Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/6/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/6/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Belle’s loft:

Belle and Philip return home and talk of their excitement over the new prosthesis. Belle laments that Philip will have to travel back to the VA hospital to get fitted for it and that it means they’ll be separated while Belle stays in town to attend the weddings. They kiss.

Alice’s Bar:

Abby complains that she and Chelsea are avoiding partaking in the bridal shower activities while everyone else is watching Chloe and Sami open gifts. Chelsea is completely against the idea. Abby urges Chelsea to at least not ignore Billie but Chelsea wishes that even though she likes the fact that Billie and Kate have money, her mom was anyone but Billie. Abby tells Chelsea to get used to it because Billie isn’t going anywhere but becomes uncomfortable when Chelsea nonchalantly vows that since Billie is the only thing standing between her and Patrick, Billie won’t be around for much longer.

Chloe finishes opening the gifts while surrounded by Billie, Hope, Bonnie, and Kate. Chloe thanks them all for their gifts and their attendance. Kate complains that Chloe had to share her day with Sami and Billie asks about Sami’s whereabouts. Kate gloats that she saw Sami run off with the male stripper.

Sami becomes annoyed to find that Bart is still hanging around out on the patio. Bart refuses to leave Sami’s side until he gets word that Tony is free. Sami insists that she’s done her part and wants nothing more to do with Tony’s escape, insisting yet again that Bart leave her alone. Bart repeats that he’ll leave Sami alone as soon as he knows that Tony is free. Bart threatens that if Sami is double crossing them, her time as Stan will be ousted and she can kiss her future with Lucas goodbye.

Roman hangs up his phone after talking with Tek who confirms that Tony is in his cell meditating. Bo insists that they’ll be ready for him when Tony makes his move. Bo and Roman talk in hushed tones as they discuss the hopes that the plan to catch Tony’s henchmen with the bogus transfer information, especially Stan.

Lucas raises his glass in congratulations to Brady and they clink glasses. Brady admits that he should have listened to Lucas sooner about not trusting Nicole. Lucas suggests forgetting about Nicole and concentrating on the great girl in Chloe. Victor walks up and seconds that notion. Victor proclaims that Brady and Chloe have the real thing that enabled their love to prevail despite what came between them. Victor is confident that nothing can come between them now.


Alex passes his hand over Marlena’s eyes and she closes them. Alex sits on the opposite arm of the couch and faces Marlena as he tells her to go back to a time when she was most happy, a time no one else knows about. Marlena says she remembers. Alex then moves to sit on the couch next to Marlena as he prompts her to remember the man she loved then and still loves today. Marlena flashes back to kissing Alex and proclaims, “It’s you!” Alex is touched that Marlena remembers him and gently kisses her. Marlena opens her eyes, pulls Alex close and deeply kisses him. John opens the door, sees them kissing, and angrily voices his presence by demanding to know what is going on. Alex suddenly pulls away from Marlena and stands up to face John, prepared to explain away the behavior. John gets in Alex’s face and accuses him of using Marlena’s amnesia to get her into bed. Marlena jumps up and yells at John to stop. John turns to face her and inquires to what she wants him to stop. John looks confused as Marlena proclaims that if he hurts Alex, he’ll lose her forever.

Belle’s loft:

Belle lies wrapped in a blanket in Philip’s arms on the couch. Philip strokes Belle’s hair as he tells her he loves her and “Baby K.” Belle laughs and suggests they pick a name for the baby. Philip prefers to wait until the baby is born and Belle adds that she wants to narrow down the list a little bit. Belle grabs the list from the table as Philip remarks that giving a baby a name makes it feel like a real person with its own identity. Belle looks down at her stomach and assures Philip that the baby definitely feels real to her. Philip takes the list from Belle and jokes about how there are about 80 names on the list. Belle explains that she went through the most popular baby names and then went through their family bibles and then scratched out ones that just seemed iffy. Philip notes that that left six possible names to choose from and reads off the choices for a boy: Connor, Tyler, and Luke. Philip pretends to say Luke as if he is in Star Wars, which makes Belle laugh. Belle then reads off the choices for a girl: Claire, Margaret, and Hillary. Belle asks Philip for his opinion. Philip says he likes the choices they’ve narrowed it down to which delights Belle. Belle wants to move on to picking a middle name now. Philip jokes about how it’s good that pregnancy last nine months because they need all that time to make these decisions. Philip notes the time on his watch and uses his cane to head upstairs to shower and pack his bag. Belle looks over and realizes that they left the door open.

Loft hallway:

Belle stops herself from closing the door when she hears Shawn and Mimi talking in the hallway. Mimi thanks Shawn for giving her a lift home and Shawn offers to look at her car to try and figure out why it isn’t working. Mimi jokingly pretends to talk about car parts like she knows of which she speaks but then admits that she can’t fix it anyway until she gets paid. Mimi is touched that Shawn is still willing to take a look and Belle watches Mimi kiss Shawn on the cheek in thanks. Belle looks sad as she watches Mimi hug Shawn in response to his promise to do anything for her.


John tries to convince Marlena that she doesn’t mean what she’s saying but Marlena insists that if John can’t come to terms with Alex being in her life, than she can never see him again. John balks and Marlena insists that he shouldn’t be here before she runs upstairs. John then turns to Alex to demand an explanation. Alex claims that John walked in on a session and while it may have looked like he was kissing Marlena, Marlena wasn’t aware that she was kissing him and not some other man. John accuses Alex of forcing himself on Marlena but Alex insists he’d never do that. Alex phrases his next statement vaguely by claiming that Marlena was under the impression that she was kissing the man she loves. John assumes that Alex is trying to convince him that Marlena thought she was kissing him instead of Alex but Alex stops him to point out that he only said Marlena was kissing the man that she loves but there is no way of knowing yet that that man is John.

Marlena, now alone in the bedroom, sits in front of the mirror and begins to cry as she tries to comprehend how she could have kissed Alex. In Marlena’s mind, she imagines that Alex has come up beside her and explains that she wants him just as much as he wants her before brushing aside her hair and kissing down her neck. Marlena enjoys the sensation until she becomes agitated at the realization that it was only a fantasy.

Alice’s Bar:

Victor gathers everyone’s attention as he announces his desire to propose a toast to the two grooms. Victor first tells Brady that he is proud of him and wishes him and Chloe every happiness. Everyone echoes the sentiment. Brady gets up to hug Victor and Victor hands him a monetary gift. Brady starts to refuse it but Victor cuts him off to start Lucas’ portion of the toast. Victor commends Lucas on his part of the rescue mission to save Philip especially since he was the one who had a young son at home and starts to mention Sami. Lucas starts to object but Victor quiets him to explain that he was preparing to say that he hopes Lucas’ love has changed Sami and also wishes them the best. Lucas thanks him and reluctantly receives his own monetary gift. Victor hugs Lucas and insists that he really hopes his marriage to Sami works out this time. Lucas is confident that Sami has changed.

Sami insists to Bart that she gave him the right information. Bart warns that Sami will be in more trouble with him and Tony than if she had simply gotten caught by Roman making a blown wedding the least of her problems.

Abby tries to convince Chelsea to forget about Patrick and focus on Max since Max is closer to Chelsea’s age. Chelsea refers to Max as simply a boy whereas Patrick is a grown up man. Abby refers to Chelsea as she claims that Patrick is a man who isn’t interested in kids. Chelsea insists that she’ll prove to Patrick that she isn’t a kid. Abby scoffs and Chelsea tries to think of a way to get into her new family’s money to help in her plan. Abby points out that Patrick isn’t into money like Bonnie. Chelsea vows to find out how to make her new family pay for her. Abby reluctantly asks Chelsea for her plan and Chelsea proclaims that she is going to play the lottery and win.

Kate pretends to be having a good time laughing and talking with Hope and Chloe but then walks over to complain to Billie about having to share the celebration with Sami. Billie begs Kate to focus on being happy for Lucas. Kate would rather harp on the fact that Sami is ruining Lucas’ life. Billie suggests celebrating having found Georgia then. Kate claims that Billie having found Georgia is the only thing keeping her from ending her life right here and now but Billie tells her not to be so melodramatic. Chelsea walks up and pretends to make small talk. Chelsea complains that she doesn’t really know Chloe or Sami and Billie points out that Sami is now Chelsea’s cousin. Chelsea admits that she doesn’t like Sami very much that piques Kate’s interest despite Billie’s attempts to warn Kate under her breath. Billie glances back and forth between Chelsea and Kate as Chelsea charms Kate with compliments of her jewelry and clothes. Kate is so touched that she tells Chelsea to call her Kate and they go off to talk alone. Billie watches them go and smiles but remains skeptical.

Sami pokes her finger in Bart’s face as she stands up to him. Sami insists that she gave him what he wanted and it’s now time to give her what she wants.

Loft hallway & Belle’s loft:

Belle continues to watch from behind her door. Mimi laughs as she wipes off the lip-gloss from Shawn’s cheek. Mimi admits to Shawn that she’s glad that Bonnie roped him into bartending because it helps to see his face there when she still expects to turn around and see Rex standing there. Belle’s interest is piqued when Mimi apologizes for Shawn having to go through watching Belle at the party tonight. Belle rests her head against the door solemnly as she hears Shawn tell Mimi that he must move on with his life. Philip walks up and asks Belle what she is doing.


Alex claims to John that he was encouraging Marlena to look inside herself and envision the man she loves and only then did she reach out and kiss him. John reminds Alex that he assured him that Marlena would remember him as the man she loves. Alex insists that it isn’t his job to convince Marlena of that fact, only to get her to retrieve the memories herself and in her own time. Marlena comes back downstairs as John tells Alex that he doesn’t buy that theory. Marlena asks if John and Alex have worked things out and John walks over to her to proclaim that she must know something. John relays to Marlena that he did some research and discovered that Alex is a fraud.

Alice’s Bar:

Bart threatens that Sami better concentrate on keeping her end of the deal or else. Sami isn’t worried about any harm coming to her because she is confident that she has helped Tony to escape. Sami then complains that she now will have to live with that on her conscience and Bart sarcastically asks Sami about having a conscience at all. Sami tries to get Bart out of here so she won’t be seen with him. Bart insists that his disguise as a stripper is full proof but Sami points out that Bart doesn’t have the body of a stripper. Bart insists he’s been working out but Sami points out that even being seen with a stripper is not cool. Bonnie steps out onto the patio and Bart dons his lone ranger mask again. Bonnie questions whether Sami was trying to get in one last fling with the stripper and Sami emphatically blurts out no but then offers a more calm lie by claiming that she was asking the stripper to do another number for the guests. Sami heads back inside. Bonnie asks Bart, still only believing him to be a stripper and nothing more, asks if Sami is her competition. Bart assures Bonnie that while Sami may be the trailer Bonnie is the feature. Bonnie wraps her arms around Bart’s neck and kisses him.

Abby watches Chelsea walk and talk with Kate as they rejoin Billie. Chelsea gushes about how she used to cut out clippings about Kate only to now find out that Kate is her grandmother. Sami walks up and warns Chelsea, under the guise of them now being cousins, not to trust Kate and Billie gasps when Sami refers to Kate as a bitch. Kate fires back by offering Chelsea Sami’s old job at Basic Black while Sami is still standing there. Chelsea is ecstatic at the news and Sami wishes Chelsea good luck with working with Kate the psycho before walking away.

Lucas walks up to Sami and she jumps when he greets her. Lucas questions Sami’s reaction but Sami insists she isn’t jumpy. Sami asks why Lucas isn’t enjoying his bachelor party and Lucas admits that Francesca stripped for them. Sami teases Lucas about enjoying the stripper but Lucas insists he only has eyes for Sami. Lucas asks about Sami’s cheesy cowboy strippers and Sami concurs that they were bad. They note how the parties are winding down and Sami suggests they go home so she can show him how to really strip. Chloe walks up and interrupts to ask if they’ve seen Brady. Lucas tells Chloe that Brady was looking for her too and Chloe walks off to go find Brady. Lucas and Sami decide to dance once before they head home and Kate watches them from across the room. Lucas thanks Sami for becoming the women he always knew she could be. They profess their love to each other and kiss. Sami notices Kate watching them and smiles as she over exaggerates kissing Lucas. Kate scoffs and heads outside.

Kate is looking back toward the entrance as she walks away and runs right into Roman.

Brady tries to call John while alone in the banquet room but becomes annoyed when John won’t pick up and hasn’t already called. Suddenly the lights go out in the room, music starts to play, and a disco ball descends from the ceiling. Chloe steps out of the shadows to reveal that it is her who orchestrated the setting. Brady smiles at the sight of Chloe and at the idea that by this time tomorrow, they’ll be married. Chloe walks on over to Brady and they begin to dance. Brady interlocks his fingers with Chloe’s fingers and kisses her hand. Brady then picks Chloe up, spins her around, and carries her out of the banquet room.

Belle’s loft:

Belle shuts the door and explains that she realized they left the door open the entire time they were making love and is embarrassed at the thought that someone could have seen them. Philip insists that what the person would have seen wouldn’t have been so bad and they kiss.

Loft hallway:

Mimi suddenly remembers that the Dark Shadows marathon is on the sci-fi channel and anxiously wants to get inside to watch it with Shawn. Shawn is excited about the marathon too until he realizes that he forgot his keys. Mimi gloats about how she always has her keys and Shawn mocks her when Mimi realizes that she doesn’t have her keys in her purse. Mimi looks towards Belle’s door and takes it upon herself to ask for the spare key.

Belle’s loft:

Belle and Philip are still kissing when Mimi knocks on the door. Philip opens the door and finds Mimi and Shawn standing there. Belle hides behind the door until Shawn and Mimi explain that they locked themselves out and need the spare key. Belle pokes her head around the door to offer to go get the key. Belle returns with the key but rolls her eyes as Shawn and Mimi gush about working together.


Marlena accuses John of making up the claim that Alex is a fraud. John tells Marlena to consult Dr. Estrada if she doesn’t believe him but Marlena doesn’t recognize the name. John reminds Marlena that she does know Dr. Estrada because she was Marlena’s mentor and inspired her to go into psychiatric medicine. John reveals that Dr. Estrada was the one who called him and Marlena wants to know why. John claims it was to warn that Alex is a fraud whose practices are extremely high risk. John adds that Dr. Estrada claimed that amnesia patients usually regain their memories in a once familiar environment.

Alex walks up and pulls John aside to talk privately. Alex warns that John is ruining the progress they’ve made by filling Marlena’s head with doubts. John insists that he sees no progress here and declares the experiment to be over. Alex warns that John is making a big mistake. John declares to Marlena that he’s going to help her pack her bags and then take her home.

Alice’s Bar:

Roman calls Kate on her sour mood. Kate claims she came outside for some air. Roman accuses Kate of not being able to remain inside because she couldn’t stand to see Sami and Lucas in love. Kate denies it but Roman dismisses her claim. Roman adds fuel to the fire by comparing Sami and Lucas to what could have been between him and Kate because he did love her more than anything. Kate begs him to stop and turns away. Roman persists, continuing to talk in an emotionless monotone, by declaring that he doesn’t know how he could have ever married a woman like Kate. Victor walks up behind Roman and asks if there is a problem here. Roman, without even breaking eye contact with Kate declares to Victor that Kate is all his. Roman heads inside. Victor walks up and hugs Kate.

Roman joins Lucas and Sami and they walk away together. Chelsea rushes over to join Abby at a table. Chelsea uses lottery references to gloat about how Kate is even richer than she thought. Abby points out that moments ago, Chelsea was cursing the entire family but Chelsea still plans on making them pay for abandoning her. Abby points out that Chelsea wasn’t abandoned but Chelsea believes that no one could have not know their child was alive. Abby advises Chelsea to think before she does something she’ll regret. Chelsea tries to get Abby to also see that her own parents have problems because she overheard Max accuse Frankie of still loving Jennifer. Abby remains confident that Jack and Jennifer will be together forever. Chelsea insists that while Bo and Hope may feel the same about their relationship, it’s really doomed.


Brady opens the door for Chloe but then bids her good night. Chloe is surprised that Brady is leaving her. Brady explains that it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding but Chloe wants Brady to stay with her so bad, she’d rather ignore the superstition. Brady insists on spending the night apart and promises that Chloe can still call him over at John’s penthouse. Chloe grabs Brady’s arm to stop him and emotionally declares that he must stay because she needs him here.

Brady reveals that Nancy is on her way over to stay with Chloe tonight. Brady understands why Chloe doesn’t want him to go and kisses her. Chloe decides to agree to spend the night apart since it means spending a lifetime together starting tomorrow. They kiss goodbye and Brady takes a deep breath before leaving. Chloe pauses to look over her wedding gown but then picks up a handheld mirror and strokes the bandage on her face. Chloe puts down the mirror and fights back the tears as she prays to God for a perfect wedding tomorrow. Chloe looks out the window and blinks as the tears start to fall.

Alice’s Bar:

Victor escorts Kate to sit down on the bench to talk. Victor tries to get Kate to relax but Kate refuses to do so since she now knows that Sami was involved with Tony. Kate begs Victor for help but Victor says he hasn’t uncovered anything yet. Kate is offended when Victor suggests that she is imagining everything. Kate insists that Tony has something to hold over Sami and vows that when she finds out what it is, Sami will go down for the last time.

Lucas and Sami walk out arm in arm as Lucas carries all of Sami’s gifts. Lucas steps away to bring the car around. Roman rushes by talking on his cell phone and Sami stops him to ask what is wrong. Roman explains simply that it’s police business and rushes off. Sami takes it as a sign that Tony has escaped and hopes that Tony makes sure he doesn’t get caught.

Abby and Chelsea watch Hope and Bo flirt with each other on the dance floor. Abby insists that none of her family members’ marriages are doomed. Chelsea insists that Bo and Hope’s is one marriage doomed to fail. Chelsea gets up from the table, puts on a sweet expression, and walks over to Bo.

Chelsea claims she came over to say goodnight but then lingers there before finally apologizing for her recent behavior. Bo is shocked when Chelsea hugs him. Billie silently relishes in the moment as she stands behind Bo but Hope, standing behind Billie, isn’t too happy at the sight.

Belle’s loft:

Belle walks back up to the trio and hands over the key. They make more small talk about Philip’s new prosthesis and then say goodnight and leave. Belle slams the door closed. Philip tries to use the interaction between Shawn and Mimi they just witnessed as proof that they belong together but Belle doesn’t want to hear it. The car service buzzes from the lobby and Belle and Philip start to say their goodbyes. Belle offers to help Philip get his bag downstairs but Philip refuses to let her do anything more than go to bed and rest. Belle insists on at least opening the door for Philip and he leaves. Belle closes the door behind him and is suddenly overcome with stomach pain.

Loft hallway & Belle’s loft:

Shawn leaves Mimi back at their loft to watch the show while he plans to bring the key back to Belle. He hears Belle’s cries of pain and rushes over to her loft. Shawn throws open the door and finds Belle bent over in severe pain. Shawn asks what is wrong and Belle proclaims that it’s the baby.


Marlena doesn’t want to go back to Salem. John reminds Marlena about the upcoming weddings and how disappointed their children would be if Marlena weren’t in attendance. Marlena begs John to stop and Alex tries to step in but John tells him to stay out of this. John insists to Marlena that he loves her and only wants the best for her. John asks Marlena to trust him and come home with him. Marlena looks back at Alex before turning back to John and refusing his request.

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