Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/1/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/1/05


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Sami goes to Roman’s office to use his computer, to find the information Tony needs to escape. When she arrives, she tells Detective Adams that she is there to use her father’s computer to work on her “wedding plans”; Det. Adams lets her into Roman’s office.  Kate, off in the background, hears Sami and suspects she is up to something and isn’t really there to work on the wedding.

Sami begins to search Roman's computer for the info that Tony needs from her in order to escape.  She suddenly stumbles upon the info she needs and says, “this is it….this is exactly what I need!”  Just then, Kate appears at the office door and smugly asks, “For what Sami? What are you up to now?”

In the meantime, Lucas, unaware that Sami and Kate are in Roman’s office (let alone at the police station), arrives to see Roman.  Lucas tells Roman that the last time he and Sami were going to get married, Roman was not there so he (Lucas) was unable to officially ask Roman for Sami’s hand in marriage, and he would like to ask Roman officially this time for permission to marry his daughter. 

Roman tells Lucas “no”.  Naturally, Lucas looks at Roman with a puzzled look on his face and doesn’t understand Roman’s refusal.  Roman goes on to tell Lucas that he cannot do that unless Lucas promises him that he will not break Sami’s heart again.  He tells Lucas that he didn’t believe her before and he humiliated her when she was in fact telling the truth all along.  Lucas promises Roman and reassures him that he truly loves Sami and will do everything in his power to make her happy.  Roman then gives Lucas his permission to marry Sami.   Will then appears and Roman jokes with Lucas about how tall he’s getting and so on.

Back in Roman’s office, Sami is surprised to see Kate at the door.  Sami answers Kate’s question and tells her she is there to use her father’s computer to work on her wedding plans.  Naturally, Kate does not believe her and the two begin to argue. 

Sami rubs the fact that her and Lucas are getting married in Kate’s face and also mentions that she knows her father is divorcing Kate and soon her mother (Marlena) will be well, and will get back together with Roman, and then she, Lucas and her parents will all be happy.

Kate then tells Sami that she knows about her work with Tony DiMera and about her “disguise”.   Sami looks at Kate in sheer panic, not knowing exactly what Kate knows or doesn’t know.   Sami then tries to call Kate’s bluff by telling her that she doesn’t “know” anything because if she did, she wouldn’t be there playing a “cat and mouse” game with her….she would have nailed her to the wall already.  

Kate threatens to tell Roman and Lucas about Sami’s involvement with Tony and the “disguise” and Sami tells Kate that they would never believe her, considering that Tony DiMera is the source.

At that moment, Roman, Lucas and Will appear at the door and overhear Kate and Sami fighting.   They are shocked to see that Kate is still trying to come up with things to destroy Sami’s happiness.

As Roman, and Lucas confront Kate and express their disgust with her actions, Sami sits at Roman’s computer and jots down some notes from what’s on the computer screen.  Will walks up behind her and asks, “what’s with all the Tony DiMera stuff?”  But, in true Sami fashion, she quickly answers that she was simply leaving a message for Roman to make sure that Tony and his people are no where near her or the wedding so they will not be able to destroy things.

Will asks Kate why she is doing all of this to his mother.  Kate explains to Will that she knows Sami is his mother and he loves her, but she is not to be trusted.  Sami then yells at Kate telling her not to talk to her son that way.  Seeing how upset Will and Sami are, Lucas suggests that the three of them go to lunch to celebrate and they leave.

Roman is there with Kate to leave and anything she has to say to him should be said through their lawyers. Kate leaves the office and vow, once again, not to let Sami ruin her son’s life.

Outside of the restaurant where they are going to lunch, Sami confronts Bart (who is dressed as a clown) to give him the information she got from Roman’s computer with the date and time of Tony’s transfer to maximum security prison.   Bart tells Sami that if this plan works – she’s in the clear with Tony.  But if it doesn’t, “all bets are off”

Back at the station, Roman discovers that someone has seen the info detailing Tony’s prison transfers.  Roman tells Det. Adams that he set up a trap with bogus information on his computer, knowing that more than likely someone in the DiMera organization would hack into the computer for that information.  The real information containing the details of Tony’s transfer is on an encrypted disk and is hidden away. Roman says that this will ensure that some of DiMera’s cohorts will be caught and whoever tapped into the bogus info will be arrested.

Hope goes to Lockhart house to find Patrick taking a swim in the pool.  She expresses to Patrick that she is worried because she hadn’t heard from Bo and he was out all night with Billie searching for Chelsea/Georgia. Patrick says that he regrets ever letting Chelsea go with Max, and if he finds out Max has done anything to her, he will kill her. Hope says that Bo will kill him first. Hope tells him that Chelsea is a master manipulator and can’t be trusted.  Patrick defends Chelsea saying she is “acting out” and he also tells Hope that Bo thinks that he is not only after Billie, but Hope as well.

Patrick then suggests that Hope try to relax and that she should go for a nice swim in the pool. Patrick tells her she can go in and borrow one of Billie’s bathing suits. After some resistance, Hope decides to go into the house to change into a suit.   Patrick then daydreams that Hope comes out of the house and says she doesn’t need a suit and begins to seductively undress in front of Patrick.  When Patrick snaps out of his daydream, Hope is standing there in a bathing suit; however, it is not Billie’s suit, but rather one of Jennifer’s.  Hope tells Patrick that she and Billie aren’t really the “share each other’s clothes” type of friends. 

Billie and Bo are at Jack and Jen’s searching for any news on Chelsea’s whereabouts.  Jen is shocked at the news that Chelsea is in fact Billie and Bo’s long lost daughter.   Jack tries to calm Billie down and reassure her that things will be ok.  Billie apologizes to Jack for dumping all of this on him while he is going through his own problems with his fatal illness.  

Bo leaves a voicemail message for Hope telling her that he’s ok and not to call him because his cell phone battery is dead.

Frankie then appears and announces that he might be able to find Max and Chelsea and eventually is able to find out that they are at a nearby motel.  With that information, Billie and Bo take off to find them and Bo and furious at that thought of what Max may have done to/with Chelsea.

Jen, Jack and Frankie head over to the Lockhart house to inform Hope that Bo and Billie have gone to the motel to find Chelsea and Max.  Hope decides that she is going to let Bo and Billie handle this and Jen is surprised that Hope is not going after them.  Jen asks Hope if she’s even the least bit jealous of Billie.  Hope comes to the realization that Billie will now be a permanent part of their family and lives forever.

Hope then asks Jen about Frankie being in Salem and whether any old feelings for him are being stirred up again.  Jen denies any feelings for Frankie to Hope, but Hope is skeptical of Jen’s feelings for Frankie, as well as Frankie’s feelings for Jen.

Hope comments that sometimes the flames of ex’s are rekindled when they’re around.  Jen asks Hope if she is referring to Frankie…..or Billie.

Jack and Frankie squabble with Patrick and once again question his motives and involvement in Salem.  Patrick tells Frankie that he should be worried because he doesn’t buy his story and is going to find out who Frankie really is.  Frankie vows to do the same with Patrick.  Just then, Frankie gets a phone call and is heard saying “tell me what you know about Lockhart”   When Frankie gets off the phone, he looks at Patrick and calls him a “lying bastard” Jack is standing behind Frankie and hears this.

At the motel, Max awakens Chelsea by bringing her some flowers and fresh picked strawberries.  Chelsea is flattered and tells Max that she had a terrible dream that Bo and Billie told her that they were her parents.   Max explains to Chelsea that it wasn’t a dream, and it was true.   Chelsea becomes extremely upset and begs Max to take her away for good.  Max refuses and tells Chelsea that she must stay her and deal with it.  Chelsea begins to kiss and seduce Max and tells him that it will be the best way to get back at Bo and Billie.  However, Max stops Chelsea and tells her there will be plenty of time for that and she should go take a shower.  Chelsea then leaves to get the shower ready, thinking that Max is going to join her.

While Chelsea is in the shower, Bo and Billie arrive at the motel and knock on the door.  When Max answers, Bo sees the unmade bed in the motel room and jumps to the wrong conclusion and goes after Max.  Max explains to Bo that nothing happened and he slept on the floor.  He was just trying to help Chelsea and be there for her because she was extremely upset over the news that she was their daughter.  Max tells Billie that Chelsea believes the Bensons are her only parents, and what could be worse than finding out the one person that you most hate (Billie) is your mother.

Chelsea, thinking only Max is in the room, comes out of the shower with a towel over her head as she dries her hair.  She can’t see that Bo and Billie are there and she comes out taunting Max for not joining her in the shower.  When she picks up her head and sees Bo and Billie, she begins screaming at them telling them that she doesn’t care what the DNA tests say and she is not their daughter and she never wants to see or talk to them again. She goes back into the motel bathroom and slams the door.

Bo says to Billie (sarcastically) “that went well”

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