Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/9/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/9/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

St. Luke’s church:

Bo and Hope are kissing as they wait outside the church for Brady and Chloe’s wedding to begin. Hope teases Bo about how well her gloss looks on him as she wipes it off his lips. Bo flatters Hope by claiming that she looks more beautiful than the bride and they hug.

Chelsea and Billie arrive at the church. Chelsea stops Billie to express her gratitude for Kate’s purchase of her new expensive dress. Billie insists that it’s Kate’s way of saying welcome to the family. Patrick walks up and hands Billie and Chelsea each a small bouquet of flowers. Bo walks up and though he warmly greets Billie and Chelsea, his demeanor turns angry as he questions Patrick’s reason for being here.

Marlena looks around the inside of the church in a panic because she feels that she doesn’t belong here and shouldn’t have come. Alex assures her that she should have come and directs her to their seats. They stop short when John and Kate walk in. Marlena begs Alex to take her back to the cabin for she doesn’t want to be around all these strangers. John walks up to them and refers to her as “doc” as he insists that Marlena must stay. Marlena takes offense at the use of a nickname she doesn’t recognize and John rephrases the comment to include calling Marlena by her given name. John implores Marlena to stay by pointing out that it’s their “son’s” wedding. Marlena calls him on the semantics by accusing him of trying to confuse her since earlier he referred to Brady as her stepson. John tries to assure Marlena that she can stay and make it through the wedding but Marlena insists that she can’t and begs Alex to take her away.

Police station:

Roman leads Abe into the commander’s office as Abe thanks him for allowing him to be a part of the investigation. Roman and Abe talk of how they hope by the end of the day to add Tony’s henchmen to their list of Dimera organization captures. Tek bursts in to declare that they have a problem.

Bart, dressed as a policeman, arrives at Tony’s cell and offers him a tray of food. Tony turns it down until Bart explains that it’s a “tur-key” sandwich. Tony stands up from his cot quickly at the recognition of Bart’s voice and lifts open the sandwich to reveal a key inside. Bart jokes about how Tony better practice his chirping because he’ll soon be free as a bird but Tony warns that if Sami’s information isn’t accurate, her expected future with Lucas with turn into a nightmare.

St. Luke’s church:

Sami and Lucas enter the church. They marvel at the idea of how this time tomorrow, it’ll be their wedding day. They kiss and Lucas heads in to the main chapel. Nicole, walking into the lobby dressed as a bride, overhears Sami's quick prayer of thanks. They argue about whether or not the other one had a right to be invited (Nicole admitting that she was truly not invited), and Sami is shocked at the thought that Nicole plans on torturing herself by watching Brady marry Chloe. Nicole announces that she plans on stopping the wedding and using Sami to help do it. Sami starts to object but Nicole threatens to tell everyone, starting with Lucas, that Sami was Stan.

Brady paces the main chapel. Lucas greets him and notes how nervous he seems. Brady confides that he fears Chloe will get nervous and call off the wedding.


Chloe grows impatient as Dr. Travis is late and Chloe is anxious to find out whether her scars have healed. Nancy urges Chloe to get dressed so they aren’t late for the wedding but Chloe refuses to go through with the wedding until she knows that her face is healed. Nancy tries to convince Chloe that she should marry Brady anyway because he loves her despite her scars but Chloe refuses. Belle escorts Dr. Travis into the bedroom. Chloe is anxious for him to take off the bandage, declaring that if her scars are still there, she won’t be getting married.

St. Luke’s church:

Shawn and Hope have now joined Bo. Bo asks Chelsea to leave them alone and she walks away. Bo repeats his question to Patrick and Billie hooks her arm in Patrick’s arm and insists that Patrick is her date.

Chelsea and Abby watch the group from across the yard. Chelsea complains that Patrick should be her date and is going to be. Abby tries to convince Chelsea that she can’t steal Billie’s man now that she knows Billie is her new mom but Chelsea still plans to do so.

Bo claims that Billie dating Patrick is fine but believes him to be a bad influence on Chelsea. Patrick sighs.

Chelsea gloats about how she plans to get Billie into the “cry room” with Abby’s parents and Jack Jr. so that she can sit with Patrick during the entire ceremony in hopes that some of the romance of a wedding will rub off on them. Abby once again points out that Patrick is not Chelsea’s man but Chelsea is still convinced that she will eventually have Patrick.

Marlena begs Alex to take her back to the cabin but decides to stay when Alex advises that staying would be a good thing. John tells Marlena about how he switched best man duties with Shawn so that he can sit next to Marlena so she won’t feel afraid. Marlena insists that she won’t feel afraid because she’ll be with Alex and she and Alex walk away. John sighs and asks Kate how he can get through to Marlena. Kate advises him to get Marlena away from Alex.

Brady fears that Chloe will change her mind and run away but Lucas assures him that Chloe won’t change her mind. Brady sighs and nods in agreement but still looks nervous.


Belle and Mimi nervously pace the living room as they wait for news about Chloe’s scars. Nancy comes out of the bedroom and Belle instantly grills her for information but Nancy explains that Chloe insisted on being alone while Dr. Travis removed the bandages. Mimi shares her hope that the treatment worked but Nancy wishes that Chloe would realize that Brady loves her no matter what.

Chloe avoids looking as Dr. Travis peeks under the bandage. Dr. Travis tells her that she can take the bandage off during the ceremony but should leave it on until then. Chloe decides that she wants to know the truth about whether the scars are ever going to heal, fearing that another hour won’t change anything.

St. Luke’s church:

Sami refuses to help Nicole break up Brady and Chloe. Nicole threatens to tell everyone about her as Stan and heads for the chapel. Sami stops her but then claims that Nicole can tell everyone because no one will believe her without any proof. Sami adds that by the time Brady and Chloe walk down the aisle, no proof of her as Stan will exist anymore. Nicole wants to know how that is expected to happen but guesses by Sami’s suddenly quiet reaction that Sami is still working for Tony. Sami is shocked, as Will walks in, having overheard Nicole.

Marlena and Alex stand nearby as they talk quietly. John assures Kate that while he doesn’t know what kind of game Alex is playing, he won’t let him monopolize Marlena. John walks off. Kate looks over and spots Lucas. Kate tries to make small talk but Lucas does his best to make a quick exit. Kate stops him but Lucas interrupts her to insist that she still isn’t invited to his wedding tomorrow and won’t be breaking it up. Lucas walks off.

Sami is relieved that Will’s complaint was only that she was talking to Nicole. Sami claims that she was only warning Nicole to stay away from her wedding and escorts Will into the chapel to find Marlena. Nicole vows to take Sami down.

Police station:

Tony slams the tray of food down on the table as Bart asks if there is a plan B. Tony assures Bart that he would never put his life in Sami’s hands and insists that there is a plan B. Bart questions why Tony didn’t mention it from the start and Tony explains that it was because it’s already in place which makes Bart realize that Tony never trusted Sami in the first place. Tony explains that he never trusted Roman and the cops. Tony gloats about how Roman may think he’s in control now but they’ll find that there is a surprise waiting for them.

Tek explains that the warden has reported a breach of security on Dimera’s cellblock. Abe becomes frantic and demands that they stop the transfer and regroup but Roman remains calm and insists on going ahead with the plan. Tek is surprised that Roman anticipated the breach. Roman is confident that Tony’s time is running out.

St. Luke’s church:

Shawn is waiting in one of the side rooms when Belle walks in. Shawn compliments her and Belle jokes about how she finally gets to wear a bridesmaid dress that isn’t ugly. Shawn asks about Belle’s health and she assures him that the cramps are gone. Mimi walks up but stops short when she sees Belle. Mimi jokes about how she hasn’t been here since Belle’s wedding and Belle uncomfortably chuckles. Shawn tries to ease the tension by asking about Chloe and Belle explains that Chloe is still at the cottage with Dr. Travis. Shawn steps away to let Brady know. Belle hopes that Chloe’s scars have healed and if not, that Nancy can talk her into still marrying Brady. Mimi does her best not to say anything to Belle.


Nancy asks through the door if Chloe is okay. When there is no answer, Nancy tries to open the door but finds it locked. Nancy begs Chloe to open the door because Dr. Travis said that Chloe wanted to be the one to tell her about her scars. Nancy urges Chloe to love herself for who she is like Brady does. Chloe can be heard from the other side of the door in tears as she asks to be left alone. Nancy begs Chloe to not give up on Brady for he will never give up on her. Chloe finally opens the door but still has on her bandage. Chloe wipes her tears as she declares that she knows what she has to do.

St. Luke’s church:

Chelsea shares her delight at how Alice wanted to meet her and how Victor offered her a place at his mansion, believing this to be her ticket to being somebody and plans to work it for all she can. Abby warns Chelsea not to let all this go to her head. Chelsea is elated that the newfound stature gives her the self-confidence to go after Patrick.

Patrick and Billie watch Chelsea and Abby from across the yard. Billie asks what they plan to do about Chelsea’s crush on Patrick and Patrick says that they must make it clear to her that he’s interested in someone else. Patrick pulls Billie close for a hug. Abby and Chelsea, with a scowl at the sight of Patrick hugging Billie, walk up but then turn away when they spot Bo and Hope walk up. Bo and Hope also spot Patrick and Billie but Bo complains that Patrick is being too affectionate for church. Hope is annoyed that Bo is now angry with Patrick because of how affectionate he’s being toward Billie, which is more unacceptable than being angry with Patrick because of his influence on Chelsea. Bo scoffs but Hope insists that what Patrick and Billie do in church or out of church is none of their business.

Marlena and Alex are making small talk when John walks up and asks to speak to Alex. Alex agrees but John explains that he wants to talk in private so Alex and John step away. Alex wants to hurry the talk along since Marlena shouldn’t be left alone so John bluntly states that Alex took an oath as a doctor to do no harm but by having his therapy come between him and Marlena, it is harmful to Marlena. John declares that he wants Alex out.

Sami walks up and calls “mom” to Marlena but Marlena doesn’t respond or even look in her direction until Sami steps in front of her and calls her mom. Sami asks about Marlena’s therapy but she says that she isn’t remembering anything. Sami reminds Marlena about her wedding tomorrow and asks for Marlena to walk her down the aisle with Roman. Marlena refuses.

Kate stands alone in the lobby. Nicole rushes up and asks for her help in breaking up Brady and Chloe in exchange for her help in breaking up Sami and Lucas permanently. Kate likes the sound of getting rid of Sami permanently.

Lucas paces the yard getting anxious because Chloe has yet to arrive. Shawn walks up and confirms that there is still no sign of Chloe. Lucas complains about the reporters being there even though they are being kept behind barricades and Shawn adds that the reporters all want to get that first picture of Chloe’s face. Lucas asks about Brady and Shawn relays that Brady is nervous that Chloe will back out. Craig walks up and is instantly grilled about Chloe. Craig relays that he was waiting for Chloe and Nancy at the curb but when the limo pulled up it was empty.

Brady overhears Lucas’ fear that Chloe backed out but Craig explains that Nancy arranged a decoy limo to stop by the cottage and drive here so that the reporters would think Chloe was inside and follow it. Craig explains that Nancy brought Chloe in her own car and they came in through the side door as Nancy joins them. Nancy adds that she left Chloe in the bride’s room getting ready. Brady, Lucas, and Shawn head back into the church. Nancy asks about Joy and Craig assures her that he got Joy dressed for her flower girl duties and is with Maggie and Mickey now. Craig jokes about how Joy might get distracted on her way down the aisle but Nancy adds that she may not be the only one. Craig turns serious as he asks if Chloe is still having second thoughts.

Victor walks up on Kate and Nicole and vows to make Nicole regret it if she does anything to try and stop the wedding or make a scene. Kate claims that is exactly what she was telling Nicole. Victor tells Nicole that she is not welcome here and Nicole shakes her bouquet in Kate’s face before leaving. Kate pretends to be offended at the sight of Nicole and hopes that Nicole won’t try to ruin the wedding. Victor warns that if she does, Nicole is a dead woman.

Alex insists that it’s Marlena’s choice as to whether she switches to another doctor or not and right now, Marlena is committed to being treated by him.

Sami insists that Marlena and Roman must walk her down the aisle but Marlena insists that it wouldn’t be right because she doesn’t know them. Sami tears up as she accuses Marlena of trying to break her heart and insists that Marlena can walk with Roman down the aisle. Marlena still refuses and apologizes. Sami doesn’t believe Marlena’s apology. Alex rushes up to check on Marlena and she asks him to take her away. Alex cautions Sami to be patient with Marlena. Sami insists she is running out of time but Alex warns Sami not to get Marlena agitated or it’ll make matters worse. Alex escorts Marlena to her seat. Sami then turns on John and claims it is his fault. Sami claims that it’s John’s fault because now not only does Marlena have amnesia but also Alex has turned her into a zombie. Lucas rushes up and tries to calm Sami. John steps away. Lucas insists that they won’t let this ruin Brady and Chloe’s wedding and makes Sami promise that she’ll stay away from John since he’ll be busy as an usher. Lucas kisses Sami goodbye and leaves. Sami complains that Roman would have never let Alex into Marlena’s life and insists that Marlena has to be better by tomorrow.

Police station:

Roman and Tek look over the live video feed from Tony’s cell as Abe sits nearby, having to rely on their explanation of the visual. Roman realizes that the guard at Tony’s cell is Bart and zooms in for a closer view. Abe is surprised that Roman doesn’t want to arrest Bart right away but Roman wants to wait and see if Bart and Tony will lead them to their cohorts. Abe insists that he wants to be there when this goes down so he can be part of bringing down those responsible for his blindness and Roman agrees. Roman and Tek watch as Bart fires a laser at the camera and scrambles the picture. Roman vows that Bart and Tony aren’t going to get away with it.

St. Luke’s church:

Sami lights a candle and silently prays that Tony will escape and gives her all the Stan evidence so she can marry Lucas without the threat of Stan hanging over her. Sami gets up and rushes away from the altar when the candle she just lit burns out.

Belle greets Marlena and Marlena explains that Alex stepped away to get her a cold drink. Marlena congratulates Belle on her baby. Marlena assumes that Belle is a bridesmaid but Belle explains that she’s the matron of honor and remembers how she was the flower girl at John and Marlena’s wedding. Marlena doesn’t understand how Belle could have been the flower girl at her wedding but Belle dismisses the comment by adding that she was so excited she kept making Marlena practice with her. Marlena starts to cry as she apologizes for not remembering that.

Bo insists to Hope that he isn’t jealous of Billie being with Patrick, his concern is solely for Chelsea. Bo insists that Hope and Chelsea are the only women in his life and is touched when Hope refers to Chelsea as her daughter too. Hope relays how she introduced Chelsea to some of the relatives. Bo hopes that having a new family will change Chelsea’s attitude.

Patrick and Billie laugh as he kisses her hand during their private conversation. Chelsea watches them from across the room and complains to Abby that Billie is getting too close to Patrick. Abby notes that it’s Patrick who is getting close to Billie and suggests that Patrick may become Chelsea’s new stepfather.

Patrick notes that their interaction is bothering Chelsea. Billie notes how Bo is having the same reaction. Patrick wonders why Billie seems to like getting the reaction out of Bo but Billie claims it’s only an observation. Billie kisses Patrick’s cheek and when he questions it, she claims that weddings make her feel warm and fuzzy. Patrick and Billie hug. Bo watches them with a scowl.

Mimi and Shawn stand in the back of the chapel as they await the start of the wedding. Mimi questions Shawn about having to stand up at the altar with Belle and Shawn insists that it won’t feel weird at all because Belle is married to Philip and whether he likes it or not, that won’t change.

Belle talks with Philip (not shown) on her cell phone. They talk about how they wish they could be together at the wedding and how it reminds them of their own wedding. Shawn walks up just as Belle tells Philip that she loves him.

Nicole paces the yard as she tries to figure out a way out of her situation. Nicole realizes that as far as she knows, Chloe still has her scars and hopes that that’ll keep her from marrying Brady. Nicole kisses her bouquet and blows the kiss heavenward to send up her wish.

Craig tries to calm Nancy’s fears about whether Chloe will back out of the wedding since Chloe refuses to tell either of them whether her scars are still there. Craig offers to talk to Chloe but Nancy insists on talking to Chloe. Craig wishes Nancy good luck and they kiss each other’s cheeks before Craig walks off. Nancy lets herself into the bride’s room and finds Chloe, dressed in her gown, hunched over in the chair with her veil covering her face and her back to Nancy. Nancy anxiously begs to know if the treatment works and Chloe stands (with her face only in view of Nancy), and lifts her veil so Nancy can see for herself. Nancy gasps.

Everyone is now seated and awaiting the start of the wedding. John and Alex sit down on each side of Marlena in the front pew as Victor walks up to Brady who is standing at the altar. Victor admits that he was wrong about originally not thinking that Chloe was right for Brady and Brady thanks him. Victor tells Brady that Isabella would have loved Chloe and would be so proud of Brady. Victor wishes that Isabella could be here today to witness the wedding but Brady insists that Isabella is there with them.

Nancy rejoins Craig who is waiting in the lobby for her and Nancy assures him that Chloe is coming. Lucas steps up and offers to escort Nancy to her seat. Nancy takes Lucas’ hand but tells Craig to keep his fingers crossed before following Lucas to her seat in the first pew on the bride’s side.

Craig sends Zack down the aisle as the ring bearer and Bo films the walk with his handheld camcorder. Shawn takes the ring and pillow from Zack and does a congratulatory handshake with him before telling Zack to go join Bo and Hope. Zack rushes over to Bo and Hope and they praise him as Bo lifts him into his lap. Everyone smiles and “awws” as Joy walks down the aisle next as the flower girl. Bo helps Zack snap a still picture as Hope comments on how Joy has grown up so much. Bo glances back at Chelsea and they exchange smiles. Everyone claps as Joy follows Brady’s instruction upon reaching the altar to throw some back towards the guests. Nancy beams with pride before rushing up to escort Joy to their pew. John smiles as he watches Joy return to her seat but then glares back at Alex when he sees Marlena’s smile fade. Mimi proceeds down the aisle next and almost trips when Patrick takes a flash picture of her. Everyone laughs but Mimi makes it to the altar with a smile although slightly embarrassed. Mimi sneaks a glance over at Shawn who is also trying not to laugh. Sami looks over at Lucas (who is standing at the altar with Shawn and Brady) and they mouth “I love you” to each other and Sami smiles as Lucas winks at her. Kate sighs and turns away at the sight of Sami’s gleeful expression.

Belle walks down the aisle next and John asks Marlena if this brings back any memories of their wedding. Mimi turns away in annoyance as Shawn helps Belle up the few steps to stand to the side of the altar. Belle smiles at Shawn as she fantasizes about what it would be like to be marrying Shawn today instead. Shawn has the same fantasy and finds himself fingering a ring that’s not really there. Belle’s smile drops as she and Shawn exchange glances. The bridal march starts to play and everyone stands and looks toward the back of the church. Brady lets out a long sigh as he waits. Nancy offers up a quick prayer for God to give Chloe the strength to go through with the wedding.

Craig turns and sees Chloe, veil covering her face, walk up and he takes her hand as he tells her that she is the most beautiful bride ever. Brady anxiously waits at the altar as he tries to catch a glimpse of Chloe. Craig extends his arm but Chloe hesitates to take it. Nicole, crying, watches through the window as she prays that Chloe’s scars look even worse so that Brady won’t marry her.


Two henchmen dressed as workmen lift open the manhole cover and lift Bart and Tony, also dressed as workmen, out of the sewer. Roman, Tek, and several police officers pounce on Tony and Bart with guns drawn. Tony jokes about how Roman is cleverer than he thought and Bart surprises them by rolling a tear gas container toward them. Bart, Tony, and the other henchmen take off as smoke fills the area. Roman, Tek, and the fellow officers shield themselves from the smoke and fire all at once in the direction of Tony and Bart. Roman et al are thrown back.

Once the smoke clears, they are able to find that they hit one of Tony’s henchmen. Tek orders a cop to go get an ambulance. Abe is led to the scene by another officer and asks about Tony. Roman, having run off ahead, returns having recaptured Tony. Roman asks about Bart and Tek tells him that Bart ran off. Roman orders a few police officers to go after Bart. Tony warns Roman that in capturing him, he destroyed the life of someone he loves so dearly.

St. Luke’s church:

John believes that being here is helping Marlena remember but she insists that she doesn’t remember being here with him at all. John is confident that she will remember in time. Marlena slips her hand into Alex’s hand. Alex smiles but John shows his disdain at the sight of Marlena holding Alex’s hand.

Brady and Nancy anxiously await Chloe’s walk down the aisle. Craig has to call Chloe’s name a few times to get her to face him before she finally locks her arm in his. Everyone watches as Chloe makes her way down the aisle. Nancy is near tears; Sami rolls her eyes, and John smiles through the disappointment at seeing how disinterested Marlena is in the wedding.

Chloe and Craig reach the altar and Craig puts Chloe’s hand in Brady’s hand and steps back as Brady helps Chloe ascend the few steps to the altar. Craig squeezes Chloe’s arm before heading over to the first pew, kissing Nancy, and sitting down next to Joy. Chloe turns to face Brady and Nicole watches through the window as Brady lifts Chloe’s veil. The show ends on Brady’s shocked expression upon seeing Chloe’s face.

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