Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/12/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/12/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

St. Luke’s Church:

Craig walks Chloe down the aisle. As they pass by, Bonnie taps Mimi from the pew behind her to wave hello. Mimi smiles but turns back to the front as she rolls her eyes. Craig tells Brady to take care of Chloe before placing Chloe’s hand in Brady’s hand and joining Nancy on the first pew. Chloe silently nods to Brady that she is ready and Brady lifts her veil. Brady smiles to see that Chloe is finally restored to her pre-accident beauty and turns her to face the guests who all “aww.” Everyone smiles and murmurs amongst each other about how beautiful Chloe is.

Tek angrily walks away from the church as he yells into his cell phone about wanting all the names and locations of Tony’s employees no matter how long it takes. Nicole, standing up from her hiding place behind the bushes, is shocked at what she’s overheard. Nicole ducks back behind one of the taller bushes as she watches Sami walk up and re-enter the church. Nicole decides that now is the time to rat out Sami and heads off to tell Tek the truth about Stan.

Sami quickly and quietly returns to her seat next to Lucas as Roman sits down next to Caroline. Father Jansen begins the ceremony and Bonnie whispers in Mimi’s ear that it won’t be long before she is the bride up there getting hitched to Shawn. Mimi rolls her eyes and brushes Bonnie’s hand from her shoulder. Father Jansen stops the traditional part of the ceremony to explain that Chloe and Brady have requested that Craig sing a song to bless their marriage. Father Jansen introduces Craig and Craig steps up to the altar as the piano player starts to play. Craig takes Chloe’s hand and caresses her face as he begins to sing of all the blessings and good fortune he wishes for their marriage. Chloe and Brady smile at each other as they listen to Craig’s song. Craig now holds both their hands in his as he continues to sing. The guests all enjoy the sentiment of the song and some, including Caroline and Victor, share their own smiles and caresses. Shawn faintly smiles at Belle as they each stand to the sides of the altar but Belle’s smile back fades and she looks down as if ashamed.

Tek walks up to Roman and whispers that they need to talk about Tony. Roman nudges Caroline to explain that he’ll be right back and follows Tek out of the church. Kate watches them leave and, her curiosity unable to be brushed aside, heads for the door.

Marlena watches the proceedings at the altar and flashes back to when she and John got married. John concludes having the same flashback before leaning in close to Marlena to admit that he was hoping being here would remind her of their wedding. Marlena turns to John with tears in her eyes and John asks if she is remembering something. Marlena gets up without a word and runs out of the church leaving John standing there watching her go.

Craig takes Brady’s hand in his again while still holding on to Chloe’s hand and concludes his song. Chloe smiles at Brady, despite the tears streaming down her face. Craig kisses both Chloe and Brady on their foreheads before rejoining their hands and taking his seat. Everyone bows their heads and closes their eyes as Father Jansen asks God to watch over Chloe and Brady.

Chelsea asks Billie if it is hard for her to watch weddings but Billie doesn’t understand why she’d be asking that. Chelsea explains that she thought it would be hard for Billie because she was once married to Bo and asks if Billie still wishes she were married to Bo. Billie vaguely answers Chelsea by claiming that they all wish for things they can’t have and Chelsea takes that as a yes. Billie admits that at one time being married to Bo and having his baby were all that mattered to her but now, she sees how much in love Bo and Hope are and insists that to be happy, she must move on. Billie and Patrick exchange smiles and Chelsea furiously storms out of church. Patrick looks on as Billie rushes out after her.

Father Jansen concludes his prayer and nods to Nancy. Nancy steps up to the pulpit and begins to read from the book of Genesis. Everyone at the altar turns to face Nancy as she reads. Chloe and Brady flash back to a romantic moment early in their relationship and smile at each other as they come back to the present. Brady turns Chloe to face her and they continue to smile at each other.

John finds Marlena sitting on a bench outside the church. He apologizes for upsetting her. Marlena admits that she did remember something. Alex steps through the archway just in time to hear Marlena’s admonition.

Kate steps outside in time witness Roman tell Tek to put together a list of everyone who came in to see Tony while he was in jail in hopes of finding anyone on the Dimera payroll. Tek rushes off to fulfill the request and Kate slips back inside the church. Kate complains that she couldn’t really hear what was being said but believes that they had to have been talking about Tony and whom he sold out. Kate pulls a bill out of her wallet and offers up a prayer that the one Tony sold out is Sami before slipping the money into the donation box. Kate suddenly hears the sounds of Nicole crying and searches for the source.

Nicole sits on the floor in the bridal room sobbing and complaining that Brady, the only man she ever loved is in there marrying Chloe whom she refers to as the human dishrag. Kate enters the room and walks over to Nicole. Nicole looks up to see Kate standing there and Kate allows her to lean into her and sob even harder.

Everyone is now watching Caroline read from the Bible. Bonnie takes the passage being read aloud to mean that God knows that Mimi and Shawn are next to be married. Mimi tells Bonnie to concentrate on finding a man for herself and leave her alone. Bonnie fantasizes about marrying Shawn. Bonnie makes herself dismiss this fantasy since she believes Shawn should be with Mimi. Bonnie then changes her fantasy to imagine herself marrying Brady. Bonnie then decides that Brady would be too boring to live with on a daily basis and switches to fantasizing about marrying Craig. Bonnie then decides that she doesn’t want to have to deal with Nancy and switches to fantasizing about marrying John. Bonnie decides that the choice of John fits her perfectly as she declares “and that’s a fact!” Bonnie returns to reality as Caroline concludes her reading.

Nicole begins to feel odd about being comforted by Kate of all people. Kate tells Nicole she feels sorry for her but Nicole doesn’t want Kate’s pity as she holds Brady’s coat close. Kate reminds Nicole that Sami didn’t come through on her side of the deal. Kate offers the chance at revenge for a price and Nicole asks what Kate wants. Kate declares that she wants Sami’s head on a silver platter with a golden apple stuck in her gutter mouth.

Tek returns and pulls Roman aside to warn that he isn’t going to be happy about one of the names on the list of Tony’s visitors.

Nicole is tempted to take Kate’s offer but insists that she can’t. Kate wants to know why not and Nicole insists that she has to find a way to get Brady back on her own as she wraps Brady’s coat around her. Kate yanks the coat off of Nicole and points out that Brady is in the chapel right now saying I do to Chloe. Nicole insists that Brady belongs to her and grabs the coat back. Kate asks what Nicole plans to do and Nicole insists that Kate will have to wait and see for it will be something to remember and runs out of the room. Kate deduces that Nicole is planning on stopping the wedding and runs after her.

Tek is surprised that Roman isn’t more shocked to learn that Kate visited Tony alone several times. Roman relays that Kate swears Tony has something on Sami. Kate steps outside but stops when she sees Roman and Tek. Tek greets her as if the only reason she came outside was to talk to them and Kate brushes them off and tries to walk away. Roman stops her to mention that Tony is about to talk and offers her the choice of telling what she and Tony talked about or waiting for Tony to tell him.

Alex continues to eavesdrop on John and Marlena’s conversation. John begs Marlena to tell him what she remembered. Marlena insists that the memory she had was made up and John questions her further. Marlena has a hard time explaining herself but John persists. Marlena claims to John that she had a memory of being at the altar with Roman and then with John. Marlena goes on to explain that she thought trying to picture herself in a situation she knew she had once been in it would help her remember. John wants to know if it worked but Marlena claims that it didn’t and declares that she’s now realized she wants to be with neither Roman nor John. John sighs and neither has noticed that Alex is watching from across the yard with a look of content.

Nicole makes her way to the lobby but is spooked by Victor who comes up behind her. They argue about Nicole’s refusal to leave town upon Victor’s order. Nicole decides to ignore Victor’s threats and heads for the door to the chapel. Victor grabs her arm to stop her and insists that he isn’t bluffing and drags her back into the bridal room.

Father Jansen explains to the guests that he will now be asking Chloe and Brady some questions of consent but before he can proceed, Belle suddenly grabs her pregnant belly and faints. Everyone gasps as Shawn rushes to Belle’s side.

Craig, Sami, and Brady also rush to Belle’s side as Craig grills Shawn about the possible reasons for Belle fainting. Sami is shocked to hear Shawn relay that he saw Belle holding her stomach and fears that she might be having more cramps like she was last night. Brady returns to Chloe’s side. Bonnie declares that Belle is fine and is only looking for attention from Shawn. Chloe and Brady readily agree with Father Jansen’s suggestion to take a break in the ceremony. Belle wakes up and Craig and Shawn help her to her feet. Chloe walks over to check on Belle and Belle is upset that she ruined Chloe’s wedding. Chloe assures Belle that she didn’t ruin the wedding. Belle seems partly disappointed as well as embarrassed.

Chelsea and Billie make their way to a bench in the yard. Chelsea is annoyed that Billie dragged her out of the church to talk but Billie insists that they must talk things out because it isn’t fair to either them or Patrick to pretend that there isn’t a problem here. Chelsea sees Billie as rubbing the fact that she’s got Patrick in her face. Billie insists that she’d never do anything to hurt Chelsea because she loves her. Chelsea claims that if Billie really loved her, she wouldn’t have believed that she was dead but instead all Billie cared about was Bo. Chelsea adds that now Billie’s sole concern is about a man all over again. Chelsea retrieves her purse from the bench and storms off. Patrick walks up and greets Billie with a sympathetic hug as her tears fall.

Roman questions Kate’s silence. Kate says she has a lot to say but doesn’t feel that it’s worth saying it because Roman has already formed an opinion of her. Roman reminds Kate of what she did to Lucas when she broke up his first wedding and adds that he does have a problem with people who try to ruin Sami’s life. Kate quips that they shouldn’t talk about Sami because it’s bad luck to mention her name at a wedding ceremony. Roman deduces that Kate went to talk to Tony to try and figure out how he could be involved with Sami. Kate insists that that has already been figured out but admits that she did get the chance to talk to Tony and ask him questions. Roman wants to know how Kate was able to get in to see Tony and Kate explains that she got help from John. Roman complains that he wished he knew that Kate was good at going around corners and going behind his back before he married her. Kate warns that Roman is going to feel foolish when the truth comes out about Sami. Kate looks content but Roman merely looks smug.

Victor throws Nicole to the floor once they arrive back in the bridal room. Nicole insults Victor by claiming that he can only get a woman by paying her now but Victor fires back by claiming that Nicole is not a woman but a gutter snipe and should be locked up one way or another. Victor pulls the key out of the room side of the door and closes the door on Nicole’s objections as he uses the key to lock her inside. Victor pockets the key and dials his cell phone. Caroline walks up just in time to overhear Victor order Nico to “take care of” Nicole now. Caroline ducks back out of sight before Victor ever realizes she was there.

Belle is now seated and Sami rushes up to her with a glass of water. Belle insists to everyone that she is feeling better now for she doesn’t want to continue to disrupt the wedding. Belle agrees to Craig’s suggestion of joining him and Nancy in the front pew to watch the rest of the ceremony. Belle and Craig sit down in the pew and Father Jansen, Brady, and Chloe return to their places at the altar. Shawn checks once again with Belle to make sure she doesn’t want to go home. Bonnie walks past them to return to her seat behind Mimi. Bonnie complains to Mimi that she shouldn’t just sit there while Shawn gushes over Belle. Mimi chalks Bonnie’s comments up to her crazy mindset and insists that as far as Shawn knows, the only woman in the world is Belle. Bonnie thinks that that will all be different once Mimi changes his mind.

Marlena apologizes for shocking John and insists that she has no feelings for either him or Roman and while it sounds awful, she can’t help it. John reminds Marlena about their relationship and how they came to be together and Marlena insists that she knows all that but that it doesn’t mean anything to her because she has no memories of her life. Alex steps up and suggests that they go back inside but John asks him to leave them alone so he can resolve things with his wife. Alex repeats that the decision is up to Marlena and asks for her opinion. Marlena tells Alex that she’d like to remain sitting with John for a few minutes longer and then return to the church with Alex. Alex abides by Marlena’s wishes and walks away. John complains that Alex is acting like he’s the one married to Marlena describes Alex as a sensitive and attentive man. John insists that he is also sensitive and attentive and begs for a chance to prove that they can have a future together as husband and wife.

Nicole tries to open the window to get out but it won’t budge. Nicole heads over to try the door but stops when she hears someone unlocking the door on the other side. Nicole, fearing that it is someone Victor hired to harm her, dumps out a vase and holds it in preparation for whoever comes through the door. Nicole instinctively knocks out the person as they walk in the door by smashing the vase over their head only to realize that it was Caroline who is now unconscious on the floor.

Shawn has now joined Brady and Chloe at the altar. Father Jansen explains that Brady and Chloe have written their own vows. Brady takes Chloe’s hand and she smiles through her tears as he expresses her love and hope that he has expressed how committed he is and how grateful he is to have Chloe in his life. Brady ends his vow by thanking Chloe for having him. Chloe calms her tears as she starts her vows. Everyone laughs as Chloe recalls how when they first met, she thought Brady didn’t know as much as he thought he did. Craig and Nancy join hands and Bonnie looks adoringly at Mimi as Chloe describes to Brady all the ways he showed her what true love really is. Chloe promises to spend the rest of their lives cherishing every day and being thankful for the gift that is Brady. Most of the audience is moved to tears by Chloe’s words. Father Jansen takes the rings from Shawn and hands Brady and Chloe each of their rings. Brady puts his ring on Chloe’s finger as he recites the traditional “with this ring, I thee wed.” Chloe repeats the phrase as she puts her ring on Brady’s finger. Everyone stands and cheers as Father Jansen presents Chloe and Brady as Mr. and Mrs. Brady Black. Brady and Chloe kiss as everyone continues to applaud.

Nicole lightly douses Caroline with drops of water to wake her up. Caroline wakes up and jokes about how she’s never seen the bridal room from this view before. Nicole helps Caroline up and Caroline feels the bump on her head. Nicole explains that she thought Caroline was one of Victor’s goons and Caroline explains that she came in to help Nicole escape. Caroline insists that Nicole better get out before any of Victor’s goons do arrive but Nicole refuses to go anywhere unless Brady comes with her. Nicole grabs her purse and the bouquet and storms out of the room. Caroline notes that Nicole is not playing with a full deck.

Alex remains standing across the yard watching them. John begs for the chance to win back Marlena’s love. Marlena considers this to be asking the impossible of her and insists that she can’t do it now and maybe not ever. Marlena rushes through the archway and John follows her, neither of them seeing Alex hiding in the bushes as they run past.

Marlena runs back into the church and runs past Shawn and Belle as she heads into the chapel. John arrives soon after and Belle stops him to ask that she be the one to go after Marlena. Shawn and John voice their concerns about Belle’s health but Belle insists that she is fine and must do this because Marlena is her mother. Belle heads over to talk to Marlena. Alex walks in and John warns him that if anything happens to Belle or the baby, he’ll hold Alex responsible.

Victor returns to the bridal room to find the door open, Nicole gone, and Caroline there holding her head in pain. Victor expresses his concern over Caroline and Caroline yells at him for intending to harm Nicole. Caroline starts to cry as she begs Victor not to do anything that would make any of the police members of their family arrest him for it would break her heart.

Patrick now leads Chelsea to the same bench as earlier. Patrick starts the conversation by wanting to ask a question but Chelsea assumes that he is going to lecture her on her treatment of Billie and insists that she won’t ever cut Billie some slack. Chelsea is pleasantly surprised when Patrick asks her to go to the reception with him. Chelsea beams a big smile as she lets Patrick put his arm around her.

Roman walks up to Tek as he is once again going over the list of Tony’s visitors. Sami walks by just as Tek shows Roman the name she used to pose as Tony’s attorney.

Shawn concludes his discussion with Father Jansen by thanking him and then walks over to Mimi to suggest that they head over to the reception. They walk off. Bonnie sees it as a sign that Shawn is finally waking up to the possibility of being with Mimi.

Brady and Chloe dance around the bridal room as they laugh and repeatedly refer to themselves as Mr. and Mrs. Brady Black. Brady almost trips over Chloe’s train. Chloe jokes about how she loves the sound of her married name and they kiss. Nicole watches them through the keyhole and slumps against the door as she tries to tearfully convince herself that it can’t be over for her and Brady.

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