Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/22/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/22/05


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St. Luke’s church:

Mimi rushes to get out of the wedding dress and back into her dress but Shawn tells her to take her time. Mimi is shocked that Shawn isn’t in a hurry but sympathizes with his lack of desire for attending the wedding at all. Mimi notes that Shawn doesn’t want to go because he wishes it were he and Belle just like she wishes that it were she and Rex. Mimi curses the fact that the wedding dress zipper is stuck.

Patrick pauses in his search of the church for Chelsea when Billie catches up to him. Patrick explains that Chelsea ran off when he tried to talk to her and asks about what Sami said. Billie explains that Sami made a rude comment about how Chelsea was dressed and wants to rush off and find Chelsea but Patrick stops her. Patrick offers to go look for Chelsea so Billie can stay for Lucas’ wedding. Billie refuses the offer, insisting that she must deal with it since Chelsea is her responsibility. Patrick wants to be the one to go so that if Chelsea gets angry, it’ll be him she’s angry at and not Billie. Billie agrees and Patrick rushes off. Billie asks God to not let Chelsea be in any trouble.

Java café:

Chelsea walks into the café and greets Josh who is working behind the counter. Josh is so taken aback by the way Chelsea looks in her dress that Chelsea has to remind him several times to fill her drink order. Josh fills her coffee order and Chelsea takes it over to the window. Chelsea looks out the front window and complains that she only left the wedding because she expected Patrick to follow her. Max greets Chelsea and asks why she isn’t at the wedding. Chelsea wraps her arms around Max and instantly starts crying as she claims that it was so horrible that she’s thankful he is there.

St. Luke’s church:

Marlena remains in her trance like state on the couch in the vestibule. Alex and Lexie have stepped aside to continue their conversation. Alex repeats his threat of telling Abe about Lexie sleeping with Tek. Lexie wants to know how Alex knows about her and Tek. Alex flashes back to walking up and seeing Lexie and Tek through a room window and relays the same to Lexie. Alex quips that Abe is blind in more ways than one. Lexie tells Alex that what he and Tek do is none of Alex’s business. Lexie insists that what Alex is doing is wrong but Alex maintains that he’s simply treating Marlena as her psychiatrist the best way he sees fit. Lexie points out that Marlena is obviously in a trance but Alex maintains that hypnotherapy is a common practice. Lexie demands to know what is really going on. Alex claims that Lexie is in no position to be making demands and asks if Abe would truly believe of what she is doing. Lexie becomes speechless when Abe enters having overheard and demands to know what Lexie is up to now.

Father Jansen asks Lucas his traditional vow and he says, “I do.” Father Jansen then recites the traditional vow to Sami but before he can answer, the mystery stranger appears at the back of the church. Everyone gasps as Stan removes his hood and asks Sami if she missed him. Sami moves close to Lucas as Lucas calls out Stan’s name. Sami stands in shock, unable to believe that a real live “Stan” could be standing in front of her. John turns to look at Stan and flashes back to when Stan threatened him with drugs. Philip stares at Stan from his place on the altar and flashes back to being held hostage with Stan. Philip remarks to Lucas that that is really Stan and Lucas flashes back to finding Stan on the street talking with Will. Lucas proclaims that Stan is the traitor that almost got them all killed. Sami looks from Lucas to Stan with complete confusion and flashes back to when she first became disguised as Stan. Sami claims that it’s impossible. Stan walks up to the altar with the large envelope bearing Sami’s name tucked under his arm. Roman and Tek quickly jump up next to him. Stan greets Sami again and sarcastically remarks that he hopes he isn’t interrupting anything. Lucas lunges at Stan but Tek holds him back. Tek warns that Lucas will be arrested for assault if he doesn’t calm down but Lucas insists that Stan is lucky he doesn’t try to kill him. Lucas identifies Stan as the guy who tried to kill them. Stan remains smug as Roman confirms with Lucas that this is the same guy. Lucas insists he’d know Stan anywhere and Stan remarks that Lucas would know him just about as well as he’d know his own bride and asks Sami to confirm this. Sami faints against Lucas and falls to the floor in Lucas’ arms.

Lexie lies to Abe by claiming that Alex was threatening to tell him that she was moonlighting at the wedding by discussing Marlena’s condition with Alex. Lexie explains to Abe that Marlena is there too but isn’t feeling well. Abe apologizes to Marlena but Lexie explains that Marlena is under hypnosis. Abe questions Alex’s decision to hypnotize Marlena at the wedding. Alex claims that Marlena was getting anxious and uncomfortable and he had to act quickly to prevent a complete breakdown and an irreversible setback. Abe asks if Marlena is all right and Alex says she will be once he is allowed to continue the session. Abe apologizes for interrupting and explains that he was looking for Lexie. Lexie assures him that she’ll be right there and Abe leaves. Lexie tells Alex that he can threaten her all he likes but she still won’t let Alex hurt Marlena. Marlena, in a monotone voice, recites that Alex will protect her and that she needs him. Alex claims that to be proof that Marlena is fine with his treatment but Lexie notes how Marlena sounded like someone who has been brainwashed. Alex insists that he is only doing what’s best for Marlena and says that if Lexie were smart, she’d stay out of his way.

Lucas frantically barks orders to get Sami help and Father Jansen hands him a cloth which Lucas uses to wipe down Sami’s face and neck. John and Roman confront Stan about showing up here but Stan claims that he couldn’t have stayed away from his good friend Sami on her wedding day. Sami comes to and Lucas explains that she fainted because Stan came to the wedding. Sami turns and looks up at Stan who apologizes for startling her. Sami huddles up close to Lucas as he helps her stand and urges him to get Stan out of here. Lucas and Roman tell Stan that he will be sharing a cell with Tony. Lucas calls Stan crazy for showing up here when he’s the most wanted man in the country. Stan looks at Sami as he claims he had to come back to settle a score.

Shawn tries to help Mimi with the zipper. Mimi explains that she couldn’t resist Caroline’s insistence to put on the dress even though it made her even more depressed. Shawn tells Mimi not to beat herself up but Mimi goes on about how every she looks, she is reminded of what she and Rex could have had. Mimi comes close to cracking a smile when Shawn tells her that even though she may have a crappy job, a full course load, and a ton of bills, she also has him.

Java Café:

Chelsea claims she doesn’t want to talk about it but Max persists. Chelsea tells Max that Sami called her a whore and Max doesn’t understand why Sami would do that. Chelsea claims that Sami called her a whore because of her dress and that she was jealous because Sami could never afford such an expensive dress. Max can’t believe that Sami would be jealous of Chelsea on her own wedding day especially since they are cousins now. Chelsea complains that Sami has hated her ever since Kate gave her Sami’s old job at Basic Black. Max is overjoyed at the news of Chelsea’s new job. Max suggests that they hit the town to celebrate and compliments Chelsea on her dress. Chelsea looks past Max through the window and turns him down.

St. Luke’s church:

Lexie sits down in front of Marlena as she accuses Alex of using mind control on Marlena. Alex claims that hypnosis by definition is also a form of mind control. Lexie starts to warn Alex not to come between Marlena and her family or hurt Marlena in any way but stands up to Alex’s insinuations by refusing to be blackmailed. Alex tells Lexie to stay out of his business and he will stay out of hers. Lexie takes one last look at Marlena and leaves the vestibule. Alex takes his place on the couch in front of Marlena and dangles the pendant in front of her face until she goes back into the deeper trance. Alex pockets the pendant and tells Marlena that it was a mistake to bring her back to Salem. Alex goes on to tell Marlena that he must now strengthen the bond that only they share and tells her that from now on she will no longer be concerned with her children or John because they want to hurt her where he only wants to help her. Marlena parrots back that she will no longer be concerned with her children or John, which makes Alex smirk.

John steps out into the lobby in search of Marlena and spots Abe trying to feel his way around. John greets Abe and explains that the wedding was stopped because Stan rolled in. John adds that he’s glad for the time to find Marlena and Abe tells him about having just left Marlena with Alex and Lexie in the parish study. John asks about Marlena’s condition and Abe relays that Alex said he was treating Marlena for anxiety. John becomes determined to put a stop to that but escorts Abe into the chapel so he can hear what is going on.

Lexie enters the lobby and John questions her about Marlena.

Roman confirms that Sami is okay and Sami tells Roman to get Stan out of here. Roman assures Sami that he’ll be taking Stan down to the police station and Stan wants to know the charges. Roman claims that he’d be taking Stan in on terrorism, aiding and abetting a known felon, acts of treason, conspiring in a kidnapping and anything else he can think of. Stan does not seem phased and remains sarcastic. Roman tells Sami to go ahead with the wedding and not let this ruin her day. Philip stops them from taking Stan to jail to ask him how he could live with himself after betraying them and leaving them for dead. Stan tells Philip to ask Sami that question. Lucas wants to know what Sami has to do with Stan and Stan says she has everything to do with him. Sami fumes.

Shawn and Mimi acknowledge how they’ve been there for each other through the countless bad times. Mimi begs Shawn to help her out of the dress but Shawn can’t get the zipper unstuck. Shawn comes up with the idea of using wax to help loosen up the zipper but they are unable to find a candle. Shawn grabs the bottle of champagne and two glasses meant for Sami and Lucas and suggests that they use it since Lucas won’t be drinking and Sami wouldn’t toast herself. Mimi agrees since the other alternative is to go back to the wedding in the wedding dress. Shawn pops the cork with much effort and the inside bottle pressure makes the contents explode out of the bottle and onto the floor. Shawn promises to clean it up when they’re done and fills the two glasses as Mimi laughs. Mimi suggests toasting to the bride and groom but Shawn claims that they should toast to something that would last forever and lists his glass to their friendship. Mimi echoes the sentiment and they clink glasses.

Salem Place & St. Luke’s church:

Patrick calls Billie with the news that he’s found Chelsea’s car. Billie asks Patrick to continue to look for Chelsea anyway just to make sure she is okay and he agrees.

Java café:

Max notices that Chelsea keeps looking past him and out the window and accuses her of waiting on Patrick. Chelsea denies it but as soon as Patrick walks in the door, she tells Max that she wants to go out with him right now and grabs him for a deep kiss.

St. Luke’s church:

John begs Lexie to tell him what Alex was doing to Marlena. Lexie flashes back to Alex’s threat and plainly tells John that Alex was trying to calm Marlena through hypnosis. John becomes angry at the mention of using hypnosis because he didn’t give his consent for that and Lexie urges him to go stop Alex. John rushes off for the parish study. Lexie hopes that John can stop Alex because she can’t even though she’s sure that Alex is up to no good.

Alex tells Marlena that after he counts to three, she will wake up and remember nothing but his instructions. Marlena confirms that she understands and Alex counts to three. Marlena comes back to reality. John bursts in and demands to know what is going on. Alex acts like he has no idea what John is upset about but John demands to know why Alex is hypnotizing Marlena.

Sami frantically tells Roman not to listen to Stan and to get him out because he is obviously crazy and evil. Stan takes offense that Sami of all people would be calling him evil. Sami pretends to be confident as Roman and Lucas insist that he’s going to jail and won’t be ruining the wedding. Sami’s confidence falters when Stan proclaims that he isn’t going anywhere and the only person who is going to get what’s coming to them is Sami.

Mimi and Shawn talk about moving on without their first loves. Shawn tells Mimi how Belle admitted that she still loves him and while part of him wants to be with her, the other part wants to move on with his life. Mimi suggests that they move on together.

Java café:

Patrick continues to watch them from the doorway. Max pulls back and tries to fend off Chelsea’s advances. Chelsea whispers in Max’s ear and claims she knows what she wants and really wants to pick up where they left off at the beach. Max flatly refuses to have sex with Chelsea tonight. Chelsea scoffs and accuses Max of not being the man she thought he was but Max claims that it’s Chelsea who needs to learn that hopping into bed isn’t going to solve all her problems. Chelsea thinks that Max is only turning her down because one of the adults got to him but Max insists that he wants to wait and get to know Chelsea better. Chelsea becomes offended and declares that she’ll find someone else who wants to be with her tonight. Chelsea greets Patrick and knowing that Max is watching, claims to be flattered that Patrick came looking for her.

St. Luke’s church:

Mimi explains that she thought they should band together since they’re going through the same thing and have fun like they used to. Shawn hints at Mimi needing a little reminder and ignores Mimi’s questions as he gulps down the last of the champagne in his glass. Mimi curls up and tries to squirm away as Shawn tackles her to the couch and tickles her. While they were horsing around, the zipper breaks on the wedding dress. Mimi makes her way to the screen so she can get out of the dress before it gets even more ruined and complains that this is a sign that she was never meant to be a bride. Shawn makes Mimi feel better by assuring her that one day she will be a bride and make some guy a very lucky man. Mimi kisses Shawn’s cheek in thanks. Shawn insists that they must stop wallowing in self-pity and Mimi mentions changing quickly so they can catch the rest of the wedding. Shawn wants to know why Mimi cares now about attending the wedding and Mimi says that she sees it as if Sami can get married, then there’s hope for her yet.

Java Café & St. Luke’s Church:

Max storms away as Chelsea casts quick glances over at him as she profusely thanks Patrick for coming to look for her. Patrick’s phone rings but Chelsea is obviously not thrilled that it’s Billie calling. Patrick tells Billie that he was able to find Chelsea at the café and hands the phone over to Chelsea. Chelsea insists to Billie that she is fine and apologizes for storming out. Billie urges Chelsea not to let Sami get to her like that but Chelsea brushes it off and claims she’s over it now. Chelsea promises Billie that she’ll think about going to the reception and ends the call. Chelsea gives Patrick back his phone and announces that they must renegotiate their deal. Patrick balks by pointing out that he already fulfilled Chelsea’s request of dancing with her. Chelsea proclaims that if Patrick takes her out on a real date, she’ll be the best daughter Bo and Billie could ask for.

St. Luke’s church:

Marlena holds on to Alex’s arm even tighter. Alex deduces that John has talked to Lexie. John wants to know who gave him permission to hypnotize his wife but Alex downplays the hypnosis as simply part of Marlena’s treatment. John refers to Alex’s treatments as unorthodox methods. Marlena recites that Alex is trying to help and protect her. John wants to know what or whom Marlena would need protection from. Alex calmly defends his reasons. John urges Marlena to make a change and let Alex go but Marlena retorts that Alex is a wonderful doctor that she won’t give up no matter what John says. Marlena leaves to freshen up, no longer wishing to continue this conversation. Alex follows her out. John vows that he is going to get to the bottom of what is going on.

Roman asks Stan for clarification. Stan admits that he worked for Tony and did his bidding in more ways than one. Stan boldly admits that he caused so much pain and suffering for all of Salem that no punishment would ever be too great. Roman takes that as a confession and orders Tek to escort Stan out. Stan stops them to say that he’s admitted to Stan’s guilt but not his own. Everyone looks at him with confusion except for Sami whose breath quickens. Stan slips out the mouthpiece and it is revealed that Kate is wearing the Stan disguise. Roman demands to know why Kate is disguised as Stan. Kate directs the question to Sami.

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