Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/30/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/30/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Victor and John stop by to reveal a surprise for Brady and Chloe. John and Victor announce that they’d like to subsidize Brady and Chloe’s wedding so that it can be the biggest bash and include everyone. Brady is all for the idea but Chloe voices her disapproval before running out of the room.


Alex returns to the cabin to find Marlena busy baking bread. She asks him to try a piece and even though his expression shows how horrible it tastes, his attempt to lie and claim it’s delicious making Marlena smile. Alex suggests that by Marlena choosing to bake, she could be getting her memory back. Marlena worries that Alex could be wrong. Alex suggests that they try something to be sure.


Bo ignores Chelsea’s screams to stop as he continues to beat up Patrick. Billie, Hope, and Max arrive and break up the fight. Max and Patrick argue about whom was the one trying to force themselves on Chelsea and Billie turns to Chelsea for the truth. Before Chelsea can say anything, Hope warns her to tell the real truth this time.

Alice’s Bar:

Mimi clears a table as part of her new waitress job. Mimi grows annoyed as Bonnie keeps checking up on her. Bonnie tries to get Mimi to notice Shawn as the new bartender but Mimi doesn’t realize it until he responds to her drink order. Shawn and Belle exchange looks as Philip, through the use of his prosthesis and a cane, makes his way to join Belle at the table.

Kate sits alone sipping a drink as she tries to figure out Nicole’s clue about Sami disguising herself as a man.

Sami paces the terrace glancing at her watch. Bart walks up, dressed as a priest. Sami exclaims “Oh God” and Bart warns her that God and all the prayers on the rosary won’t help her get out of this predicament.


Chelsea takes her sweatshirt from Billie and puts it on as she explains that Max was only treating her nicely until he went to get her sweatshirt because he spilled cider on her blouse. Patrick calls Chelsea on her earlier claim against Max. Chelsea insists that she never came out and said that Max attacked her. Patrick flashes back to their earlier conversation. Patrick confirms Chelsea’s claim and explains that he jumped to conclusions. Bo has to be held back as he accuses Patrick of still going after Chelsea. Hope pulls Chelsea over and after Chelsea keeps quiet when told to look Patrick in the eye and claim that he attacked her, Hope takes that as proof of Patrick’s innocence. Hope orders Chelsea to tell the truth.

Alice’s Bar:

Mimi follows Shawn’s gaze and turns to see Belle and Philip. Shawn fills Mimi’s drink order as he fills Mimi in on his talk with Belle at the hospital and how Belle seemed jealous of them. Shawn insists that he and Belle are over and Mimi promises that they’ll drink to that later before walking off to deliver the drink order.

Philip complains to Belle about how his prosthesis is uncomfortable but it’s worth it because it means he’s walking. Belle compliments Philip on his progress in physical therapy. Philip notices Kate and starts to make his way over to show her his new prosthesis. Philip stops and turns back when he sees that Belle is still standing there watching Shawn. Belle returns her attention back to Philip and dutifully follows him.

Sami makes sure no one is watching from inside before pushing Bart and putting on a nonchalant attitude, voicing her refusal to do Tony’s bidding. Bart reveals an envelope of photos of Sami’s transformation into Stan as he warns that Tony will send them to her loved ones if she doesn’t comply. Sami’s confidence wavers after flipping through the photos.


Victor apologizes for upsetting Chloe and Brady explains that Chloe is upset because she is nervous of how she’ll look in front of a crowd of people. Brady leaves to go check on Chloe.

Brady walks into the bedroom as Chloe is using the handheld mirror to peek beneath her bandage.

John is disappointed as he realizes that Alex has still not bothered to call his cell phone with a courtesy update on Marlena. John explains to Victor that Alex wanted Marlena to be secluded. John also shares his concerns about Alex’s credibility.


Marlena is gazing out the window as Alex comes back downstairs with her file of family and friend recollections. Though Alex shields her view of the file’s contents, Marlena takes offense when he relays that Belle and Sami refer to her a lousy cook. Alex claims her bread making skills could be a dormant talent but slams the file closed when Marlena tries to peek at it. Marlena questions Alex’s insistence that her file be kept confidential but Alex claims that if Marlena knew of her past from the recollection, it might supercede her own memories. Alex confirms that this is the reason he is keeping her secluded from her family. Marlena confides that she’d be fine even if she never saw her family again.


Chelsea confirms to everyone that neither Max nor Patrick tried to hurt her and she ripped her own blouse while trying to take it off after the cider was spilled on it. Hope tells Chelsea to apologize but Chelsea instead lashes out at Hope and Bo. Billie takes offense and tries to correct Chelsea but Chelsea doesn’t want to hear it. Chelsea yells at everyone to leave her alone before bursting into tears and running off. Billie holds up her hands to prevent anyone else from going after Chelsea and then runs after her. Hope pulls Bo into another clearing to talk privately leaving Patrick and Max to glare at each other.

Hope insists that Chelsea was enjoying being fought over but Bo doesn’t believe it. Hope warns Bo to not let Chelsea take advantage of him.


Chelsea looks heavenward as she cries and asks her mom and dad how they could leave her with these people, especially Billie. Billie walks up behind Chelsea and has to fight back the tears as she hears Chelsea proclaims that she hates Billie and wishes Billie would leave her alone.

Alice’s Bar:

Bonnie gossips to Mimi about how hot Shawn is as they watch him fix another drink.

Sami flips through the photos again and tries to beg Bart to help her but Bart insists that in order to keep the photos hidden, she must do exactly as Tony says. Bart whispers instructions in Sami’s ear.

Belle and Philip are now sitting at Kate’s table as Kate compliments Philip on his amazing progress in rehab. Philip decides that he wants to give the leg some use by going to say hi to Shawn and Belle decides to go with him. Kate thinks of someone who could help in her quest to bring down Sami and digs out her cell phone.

Sami immediately refuses to do what Bart has whispered in her ear, revealing that it includes breaking into Roman’s computer. Bart threatens Sami by pretending to slip up and call her Stan. Bart insists that they need Sami to get the codes from Roman’s terminal because the police station firewall is unbreakable. Sami finishes Bart’s reiteration of her choices and Bart asks for Sami’s final answer.


Brady yells at Chloe for continually taking off her bandage when Dr. Travis has warned that doing so could make it infected. Chloe explains that she fears that she’ll look like a freak and now there is too much pressure with John and Victor paying for it. Chloe surprises Brady with the suggestion to elope.

John mentions Alex’s full name to Victor and it sounds familiar to him. Victor’s phone rings and it is Kate inviting him to a drink at Alice’s and a chance to pick his brain for advice. Victor promises to be right there and hangs up. Victor warns John, who has decided to stick around and make sure Chloe is okay, to do something about his second thoughts in allowing Alex to treat Marlena as Victor leaves.


Marlena begins to wonder what is wrong with her for not caring about ever seeing her family again. Alex assures her that it’s because of the amnesia. Alex claims that while his job is to keep the lines of communication open between Marlena and her family, he also must respect Marlena’s wishes not to contact them. Marlena specifically requests that she not see John.


As John paces the cottage, he decides that Victor is right in that while Marlena may have amnesia, she is still his wife and pulls out his cell phone.

Alice’s Bar:

Belle walks up as Mimi is clearing another table. Belle asks to talk but Mimi claims she can’t because she must keep busy. Belle notes that Shawn is now working there too and Mimi replies that it’s nice to work with a friend but then quips that Belle wouldn’t know what that means and walks off.

Philip walks up to the bar and greets Shawn. Shawn is relieved when Philip only orders a glass of orange juice. Philip asks about how it is to work with Mimi and Shawn says they are having fun. Philip claims that both he and Belle are pushing for Shawn and Mimi to end up as more than just friends.

Victor arrives and joins Kate at her table. Kate tells Victor that she needs his Dimera organization contacts to find out what Sami and Tony are up to. Victor is surprised to hear that Kate is still after Sami when she only got burned because Sami beat her at her own game. Kate begs Victor for his help in seeing Sami destroyed.

Sami tears up the photos but the action doesn’t faze Bart because he points out that they have several copies. Sami continues to rip up the photos as she tells Bart to go to hell. Bart holds Sami’s hand to make her pay attention and insists that they need the codes from Roman’s computer as soon as possible. Sami shows her defiance by ripping the last photo in half.


Max blows out the last candle and confronts Patrick with the claim that Chelsea lied to protect Patrick’s desire for her. Patrick tries to brush him off but Max refuses to back down.

Bo maintains that Patrick is the enemy despite Hope’s defense of Patrick. Bo complains that Hope would rather side with Patrick than show compassion to her new found family member, Chelsea, and storms off.


Billie makes her presence known and Chelsea accuses her of only coming after her because she can’t stand the thought that Patrick likes her more. Billie denies it. Chelsea then accuses her of making up her promise to Mrs. Benson. Billie insists that it is true so Chelsea then accuses Billie of using her to get to both Patrick and Bo. Bo walks up and Chelsea tells him that they were talking about how Billie is using her to get back with Bo, which Billie quickly denies. Hope walks up and Chelsea insists that Billie’s only obstacle to getting Bo is Hope. A single tear falls down Billie’s cheek as Chelsea calls her pathetic.


Marlena turns to head back into the kitchen but Alex stops her to insist that she not ignore John. Marlena points out that she doesn’t know John and can’t stand the thought of sharing a bed with him. Alex points out that Marlena’s feelings may change once she having memories of him. Marlena can’t imagine that her life in Salem was so great because once she came to the cabin, she felt calm and now fears that she won’t be able to find herself again. Marlena’s cell phone rings and once she sees that it is John calling, she hands the phone to Alex because she refuses to talk to John. Alex answers the phone and when John asks to speak to Marlena, Alex claims that Marlena went for a walk. Alex claims that there is static on the line when John asks for a progress report and hangs up as she claims to Marlena that they lost the call. Alex insists that Marlena must call John back because otherwise he’ll show up at the cabin and that would jeopardize the treatment.


Brady agrees to elope if that is what will make Chloe comfortable. Brady jokes about going to Vegas and dressing up like Elvis. Chloe decides that the idea of eloping is crazy and they should get married at St. Luke’s as planned.

John realizes that Alex was lying about Marlena taking a walk and dials his phone again as he starts to get a bad feeling about the situation.

Chloe is touched by Brady’s willingness to put his dream of walking down the aisle with her in a big wedding aside and they hug.

John tells his pilot, via his cell phone, to gas up the plane and prepare for the trip to Green Mountain Lodge to pick up Marlena. John ends the call with his pilot when Marlena’s call comes in. John’s relief at hearing her voice puts off Marlena. John suggests coming up to see Marlena but she tells him not to. Marlena claims that John’s visit would hinder her progress. John tells Marlena that he understands and Marlena quickly ends the call before John has a chance to tell her he loves her.


Marlena relays to Alex that John had been planning to come up. Alex asks if Marlena wanted John to come and Marlena quickly replies that all she needs is Alex.

Alice’s Bar:

Belle joins Philip and Shawn at the bar and orders a bottle of sparkling water. Philip asks her about Mimi but Belle claims she doesn’t understand why Mimi doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. Philip leans in close to Belle as he gets Shawn to agree to talk to Mimi on Belle’s behalf.

Bonnie walks up to Mimi to point out that Shawn is talking to Belle but Mimi insists that Belle is no competition. Mimi groans and walks away after Bonnie makes a sexual reference about Mimi and Shawn.

Victor promises Kate that he’ll do his best and then says goodbye to her once he notices Philip across the room. Kate is confident that Sami is going down.


Bart hands Sami the scraps of torn photos and makes Sami work to grab them out of his hand. Bart tells Sami to get what they need along with a few priestly references and walks away. Sami peeks through the windows again to make sure no one was watching and then decides to use the candle on the outdoor table to burn the photos. Kate pulls back the curtains to watch Sami as she burns her first photo.


Patrick again tries to brush Max off but Max won’t back down. Patrick decides to go ahead with the fight.


Bo tries to calm Chelsea down but Chelsea advises Bo to dump both Hope and Billie. Billie forcibly turns Chelsea to face her and orders her to stop alienating everyone who loves her. Chelsea scoffs at the idea that they love her and Billie gets a confirming nod from Bo before revealing to Chelsea that she is their daughter. Chelsea doesn’t want to believe it and slaps Billie in anger.

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