Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/8/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/8/05


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 While Lucas works on his laptop, Sami gets Will to get up out of bed. Lucas is working on something. Sami tells Will that they have a lot of stuff to do because today is Brady and Chloe's wedding. Will goes to eat a waffle. Lucas shows Sami that he chose a photo for the wedding announcement for the newspaper. Sami looks at the computer, which has a picture of her as Stan (in his combat gear). She's stunned. Lucas explains that he has Stan's photo in there after Sami's in his directory. Seeing Stan's picture makes Lucas angry again, so he mutters about catching that "lousy traitor" as Sami frets. Lucas shows Sami a pretty picture to use in their announcement, so she kisses him approvingly. Sami tells Lucas that Marlena will be at the wedding. They talk about the perfect wedding they will have. Sami still wonders where Lucas is taking her on their surprise honeymoon. She hopes it won't be the desert. Lucas assures her adamantly that they won't be going anywhere that reminds them of Tony or Stan. Will returns and checks the computer to see how many people will be coming to the wedding. Sami asks Lucas if he thinks Kate will try to crash their wedding. Lucas hopes not but assures her that nothing Kate could do would ruin their perfect day. The phone rings, so Sami answers. It's Bart. Sami pretends that he's a friend phoning, to cover up for Lucas and Will. She urges them to go get dressed for the wedding at Lucas' place, so they go. Sami then yells at Bart for phoning her at home. Bart tells her that Tony is going to escape during the wedding, but she will suffer if anything goes wrong with their plan. Sami demands their evidence against her again. Bart's says she will get it once Tony is free. Later, They are all dressed up and ready to go to the wedding. Lucas and Sami hug and kiss and plan for their big day tomorrow. Sami worries to herself about Tony's escape.

In his office, Roman asks Abe to come over and look at something, so Abe reminds him that he can't look. Roman apologizes, embarrassed. Abe jokes that he will have to start charging Roman a dollar every time he uses words like look, watch, or see. They laugh about it. Abe sits down. Roman tells him that he set a trap for Tony by putting fake info about Tony's prison transfer in the computer. Roman is confident that they are about to trap Tony's goons, including Bart and Stan.

Bart, disguised as a delivery man, delivers a package to the police station; Tek signs for it. It has a bug in it, so Bart can listen in on what Roman is doing. He hears Tek ask Roman for an update on the DiMera investigation. Abe chews Tek out for being late, but Tek explains that he was setting up the sting. Roman motions for him to be quiet because he found the bug that Bart planted. Roman then points toward Abe, so Tek goes over and whispers into Abe's ear. Roman talks into the bug, telling Tek that everything is set with Tony DiMera's transfer, so he can proceed as scheduled. Bart takes the headphones off and rushes away. Roman gives the bug to Tek and whispers to him to check it out. Tek is carrying the bugged package out when Abe tells Tek to see if he can find the source (of the bug). Tek thanks him, assuring him that he will. Abe laments that if he weren't blind, they could both run this whole operation. Roman tells him not to worry, that he will get his sight back, and they will work together again. Roman leaves, telling Abe to hold down the fort. Abe finds his way over to Roman's desk. Tek comes back in and informs Abe that the delivery man got away. Abe is not surprised to hear it. A uniformed officer brings in a report. Tek reads it and tells Abe that there's a lead on Stan. Tony was overheard by one of the other prisoners as saying that he won't be transferred to maximum security because Stan is his passport to freedom. Abe doubts that the prisoner was telling the truth, but Tek points out that he wouldn't have known about the transfer or about Stan. He thinks this confirms that Stan will take an active role in Tony's plans and that they can send Tony and Stan both to death row.

Belle sleeps in her bed at home. She has a sexy dream about her and Shawn having passionate sex (or it might be a flashback). She awakens and wonders why she can't forget her feelings for Shawn. Meanwhile, Shawn is also having the same dream about Belle. Belle wakes him up, saying he didn't have to sleep there last night. He was worried about her and her baby. Belle is in plain pajamas. Shawn is wearing pants but no shirt. Mimi knocks on the door; Belle opens it. Mimi tells him that he got an important phone call and wonders what is really going on between the two of them. Shawn assures her that he slept on the couch because he was worried about Belle. Mimi asks if Belle had more cramps, but Belle tells her that she's fine. Shawn puts on his shirt and goes to take his phone call. Mimi gives Belle a hard time again for spending time with Shawn while Philip is away getting his new leg. Belle denies Mimi's accusations and suggests they not fight on Brady and Chloe's wedding day, just as Shawn walks in. Belle gets a phone call from Lexie. Shawn tells Mimi that Belle is right. Mimi replies sarcastically that Belle is always right and perfect. Belle promises to tell Lexie that she will call her if she gets any more symptoms and that she misses Philip very much. Shawn asks Mimi to give Belle a break because stress is not good for the baby. Mimi wonders if Belle should go to the wedding because it might be too much for her or might ruin Chloe's big day.

Shawn fixes Belle a big breakfast. She protests that it's much and that she has to help Chloe get ready for her wedding. Shawn insists she eat it. Belle offers some to Mimi, who is sitting by the window, staring out. She refuses quietly. Shawn wonders if Belle is feeling up to going, so she assures him that she is. He leaves to take a shower while Belle eats. Mimi asks Belle to promise that she won't cause some big scene that will ruin Chloe's wedding. Belle doesn't know what she means. Mimi thinks that Belle plans to get Shawn's attention in some way. They argue for a minute, then Belle goes to get dressed, refusing to argue any longer.

Brady comes downstairs from his shower, wearing only a towel, to find Marlena there in her silky robe or pajamas. She squints a little at him and then says his name. He welcomes her home and kisses her on the cheek. She seems a little uncomfortable but tries to be nice. She tells him that John told her that it's a big day for him. Brady is thrilled she is there and that she and John are back together. Marlena just barely gets out that she and John are not back together when Dr. North walks in cheerily, wearing his bathrobe, wishing them a good morning. Marlena says she's so glad that he spent the night with her last night. Brady's mouth drops open and his eyes almost pop out of his head. Outside, John and Kate return from getting bagels. He asks her for help before they go in. She asks what's wrong. He wants her help in finding out what's going on between Marlena and Alex.

Inside, Brady wonders what's going on and questions everyone about it as John and Kate walk in. He wonders why Alex is wearing John's bathrobe. John assures him that they all slept in different bedrooms last night. Kate asks Brady if he's talked to Marlena yet about Chloe. Brady tells her that Marlena still doesn't have her memory back, so she doesn't know who Chloe is. Brady didn't think it would mean much to her if he talked about Chloe. Marlena confirms this is true and apologizes that she couldn't help. John is optimistic that now that Marlena is home, they will only remind her of good things. He tells her that he got all of her favorites--bagels, salmon and cream cheese. Marlena thanks him and says it's odd that she doesn't remember the things she's supposed to like, yet she did remember the lobster and asparagus that Alex made. She tells them that she made some muffins and coffee, so she and Alex will just have that. John wonders when she started baking. Marlena says it's a new-found talent she discovered in the mountains. She makes coffee for Alex, remembering how he likes it, so he tells her with surprise that she has a good memory. She laughs at that comment.

Kate wonders to John why Alex is there. John tells Kate and Brady that she wouldn't come back Alex and that she seems to be the only one she trusts. John hopes that the two weddings will jog Marlena's memory. Brady hopes so. John notes that he has a big day ahead, so Brady realizes he should get moving on his day. They clasp hands warmly as John wishes him luck. John rubs his brow in frustration. Kate observes that Marlena and Alex seem to have a closer relationship than just doctor and patient. John informs her that he walked in on them kissing. Kate is shocked. John tells her that Alex used psycho-babble to explain it away, but she thinks it's all very strange. That's why he wants her help to see what Alex is really up to. John watches Marlena and Alex, who are both still in their robes and looking very chummy as they eat breakfast. Brady goes to make a phone call. Roman drops by for a visit. No one is happy to see him, and John tries to get rid of him. They all start picking at each other about whether Roman or Kate should be there. Roman asks Kate if she told them the news. Kate doesn't want to tell them, but Roman insists on announcing that he and Kate are getting a divorce. John expresses his sympathy. Marlena thinks it was inevitable, based on the fact that she and Roman were going to have a child but didn't tell anyone. She wonders what kind of marriage they could have had. Kate is clearly perturbed to be reminded of that. Marlena says to John that maybe they should get a divorce, too. Alex tells Marlena that he doesn't think now is the time for them to talk about "life-altering news". Roman suggests that maybe Marlena will feel more like herself tomorrow, during their daughter Sami's wedding. John adds that today is a special day for them (him and Marlena). Marlena excuses herself to get changed. Roman asks John if he can talk to him before he leaves. He reminds John that he thought sending Marlena away with Alex was a bad idea. John agrees that it might have been a mistake, but they will have to deal with Alex and how she's bonded with him now. Roman doesn't think that's right and vows to bring Marlena back if John can't do it. Roman leaves; John looks annoyed.

John asks Brady a huge favor because of Marlena's condition. Brady knows that John is asking to sit next to Marlena during the wedding rather than being his best man, standing at the altar. He is glad to help. John hugs him gratefully. Brady realizes who he can ask to be his new best man.

Alex observes to Kate that she seems torn between John and Roman. Kate gets annoyed at his butting in. Alex apologizes, saying he's just done a lot of research on the lives of those closest to Marlena. He compares Kate's situation to Marlena's (torn between the two men). She tells him it's none of his business. He thinks her choices could impact Marlena's recovery, so Kate informs him that her marriage to Roman is finished. He asks her if that means she's thinking about being with John. Kate reminds him that John is married to Marlena and committed to her. Alex points out that when Marlena's memory comes back, she could decide not to be with John. Kate wonders if that's what he's planning, but he demurs, saying he's only concerned about his patient's welfare. Kate thinks there's something more going on. Alex takes his breakfast dishes into the kitchen. John can tell Kate was getting upset while chatting to Alex. She tells him that Alex has an agenda and is looking to control Marlena. She wonders how close he got to Marlena at the cabin; John wonders, too. He asks her to keep an eye on them at the wedding, so she agrees. They hug. Alex comes back in while they're hugging and watches them. Later, Alex mentions to Kate that Marlena could decide later not to be with either John or Roman, then both of them would be available. Kate asks again if that's what he wants to see happen. He says he has no personal stake in this but knows that Kate is a woman who always seizes the day. He notes that she just has to decide what and who she wants. Kate looks deep in thought about this. John and Marlena admire how beautiful Marlena looks. Alex offers to drive Marlena to the church, but John insists that he will drive her. Marlena says she will go with Alex. As they head out the door, Alex suggests to John with a smile that he take Kate. John agrees with Kate's assessment that Alex is good at what he's doing and is taking advantage of Marlena. Brady comes downstairs, so John asks him if he's ready to get married. Brady is ready but hopes that Chloe is not getting cold feet.

Chloe prepares for her wedding day. She is nervous about taking her bandages off, but she does anyway. Nancy walks in just then and lets out a big gasp as she looks at Chloe, who still has a big ugly red scar on her face. Nancy tearfully tells Chloe she's so sorry. Chloe says she can't marry Brady looking like a monster. However, it's just a dream. Nancy wakes Chloe up from her nightmare. Chloe tells her what it was about and worries some more about how she will look. Nancy reminds her that Brady doesn't care what she looks like and points out that Chloe has been so obsessed with her fact that she hasn't noticed what Brady did for her. Chloe looks around and sees that Brady has filled the place with flowers. Nancy also gives Chloe a diamond bracelet to wear from Brady. She reads the inscription that says: "Chloe, marry me. Forever, Brady". They admire how beautiful it is. Brady phones to say hello. He says it's not bad luck to talk on the phone. She thanks him for everything. He wonders if she's ready for their dream wedding. She says she can't, so he wonders in a panicky voice if she wants to call off the wedding. Chloe holds the phone a minute, then tells him that she can't wait to marry him. He breathes a sigh of relief. She explains that she got so choked up that she couldn't finish her sentence. They exchange "I love you"'s and then get off the phone to get ready. Nancy, who has been listening, is relieved, too. Chloe tells Nancy that she couldn't disappoint Brady, but then she looks in the mirror and tells herself that she's not going through with this if she's going to look like a monster for the rest of her life.

Shawn drops Belle and Mimi off to help Chloe get ready. Nancy answers the door and asks them to get Chloe to relax and stop worrying about her face. Chloe comes in, so Belle gives her a big hug. Chloe tells them that her face is burning; Nancy thinks that just means she's healing. Chloe is worried. Nancy asks her to be patient because the doctor will be there soon to examine her face. Chloe tries to pick at her bandage, so Nancy asks her to show them her bracelet. They all admire it. Belle says that's her "something new" so they prepare to give her the rest. Nancy gives her a locket that she bought for Chloe when she was born, as her "something old". Nancy puts it on Chloe, who is touched. Chloe thanks her. Mimi has everyone sit down and gives Chloe her "something blue". It's a naughty fortune from one of the fortune cookies that her mom got for Brady's bachelor party. Everyone laughs. Mimi gives her a more serious gift--some sapphire earrings from Bonnie. Chloe thinks they are gorgeous but too expensive. Mimi tells her not to worry because she probably stole them from Maggie. Everyone laughs again. Belle gives Chloe "something borrowed", her gold cross. Chloe recognizes that Brady has one just like it, so Belle tells her that their dad gave it to them when they were young. Belle gives a little speech about Chloe and Brady. wishing her a happy future. Both get choked up.

Brady phones Belle to tell her he needs a new best man. He wants to ask Shawn but wants to make sure it's okay with Belle first, since she'll have to stand up with him. It's fine with her, of course. She gives Shawn the phone. Shawn is also concerned about making Belle uncomfortable but agrees to be best man. Belle thanks him for filling in. He lives the ladies alone. Nancy asks Chloe if she's ready to get into her dress; this brings back her nightmare in flashback. Chloe says she's not so sure she can go through with it.

Back at the police station, Roman tells Tek and Abe that they are going to nail Tony and Stan. Tek lets Roman know that Abe is doubtful. Abe points out that they don't know who this con is that heard Tony speak (he could be working for Tony). Abe also thinks that Tony wouldn't be so careless, or that the dialogue sounds like something he would say. Roman agrees with these observations. Abe thinks Stan will be tough to catch. Tek still disagrees, saying that all criminals make mistakes. Abe lectures him about how long they've been fighting the DiMeras and how far their reach extends. Roman agrees that Tony probably knows he's being setup. He hopes they will find out who Stan is, anyway.

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