Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/13/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/13/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

St. Luke’s Church:

Brady brings over two glasses of champagne for himself and Chloe as he asks her how it feels to be Mrs. Brady Black. Chloe tells Brady that he has made her the happiest woman on Earth and Brady echoes the sentiment. They propose a toast to their love and clink glasses. They each take a sip and then kiss. Nicole continues to watch them through the keyhole as she sits on the floor outside the door. Nicole insists that Brady belongs with her. Nicole hears someone coming and quickly rushes away so as not to be discovered.

Victor is fuming that Nicole got away. Caroline admits that it was her that let Nicole go. Caroline warns Victor not to do anything vengeful for fear that it will get him into trouble but Victor insists that that won’t happen.

Nicole makes her way through the bushes and tries to make a run for it after checking to make sure the coast is clear but Nico grabs her arm.

Jack and Jennifer stroll calmly out of the chapel as Jennifer talks about how beautiful Chloe looked. Jack flatters Jennifer by claiming that she was also a beautiful bride and they kiss. Frankie watches them through the open front door.

Roman fills Abe in on how he’s checking out the list of Tony’s visitors but so far everyone has checked out except the female attorney because no one has heard from or seen her since. Abe doesn’t recall Tony having a female attorney in his employ and asks about the woman’s identity. Roman relays that Tek is pulling the surveillance video now and they will soon find out.

Sami uses her cell phone to check the news and becomes discouraged when there is no news of Tony’s escape. Lucas walks up and overhears Sami trying to convince herself that she will marry Lucas and everything will be fine.

Chez Rouge:

Chelsea and Patrick arrive at the reception first. Patrick wants to use the opportunity to talk about Billie but Chelsea tries to escape the conversation by stepping away to grab a soda. Patrick stops her and insists that she will stand there and listen to what he has to say.

Bo and Hope arrive and Bo is complaining that Billie let Chelsea come here with Patrick. Hope defends Patrick and stops Bo from going in until he promises not to make a scene. Bo agrees that he won’t cause any problems unless Patrick does first and they head inside. Bo isn’t happy to discover Patrick talking with Chelsea the moment they walk in the door.

Alex and John continue their argument. Alex is angry that John keeps undermining his methods and John points out that Alex’s methods are doing more harm than good. Alex claims that the harm is because John is pushing her to remember things that she can’t and that being back in this environment is not helping. John points out that this “environment” is Marlena’s home but Alex points out that to Marlena in her current state of mind, this isn’t home. John accuses Alex of purposefully making it so Marlena only felt safe while at the cabin alone with him. Alex insists that they would still be making progress if John hadn’t taken her away. John insists that he took Marlena away because he doesn’t want her getting dependent on a stranger. Alex warns that John may have no choice.

Belle joins Marlena who is standing alone on the terrace and begs Marlena to tell her what John did or said to upset her. Marlena explains that John keeps pushing her to remember. Belle insists that John doesn’t mean to keep pushing but does so because the two of them once loved each other so much that they were each other’s world. Marlena shocks Belle when she suggests that the problem might be that she once loved John but now she doesn’t and doesn’t see how she could.

John questions Alex’s warning. Alex claims that he can only help Marlena because she doesn’t feel threatened by him. John insists that Alex isn’t helping Marlena but Alex claims it will take time. Alex is confident that if John would leave them alone, Marlena will improve whether or not they get the results that John is hoping for. John is growing tired of Alex’s constant warnings that Marlena may not remember loving him but Alex will only apologize for the fact that John finds the idea so disturbing. John insists that he and Marlena belong together and wants Alex to accept that idea. Alex scoffs at the notion that Marlena and John belong together and reminds John about how he got together with Kate while Marlena became pregnant with Roman’s baby. John reminds Alex that he only got together with Kate because he thought Roman and Marlena were dead. Alex wants John to admit that he still partly loves Kate. John insists that he loves Marlena and that Marlena will remember that she loves him with or without Alex’s help. John tries to walk away but Alex stops him to caution that amnesiacs sometimes only remember part of their memory. John asks Alex to finish his thought. Alex warns that the last thing Marlena remembers is losing her baby and it is possible that the last man she’ll remember being with is Roman.

Belle doesn’t understand how Marlena can say she doesn’t love John when she doesn’t remember being with him. Marlena explains that she’s been told of her affair with Roman. Belle dismisses calling what happened an affair. Marlena doesn’t understand how she could still love John when she made love to her ex-husband and conceived a child. Belle considers Marlena sleeping with Roman as a one-time thing that only happened because they were vulnerable but Marlena doesn’t think it should be that easily explained away. Belle insists that Marlena loves John and just because she slept with Roman one time doesn’t mean she no longer loves John, it just happened. Marlena turns the tables by asking Belle if that’s how she became pregnant by a man she doesn’t love.

Sami lies to Lucas and claims that she was checking her messages because she’s worried that her seamstress isn’t returning her calls about altering the wedding dress. Lucas assures her that everything will be fine and they kiss. Lucas takes Sami’s arm and they walk away.

St. Luke’s church:

Nico tells Nicole that he is here to help her leave town and pulls open his jacket to reveal a gun as he adds the word “permanently.” Nico pulls the gun out of his jacket and holds it up. Nicole tearfully tries to convince Nico that she must fight for Brady and insists that once he sees what is in her purse, he’ll dump Chloe. Nico pulls Nicole close and insists that he must follow through on his orders.

Chez Rouge:

Chelsea and Patrick are now seated at a table. Chelsea complains that she’d rather talk about them than Billie but Patrick insists that there is no “them” and wants her to stop treating Billie so meanly. Chelsea doesn’t see why she should so Patrick adds that Billie is Chelsea’s mother, a nice person who cares about Chelsea, and that Chelsea knows it to be the right thing to do. Chelsea slumps back against her chair and fumes.

Jack and Jennifer arrive and Jack makes Jennifer laugh by announcing that everyone needs to make room for her as the bride. Jennifer questions Jack’s recent increase on romance and Jack claims that he’s only trying to show Jennifer how much he loves her. Jennifer questions why Jack emphasized him in his comment as if there is someone else competing for her love but Jack brushes away the comment and suggests that they go find a cozy corner and whisper sweet nothings to each other. They kiss and Jennifer steps away to freshen up in the ladies’ room. Frankie walks up and questions Jack since he was hoping that Jack’s renewed attentiveness to Jennifer is a sign that things have changed for the better but Jack insists that the plan is the same and wants Frankie to stay waiting in the wings. Frankie is now feeling that this plan is wrong and insists that Jennifer has a right to know what is going on. Jennifer walks up at that moment and wants to know what they are talking about.

John insists that what happened between Marlena and Roman couldn’t have meant anything to Marlena. Alex cautions that there is a chance that Marlena may never recover her memory and therefore be lost to John and everyone that loves her forever. John insists that that won’t happen. Alex claims that there’s more of a chance that Marlena may only remember part of her past. John sees Alex’s words as another way of saying that Marlena may only remember being with Roman. Alex insists that if that is the case, John will have to accept it. John quips that by that comment, it shows how little Alex knows about him.

Marlena calls Belle on the fact that she spent the entire wedding staring at Shawn. Belle laughs at the thought and insists that she loves Philip when Marlena accuses her of still loving Shawn. Marlena points out that it’s a different kind of love and likens it to the different love she felt for Roman and John. Belle insists that Marlena still loves John. Marlena doesn’t believe that she could have just quit loving Roman simply because she conceived a child and married another man. Marlena repeats her accusation and Belle looks away as tears spring to her eyes, which Marlena takes as a yes. Belle insists that she can’t help how she feels. Marlena sympathizes with Belle and adds that it must be even harder now that she is pregnant with the wrong man’s child. Belle turns to Marlena with tears streaming down her face and asks what she is going to do. Marlena allows Belle to wrap her arms around her.

St. Luke’s church:

Nicole tries to convince Nico that Victor is all talk. Victor walks up and tells Nicole not to count on that and says that she should have gotten out of time while she had the chance. Nicole looks over and spots Brady and Chloe now in the yard kissing. Nicole tosses the bouquet she was holding at Victor and claims she was on her way out before running off. Nico aims his gun in Nicole’s direction but Victor pushes Nico’s arm down and orders him to go after Nicole.

Brady stops kissing Chloe when he notices something disturbing across the yard.

Chez Rouge:

Sami, Lucas, Bo, and Hope talk across the room while Chelsea and Patrick continue their discussion at the table. Patrick tries to get Chelsea to treat Billie better by explaining how Billie risked her life more than once to find Chelsea. Chelsea still can’t see how Billie could let someone take her baby from her and Patrick insists that it was the Dimeras and not Billie’s fault. Chelsea wonders whether everything wrong in this town is the Dimeras fault. Patrick asks what it will take to get Chelsea to lighten up on Billie. Chelsea leans in, now suddenly interested. Patrick warns that he’ll do anything within reason. Chelsea beams as she declares that they should be able to work something out.

Jennifer demands to know what Jack and Frankie were talking about. Jack quickly covers by claiming that he was asking Frankie to join them for a drink and Frankie wanted to ask Jennifer first so that he didn’t ruin their plans to be alone tonight. Jennifer remarks that she thought they had planned to be alone and Frankie turns to go but Jennifer stops him to insist that they have the rest of their lives to be alone. Jack, knowing how true that statement really is, agrees with Jennifer. Frankie agrees to one drink and Jennifer leads him to a table. Jack follows a few steps behind.

Mimi and Shawn walk in together and Mimi thanks Shawn for giving her a ride. Shawn jokes about how it helped keep them from looking like losers by walking in alone. Mimi tells Shawn that just because he gave her a ride doesn’t mean that he has to stick by her side all night and can go mingle. Mimi is touched when Shawn says that there’s no one else he’d rather be hanging out with but steps away to at least say hello to his parents. Mimi walks off in the opposite direction.

Tek holds the door open as he, Abe, and Lexie walk in. They walk over and greet Roman. Roman asks to speak alone to Tek and Abe and Lexie tells them not to talk about police business all day before stepping away to use the ladies’ room. Roman helps lead Abe away from the door before asking Tek if he got a good look at the female attorney. Sami eavesdrops from around the corner as Tek declares that he got a good look and Roman isn’t going to believe what he found.

St. Luke’s church:

Chloe thinks that they should get going to Chez Rouge because they have guests waiting at the reception. Brady says that the guests will have to wait longer and kisses Chloe. Chloe suggests saving some of that passion for the honeymoon but Brady suggests skipping the reception altogether. Chloe says Brady’s name in a warning tone and he agrees to attend the reception. They head off for Chez Rouge.

Nicole screams and fights against Nico’s grasp as he brings her back to Victor. Nico asks for further instructions and Victor tells him to get rid of Nicole before walking away. Nico drags Nicole away despite her attempts to still scream and fight against his grasp.

Chez Rouge:

John insists to Alex that Marlena will get better and will remember being in love with him and not Roman. Alex accuses John of only being confident on the outside while being afraid on the inside. John wants to know what Alex thinks he’s afraid of and Alex answers that John is afraid of losing Marlena. Alex asks John to put his trust in him to do what is best for Marlena.

Marlena apologizes for not being the best person to give Belle advice but adds that her disconnection to the circumstance has given her the perspective to see what she might have done had she not lost the baby. Belle wants to know what that is but Marlena brushes off the question. Marlena advises Belle to concentrate on making a decision for herself and the baby. Belle is worried that she’ll make the wrong choice and things will be worse but Marlena quotes Alex and tells Belle that making a bad choice is sometimes better than making no choice at all. Marlena tells Belle that she must do what is right for the baby and Belle thanks her with a hug. Marlena is surprised that Belle is thanking her when she doesn’t feel like she’s been very much help but Belle says that always talking to Marlena helps. Belle hopes that Marlena gets better and tells her that they need her. Marlena tears up as she apologizes for not being there for Belle but Belle insists that it isn’t her fault. Marlena wipes Belle’s tears and tells her not to worry for things will work out for the best. Marlena pulls a handkerchief out of her purse and gives it to Belle before heading back inside. Shawn steps outside, sees Belle wiping away her tears and asks if she is okay. Belle says she’s never felt worse in her life as Mimi walks by the door and sees Shawn doting on Belle.

Sami continues to eavesdrop as Tek shows Roman that the only picture they could get from the security camera is a picture of the back of Sami’s head while she was wearing the wig. Roman can’t believe that they didn’t get a picture of the female attorney’s face and Tek thinks that it seems as if she knew where the camera was and purposefully avoided showing her face. Abe asks if the attorney gave her name and Tek confirms that she did but the American Bar Association has no record of that name. Roman complains that unless the attorney shows up again, they are looking at a dead end. Sami breathes a sigh of relief and walks away. Abe suspects that the attorney will resurface when she finds out that Tony’s escape attempt was a bust. Roman shares his feeling that the mystery attorney was behind the whole escape plan and after Stan is probably Tony’s main accomplice.

Jack, Jennifer, and Frankie clink glasses before taking sips of their champagne and Lexie stops by for a quick hello before turning to go. Jennifer calls her back to join them but Lexie explains that she was on her way to the ladies’ room. Jennifer offers to go with her and they head off despite Jack’s teasing Jennifer about going to the ladies’ room yet again. Frankie believes that Jennifer is getting suspicious and insists that Jack tell her the truth now. Jack refuses but Frankie persists. Jack claims that he hates lying to Jennifer but insists that he has to, especially considering what they know about Patrick. Jack feels that they must keep up with the plan and if he tells Jennifer the truth now, it’ll all go up in smoke. Frankie complains that Jack guilted him into the plan and Jack points out that it wasn’t that hard to get Frankie to agree to it. Frankie wants Jack to stop because he feels uncomfortable and Jack points out that it’s uncomfortable for him to be pushing his wife into the arms of another man. Frankie tells Jack to stop this craziness right now.

Patrick asks for Chelsea’s request in exchange for giving Billie a break but before Chelsea can answer, Maggie taps a glass to gather everyone’s attention for Victor’s announcement of the arrival of Brady and Chloe. Everyone claps and cheers as Brady and Chloe enter the restaurant and step to the middle of the empty dance floor. Everyone watches as Chloe and Brady share their first dance as husband and wife. Sami and Lucas and Bo and Hope snuggle up closer to their respective partners as they watch the dance. Marlena, standing alone, watches the dancing with an expression more of confusion than love. Maggie takes the microphone to invite everyone else to join the couple on the dance floor. Bo and Hope and Sami and Lucas join several other couples on the dance floor.

Chelsea reveals that her request is that Patrick dance with her in exchange for being nicer to Billie. Patrick reluctantly agrees to one dance and they head for the dance floor, leaving Abby to watch in disgust and objection as they pass by. Bo looks over at Patrick dancing with Chelsea and fumes but Hope directs his attention back to her.

Alex comes inside and tells Marlena that he thinks he and John have reached an agreement, which delights Marlena. Marlena asks Alex to dance and they head onto the floor. John walks up as Alex and Marlena head onto the dance floor and fumes.

Jack insists that he’s made up his mind and wants to confirm that Frankie is still with him on this. Jennifer and Lexie rush back up to the table before Frankie can answer and Jennifer drags Jack onto the dance floor. Jack takes a couple steps and everyone notices him falter. Jennifer helps Jack back to his chair and he explains that he just twisted his ankle. Jennifer suggests that Lexie should look at it and Lexie agrees but Jack insists he is fine. Jack asks Frankie to take over as Jennifer’s dance partner. Jennifer doesn’t want to dance while Jack sits in pain. Jack insists that he isn’t in pain and offers to let Lexie look at him if Jennifer and Frankie go dance. Jennifer sighs and decides that it’s better not to argue with Jack. Jack, subtlety meaning now and in the future, asks Frankie if he’ll look after Jennifer and Frankie, knowing Jack’s true meaning, agrees. Jennifer promises to be back after one dance and she and Frankie head onto the dance floor. Once they are gone, Jack turns back to Lexie and admits that he is in major pain.

Jennifer keeps looking over at Jack as she and Frankie dance. Frankie offers her the chance to back out of their dance but Jennifer insists on sticking to her promise with Jack. Frankie notes that Jennifer still worries about Jack a lot and Jennifer points out that after losing him twice already, she’ll be worrying about Jack even if he lives to be 100 years old. Frankie pulls Jennifer close as they continue to dance.

Abby wonders what happened to Jack as she watches Lexie look at Jack’s ankle. Lexie finishes her exam of Jack’s ankle and tells him that he’s having inflammation of his joints, which is why it was so easy for him to turn his ankle when he stood up. Lexie asks about Jack’s overall pain and he says it comes and goes. Lexie cautions that the pain will start to come more frequently and with greater intensity and offers to write a prescription for an anti-inflammatory drug. Lexie advises Jack to tell Jennifer the truth and Abby, who has just walked up, wants to know what Jack needs to tell Jennifer the truth about.

Bo continues to fume as he watches Chelsea dance with Patrick. John silently fumes and wipes a tear away as he watches Marlena have a grand time dancing with Alex. Marlena thanks Alex for being here with him and they hug.

Lucas directs Sami’s attention to Alex and Marlena and Sami thinks that it’s better than Marlena dancing with John. Roman walks up and asks to dance with Sami so Lucas steps away. Sami and Roman begin to dance and Sami suggests that Roman should go cut in on Marlena and Alex. Roman gets Sami to agree to let them alone for now. Sami grills Roman about his talk with Abe and Tek under the guise that it could mess up her wedding tomorrow. Roman assures her that it won’t mess up her wedding but Sami persists for information. Roman decides that he can tell Sami about Tony’s escape and Sami masks her instant relief with a pretend worry. Roman assures her that Tony has been recaptured and there is no need to worry. Sami pretends to be relieved but shows her true fear while holding Roman close during the dance.

Lexie tells Jack that she’ll call in the prescription and leaves. Abby sits down across from Jack and wants to know what prescription he needs. Jack assures her it’s only something for his twisted ankle as if it is nothing to worry about. Abby wants to know what Jack and Lexie were talking about and Jack claims that Lexie was overly worried about Jack’s ankle and he didn’t want Lexie telling Jennifer because she’ll worry. Abby asks if that is why Frankie is now dancing with Jennifer and Jack insists that it is but Abby isn’t so sure. Abby questions Jack about his recent behavior of trying to push Jennifer and Frankie back together.

The song ends and Chelsea tries to thank Patrick with a hug. Patrick quickly pulls her off of him and they head off the dance floor. Patrick hopes that now Chelsea will keep her end of the deal and Chelsea insists that she always keeps her promises. Chelsea steps away to grab another drink. Bonnie walks up to Patrick to angrily inquire as to why he is so interested in Chelsea. Bo walks up having overheard Bonnie’s question and asks to also learn the answer.

Victor receives word via his cell phone that Nico has lost Nicole. Victor orders Nico to find Nicole again and do whatever it takes to keep her away from Brady and Chloe.

Brady and Chloe drink a toast to each other and their happy future. They profess their never-ending love to each other, clink glasses, and kiss. Nicole silently cries as she watches them from across the room.

Shawn begs Belle to tell him what is wrong. Belle explains that while talking with Marlena, Marlena kept saying that she couldn’t comprehend being in love with one man and carrying another man’s baby. Belle sarcastically chuckles as she points out how she knows all about that. Shawn asks if that means that Belle is still in love with him. Mimi, still standing at the door, waits with baited breath for Belle’s answer.

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