Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/2/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/2/05


Written By Denise
Pictures by Juanita

(the show was preempted twice today -including the last 15 minutes- with the President's visit to the hurricane sites.)

Still very upset over the news that she is Bo and Billie’s daughter, Chelsea remains in the motel bathroom and refuses to come out as Bo and Billie plead with her to come out and talk to them.

Chelsea tells them that she does not believe she is their daughter and this is all Billie’s way of trying to split up Bo and Hope or Billie’s way of getting back at Chelsea because Patrick is more into Chelsea than Billie.

Billie tries to convince Chelsea that it isn’t the case.  As they continue to speak to her from the other side of the door, inside the bathroom, Chelsea notices the window and attempts to get it open so she can escape.   She gets the window open, and it slams shut.  Bo and Billie hear the slam of the window and realize what she is trying to do. 

Bo begs Chelsea not to escape through the window, but to just come out and use the door if she wants to leave, and they’ll let her go. 

Chelsea contemplates escaping through the window again, but then decides to use the door instead. She opens the bathroom door, and reluctantly, she comes out and tells Bo and Billie that she wants to see some proof.

Bo holds up the DNA test results and Chelsea tells him that they’re probably fake.  Bo tells Chelsea to take a look at the results and if she doesn’t believe them to call Dr. Carver (Lexie) at the hospital and she will verify that they are real.  Chelsea tells Bo that Lexie verifying the results won’t mean anything because Bo is friends with Lexie and he probably paid her or she owes him a favor.   Then Billie suggests that all three of them go down to the hospital and take another test to show Chelsea that they are not lying to her.  

Chelsea then takes the DNA results from Bo and reads it.  She sees that the results say there is a 99% probability of a genetic match.  She is upset and very confused as she realizes that Bo and Billie are telling the truth and they are really her biological parents.  She becomes even more upset as she realizes that the Benson’s, whom she thought were her parents and who she loved and trusted had lied to her for her entire life.  Bo and Billie tell Chelsea that they don’t know the whole story yet, but that they are determined to get to the bottom of it all and find out how Chelsea ended up with the Bensons and how she was taken away from Bo and Billie.  

Chelsea tells Bo and Billie that she needs time alone to figure things out and take it all in.  Just then, there is a knock at the door and Chelsea realizes that Max isn’t there.  She asks where he has gone.  Bo tells her that he left so that the three of them could have some time alone to talk about everything.

Bo opens the door and it is Abby.   Abby comes in and is very excited.  She tells them that she ran into Max who told her the news about Billie and Bo being Chelsea’s biological parents.  She sits down and tells Chelsea that she is very happy for her and that she’ll never been alone again.   Abby hugs her, and Chelsea is still confused and shocked.

At the Lockhart house, after overhearing Frankie on the phone, Jack asks Frankie to tell him exactly what he found out about Patrick.

Hope and Jennifer enter as they hear the heated conversation going on between Jack, Patrick and Frankie.  They want to know what’s going on and ask Frankie and Jack if they are once again harassing Patrick.  Jack tells them that they were just talking about Bo, Billie and Chelsea and were wondering if anyone has heard anything.  Hope tells them that she hasn’t heard from Bo yet and Jen offers to take Hope down to the motel where they are.  Hope tells Jen that she does not want to go down there because she suspects that they have their hands full with the situation with Chelsea right now and her showing up there would only make things worse.

Jen asks the guys (Jack, Patrick, Frankie) again what they were talking about because she doesn’t believe it was about Bo and Billie.  Making up another story for Jen, Jack says that they were really talking about the double bachelor party for Brady and Lucas and that Patrick is upset that he wasn’t invited.   Patrick snidely remarks that he’ll get over it.

This prompts Hope and Jen to talk about the double bridal shower for Sami and Chloe.  They joke that it might get a little dicey honoring TWO brides, especially where one of them is Sami Brady.  Hope remarks that everyone knows how Sami is and that she doesn’t like to share.  Jen tells Hope that according to Lucas, Sami has really changed, so maybe it won’t be that bad.  Jack asks Jen and Hope if they should be leaving soon to get ready for the “double shower”.   Hope remembers that she was going to pick up “Gram” (Alice) early before the showers so she can spend sometime with Zach and Jack Jr. who are back at the house.   Jen reminds Jack to behave at the bachelor party and Jack reminds Jen that both the bachelor party and bridal showers are being held at the same place, so they’ll just be in the next room.  Hope and Jen leave and head back to Bo and Hope’s house.

Now that Hope and Jen are gone, Jack asks Frankie if he is going to take the information that was given to him and call Bo and have Patrick arrested.  Frankie tells Jack to slow down and he’s not going to do that.  Patrick then interrupts and says Frankie isn’t going to have him arrested for anything because there isn’t anything for him to be arrested for.  

Jack tells Patrick that they all know he’s a liar and he’s not the big hero that he pretends to be.  Jack’s PDA then beeps and Jack realizes that he is late for an appointment and has to leave.

After Jack leaves, Patrick asks Frankie what it is that he’s supposedly found out about Patrick.  He also tells Frankie that he thinks he is bluffing anyway because if he did have something on him, he would have told Jack right then and there.   Frankie tells Patrick that the information he got said that there are tons of files and dossiers on Patrick Lockhart, but that the information in them is sealed and this leads Frankie to believe that Patrick is more dangerous they originally thought.  Patrick tells Frankie that with that information he just gave him, he now knows that Frankie works for the government and has a good idea what division he’s with and that Frankie has just blown his own cover and will probably lose his job now.

Frankie asks Patrick to tell him who he is and what he’s up to.  Patrick just stands there and laughs at Frankie.

Back at the Bo and Hopes, Jen and Hope are on the couch going through all of Zach’s old baby clothes.  Hope is giving them to Jen for Jack Jr.   Hope comments that she’s glad someone can use them because she won’t be having anymore babies.   Jen says she will hang onto to them after Jack Jr. outgrows them, just in case.  She tells Hope that lately, with Jack’s behavior, she’s surprised that she isn’t pregnant again already and that Jack has be wearing her out in that department!  Alice overhears and asks what they’re talking about and reminds Hope and Jen that she’s always said that healthy “s-e-x” is the key to a good marriage.  Jen and Hope giggle at the thought of good ol’ Gram talking about sex.

Once again they talk about the two upcoming weddings in Salem and Jen hopes that this time things work out for Sami and Lucas.  Alice comments that sometimes things don’t always go as planned.  Jen says that it might sound boring, but she really hopes that there are no more surprises in store for her and Jack and she feels they’ve had their life’s worth of surprises already.

Alice goes up stairs to tell the kids a story before nap time and Jen and Hope remain downstairs.  They talk about how Zach and Jack Jr. are the 3rd generation to hear Alice’s stories.  Hope then gets sentimental and thanks Jen for being such a good friend and she doesn’t know how she could get through everything going on with Bo and Billie without her.   

Jen confides in Hope that she’s concerned about Jacks behavior.   She says that he is constantly telling her how much he loves her and doting on her. She tells Hope that she even jokes with Jack telling him that he’s acting that way because he’s cheating with another woman and guilt is making him act like that.  Confused, Hope asks Jen what the problem is with Jack being overly attentive to his wife.  Jen goes on to tell Hope that he is very “wistful” about the past that Frankie and Jen have shared.  Hope reminds Jen that Jack has been though quite an ordeal and there is no way he would ever be jealous of Frankie. Hope tells Jen that she should be glad that his not jealous because dealing with someone’s ex is not easy……and she (Hope) knows that first hand.

Lexie is in her office when Tek shows up.  Lexie asks Tek why he is there and what she can do for him.  Tek responds by telling Lexie that she can stop pretending that they (Tek and Lexie) don’t have feelings for each other and try to figure out what they’re going to do about it.

Lexie tells Tek that she does have feelings for him, but she is married and cannot act on those feelings.  Tek reminds Lexie that they have already “acted” on those feelings……twice!   Lexie tells Tek that it cannot happen again.  She is married to Abe and he is the father of her son, and right now, Abe needs her.  Tek tells Lexie that Abe has no right to take his anger and bitterness out on her and lately he has been treating her like dirt and she doesn’t deserve that.  Tek angrily tells Lexie that she cannot continue to make excuses for Abe’s behavior and that she needs to admit that she no longer loves Abe and that she has fallen in love with him (Tek).

Again, Lexie tells Tek that she will never leave Abe and she promised to stay by him no matter what.  Tek reminds Lexie that those promises were made from love, and Lexie no longer loves him. 

Tek asks Lexie to tell him who she loves.

 Lexie stands silently and there is then a knock at the door - it’s Jack.   Jack sees Tek and asks if he is interrupting anything.  Lexie tells Jack that he isn’t and that Tek is leaving.   Tek tells Lexie that they will continue their conversation later.

After Tek leaves, Lexie tells Jack to come in and have a seat.  Jack is immediately worried because he knows it’s bad news. Jack tells her that lately he’s been feeling great.  He’s had lots of energy and the dizzy spells have stopped.  But Lexie tells Jack that she has the results from his latest tests and it’s not good… fact, it’s worse than she thought.

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