Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/20/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/20/05


Written By Danielle 
Pictures by Juanita

Belle’s loft:

Belle is finishing getting dressed for the wedding as she talks about how she can’t believe she’s the matron of honor in two weddings back to back and jokes about promising not to faint at this wedding even though Sami may not be as understanding as Brady and Chloe. Belle stops talking when she turns around to see Philip, in full dress uniform, walking down the stairs. Belle is amazed that Philip is not using his cane and Philip explains that his new prosthesis is so amazing that he can walk, climb stairs and even dance. Philip suggests they try out the dancing and steps toward Belle but Belle stops him.

Mimi’s loft:

Mimi, dressed for the wedding, cleans up from last night as she yells at Shawn to get ready. Shawn explains that he didn’t hear his alarm go off and overslept before wanting to know how late they stayed up to watch the movie last night. Mimi flashes back to when they accidentally changed channels and ended up watching a porno movie.


John can’t believe that Marlena is choosing Alex over her own family. Marlena insists that she needs Alex and repeats her threat to leave with Alex. John doesn’t want Marlena to leave. Marlena joins Alex by his side and links her arm in his as she demands that in order for her to stay, John must not only tell Alex that he wants him to stay but must apologize for treating him so badly.

St. Luke’s church:

Will complains that he and Lucas had to come to the church so early and teases Lucas about wanting to come early to make sure that Sami didn’t do anything to screw things up this time.

Sami wishes that the next wedding would be between Roman and Marlena. Roman repeats that Marlena is married to John. Sami is hopeful that once Marlena gets her memory back, everything will be different. Caroline tells Sami not to fill her head with such thoughts and concentrate on getting married to Lucas. Sami’s mood lightens as her thoughts return to the task at hand and Caroline urges her to hurry up with hair, makeup, and getting dressed. Roman takes that as his cue to leave and thanks Caroline for filling in where Marlena normally would be. Sami asks Roman if Marlena would be willing to walk down the aisle with them. Roman tells Sami not to get her hopes up but promises to do the best he can and leaves Caroline and Sami to get ready.

Lexie turns the corner and asks about Sami as she greets Roman. Roman boasts about how Sami has turned her life around and he is now proud of her. Roman asks about Abe and Lexie explains that Abe went in to sit down. Roman asks about Abe and Lexie’s relationship and Lexie mood saddens as she explains that just by being there together is something but still doesn’t know from day to day. Lexie nervously changes the subject by asking if Kate is coming. Lexie is surprised to hear from Roman that Kate wasn’t invited. Roman warns that if Kate doesn’t have the sense to stay home and not try to ruin Sami’s big day, she’ll regret it.

Kate’s suite:

Kate looks at a picture of Lucas as she complains that today Sami is going to ruin Lucas’ life. Kate forces herself not to think that way and hopes that Sami will do something to make Lucas realize that he’s making a mistake. Kate anxiously waits on Billie’s promise to call if that happens. There is a knock on the door and Kate is annoyed to see that the visitor is Nicole. Kate tries to slam the door in Nicole’s face but Nicole sticks her purse out to block the door from closing. Nicole relays how much she hates Sami because Sami didn’t help her break up Brady and Chloe. Kate grows even more annoyed as she doesn’t see why Nicole would come complaining to her. Nicole explains that she wants revenge on Sami even if it doesn’t get Brady back. Kate sees that they have common ground and decides to call a temporary truce. Kate warns that this doesn’t mean that she and Nicole are going to start a beautiful friendship.

Kate’s suite and Airplane:

Nicole and Kate toast to the destruction of Sami. Nicole wonders what Sami has with all of Kate’s sons. Nicole mentions how Austin was smart enough to see through Sami and Kate’s phone rings. Kate answers it thinking it’s Billie but it turns out to be Austin calling to let her know that his flight was delayed and he’ll be late.

St. Luke’s church:

Caroline is styling Sami’s hair. Sami grills Caroline about whether Will, Lucas, and Belle have arrived yet because she is growing nervous. Caroline has to tell Sami to sit still and relax as she works on her hair. Sami can’t understand why no one else is here yet and Caroline calls Sami on the fact that she’s the only one who felt the need to come to the church three hours early. Sami shares her irrational fears about what could go wrong that would prevent her from having gotten to the church on time. Caroline teases her by listing even more things that could go wrong that are out of Sami’s control and Sami thinks that Caroline is saying that no matter what she does, any wedding she’s in is going to be doomed.


Bart paces the hotel room nervously. The phone rings and Bart relays a code phrase to prove that it’s him. Bart tells the caller that he doesn’t even want to think of what Tony will do to them if they screw this up and orders the caller to get over to the hotel right away. Bart hangs up the phone and nervously checks his watch.

Belle’s loft:

Philip promises to not try anything too strenuous but hopes that they can try a slow dance at the reception. Belle is skeptical. Philip tells Belle about meeting so many people at the hospital that are in his same situation that are now living life and doing amazing things. Philip shares his sadness at how many people in other countries aren’t as fortunate when they lose limbs and brings up a previous plan to sponsor a concert for the “Adopt-a-mine-field” charity. Belle promises that they will do that. Philip tells Belle that as he lay on the minefield, he asked God to give him one more chance to tell Belle how much he loves her and now feels so blessed. Philip talks about how he wants their baby to come into a much safer world and Belle nervously changes the subject to getting ready for the wedding as Philip mentions plans for further children. Philip doesn’t let go of Belle’s hand despite her attempt to walk away and professes his love. Belle returns the sentiment and they kiss.

Mimi’s loft:

Mimi and Shawn become engrossed in watching the porno movie. Shawn and Mimi make a more concentrated effort to look for the remote. Mimi finds it between the couch cushions and hands it to Shawn. Shawn hesitates to flip the channel back to Jurassic Park but then finds once he does switch it back that the movie is over. Mimi flips through the TV listings and discovers that the movie will re-air in 30 minutes so they decide to stay up and watch it again. Shawn kisses Mimi on the cheek in his delight that she’s willing to stay up and watch the movie again and they laugh as they settle in to watch. Back in the present, Shawn comes out of his bedroom almost fully dressed and asks for help with his tie. Mimi drags him to her by the end of the tie and ties it for him.


John swallows his pride before letting Alex stay and apologizing for treating him badly. Alex accepts his apology and pretends to sympathize with John’s agony. John accuses Alex of doing something to Marlena last night while she was sleeping. Alex flashes back to sneaking into Marlena’s room but insists that that is impossible because of how John kept him a prisoner in his own room. Marlena wants to know what Alex means by that and Alex directs the question to John.

John explains to Marlena that he installed monitoring devices to alert him if Alex left his room or anyone entered Marlena’s room. Marlena is angry that John was trying to keep Alex from her. John claims that Marlena doesn’t need Alex as much as Alex wants Marlena to believe that she does. Alex flashes back to using subliminal messaging to convince Marlena that she needs him. Marlena brushes her hand by her face as if to signal her return to a trance like state and repeats that she needs Alex to protect her and help her. John starts to protest but Marlena interrupts to threaten that she and Alex will be moving out if John doesn’t abide by her wishes. John refuses to let Marlena move out. Alex escorts Marlena out the door so they can head for Sami’s wedding. John remains standing in the penthouse living room in shock.

St. Luke’s church:

Roman, with Lexie standing nearby, acknowledges that he’s been hard on Lucas and Lucas says he deserved it. Roman thanks Lucas for helping Sami straighten out her life. Roman hugs Lucas and Lexie breathes a sigh of relief.

Kate’s suite & airplane:

Kate asks Austin how late he’s going to be and Austin explains that by the time he lands, he’ll only have time to go straight to the church. Nicole perks up at hearing that Kate is talking to Austin. Kate tries to get Austin to reconsider going to the wedding but Austin insists that he must go to support Lucas despite how he feels about Sami. Kate tries again by claiming that the flight being delayed was a sign but Austin insists that he’s going to the wedding and quickly ends the call.

Kate’s suite:

Nicole gushes about Austin and flashes back to the last time they saw each other. Kate insists that Austin is off limits but Nicole voices her desire to reignite their relationship much to Kate’s annoyance. Kate is angry that Nicole didn’t simply tell her what she had on Sami before now. Nicole explains that she was waiting to see if Sami came through and helped her get Brady back. Kate scoffs at the idea that Nicole really believed Sami would help her and Nicole points out that Kate wasn’t offering her much of anything either. Nicole asks Kate if she wants to know the secret now and Kate says no because it’s too late to stop the wedding. Nicole taunts Kate so Kate decides that she does want to know. Nicole reveals that Sami was Stan.

Loft hallway:

Belle and Philip run into Mimi and Shawn as they each leave their lofts at the same time. Philip suggests they all go together now and Mimi offers to take her car only if Shawn drives. Philip walks over to call the elevator and Mimi marvels at seeing him walk. Philip gloats about testing his prosthesis out by dancing with Belle at the reception. Shawn forces a smile as he looks at Belle.

St. Luke’s church:

Will knocks on the door to the bride’s room and opens it slightly to let Sami know that the guests are starting to arrive. Sami rushes to the door, her hair now fully styled, and asks if Lucas is there. Will says that he is and offers to have Lucas come in but Sami slams the door shut so Lucas won’t see her before the wedding. Lucas and Will leave. Sami turns back to Caroline now feeling confident that everything is going to work out. Sami dabs at her eyes with a tissue as she starts to cry and complains that she’s already ruining her makeup. Caroline assures Sami that she looks beautiful. Sami thanks her and asks to be handed the small handheld mirror. Caroline brings it over but Sami drops it shortly after taking it from Caroline and it shatters upon hitting the floor. Sami starts to sob as she proclaims that she’ll now have seven years bad luck starting right now.


Bart paces the hotel as he complains that time is being wasted. There is a knock on the door and Bart rushes to answer it only to find solely a red bag left on his doorstep. Bart brings it inside the hotel room, opens it, and approves of what he finds inside. Bart closes the bag, sets it on a chair, and rushes to get ready to take the item to the church on time.

St. Luke’s church:

Marlena, John, and Alex arrive at the church and Roman greets them, obviously surprised that Marlena actually showed up. Marlena coldly points out that she’s here because it is her daughter’s wedding. Marlena is taken aback by Roman’s compliment on how she looks. Roman asks Marlena if she’d be willing to walk down the aisle with him and Sami and Marlena looks to Alex for his input which angers John. Marlena agrees to walk down the aisle with Roman and Sami and Roman suggests that they go tell Sami the news. Marlena agrees once Alex says he likes the idea and she and Roman leave. John realizes that somehow Alex got to Marlena. Alex jokingly confesses that he used supernatural powers to get into Marlena’s room. John insists that last night Marlena was on the verge of remembering him and wanting to be with him but this morning she’s now back under Alex’s control. Alex considers the allegation to be ridiculous and insists that he’s only trying to help Marlena remember her feelings before the accident whomever they were for and accuses John of controlling Marlena by wanting Marlena only to remember her feelings for him. John questions whether Alex has some sort of personal agenda for Marlena. Alex claims that the stress of Marlena’s amnesia is taking its toll on John and offers to suggest a good therapist. Alex heads into the chapel as John scoffs at the suggestion.

Caroline cleans up the broken mirror. Sami is now convinced that her wedding is going to be a disaster. Caroline insists that people make their own luck so there should be nothing to be afraid of. Roman knocks on the door and Sami yells that if it is Lucas, he must go away. Roman explains that he’s here with Marlena and Sami allows them to come in. Roman delivers the news that Marlena said yes to walking down the aisle. Sami is ecstatic as she hugs Marlena and assumes this means that Marlena has remembered that she loves Roman. Marlena corrects Sami and then reiterates all that she’s been told about her time with Roman. Marlena still can’t believe that she and Roman conceived a child while they were married to other people and has a hard time recalling Kate’s name, referring to her as “that dark haired girl who says she is my friend.” Sami becomes enraged at the thought of Kate being Marlena’s friend. Caroline and Roman try to calm Sami down with no success. Sami grabs another tissue and sits at the table dabbing at her tears in silence.

Kate’s suite:

Kate nearly chokes on her drink as she tries to comprehend Nicole’s declaration. Nicole explains that Tony made a disguise for Sami that even included a device to change her voice. Kate clamors over to the phone in an effort to rush to the church and stop the wedding. Kate wants Nicole to tell Lucas the truth but Nicole doesn’t think Lucas will believe her. Kate decides that she must tell Lucas but Nicole points out that Lucas won’t believe her either without proof. Nicole declares that Sami has won. Kate realizes that this is what Tony meant when he hinted at Sami being the mistress of disguise and why Sami reacted the way she did when Kate confronted her about disguising herself as Tony’s attorney. Nicole is shocked to hear that Sami poised as Tony’s attorney. Kate brushes off Nicole’s reaction but continues to recall how Sami reacted when she was worried about evidence being in Tony’s car. Nicole helps herself to another drink as she complains that Sami got away with it and there’s nothing they can do about it. Kate declares that there is one thing they can do.

Nicole begs Kate for her plan. Kate declares that her plan is to get very, very, very drunk and heads for the bar to fix another drink. Nicole lifts her glass in a toast to Sami’s unhappiness. Kate lifts her glass to toast that Sami rot in hell the sooner the better and they clink glasses.

St. Luke’s church:

Mimi, Belle, and Philip enter the church. Belle tells Philip that she is going to let Sami know she is here and Philip kisses Belle goodbye before heading off to let Lucas know he is here. Shawn walks in and Belle compliments him on how he looks more like a groom than an usher. Shawn casts a glance at Mimi before heading into the chapel to start seating people. Belle calls after Shawn but Mimi stops her. Mimi calls Belle on her false claims about leading Shawn on yet still purposefully calculating her moves to keep Shawn right by her side. Belle denies doing that on purpose. Mimi tells Belle that she needs to see a shrink because she has serious problems and steps away. Belle shakes her head in Mimi’s direction before heading to the bride’s room.

Sami is now dressed in her gown and veil. Caroline and Marlena compliment Sami on how she looks. Belle walks in and is surprised to see Marlena there. Sami relays the news that Marlena has agreed to walk down the aisle too. Marlena remarks that she has the two most beautiful daughters in Salem and Sami and Belle assume that means that Marlena is remembering them. Marlena quickly apologizes and explains that she was only commenting on the fact that she’s been told they are her daughters and she can see that they are beautiful. Caroline hands Sami a blue garter to count for her something new and something blue. Belle hands Sami the jewelry case she brought into the room and explains that this is Sami’s something old and something borrowed. Sami opens the case and gasps when she sees that inside are Marlena’s pearls. Sami explains to Marlena that the pearls belonged to her mother and that Marlena had wanted her to wear them at her wedding. Sami hugs Belle in thanks and takes back all the nasty things she said about her for being so considerate in bringing Sami the pearls to wear today. Sami has Marlena help her put on the pearls.

Most everyone has taken their seats in the chapel. Father Jansen joins Lucas and Philip at the altar and notes how they are just about ready. Will enters the chapel and takes a seat in front of John who smiles at him. John then exchanges glares with Alex who is sitting in the first pew on the opposite side. Shawn sits down behind John and puts his arm around Mimi. Philip asks Lucas if he is nervous and Lucas says he isn’t nervous but hopes that the wedding goes off without a hitch because Sami deserves that. Philip tells Lucas that they both deserve it. Everyone turns his or her attention to the back of the church as “trumpet voluntary” starts to play. Belle appears first and smiles at everyone as she walks down the aisle. Belle winks at Philip once she reaches the altar. Mimi and Shawn exchange looks. Everyone stands as the wedding march starts. Marlena and Roman appear at the back of the church arm in arm and then Roman directs Marlena to face him with enough space in between for Sami to stand. Sami walks up and locks her arm in Roman’s arm. Marlena takes Sami’s other arm and they pause for a moment at the back of the church during which Lucas and Sami exchange smiles and looks that are near tears on Sami’s part. John and Alex share uncomfortable glances as Roman, Sami, and Marlena slowly make their way up the aisle. They reach the altar and Marlena and Roman reply in unison as they tell Father Jansen that they give Sami to Lucas in marriage. Roman joins Sami’s hand with Lucas’s hand and Lucas and Marlena help Sami step up onto the alter. Roman moves to his seat in the first pew in front of John and surprises Marlena by holding out his hand as an invite to join him. Roman withdraws his hand when Marlena hesitates and Marlena finally decides to sit with Alex. Roman and John’s faces show bewilderment as everyone sits down. Father Jansen begins the ceremony.


Austin laments that he didn’t fly in last night after all. Capt. Isner comes on the loudspeaker to announce that they’ve made up time and will be making their landing into Salem in about 30 minutes. Austin realizes that this means he’ll miss the wedding but at least will make it for the reception. Austin adds that this is only if the wedding actually happens because with Sami, you never know.

Kate’s suite:

Kate and Nicole lie back on the couch and as if in synchrony, each gulp down more of their drinks. Kate wants to know why Lucas doesn’t see Sami for who she is like they do. Nicole chalks it up to the way men are. Nicole would rather talk about Austin coming to town and mentions wanting to look nice for him. Kate warns Nicole to not even think of getting her money-grubbing hands into Austin. Nicole ignores Kate’s warning and heads into the bathroom. There is a knock on the door and Kate opens the door to find no one there. Kate looks down and is surprised at what she finds on the floor.

St. Luke’s church:

Father Jansen asks the guests if there is anyone present who thinks that Sami and Lucas should not be married. Sami whips around to glare at the guests and Will sits nervously as the group shows their discontent for the union but says nothing. Father Jansen asks says the traditional vows to Lucas and he says, “I do.” Father Jansen repeats the same to Sami.

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