Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/15/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/15/05


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Chez Rouge:

Chloe and Brady finish singing and everyone applauds. Victor knows that Isabella is watching and is proud too.

Shawn promises Bonnie that he’ll be there for Mimi.

Belle denies it but Mimi accuses her of leading Shawn on when she never intends to leave Philip.

Max disappoints Chelsea when he doesn’t share her romantic sentiment about the kind of love Brady and Chloe share.

Frankie refuses to break his promise to Jack despite Jennifer’s desire to be informed.

Abby asks Jack if he is sick.

Marlena explains that she had a feeling of being with John. John tries to lead Marlena away to help further the breakthrough but Alex stops them.

Sami comes to and blames her fainting on the hot air. Kate confronts Sami about her real reason for fainting.

Marlena fills Alex in on her feeling and Alex tries to downplay it. John wants to take Marlena to the park and Marlena agrees despite Alex’s objections.

Shawn suggests that Rex will come back to Mimi but Bonnie doubts it.

Mimi persists with the accusations but Belle denies it. Mimi wants Belle to admit that if it weren’t for the baby and Philip’s leg, she would have dumped him for Shawn.

Roman, Will, and Lucas defend Sami to Kate and Sami denies everything. Sami gets Lucas to take Will away after Roman steps away to take Tek’s call. Alone, Sami pretends to care nothing about the disguise but is obviously bothered by Kate’s threat that she’ll be sharing a cellblock with Tony.

Victor grants Brady time away from his job and promises to take care of Nicole once and for all.

Chelsea doesn’t like hearing Max say that he’d rather be dead then be committed to only sleeping with one woman for the rest of his life.

Jen persists but Frankie claims that Jack only confided that he loves Jennifer and advises her to enjoy every minute of it. Jennifer is surprised to learn that Frankie knew about her divorce and has been keeping track of her family.

Jack admits that he hasn’t been feeling well but Abby takes his comment about watching over them as Jack’s way of saying that he’s going to live.

Bonnie talks up how horrible Rex treats Mimi now to get Shawn to sympathize with Mimi.

Belle guesses that Mimi is so angry because she loves Shawn.

Victor introduces himself to Alex and ominously warns that if Alex does anything to make John lose Marlena, he won’t be happy and leaves Alex to ponder that thought.


John surprises Marlena with a horse drawn carriage ride.

Chez Rouge:

Kate confronts Sami about being Tony’s mystery attorney and Sami admits it but gloats that no one will believe Kate’s word against hers. Will and Lucas return when Kate starts to yell and Lucas makes Kate leave. Roman glares in Sami’s direction as he talks to Tek.

Jennifer laughs as Frankie claims that he kept up on them via subscriptions to the Spectator and a satellite dish reception of their talk show. Frankie agrees with Jennifer’s sentiment that Jack is best for her. Frankie advises Jennifer again to make the most of every moment with her family.

Jack mentions what Abby’s wedding will be like and is sad to hear Abby talk of not having a wedding for several years. Jack gets Abby to dance with him so he can experience the wedding tradition of the father/daughter dance. During the dance, Jack imagines that he dancing with Abby at her wedding. Jennifer tears up as she watches them dance.

Kate gloats to Alex about Marlena leaving with John. Alex taunts Kate with the threat that Marlena will only remember Roman.

Bonnie fakes tears as she describes how helpless she feels with Mimi. Shawn assures her that he’ll help Mimi feel better but still rushes off to tend to Belle.

Belle accuses Mimi of loving Shawn while she was with Rex. Mimi calls Belle on not believing that Jan drugged Shawn and now using Philip to get back at Shawn. Belle denies it. Mimi tells Belle to step aside and let Shawn move on but Belle claims that Shawn wouldn’t have been interested in Mimi anyway.

Kate anxiously waits for Roman’s answer when Lucas questions him about Stan.

Frankie and Max argue about whether true love is better than one night stands. Frankie gets Max to see that once he reaches their parents’ age, he’ll want the true love.


Marlena enjoys the carriage ride but it doesn’t spark any memories. John passes the time by using a myth about the constellations to describe how he feels about their current situation.

Chez Rouge:

Chloe and Brady, now in plain clothes, thank everyone and say goodnight. Everyone throws rice on them as they leave.

Bonnie pretends to have never seen Belle’s wrap even after Shawn finds it where she hid it earlier under the chair. Shawn rushes off to give the wrap to Belle. Bonnie laughs in confidence of the thought of getting Shawn to pursue Mimi.

Mimi is deeply offended by Belle’s comment. Mimi yells at Belle to let Shawn go but Belle denies having any hold on him. Mimi calls Belle on her fear that she won’t be able to get Shawn back if he falls in love with her. They look over and realize that Shawn is standing there.

Chelsea suggests going back to the beach but Max decides to take Frankie’s advice and purse a more meaningful relationship with Chelsea. Chelsea considers the idea for a moment and agrees.

Roman relays that the trunk contents were burned beyond recognition. Sami secretly delights in the idea that she’s gotten away with it. Kate is determined to find the truth about Sami.


Alex cuts Marlena and John’s carriage ride short. John accuses Alex of being bothered more because Marlena is enjoying it with him and not Alex. Marlena decides to go along with Alex when he claims that the ride could be detrimental to her progress. John decides that he must get Marlena out from under Alex’s control even if it means killing Alex.

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