Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/14/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/14/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Chez Rouge:

Mimi continues to eavesdrop on Shawn and Belle’s conversation. Shawn repeats his question of whether Belle still loves him or not. Shawn smiles as Belle admits that she never stopped loving Shawn and never will. Mimi rolls her eyes and walks away.

Brady enjoys watching Chloe admire her ring. Chloe assures Brady that the ring fits perfectly and that even if her scars hadn’t healed, today would have been just as wonderful since she is now married to Brady. They profess their love for each other and kiss. Mimi tries to storm past them in an effort to be alone but Chloe stops her and Mimi forces a happy face as she and Chloe hug. Mimi compliments their wedding and Chloe thanks her for being a part of it. Chloe notices that Mimi is near tears but Mimi chalks it up to being emotional because of the wedding. Chloe assures Mimi that while things look bad now, she will live happily ever after too. Mimi, now on the verge of tears, excuses herself to splash some cold water on her face.

Victor receives word via his cell phone from Nico that he has re-captured Nicole. Victor instructs Nico to take Nicole to his place and keep her corralled there until Brady and Chloe leave for their honeymoon. Victor reluctantly grants permission for Nico to put Nicole on the phone and Nicole tells Victor that she has love letters from Brady in her purse.

Caroline and John are now talking with Brady and Chloe. Caroline asks where Chloe and Brady plan to spend their wedding night and Brady explains that they’ll spend tonight at the cottage and then embark on their honeymoon. Caroline tells John that she is glad that he didn’t sell the cottage and John says it’s hopefully going to be easier to go there now since Brady and Chloe are married and will fill it with warmth. Brady assures John that he is always invited and adds that Marlena is welcome too when she gets back to normal. Caroline asks about honeymoon plans and Chloe answers that they are starting off in Paris and then seeing where the mood leads them. Brady jokes about how they must stop at a beach somewhere along the way and the comment along with spotting Marlena and Alex walk by, sends John flashing back to a romantic trip on the beach with Marlena.

John has parted company with Caroline, Chloe, and Brady and Victor walks up having noticed John staring at Marlena and Alex. Victor assures John that Marlena will remember and come back to him. John shares his fear that Alex is going to try and prevent that.

Alex asks Marlena if she really wants to stay for the reception. Marlena points out that she came back to support Brady but Alex feels that Marlena has fulfilled that and offers to drive her back home.

Bonnie wants Patrick to tell her why he is so interested in Chelsea and Bo walks up to demand the answer to that question as well. Bonnie becomes defensive and tells Bo to stop harassing Patrick or she’ll call the cops. Bo smirks as he points out that he is a cop. Bonnie complains that Bo is a harassing cop but Patrick steps up to insist that he can handle things. Bo orders Patrick to follow him outside and Patrick follows him despite Bonnie’s objection.

Chelsea apologizes for her behavior to Billie but Billie assures her that she understands why Chelsea would be angry. Chelsea thanks Billie for understanding and leaves to go talk to Max. Hope walks up to ask Billie how things are going with Chelsea. Billie is ecstatic that the ice seems to have been broken by Chelsea’s apology. Hope becomes skeptical that Chelsea would just apologize out of the blue and questions whether Chelsea was really sincere.

Chelsea grabs Max’s hand and drags him onto the dance floor. Chelsea smiles as Max compliments her dress.

Frankie is dancing with Jennifer. Frankie suddenly stops dancing and insists that he can’t be like this with Jennifer anymore because it isn’t right.

Abby still wants to know why Jack is pushing Jennifer to be with Frankie. Abby is shocked when Jack proclaims that Jennifer and Frankie belong together.

Will walks up to Lucas and they talk about how today’s wedding will be tough to beat but Lucas insists that their wedding will be the best ever. Will becomes worried as he looks over and sees that Sami doesn’t look happy.

Sami pretends to be shocked at Roman’s news that Tony tried to escape but was caught again. Roman assures Sami that they are one step ahead of Tony and will shut down the entire Dimera organization. Lucas walks up behind them and insists that Stan belongs on death row right beside Tony. Sami, obviously taken aback, pretends to agree.

Everyone watches as Brady and Chloe each dish out a piece of the wedding cake. Brady feeds Chloe a forkful and John can be heard urging Chloe to not be nice as she feeds Brady an overloaded forkful. Everyone applauds and cheers as Brady and Chloe kiss. Brady invites everyone to help him or herself to the cake and the crowd disperses.

Victor tells John that he is surprised that Alex was invited to the wedding. John explains that Marlena wouldn’t come without Alex. John relays that he was misled about Alex’s qualifications after complaining that Alex has made Marlena completely dependent upon him. Victor bluntly tells John to fire Alex but John complains that he tried but failed because legally he can’t make any decisions about her treatment. Victor thinks that being back in Salem will help Marlena remember because while imprisoned, he and Caroline were able to bring back memories of the past through certain sounds and smells. John dismisses the suggestion and complains that Alex keeps butting in and accusing him of trying to lead Marlena’s memories. Victor boldly tells John to ignore Alex and do whatever he has to do to make Marlena remember.

Marlena complains to Alex that John keeps staring at her and Alex once again suggests that they say goodbye and leave. Alex holds out his arm for Marlena and she takes it. John stops them on their way out is refusing to let them leave.

Bonnie complains to Mimi about Bo harassing Patrick and notices Mimi’s saddened expression when Bonnie remarks that Bo better not hold that against Mimi when she gets together with Shawn. Mimi claims that she’s been crying because of the wedding but when Bonnie asks if she is sad about Rex, Mimi admits that she overheard Belle tell Shawn that she will always love him. Bonnie calls Belle a selfish brat who is trying to have both Philip and Shawn and insists that Mimi can’t let Belle get away with that.

Belle is standing under the moonlight in Shawn’s arms. Shawn steps away and remarks how he knew Belle wouldn’t have stopped loving him. Belle declares that nothing has changed and she still plans to honor her marriage vows but Shawn asks her to truthfully say that she’d be happier with Philip than with him.

Chelsea notices that Max is distracted during their dance and Max admits that one of his racing sponsors dropped him due to lack of activity on the circuit. Chelsea offers to get Basic Black to sponsor him and Max is touched that Chelsea would do that for him. Chelsea insists that she’d do anything for Max and wraps her arms around him as they continue to dance.

Billie is offended that Hope would question Chelsea’s sincerity. Hope advises Billie to keep an open mind because before Chelsea had everyone convinced that Max had attacked her and now she is here throwing herself at him. Billie is glad that it’s Max and not Patrick and Hope agrees. Hope warns that if Patrick doesn’t stay away from Chelsea, there’s no telling what Bo will do.

Bo tells Patrick that he can’t keep him from dating Billie but insists that having once worked for the Dimeras means Patrick is intertwined with them for the rest of his life. Patrick points out that he helped put Tony in jail so that Tony can no longer hurt anyone again but Bo is still skeptical. Bo orders Patrick to stay away from Chelsea and Patrick asks what will happen if he doesn’t.

Jennifer doesn’t understand why Frankie doesn’t think what they are doing is right when all they are doing is dancing. Frankie claims he is monopolizing Jennifer’s time when she should be spending time with Jack. Jennifer points out that Jack is the one who pushed them out on the dance floor and accuses Frankie of knowing what is truly wrong with Jack.

Jack covers for his earlier comment by claiming that he meant Frankie and Jennifer belong together on the dance floor. Abby doesn’t buy the fact that Jack isn’t jealous of them but Jack insists that he loves and trusts Jennifer. Abby is still worried that Jennifer is spending too much time with Frankie.

Sami asks Roman if Tony said anything about Stan. Roman tells her no and adds that there is no proof that Stan was part of Tony’s escape attempt. Lucas thinks that Stan wouldn’t even be in Salem since he knows everyone would be looking for him but adds that if Stan were part of the escape attempt, Tony wouldn’t hesitate to give him up since the attempt failed.

Alex looks disappointed as John convinces Marlena that if she left, it would upset Brady and Marlena agrees to stay.

Bonnie insists that Mimi must help Shawn get over Belle before she breaks his heart all over again.

Belle tells Shawn that her love for Philip grows every day but Shawn sees that as avoiding answering his question. Caroline comes out and tells Shawn to come inside because they are about to throw the bouquet and garter. Shawn assures Caroline that he’ll be in in a minute but Belle, thankful for the distraction, hurriedly heads back inside.

All of the single women gather in front of Chloe and Brady and protest as Brady jokingly insists that there will be no fighting or physical violence amongst the women vying for the bouquet. Brady adds that the woman who catches the bouquet will be destined to be the next one married. Sami, in front of the pack, says that the bouquet should just be handed right to her since no one else is planning on marrying the next day. Everyone agrees as Brady and Chloe suggest that Sami step aside and let some other lady have a chance.

Bonnie pushes Mimi to the front of the pack but Mimi steps back and pushes Bonnie out to the front. Bonnie decides that that may be a good idea since Victor, another wealthy male, is now available. Bonnie waves and smiles at Victor who is standing behind Mimi. Mimi covers her face in embarrassment and Victor rolls his eyes.

Billie whispers to Chelsea that if she catches the bouquet, it is all hers and steps aside. Chelsea thinks that by catching the bouquet, Patrick will be all hers too.

Sami gloats to Kate about how she is about to marry Lucas and how Kate should get in the group vying for the bouquet because Roman is about to divorce her. Kate warns Sami not to give up her place because she is yet to be married. Sami insists that they are going to live happily ever after without Kate and walks off. Kate wishes she could find a way to stop that wedding.

Chloe turns around to toss the bouquet and though it was flying toward Chelsea, Bonnie pushes Mimi across the room and Mimi catches it instead. Everyone cheers for Mimi and laughs as Mimi angrily pokes Bonnie with the bouquet. All the women moan as Brady directs the available bachelors to step up and brings a chair for Chloe to sit on. Brady laughs as the men cheer at Chloe lifting up her dress so Brady can remove the garter from her leg. Brady flings the garter high up in the air and Bonnie pushes Shawn under it so he’ll be guaranteed to catch it. Bonnie pushes Mimi out onto the dance floor to join Shawn. As they start to dance, Belle’s face drops, as she doesn’t like seeing them together. Lucas and Sami are talking about how this time tomorrow they’ll be married when Roman’s phone rings. Sami becomes alarmed when she overhears that Roman is talking to Tek about something Tony said.

Max and Chelsea have now resumed dancing. They both claim that to be glad that they didn’t catch the bouquet and garter because it is too soon to be getting married. Chelsea suggests that they go back to the beach and pick up where they left off the other night.

Frankie tries to deny that he knows anything about Jack that Jennifer doesn’t already know but Jennifer doesn’t believe him. Frankie wants Jennifer to go spend the rest of the evening with Jack but Jennifer wants to stay with Frankie.

Bo insists that he will watch over and protect Chelsea and Patrick doesn’t see any problem with that. Bo insists that Patrick is the problem and orders him to stay away from Chelsea before walking away. Patrick stops Bo to tell him that he was trying to get Chelsea to be more respectful to Billie but Bo doesn’t think that’s the truth because he saw Patrick with his arms around Chelsea. Patrick insists that that isn’t what happened but Bo quips that that is what Patrick said the last time and tells him to think of a better excuse before heading back inside.

Bo joins Hope and asks her to dance. As they start to dance, Bo tells Hope about being outside telling Patrick to leave Chelsea alone. Hope is worried that they fought and takes offense when Bo quips that he didn’t hurt Hope’s little boy scout.

John and Alex step away from Marlena but remain in earshot. John threatens that if he finds that Alex has hurt Marlena or played with any part of her body especially her mind, he will kill him. Alex retorts that given John’s mercenary past, he very well could kill him but doesn’t think he will because then the key to regaining Marlena’s memory will be lost to him forever. Marlena walks up to insist that they don’t fight and asks John what he wants. John asks to dance with Marlena but Alex objects. Marlena decides that there would be no harm in it and they head onto the dance floor.

Brady and Chloe thank Victor for the wedding. Caroline walks up and tells Chloe and Brady to have a beautiful honeymoon as she says her goodbyes. Caroline takes both Chloe and Brady’s hands as she recites a beautiful quote from an old love letter. Chloe hugs Caroline in thanks and Brady wonders where Caroline found such a quote. Caroline quickly admits that it was Victor but when Brady stares in confusion at Victor, Caroline quickly claims that she meant Victor Hugo.

Caroline and Victor step away from Brady and Chloe. Victor thanks Caroline for coming and for remembering and Caroline walks off without another word. Brady walks up and questions Victor about Caroline’s love letter but Victor changes the subject to warn Brady that Nicole is planning on using the love letters to come between him and Chloe. Brady insists that he’s been honest about his time with Nicole to Chloe and is confident that no one can break them up now.

Shawn walks by Bonnie as he searches for Belle’s wrap. Bonnie spots it on a chair and pushes it out of sight as she lies about having seen it. Bonnie grabs Shawn’s arm as he starts to walk away and asks that he help because Mimi is in misery and she doesn’t know how else to help her.

Belle is back out on the terrace and thinks that Shawn is returning when she hears Mimi join her. Mimi calls Belle on the fact that she was hoping it was Shawn but Belle claims that Shawn was merely off looking for her wrap. Mimi complains that Belle can’t even look for her own wrap now and calls her selfish and a total slut.

Kate watches Roman, Lucas, and Sami from across the room. Roman ends his phone call and informs Sami and Lucas that Tony wouldn’t say anything. Lucas complains that they’ll never find Stan without Tony’s help but Roman points out that Tek is looking at the forensics right now of the getaway car that blew up. Lucas doesn’t think anything will come of that since it will be all torched inside. Roman relays that Tek feels that there is enough evidence in there to unlock the Dimera operation and lead them to all of Tony’s operatives, including Stan.

Chloe and Brady seclude themselves in a corner of the restaurant so that they can have a few moments alone and kiss. Chloe thanks Brady for talking her into going through with the wedding and big reception. Brady describes his feelings tonight like being shot out of a rocket but now he feels as if he and Chloe are floating in orbit looking down on everyone where everything is right. They kiss again.

Marlena and John continue their dance although Marlena looks stoic rather than comfortable in John’s arms.

Chelsea is anxious to leave but Max wants to stay a little longer and continue dancing.

Frankie wants to know why Jennifer didn’t want to go back to Jack and Jennifer explains that she didn’t want to interrupt the moment between Jack and Abby. Jennifer tells Frankie that he is a terrible liar and she will keep asking him for the truth until he gives it to her.

Alex watches as Marlena admits that the song they are dancing to "Heaven must have sent you" sounds familiar. John confirms that it is one of her favorite songs. John relishes in the moment as Marlena lays her head on his shoulder. John flashes back to when they once dressed up in 50’s fashion and danced to the same song. John whispers in Marlena’s ear that he loves her and only wants the best for her. Marlena lifts her head to face John and, with tears in her eyes, confirms that she knows that, can feel that, and has felt the genuine affection from the people in this room tonight. John explains that it’s because they all love her and want Marlena to regain memories of her life again so she can be happy. Marlena allows the tears to fall as she continues to dance closely with John. Alex fumes as he watches them.

Brady calls for everyone’s attention and introduces a song Chloe has chosen to perform that is very special to both of them. Chloe looks into Brady’s eyes as she sings. Marlena and John remain the only couple to continue dancing to the music. Brady sings the second part of the song to Chloe.

Billie and Patrick watch Max and Chelsea resume dancing. Billie tells Patrick that she plans to leave Chelsea alone for the rest of the night so as not to ruin their progress. Patrick looks over at Bo and suggests that he and Billie go off in search of some better food and hints that he’s in the mood for a little dessert. Billie and Patrick leave.

Hope and Bo watch Billie and Patrick leave. Hope asks that Bo now forget about Patrick and focus on them and they kiss. Bo suggests that they leave and Hope is glad to oblige.

Bonnie tells Shawn that Rex broke Mimi’s heart and now Mimi needs someone to help her pick up the pieces, citing Shawn as the best man for the job.

Belle takes offense at Mimi’s comment and Mimi accuses her of wanting both Shawn and Philip. Belle scoffs at the suggestion and insists that she’s being faithful to Philip. Mimi points out that Belle isn’t letting Shawn go either and points out that she called that Belle would get cramps at the wedding. Belle denies faking it but Mimi doesn’t believe her. Mimi tells Belle that she is deliberately keeping Shawn from being happy and that makes Belle cruel and selfish.

Frankie acts like he doesn’t know anything about Jack but Jennifer notes how they stop talking when she walks into the room. Jennifer begs Frankie to tell her what is going on with Jack. Frankie agrees to tell Jennifer the truth.

Roman tells Sami and Lucas that he just heard from Tek again and Tek told him that they found ledgers, computer disks, and luggage full of disguises in the trunk. Sami flashes back to being disguised as Stan. Kate watches as Sami faints into Lucas’ arms.

Marlena and John continue their dance as Chloe and Brady sing up on stage. Marlena is staring into John’s eyes until she suddenly looks away in alarm and tries to break away from John but he won’t let go of her. Alex listens more intently as Marlena, tears now brimming in her eyes once more, declares that while they were dancing to the previous song, she remembered being in his arms. Marlena smiles as a smile spreads across John’s face.

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