wrong while assuring her that she is there for her.

Deveraux house:

Jennifer explains that after Frankie left, she went to stay with her grandmother to help her through her illness and after a week with her, Jennifer gained some perspective and then wrote the letter. Frankie still can’t understand why Jennifer couldn’t have mailed the letter. Jennifer blames it on time and asks why Frankie never wrote her. Frankie admits that he was miserable since he hadn’t heard from Jennifer. Jennifer becomes sad at the thought that they both spent their lives never knowing. Frankie cries as he considers this new revelation as a sign that they threw away their future together. Jennifer refuses to be unhappy about finding Jack because she believes that fate brought them together. Jennifer wishes that she had never kept the letter and, as she has to forcefully pull it out of Frankie’s unyielding grasp, that Frankie had never found it. Frankie says he is glad he did find it because it’s proof that Jennifer really did love him. Jennifer begins to cry as well. Frankie acknowledges that it’s just as much his fault but it still hurts to learn that they could have been married and having a family of their own now.

Jack insists that he won’t allow Abby and Jennifer to see him suffer a slow and painful death. Lexie confirms that Jack isn’t thinking of attempting suicide. Jack explains that he is planning on dropping out of sight. Lexie doesn’t like that idea because it means Jack would be going without medical attention. Jack points out that a doctor wouldn’t be able to do anything for him now and insists that Lexie isn’t going to stop him from dying the way he wants to die. Jack thinks this way is better but Lexie tries to talk him out it by pointing out that his family would suffer wondering where he went. Jack insists that he’s got the plan with Frankie taking over all worked out but Lexie begs him to reconsider. Jack insists his mind is made up.

Deveraux house & St. Luke’s church:

Marlena calling for her medical help with Belle interrupts Lexie’s talk with Jack. Belle is in so much pain now that she is rocking on the couch and alternating between holding her stomach and pushing against the pillows on the back of the couch. Lexie tells Marlena that she’ll be right there and hangs up. Lexie asks Jack to tell Jennifer that she had to leave for an emergency and to think about what she said. Lexie gathers her things and leaves. Jack proclaims that it’s too late.

St. Luke’s church:

Kate holds out the Bible to Sami and asks if she’ll take the oath that she wasn’t disguised as Stan. Sami insists that she doesn’t have to because no one believes that she could really pass as a man. Will and Roman stand up for Sami insisting that the photos are fakes. Kate asks for Caroline’s opinion and even though Caroline hesitates, she declares that she believes Sami as well. Sami profusely thanks everyone who stood up for her and then turns to Lucas for his answer. Lucas hesitates and looks around at everyone so Sami pulls him aside to plead her case. Sami asks Lucas to forget about Kate and finish the ceremony.

Lexie has arrived and is in the bride’s room with Belle. Marlena tells Alex that she can’t leave until she knows that Belle and the baby are fine. Alex tries to convince Marlena that there’s no reason to stay but Marlena insists on obliging Belle’s request to stay. Alex tells Marlena that she should go do what she needs to and they’ll leave whenever she’s ready.

Lexie asks Belle to describe her cramps and Belle says that they are stronger than last time and are coming closer together. Belle, with tears in her eyes, begs Lexie to tell her that she’s not losing the baby. Lexie looks worried.

Mimi suggests to Shawn that they leave. Shawn doesn’t have any idea where they would go but Mimi comes up with an idea. Shawn smiles coyly.

Lucas tells Sami that he’ll still marry her and Sami hugs him. Roman commends them and tells them not to believe Kate. Kate scoffs at the idea that she could be crying wolf and Sami has renewed confidence as she snuggles up close to Lucas. The guests still at the church crowd up closer to the group as Kate proclaims to have irrefutable evidence that Sami is Stan. Everyone looks at Sami as Kate explains that the evidence was delivered with the disguise and will now share it with everyone.

Deveraux house:

Jennifer comes back to the living room and Jack explains that Lexie had another emergency. Jennifer asks about Lexie’s diagnosis of him and Jack claims that Lexie confirmed that it was only a bug and shows that she gave him a prescription for an antibiotic. Jennifer believes Jack and helps put the heating pad on Jack’s back. Jennifer offers to make more tea and heads into the kitchen.

Frankie enters the kitchen and after a short awkward silence, Jennifer asks Frankie to forget that she wrote the letter. Frankie says that to forget about it will be hard. Jennifer insists that he must because they have to leave those feelings in the past for they can’t have a future. Frankie remembers Jack’s request to move on with Jennifer upon his death.

Jack crumbles up the prescription and proclaims that it’s time for Jack to die.

St. Luke’s church:

Belle is leaning against the side of the couch as she tries to breathe through the cramps. Marlena asks about Belle’s condition and Belle cries out when Lexie tells Marlena that she believes Belle to be in labor. Belle calls out for Marlena and Marlena rushes to her side and coaxes Belle through the pain.

John steps up to ask for the evidence and Kate hands him the envelope. Roman looks over John’s shoulder as John pulls out a file and looks over the papers inside. Sami begs Roman to tell her what it is and Roman glares at Sami with a look of hatred. Kate explains that the papers are an ISA report that proves that Sami’s DNA was found all over the disguise. Sami tries to refute it but Kate points out that the only way for Sami’s DNA to get on the clothes is if she wore them, therefore proving that Sami was Stan. The crowd murmurs amongst themselves and now even Will and Lucas look at Sami questionably.

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