Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/5/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/5/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Alice’s Bar:

Chloe and Brady arrive for the joint bridal shower and bachelor parties. Chloe is having second thoughts about staying for the party but Brady kisses her and convinces her to stay and have a good time. Brady holds open the front door and escorts Chloe in before leaving her.

Belle spots Chloe and comes rushing up to greet her with a hug. Belle gushes about how they are now married when just a few years ago this day was only a thought. Chloe complains of feeling shy but Belle puts her at ease as she escorts her to a table.

Mimi, having decided to spend the evening working rather than as a guest of the party, returns to the bar and insists that Shawn, having decided to spend the evening working as well, needs to also fix the ginger martini she requested. Bonnie walks up and thanks them both for agreeing to work tonight even though they were invited to the parties. Mimi and Shawn both insist that they need the money. Bonnie offers to cover for Shawn should he desire to drop in on Lucas’ and Brady’s bachelor party and jokes about the hot stuff they have planned. Shawn thanks her and Bonnie walks away. Mimi turns and notices that Shawn is looking at Belle and calls him on it. Mimi sighs and walks away to deliver the beers.

Sami is sitting at a table with Caroline and is complaining that she has to share her bachelorette party with Chloe. Caroline points out that Chloe is marrying Sami’s stepbrother and it is a miracle that Chloe is alive. Sami complains that Chloe being alive is no miracle because unlike with Caroline and the other hostages, Chloe wanted everyone to believe that she was dead. Caroline wants to know why Sami can be in such a bad mood when she’s set to marry Lucas and should be happy. Sami claims that she’s merely nervous about the wedding given her track record. Caroline lifts up her glass and proposes a toast to Sami and Lucas’ silver anniversary as a way to show her confidence that they’ll be married forever. Sami laughs and Caroline gushes about her hopes for Sami and Lucas to have grandchildren and great grandchildren. Caroline laughs when Sami proclaims that she’d just like to celebrate a honeymoon first. They clink glasses.

Abby and Chelsea walk in next. Chelsea remarks to Abby that the family she comes from is whacked out and Abby sees it as a sign that Chelsea is beginning to accept that Bo and Billie are her parents. Chelsea refutes the claim because she still sees Billie as infringing on her chances with Patrick. Chelsea looks over at Kate and Billie and then insults Kate’s role model abilities as a mother to Billie as she sarcastically claims to be thrilled at the female lineage she comes from. Abby and Chelsea walk off.

Kate and Billie watch Abby and Chelsea walk by. Kate assures Billie that Chelsea will eventually come around just like Billie did when she found out that Kate was her mother. Billie complains that she’s being made to wait even longer to bond with her daughter and Kate uses the opportunity to try and convince Billie to bond with Bo under the guise of working together for Chelsea’s sake. Billie looks at Kate in shock.

Brady house:

Bo arrives home and fills Hope in on Chelsea’s reaction at the motel. Bo doesn’t appreciate hearing Hope say that the terrible things Chelsea said about Billie are probably true.

Alice’s Bar Banquet Room:

The joint bachelor party is underway in the banquet room. Roman and John mill about as Tek joins Victor, Brady, Shawn Sr. and Lucas who are standing together. Everyone laughs as Victor concludes a joke. Brady turns and leaves the group when he sees Philip. Philip congratulates Brady and Brady greatly appreciates the sentiment considering the source. Philip recalls how back in high school, he felt that it was bizarre to ever be without Chloe and now he’s happy that Brady is marrying her. Brady teases Philip about how he’d better be happy since he’s married to Belle. Philip insists that he is very happy now that he’s found Belle even though it took them a little longer to find each other. Brady feels that everything happens when it is supposed to go and Philip decides that they should drink to that as they head for the bar.

Roman and John continue their disagreement on John’s decision to send Marlena to the cabin alone with Alex. Roman doesn’t like that John has told him about not having heard from Marlena or Alex. John admits that while he made the decision based on Lexie’s assessment, he is now having second thoughts about them being up there alone with no contact.


Alex jots down notes on a pad of paper as he sits opposite from Marlena. Alex admits that he has an unusual form of treatment that he’s been keeping in his back pocket in hopes that Marlena will be ready for it. Marlena doesn’t like the sound of it and asks if it is experimental. Alex answers no but thinks that it would be very helpful to Marlena with the exception that it would require her to put her entire trust in him with no questions asked. Marlena looks skeptical.

Brady house:

Bo urges Hope to give Billie a break and goes on about how long Billie has been waiting to be a mother and all that goes along with that role. Hope stops Bo to insist that she’s sorry for her earlier comment. Hope insists that she is trying to be as supportive as she can but there is nothing that is going to make her forget how Billie took advantage of Bo in the pit. Bo reminds Hope that he thought he was making love to her and Hope points out that Billie knew that and still took advantage of Bo. Hope can’t believe that Bo would expect her to trust Billie after that. Bo insists that Hope doesn’t need to worry about trusting Billie, she only need to trust him. Hope insists that Billie will use tricks to find a way to use Chelsea to become closer with Bo. Bo claims that Billie doesn’t need tricks because they are bonded now because of Chelsea. Bo insists that Hope is part of the picture too and together they’ll find a way to deal with the new family situation.

Alice’s Bar:

Kate and Billie decide to sit at a table as Chelsea watches them with a scowl from across the room. Abby walks up and tries again to convince Chelsea to face facts. Chelsea complains that life sucks and then there’s Kate. Abby reminds Chelsea that Kate is now her grandmother and Chelsea complains that Kate turned her down for the job at Basic Black. Chelsea claims that Kate is as much a witch as Billie and it must be in the genes. Abby points out that therefore, Chelsea must be a witch too. Chelsea makes an annoyed face at Abby and walks off. Abby follows close behind.

Billie insists to Kate that she is all about Chelsea, once again mistakenly calling her Georgia at first, and is not interested in getting Bo back. Kate agrees to stop for now. Kate warns that Billie has to stop trying to push with Chelsea because Chelsea will only end up pushing Billie farther away.

Bonnie watches in shock as Mimi brings Chloe and Belle two glasses of champagne. Belle refuses the drink and Mimi pretends to suddenly remember that Belle is pregnant and takes a sip from the drink herself before taking it away.

Bonnie insults Belle as she remarks to Shawn about how Mimi had to cut Belle loose even though they were best friends and how bad Belle was to want both Philip and Shawn. Bonnie gushes about how Mimi and Shawn have now found each other but Shawn insists that he and Mimi are just friends. Bonnie insists that friendship is where a great love can start and uses drink references to compare the emptiness of passion once the champagne bubbles are gone to wine that gets better year after year. Shawn starts to repeat his protest but settles for saying that Mimi is great. Bonnie talks up Mimi’s attributes and ends by claiming that Mimi gets her compassionate side from her. Bonnie chuckles and walks away. Mimi walks up and puts the now half drunk glass of champagne back on the bar and stops when she notices Shawn smiling at her. Shawn insists that it’s nothing but can’t keep from smiling. Mimi looks confused but walks away anyway. Sami gives her a dirty look as Mimi walks past to drop extra napkins at their table.

Sami doesn’t want to think about how many times she’s been to the altar and Caroline jokes about how Sami must be trying to set a record. Caroline assures Sami that this time her marriage is going to work because it is based on love and give and take. Sami readily agrees with Caroline until she mentions honesty, truth, and trust.

Banquet room:

Philip asks to move to a table so he can sit down and Brady compliments him on how with Philip walking so well now, Brady had forgotten that Philip is using a prosthetic. Philip tells Brady about how he is on a list to get a more advanced prosthetic as soon as he can learn to walk better. Lucas brings over two beers for Brady and Philip. Brady asks Philip how long it’ll be before they’ll see him back on the basketball court and Philip jokingly taunts them by claiming that he’ll play a game with Brady as long as he doesn’t mind getting his ass kicked by “a one-legger.” Brady laughs, declares it a deal and they clink mugs.

Roman asks John about the cell phone he gave Alex. John explains that the calls to that phone only go to voicemail and Roman deduces that to mean that the cell phone is turned off. John admits that now he feels that handing Marlena over to Alex, who to him is a total stranger, was a mistake.


Alex now joins Marlena, who has now shifted so she sits propped up against the arm of the couch. Marlena tells Alex that she trusts him because before coming away with him, every minute was like torture with everyone hovering over her expectantly waiting for her to regain her memory. Marlena likes that Alex is the only one who isn’t pressuring her about not remembering. Alex mocks a southern accent as he tells Marlena that he’s glad to be of help and it makes Marlena laugh. Alex brings up how John keeps calling and Marlena explains that she has listened to the messages and knows that John is calling to ask her to attend Sami and Brady’s weddings. Marlena complains that she doesn’t feel guilty about not wanting to attend the weddings but Alex assures her that she shouldn’t for she can’t help what she’s going through right now. Marlena commends Alex for always making her feel normal whereas at the weddings, as she begins to tear up, she’d only be disappointing people who want her to remember them. Alex claims that he was putting off calling John back because he felt Marlena would be having second thoughts about attending the weddings. Marlena asks Alex what he’d like her to do and Alex mysteriously says that he’d like her to do something that he thinks she’s never experienced in her entire life. Marlena’s interest is piqued and Alex only assures her that it is one of life’s greatest pleasures. A timer dings and Alex rushes off after declaring that “it’s” ready. Marlena notes that Alex’s behavior is mysterious but then adds that everything is mysterious to her.

Brady house:

Hope asks Bo if Billie has mentioned her, Bo, and Chelsea needing some alone time together for if she hasn’t, she will. Bo would rather focus on Chelsea and promises to be there for her. Hope complains once again that Chelsea is manipulative and points out how Chelsea got Bo, Max, and Patrick to turn on each other at the beach. Bo thinks that Hope is being too hard on Chelsea because it’s expected for her to be acting out considering all she’s been through. Hope claims that both she and Jennifer feel the same way about Chelsea’s behavior and wants Bo to see that Chelsea is out to get whatever she can out of the situation. Bo thinks it’s a cynical view but Hope points out that it’s an objective view because her outlook isn’t clouded by being Chelsea’s biological parent. Bo accuses Hope of having a problem not with him having a daughter but that Chelsea is his daughter with Billie.

Alice’s Bar:

Sami slams her glass down on the table when Kate walks up. Caroline is surprised to see Kate there and Kate claims that she, like the bulk of the guests here tonight, are here to support Chloe and not Sami. Sami delights in the fact that it’s killing Kate that she is marrying Lucas. Kate insists that she’d try to break them up again in a heartbeat because Sami is a disaster that Kate feels everyone would agree with except Caroline who has always been too nice. Kate glares at Caroline before heading for the bar. Sami starts to chase after Kate but Caroline stops her.

Kate orders a glass of white wine at the bar and Shawn silently pours it for her. Kate quips that Shawn is putting his college education to good use but Shawn calms his temper by looking past Kate at Belle. Kate turns, sees what Shawn is looking at, and reminds him that Belle is married to Philip and warns him not to forget that before taking her drink and walking away. Bonnie returns to the bar having witnessed the interaction and makes Shawn laugh by commenting about Kate that no matter how it’s dressed up, trash is trash. Bonnie complains that it hurts her to watch him constantly watching Belle and offers to watch the bar while he drops in on the bachelor party. Shawn decides to take her up on the offer and heads for the banquet room. Bonnie slips behind the bar, pulls out her cell phone and calls someone to complain that “he” isn’t here yet. Mimi walks up and wants to know what Bonnie is up to.

Kate walks up to Chelsea and Abby’s table and Chelsea sarcastically greets her as “granny Kate.” Kate explains that she wants them to meet again officially and Billie quickly rushes up to see what Kate and Chelsea are talking about. Kate claims she was re-introducing herself to Chelsea and Chelsea brings up how they already met when she asked Kate for a job. Kate claims she was the one who was rude and had she known that Chelsea was Billie’s daughter, things would have gone differently. Chelsea asks Billie how she could have lost her own child. Billie tells Chelsea that it is a long story that she will tell Chelsea later. Chelsea, not liking that answer, stands up to leave but Billie stops her to insist that she will tell Chelsea what happened later in private. Billie does reveal to Chelsea that she and Bo were told that she was stillborn and it has to do with the Dimera family being out to ruin the lives of Salem’s inhabitants. Billie asks that they start with what they know, the simple fact that she is Chelsea’s mother and Bo is her father. Chelsea’s mood softens as she tears up and asks what to call Billie since she already had someone she called mom. Chelsea agrees to Billie’s suggestion of calling her by her first name. Chelsea insists that she isn’t trying to make this hard for them she only needs time. Billie agrees to wait and talk later. Chelsea walks up and Billie turns to Kate with tears in her eyes as Abby rushes off to join Chelsea.

Abby questions why Chelsea is suddenly being nice to Billie and Chelsea claims at first that she does need time to process things but her true colors come through when she proclaims that she plans to use this “farce” to make it pay off in a big way for herself. Abby stands in shock and disappointment as she watches Chelsea walk away.

Banquet room:

Brady, Tek, and Shawn Sr. walk over to Shawn leaving Lucas and Victor to talk alone. Victor offers some fatherly advice and Lucas only wants it as long as it isn’t warning him not to marry Sami. Victor decides to change what he was going to say and only warns that he hopes Lucas knows what he is doing. Lucas nods.

Roman continues to voice his concern over John’s decision to send Marlena away with Alex. John insists that he checked Alex out first. Roman continues his tirade but John interrupts to insist that he gets Roman’s point. John accuses Roman of really being bothered by the fact that it was his call to make and not Roman’s because Marlena is his wife. John accuses Roman of disregarding that fact when he took advantage of Marlena and got her pregnant. John tells Roman that he should hold himself responsible for getting Marlena into this mess because he does.


Marlena is now lying on her stomach with her naked back exposed. Alex places warm stones on her back as he explains that they are heated to exactly two degrees above her body temperature to relieve stress. Marlena is enjoying the sensation. Alex warns Marlena not to think she’s getting off easy because later he plans to try hypnotherapy. Marlena fears that it could be dangerous but Alex dismisses her fears by pointing out that Marlena used it with her own patients multiple times. Alex insists that Marlena can’t be forced to do something she wouldn’t normally do in a conscious state. Alex adds that there could be if the hypnotist is someone unscrupulous and untrustworthy. Marlena considers that description to be the opposite of Alex’s character. Alex insists that he only wants to help Marlena.

Brady house:

Hope insists that her issue isn’t because Chelsea is Bo’s daughter with Billie. Hope warns Bo to prepare himself because Chelsea is a teenager with emotional problems and is manipulative. Hope repeats that Jennifer agrees with her and calls Bo on his tendency to look the other way because of his guilt. Bo insists that everything will work out and be fine as he kisses Hope. Hope insists she is pulling for Bo but Bo claims that Hope is pulling for their relationship and they must learn to share their lives with Chelsea. Bo kisses and hugs Hope but Hope doesn’t look as convinced as Bo.

Alice’s Bar:

Abby catches up with Chelsea and demands to know what she meant by her earlier comment. Chelsea explains that she plans to milk the fact that she now comes from a well off family to get her every desire in the forms of new cars and trips to Europe. They head over to get a table.

Bart, disguised as a sexy cowboy with a lone ranger style mask covering his eyes, arrives and instantly charms Bonnie after she walks up to angrily complain that he and the other sexy cowboy that arrived with him are late. Bonnie walks away rolling her eyes as Bart refers to himself as a guy who stays all night instead of leaving after he performs. Bonnie hops up on stage and uses the microphone to command everyone’s attention. Bonnie reveals that she has, not knowing that it’s Bart, hired two male strippers to entertain the ladies and cues the music. “I’m too sexy” starts to play and Bart and his dancing partner pretend to dance and lasso at the same time as they brush up against Billie and Kate on their way to the stage. They each tear off their top shirts as the sexier dancer plays it up to the two ladies sitting at the table closest to the stage before tossing his shirt to the floor. The sexier dancer then takes off his hat and shakes his butt in front of one of the ladies and puts his hat on the head of the other lady at the table before gently kissing her cheek. Jennifer, now standing with Abby and Chelsea, watches in complete surprise as everyone cheers and laughs. The two men jump up on stage and everyone screams as they tear off their undershirts. Jennifer stares with her mouth agape and covers Abby’s eyes. The men then tear off their jeans. The sexier cowboy reveals his sleek body and tight fitting boxers. Bart reveals a heavier out of shape body and not so sexy boxers, which make everyone burst out laughing as they cheer them on. Bart dances with Bonnie on the stage while the sexier dancer hops off to gyrate his hips for one of the ladies who gladly sticks some dollar bills in his shorts. The sexier cowboy thanks her by cozying up to her and kissing her cheek before twirling over to shake his butt up against Caroline who laughs but looks completely embarrassed. Bart pretends to use a lasso to bring Bonnie toward him and they dance together until Bonnie grabs Bart’s butt. Bart steps away but then returns to character by pretending to scold Bonnie. Belle can’t keep from laughing hysterically as Bart shakes his butt in front of her and Chloe. Mimi walks over to Bonnie to complain that she is making a spectacle of herself but Bonnie insists that it’s not worth living if you don’t have fun and Mimi can’t help but laugh as Bonnie rushes over to the dancers waving her dollar bills.

Sami remains seated and rolls her eyes with disdain at the spectacle. Bart removes his hat and tries to drag Sami out of her chair to join the fun but she refuses. Bart persists and Sami tries to use her free hand to slap away his grip on her other hand. Bart speaks directly to Sami as he complains about her not tipping him and then insulting his dancing. Sami recognizes Bart’s voice so Bart flips up his mask, calls her Stan, and proclaims that he has a message for her from Tony.

Banquet room:

Victor tells Philip how proud he is of him and how glad he is that he wasn’t taken away from them during the war. They hug. Victor claims that they’ll be dancing in the streets of Salem when Philip’s child is born and promises to give the new family every comfort money can buy. Philip protests to the promise of money but Victor jokingly tells him not to worry with the father of a war hero. They walk away.

Shawn slips out of the room after watching Victor and Philip walk away.

Bo has joined the party and congratulates Philip on the baby. Bo relays the news that Chelsea is his daughter and jokes about how he doesn’t know very much about raising daughters. Victor relays his happiness for Bo.


Marlena is now standing and is putting her earrings back on as she finishes getting dressed. Alex returns with a tray and pours a cup of tea. Marlena says she feels so relaxed she is floating and asks what’s next. Alex explains that he wants to try the hypnotherapy now but first wants Marlena to drink some herbal tea to keep her calm in case they probe into unpleasant memories. Marlena looks skeptical but Alex confirms that she trusts him. Marlena laughs as Alex points his order for her to go lie on the couch. While her back is turned, he empties part of a little packet into her teacup and upon replacing the packet in his pants pocket, stirs the substance so it dissolves in the tea. Alex hands her the cup and watches her with anticipation as she drinks it.

Alice’s Bar:

John paces outside as he talks on his cell phone to another doctor and asks for information on Alex. John’s expression shows that he doesn’t like what he’s told and curses the fact that his suspicions have been proven true.

Sami tries to get Bart to leave her alone so as not to attract suspicion but Bart won’t leave. Bart dons his mask again. Sami wants Bart to leave so he decides that he’ll only leave with her and drags her away. Kate watches them leave and assumes that Sami is simply running off with a stripper.

Shawn sneaks up behind Mimi as she is going over her order pad. Mimi asks about the bachelor party and complains that the bachelorette party is tacky. Mimi notices Shawn watching Belle and Chloe return to their table. Shawn complains that he can’t stand to be here anymore and tells Mimi he’ll see her at home before leaving.

Chloe shares her worries about how her face is healing with Belle because she took the doctor’s expression as he changed the bandages to mean that her face isn’t healing. Belle assures Chloe that she’s going to be a beautiful bride and even so, Brady is going to love her no matter what.

Hope walks up and greets Billie and Kate as they have now returned to standing together. Chelsea notices Hope walk in and refers to Hope as her new stop mom while talking with Abby. Abby talks up Hope but Chelsea doesn’t consider Hope to be that great. Chelsea warns that Hope better enjoy her marriage while it lasts and they walk away.

Hope explains to Billie that Bo filled her in on what happened and assures her that “everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.” Billie and Kate exchange shocked looks. Billie thanks Hope and Kate puts on a fake smile as Hope says goodbye and walks away. Billie shares her shock at Hope’s remark with Kate, claiming it was bitchy. Kate insists that Hope has a right to feel that way because if things truly work out the way they are supposed to, Billie, Bo, and Chelsea will become a happy family and leave Hope out in the cold.

Abby tries to convince Chelsea that life isn’t about who has the most toys. Chelsea doesn’t believe in that philosophy, choosing rather to believe that her luck changed when she won the car because now she’s got Billie as a mother and “moneybags” Kate as a grandmother.

Bart finally lets go of Sami’s arm when they reach the patio. Bart removes his mask again as Sami reiterates all that she did at Tony’s bidding as reason for why Bart shouldn’t be hounding her. Bart insists he’s here to make sure Sami is following through. Sami sarcastically calls Bart a genius and is amazed when Bart questions whether that was an insult. Sami demands that Bart give her back the entire Stan disguise and Bart agrees to do that only after Tony is free. Bart warns that if the plan to free Tony fails, Stan is going to take Sami to her grave.

Banquet room:

Philip finishes up a phone call and relays the news to Brady and Victor that the phone call was from his doctor and it was to inform him that he is going to get the new advanced prosthetic but must go get fitted for it right now and will be leaving to get Belle to drive him over. Victor and Brady show their surprise and happiness at the news. Philip proposes a toast to Brady and Chloe’s happy life together and the three clink glasses and drink. Brady shares his hope that by the time Chloe walks down the aisle to meet him, Marlena will have her memory back so she can live happily ever after with John.



Alex passes his hand over Marlena’s eyes and she closes them. Alex sits on the arm of the couch facing Marlena as he directs her to go back to a time in the past when she was most happy, a time that she’s forgotten about since it was so long ago. Alex directs Marlena to go back to a time in her life that no one else knows about and confirms that she remembers. Alex then moves to sit on the couch next to Marlena and asks if she remembers the man she loved then and still loves today. Marlena flashes back to being repeatedly romantically intimate with Alex in the past. Marlena proclaims, “It’s you!” Alex confirms that it is he and though he keeps his even tone of voice, shows his joy in the fact that Marlena remembers him before leaning in close to kiss Marlena. Marlena opens her eyes and pulls Alex close for a deeper kiss. John walks in and sees them kissing and while he looks angry, he doesn’t seem surprised.

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