Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/31/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/31/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Alice’s Bar:

Kate picks up a burnt corner of Sami’s torn and now burnt photos that she has left in the ashtray on Alice’s patio but can’t tell what was in the picture from the fragment. Kate wonders what Sami could be up to. She turns when she hears the door slam and sees Roman coming out to talk to her. Kate quickly tucks away the photo fragment inside her hand and throughout their conversation, slips it into her purse without Roman noticing. Roman announces to Kate that he’d like a divorce. Kate tries to talk him out of it but when Roman sticks to his decision, Kate claims that Tony has something on Sami. Roman, though angry that Kate got in to see Tony, partly refuses to believe it and partly dismisses the possibility as unimportant.

Inside the bar, Sami, Lucas, and Will sit at a table to celebrate Will’s homecoming. Will shares his worries that this wedding will not happen given the track record but Lucas and Sami assure him that it will go off without a hitch. Lucas suggests a toast and gets up to retrieve their drink orders leaving Will and Sami alone. Sami is lost in thought and Will notices that her expression is one he knows signifies that Sami is hiding something. Sami denies it as she flashes back to Bart’s earlier threat. Will warns Sami that if she is hiding something again, he and Lucas will be out of her life for good. Sami pulls Will close to insist that she has changed for the better. Lucas returns with the drinks and raises a toast to the future that includes flattering compliments of Sami. They all drink to their future but Sami secretly apologizes to them because she must do one more bad thing. Sami excuses herself from their company under the guise of working on wedding plans. Will asks Lucas if he thinks Sami is being honest this time and Lucas truly believes that she is. Will shares his worries about the wedding again but Lucas points out that this past mishap was Kate’s fault.

Sami eavesdrops on Roman and Kate’s argument. Roman tells Kate that no matter what Sami did for Tony, what Kate did was enough to end their relationship. Roman heads back inside the bar. Sami, happy at what she overheard, swears that once she helps Tony escape, she won’t do anything bad again.


Max accuses Patrick of being upset that Chelsea would rather be with him. Patrick scoffs at the suggestion but Max vows to never let Patrick lay a hand on Chelsea again.


Bo tries to calm Chelsea. Chelsea refuses to believe that Bo and Billie are her parents but Bo insists that they’ve done DNA tests that proved it. Chelsea still refuses to believe it but then realizes that in order to be Bo and Billie’s daughter, Bo must have had an affair with Billie since he’s been married to Hope all these years. Chelsea continues to have a hard time believing this news and defends her right to be upset when Bo tries to quiet her. Billie explains that they were told Chelsea died at birth and that they only knew that she was alive since last year and Bo promises to be there for Chelsea from now on. Chelsea lashes out at Bo and Billie and tells them that they are not her parents and never will be for she wants nothing to do with them and runs off. Billie starts to go after Chelsea but Hope stops her.


Patrick calls Max’s bluff and they begin to physically fight. Chelsea runs up and breaks up the fight but then secretly delights to learn that they were fighting over her. Chelsea insists that Max take her for a drive. Patrick warns Chelsea that going off with Max will be a mistake but Chelsea insists that she’ll be fine and she and Max walk off.


Bo cautions Hope against her opinion but Hope defends her reason for telling Billie to let Chelsea be. Billie decides again that she wants to go after Chelsea but is stopped when Patrick walks up and informs them that Chelsea has just gone off with Max. Bo tries to get Patrick to leave but Billie dismisses Bo’s reaction in favor of focusing on Chelsea’s needs, which is where Patrick learns that Chelsea now knows that she is their daughter. Bo tries to assure Billie that Chelsea didn’t mean the hurtful things she said to them. Billie worries that they’ll lose her all over again but Bo assures her that they won’t.

Max’s car:

Max shuts off the engine and begs Chelsea to tell him what’s wrong as she sits sobbing. Chelsea doesn’t want to tell him what happened and only asks that he hold her so she doesn’t have to be alone tonight. Max wraps his arms around Chelsea and promises to be there for her. Chelsea insists that she doesn’t want to go home because she hates Billie and Max promises that she doesn’t have to go home. Chelsea has now filled Max in on the recent news and Max tries to convince Chelsea that Bo and Billie wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true. Chelsea starts to cry again because she thinks that Max is against her but Max assures her that he is on her side. Chelsea insists that she doesn’t want to be near Bo and Billie ever again. Chelsea adds that she doesn’t want to go back to Abby’s house either and Max declares that he has the perfect place for them to go. Max starts the car and drives Chelsea to a motel. Max blindfolds Chelsea until they enter the room and Chelsea is thrilled at Max’s choice of destinations because she also sees it as a place that they’ll never be found. They kiss.


Billie can’t stand not rushing off to find Chelsea and Patrick offers to go with her. Bo steps up to insist that Patrick not help and pleads his case to an already somewhat accepting Hope on why he has to go off with Billie again. Bo kisses Hope goodbye and then heads off after Billie. Left alone, Patrick questions Hope about her ability to trust Bo and Billie together. Hope insists that she trusts Bo. Patrick asks for Hope’s opinion on how things will go with Chelsea and Hope warns that Chelsea won’t make it easy for Bo and Billie before asking Patrick for his opinion. Patrick warns that Chelsea is looking for love in all the wrong places and fears that the shock of this could put her over the edge.


Billie sits alone on a rock and traces lines in the sand with a stick as she cries. Bo catches up to her and offers words of encouragement. Billie complains that everything she’s done so far is wrong and this is not the reunion she envisioned. Bo assures her that they are in this together. Bo holds Billie close as he assures her that once Chelsea sees that they love her and aren’t going anywhere, she’ll come around and they’ll be a family.

Alice’s Bar:

Kate sits alone on the patio, now even more determined to get the dirt on Sami since she’s lost Roman. Victor walks up and informs Kate that through his contacts, he has now learned that Tony is blackmailing Sami but he doesn’t know yet for what. Victor tries to convince Kate to let Lucas live his own life and make his own choices but Kate insists she is only trying to protect Lucas. Kate, switching to a happier topic, brings up Belle and Philip having a baby and how Bo and Billie have found Georgia. Kate complains about how Billie is without a man while still in love with Bo and Victor insists that Bo is happily married to Hope and cautions Kate against doing anything to break that up. Kate holds her crossed fingers behind her back as she promises Victor that she won’t do anything to break up Bo and Hope.

Sami greets Roman once back inside the bar and admits that she overheard him and Kate talking. Roman doesn’t want to talk about Kate so Sami asks about Marlena. Roman tells her that there has been no change. Sami urges Roman to spend more time with Marlena in hopes that it’ll help her regain her memory and thus how much she loves Roman. Roman tries to get Sami to understand that John is Marlena’s husband and thus responsible for her care and it isn’t right for him to interfere. Sami unwillingly changes the subject by asking Roman for the use of his office computer under the guise of wedding plans. Roman at first turns her down even after Sami has an answer for every one of his suggestions for other computers she could use but then gives in when Sami complains that not being able to use the computer for wedding plans would delay the wedding and give Kate more time to try and stop it. Roman hands over the password. Roman questions Sami about her involvement with Tony and while Sami pretends to be offended at the question to avoid answering, Roman adds that Kate put the idea in his head. Sami uses placing the blame on Kate as a way to avoid answering Roman’s questioning and Roman drops the issue.

Lucas and Will continue to make small talk until Lucas’ phone rings. He is surprised to hear from the caller who is congratulating him and Sami on their upcoming wedding. Lucas invites the caller to the wedding. Lucas and Will walk over to Roman and Sami and Lucas interrupts them to inform Sami that the caller was Austin who agreed to come back to town for the wedding.

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