Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/21/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/21/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

St. Luke’s church:

Mimi paces the bride’s room as she cries and talks about how it’s too depressing to watch the wedding. Caroline walks in and is surprised to see Mimi there. Mimi avoids answering Caroline’s inquiry by asking Caroline the same question. Caroline explains that she came to retrieve handkerchiefs for Sami. Caroline realizes that Mimi is sad and asks what is wrong. Mimi explains that she’s always dreamed of her own wedding which now will never happen because she screwed things up with Rex. Caroline hugs Mimi as she assures her that she’ll find another man like Rex.

In the vestibule, Chelsea drops the shawl and checks herself out in the mirror. Chelsea compliments her reflection and Kate’s taste and gloats about how Patrick is going to love the dress as much as she does. Patrick walks in having overheard Chelsea’s comment and tells her that he likes the dress and has noticed that she doesn’t look like a little kid anymore. Chelsea is glad that Patrick has noticed and they start kissing passionately. They stop when Billie walks in and demands to know what they are doing.

Tek pulls Roman outside to talk. Bo and Hope come rushing out upon seeing how Tek and Roman rushed out so quickly. Tek explains to them that the ISA has received numerous unconfirmed reports that a major international terrorist has shown up in Salem. Tek goes on to explain that they didn’t act yet so as not to cause a panic if it turned out not to be true but now they’ve spotted said terrorist in the vicinity of St. Luke’s. Hope questions whether the terrorist could be looking for sanctuary but Bo points out that it’s most likely that St. Luke’s is a target since the bulk of Salem and Dimera’s sworn enemies are all gathered inside the church right now. Tek adds that Commissioner Gordon was thinking the exact same thing and feared that everyone inside the church could be in extreme danger.

The unsuspecting guests and wedding party continue with the wedding as planned. Father Jansen has Lucas take the traditional vows and then turns to Sami for her vows. Before Sami can speak her answer, Roman bursts in, followed by Hope, Bo, and Tek to announce that the wedding has to stop now. Everyone looks around and murmurs amongst themselves to try and figure out what is going on.

Sami is furious at Roman for ruining her wedding but Lucas quiets her enough to give Roman a chance to explain. Roman explains to the crowd that the police department has gotten information from the ISA. Sami immediately thinks this means that she’s been found out as Stan. Roman explains that a known terrorist has been spotted in the vicinity of the church and they don’t want to take any chances until he has been apprehended. Sami is relieved and annoyed to learn that that is the reason why Roman stopped the wedding. Roman explains to Sami that a large gathering like this could be a prime target and they have to postpone the wedding. Sami doesn’t want to postpone and tries to get Father Jansen to quickly conclude the ceremony. Father Jansen insists that he must go along with the police. Sami tries to get Roman to order Father Jansen to conclude the ceremony but Roman refuses. Roman tells the crowd to sit tight while they conclude their operation. Roman walks off.

Marlena shares her disappointment and worries with Alex as John takes a seat in the pew behind them. Alex thinks that Marlena is worried about the situation and urges her to stay calm. Marlena explains that she is talking about how Sami must feel about having this happen on her wedding day. John, having heard Marlena’s comment, suggests that Sami could use her mother right now. Marlena starts to protest but John points out that it doesn’t matter whether Marlena remembers Sami, it matters that Sami remembers Marlena.

Lexie asks Bo and Hope if they think Tony could be behind this but Hope is doubtful that Tony could orchestrate such a thing from prison. Bo tells Lexie that they are watching Tony closely but wouldn’t put it past him to do such a thing. Lexie pulls out her cell phone to warn the hospital just in case. Hope wonders what purpose an international terrorist would have for coming here.

Sami is still overly upset and is convinced that this is because she broke the mirror. Lucas tries to get Sami to calm down. Sami complains that Roman wouldn’t let them finish the ceremony because they could have been married in the time it took to argue about it. Will points out that Roman didn’t stop the wedding on purpose and Marlena speaks up to say Will is right. Sami defends her reason for being upset but Marlena hugs her as she points out that it was better to stop the wedding than risk someone getting hurt or killed. Lucas promises that they’ll continue with the wedding as soon as the terrorist is caught.

Roman returns to the chapel and as he walks by, John stops him to offer to help. Roman instructs John to get everyone to the rec room and once there, lock it from the inside and make sure it is secure. John asks for any leads and Roman says he only knows what he’s already announced. John is confident that they’ll be ready for whatever this terrorist may have planned.

A hooded figure dressed in black and wearing gloves, slips into the rec room carrying a large envelope with Sami’s name on it.

Caroline assures Mimi that she’s beautiful and smart and will find another man like Rex. Mimi notes how weird it is to be talking about this to Caroline because she is Rex’s grandmother but Caroline insists that she’s also Mimi’s friend. Caroline shares her surprise that Rex and Mimi broke up because they seemed like the ideal couple. Mimi complains that she feels like her life is over because all of her peers are getting married and she’s alone. Caroline points out that while Rex was Mimi’s first serious boyfriend, it doesn’t mean Rex will be her last boyfriend. Mimi doesn’t understand why Rex won’t come back to her and suggests giving him more time but Caroline tells Mimi not to spend her life waiting on a man that may never come back. Caroline assures Mimi that one-day when she least expects it, Mimi will meet someone and realize the reason for all of this. Caroline asks for the honor of making Mimi a hope chest for the day she gets married and Mimi is touched that Caroline would do that for her. Caroline suggests that Mimi could move on with Shawn but Mimi insists that she and Shawn are just friends. Caroline points out that she and Shawn Sr. started out as just friends and that’s how some of the greatest loves start.

The earlier moment between Chelsea and Patrick turns out to be only Chelsea’s fantasy, broken by Billie’s real time interruption. Billie compliments Chelsea on her dress but complains that it isn’t appropriate for a wedding. Chelsea complains that she wore this dress only for herself so she doesn’t feel like the poor girl in town. Billie empathizes with Chelsea. Chelsea relays how she had to live so poor that she’d have to borrow clothes from Abby or cut down something of her mother’s. Billie notes how Chelsea didn’t have to borrow this dress and Chelsea explains that this dress makes her feel like anything is possible. Billie relays to Chelsea how she was in bad shape when she first came to Salem but was determined to make something of her life. Chelsea brings up Bo and Billie recalls how she was living with Carrie at the time and how Bo saw the good in her when no one did. Chelsea notices that Billie still loves Bo. Billie says that she never stopped but has now resigned to the thought that she’ll never have him. Billie tells Chelsea that it’s okay because Bo gave her the greatest gift in Chelsea. Chelsea smiles.

Roman returns to the chapel to announce that everyone should proceed to the rec room. Sami interrupts to insist that no one is going anywhere until they conclude the ceremony and orders Father Jansen to finish the ceremony. Father Jansen tries to talk Sami out of finishing the ceremony as he still chooses to side with the police and even Will is shocked at Sami’s loud demands to finish the ceremony. Sami complains that everyone else comes first on her wedding day and storms off. Lucas apologizes to Father Jansen and tells Will to go down to the rec room while he goes after Sami. Will protests but Father Jansen promises to take Will down personally. Lucas rushes off to find Sami with the promise that they’ll join Will in the rec room.

Belle, Philip, and Shawn follow the procession out of the chapel on their way to the rec room. Shawn is worried that he can’t find Mimi. They run into John at the door and he will only assure them that everything will be fine as he ushers them down to the rec room. Shawn tells John that they can’t find Mimi and John says they’ll look for her on the way.

Lucas finds Sami in the lobby picking at her bouquet. Lucas urges Sami to go with him to the rec room. Sami asks about Will and Lucas assures her that Will is with Father Jansen. Lucas raises Sami’s spirits by telling her that she looks so beautiful, his heart stopped when he saw her walking down the aisle. Together they head for the rec room.

Hope, Roman, Tek, and Bo follow behind the last people to leave the chapel. Bo realizes that he can’t find Chelsea or Billie and Hope suggests that they are already in the rec room. Hope, Roman, and Tek start to make their way to the rec room. Bo takes one last look into the chapel as he hopes that Hope is right. Bo rushes to catch up to everyone else.

Everyone files past the bride’s room on their way to the rec room. Belle remembers that she left her purse in the bride’s room. Philip offers to go in with her but Belle insists she’ll catch up to everyone. John and Philip urge her to be quick and come right back before they and Shawn continue following the crowd.

Caroline pulls out her wedding dress to show Mimi and Mimi is touched that Caroline suggests allowing Mimi to wear it at her wedding. Talk of a wedding reminds Caroline that for all they know, Sami’s wedding is still going on and she hurries to put her dress away so they can go back to the wedding. Mimi pauses to touch up her makeup. They talk about how Sami didn’t want to wear Caroline’s dress because she wanted everything to be new so as not to chance ruining the day. Belle walks in with the proclamation that Sami’s track record for weddings is about to get a whole lot worse. Mimi and Caroline turn to look at Belle with confusion.

John watches as the last of the guests file into the rec room and Bo closes the door from the inside, as he is the last to enter. John steps onto the stage and calls for everyone’s attention. John tells the group to grab a chair to relax and sit tight until further notice. John adds that food and drink will be brought in shortly before leaving the stage.

Marlena becomes agitated from being crammed into the room with everyone and Alex escorts her out of the rec room.

Bo spots Billie and Chelsea standing across the rec room and checks in with them. Billie questions Bo about the terrorist news and Bo explains that they’ve locked the church down as a precaution until they know more. Bo assures Chelsea that everything will be fine and she maintains her unworried attitude. Bo steps away.

Sami and Lucas search the crowd for Will and Father Jansen answers their calls by bringing Will over to them. Will assures Sami that he is fine and Father Jansen recruits Will to help get everyone water. Sami complains that they are cursed but Lucas points out that the terrorist threat has nothing to do with them personally. Lucas, growing annoyed now, insists that Roman will catch the terrorist and then they can go upstairs to the chapel where Father Jansen will pronounce them husband and wife. Lucas suggests they practice their kiss to make Sami feel better and after the kiss Sami feels confident that the interrupted wedding isn’t about them.

The mysterious stranger slips into the now empty chapel still carrying the large envelope with Sami’s name on it.

Caroline, panicky, grills Belle about what happened. Belle explains that Roman stopped the wedding and Mimi automatically assumes that Sami did something wrong. Belle explains about the terrorist and how they are moving everyone down to the rec room for safety. Mimi and Caroline begin to panic even more at the idea of a terrorist coming to the church. They all scream when Tek walks in but calm down when they realize it’s only him. Tek explains that he’s checking all the rooms to make sure they’ve accounted for everyone and Caroline mentions that they were just on their way to the rec room. Tek tells them it would be safer to stay in the bride’s room and to lock the door and not let anyone inside until the police come and say it’s safe. Tek leaves and Caroline hurries to lock the door behind him. Belle nervously starts a conversation about Caroline’s hope chest to pass the time. Mimi lifts the dress out of the hope chest but rolls her eyes to hear Belle and Caroline laugh and gush about how Caroline found her and Shawn dressed in her old wedding attire. Caroline hopes that Shawn’s dream of having his bride carry on the family tradition of wearing the same wedding gown comes true. Mimi admires the historic lace on the dress and Belle looks uncomfortable as Caroline suggests that Mimi try on the dress. Belle fakes a smile as Caroline looks between her and Mimi as she suggests that it would be a fun way to pass the time.

Alex leads Marlena to the vestibule. Marlena isn’t sure that being here instead of the rec room is such a good idea. Alex assures her that they’ll be safe here too. Marlena explains that Roman and John both asked that she stay close to Sami but Alex says that would be a mistake. Marlena doesn’t understand why Alex would say that and insists that as her daughter, Sami may need her. Alex retorts that Marlena has already done more than enough for her family. Alex claims that Marlena’s family is emotionally abusing her but Marlena feels that her family has been nothing but supportive. Alex claims that her family has been burdening her with their problems and Marlena laughs at Alex’s phrasing. Alex uses Sami’s selfish behavior as an example but Marlena chalks it up to Sami acting that way because it’s her wedding day. Alex points out that no one other than John has bothered to ask how Marlena is doing. Alex claims this could lead to Marlena’s mind shutting down again. Marlena and Alex sit down on the couch as she claims that by not having the background information but still being treated by her family as if she does remember has helped her to look at things objectively. Alex insists that Marlena’s family is so desperate to have her back that they are sucking her in to their own problems and not allowing her to reclaim her own. Marlena starts to stand as she protests that her family loves her but Alex makes her sit down in front of him again. Alex insists that the longer Marlena stays in this environment where her family is filling her mind with the present and keeping her from reclaiming the past, the harder it’s going to be for Marlena to reclaim her life. Marlena points out that John won’t let her go back to the cabin and Alex agrees. Marlena asks what they can do instead. Alex holds up a shiny pendant in front of Marlena and she becomes instantly entranced. Lexie walks by the vestibule and spots what Alex is doing to Marlena through the slightly open door. Enraged, Lexie bursts in and demands to know what Alex is doing to her. Alex lowers the pendant as he turns to look at Lexie but Marlena remains stoic and staring straight ahead in her trance.

Philip and Shawn approach Lucas to check on how he and Sami are dealing with the situation. Lucas says he is holding up pretty good but Sami is a wreck. Lucas steps away to check on Sami after congratulating Philip on his new prosthesis. Roman walks by and Philip stops him to share their worry about Belle and Mimi. Roman explains that Tek radioed down to inform him that he found Belle, Mimi, and Caroline in the bride’s room and decided to leave them there. Philip and Shawn want to go join them but Roman tells them to stay in the rec room. Roman leaves to go check in with headquarters. Shawn and Philip share how they don’t like the idea of Belle and Mimi being alone together. They decide to sneak out of the rec room to check on Belle and Mimi.

Chelsea walks across the room and accidentally bumps into Sami. Chelsea rudely tells Sami to watch it as if it was Sami’s fault that Chelsea didn’t see her in her path. Sami fires back by claiming Chelsea shouldn’t be there because she didn’t invite a streetwalker to her wedding. Chelsea claims that her dress cost more than Sami’s “nonwedding.” Sami calls Chelsea a bitch and Chelsea taunts Sami with the idea that people were taking bets on the wedding not working out. Sami calls Chelsea a tramp and tells her to go to hell but Chelsea only continues to taunt. Sami accuses Chelsea of following in the footsteps of a whore mother and a whore grandmother. Chelsea fires back by calling Sami the town joke and asking how many wedding dresses Sami must own by now. Sami yells at Chelsea to get out and Chelsea gladly storms off. Lucas walks up and asks Sami what she said to Chelsea and Sami says she told Chelsea the truth.

Chelsea opens the doors to leave but Billie stops her to insist that she must stay. Chelsea disregards the order and turns to go but Billie won’t let go of her arm. Billie insists that it’s too dangerous to go out but Chelsea feels that it’s better than staying in the rec room with Sami. Chelsea yanks her arm free and storms off. Billie rushes over to Patrick and informs him of Chelsea’s exit. Patrick and Billie rush off to find her.

Hope and Bo use their cell phones and guns to search the church grounds for the terrorist. Hope searches the chapel and informs Bo that there is no one there. Bo, searching the vestibule, confirms to Hope that there is no one in the vestibule either. Bo mentions plans to check outside and Hope mentions plans for checking the sacristy. Hope heads for the sacristy never noticing the mysterious stranger crouched behind a pew.

Bo cautiously checks the church grounds and is spooked by Chelsea walking up behind him. Bo whips around prepared to fire his gun and Chelsea screams. Bo lowers his gun and yells at Chelsea for not being in the rec room. Patrick and Billie arrive and Chelsea storms outside at the sight of them. Patrick storms off after Chelsea and Bo protests but Billie insists that Patrick be allowed to go after Chelsea. Bo demands to know what is going on.

Mimi steps behind the screen to change into the wedding dress. Caroline talks with Belle about how her mother made her promise to honor her marriage before even stepping into the wedding dress for the first time. Mimi pokes her head around the screen upon putting on the dress and remarks that Bonnie would never say that to her. Mimi glares at Belle before ducking back behind the screen as Caroline notices Belle’s downcast expression. Caroline assumes that Belle is scared of the terrorist and assures her that they will be fine. Belle blames her feelings on hormones. Mimi steps out from behind the screen and asks for their opinions on how she looks in the dress. Caroline remarks that it looks like the dress has been waiting for Mimi all these years. Belle looks disappointed but Caroline beams. Everyone jumps when there is a knock on the door but breathe collective sighs of relief when Philip announces his presence. Belle goes to open the door but Mimi protests that Tek said not to open to anyone. Belle points out that it’s only Philip and ignores Mimi’s claim that the terrorist could be out there with him. Belle lets Philip and Shawn in and Shawn locks the door after them. Shawn smiles as he spots Mimi in the wedding gown and tells her she looks beautiful. Mimi smiles but Belle looks offended.

Lexie accuses Alex of hypnotizing Marlena and Alex freely admits that he is but claims it’s part of Marlena’s treatment. Lexie talks about being Alex’s champion from day one and Lexie watches in amazement as Alex prompts Marlena to say how grateful she is for Lexie bringing him to the case. Lexie has her reservations still. Alex tries to claim that Lexie just doesn’t recognize the treatment because she only has a limited experience in psychiatry. Lexie recognizes the technique as one first used in World War II for mind control. Alex claims that for amnesia patients it has a paradoxical effect and works to open their minds. Lexie insists that John first approve of this technique before it is used.

Belle stands in shock as both Shawn and Philip compliment Mimi on how she looks in the wedding dress. Tek knocks on the door and calls out to let everyone know that the church is secure and the wedding will continue. Mimi jokes about how she should change out of the dress because the last thing Sami will want is another bride out there. Mimi thanks Caroline for letting her try on the dress and heads back behind the screen to change. Shawn unlocks the door and offers to wait for Mimi so Philip and Belle can go back to the chapel as part of the wedding party. Belle wants to wait too but Caroline and Philip agree that Sami would be too nervous if they weren’t there ready and waiting. Philip escorts a reluctant Belle back to the chapel. Caroline uses the opportunity to hint to Shawn that the dress fit Mimi as if it was made for her and one of these days will be wearing the dress for real. Shawn laughs nervously.

Lexie tries to leave and get John but Alex stands in her way. Lexie tries to step around him but Alex steps in front of Lexie again. Alex insists that not only is Lexie not going to get John but also she is going to say nothing but flattering things about his treatment of Marlena from now on. Lexie balks at the demand until Alex threatens to tell Abe that she is sleeping with Tek.

The guests file through the lobby and back into the chapel. Bo and Billie step aside to a corner of the lobby to talk. Bo questions why Billie trusts Patrick to bring Chelsea back safely. Billie feels that Patrick is the only person Chelsea will listen to right now and insists at Bo’s concern that Patrick knows what he is doing.

Patrick catches up to Chelsea, who is crying on a bench in the yard, and tells her that he heard about Sami’s harsh words. Patrick wants to talk about it but Chelsea tells him to leave her alone and storms off.

Everyone takes their seats in the chapel. John looks around and questions Caroline when he realizes that Marlena and Alex haven’t returned. Caroline assures him that they’ll be back in a minute. Father Jansen resumes the ceremony and asks Lucas his vow again at the couple’s request to only pick up where they left off. Lucas says, “I do.” The entrance of the mysterious stranger interrupts Father Jansen’s asking of vows to Sami. Everyone turns to look at this person who has entered at the back of the chapel. The stranger removes his hood and reveals that he is Stan, whom Lucas immediately recognizes. Sami stares at Stan in shock as he greets her by name and asks if she missed him.

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