Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/29/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/29/05


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Outside Alice's, Nicole goes to use a payphone. She is disgusted by something sticky on the phone and complains about having to use it. She curses Victor for not letting her take her clothes, which she could have sold to live off for awhile. She rummages in her purse for a quarter and is happy to find one. She wipes off the phone and uses it to phone Sami. As she dials, she says to herself that Sami better help her or she will blow up her whole future with Lucas. Kate lurks nearby, listening.

Sami arrives home and checks her Palm pilot about wedding details. She goes through them, checking what she has done, which includes the engagement ring, which she admires. She seems to be in a good mood, but then she frets about Tony threatening her. She talks to herself about her situation with Tony. She gets a call from a pay phone. She thinks it's Will, so she answers. Nicole tells Sami that she needs to help her get Brady back, or else Nicole will tell everyone that she is Stan. Sami argues with her. Lucas walks in just as Sami is saying that Nicole can't do that, or she will lose Lucas. He wonders how she could have gotten herself into trouble again so quickly. Lucas demands to know what happened. Sami lies that she used his family name to get their blood tests done quicker, and one of the nurses got upset about it. Lucas is relieved that's all it was. Lucas declares that they will have no more lies or secrets. They are kissing when Will returns from camp with his bags. They are overjoyed to see him. Sami hugs him and peppers him with questions. They catch up about camp and laugh a lot. Lucas and Sami hug, too. When Lucas offers to move his bags to his place, Will asks if he can move back in with Sami. She is happy to have him but says that Lucas will be moving in, too, after the wedding. Will is glad they haven't changed; he hugs Sami. Sami is happy to have Lucas and Will back together and comments on how they will be a real family forever. She kisses them both, and they're all smiling. Later, Sami and Will are looking over the wedding plans. Will jokingly asks Sami if he can go to the bachelor party, but then he seriously asks her if he can bring a date to the wedding. She is shocked and starts asking him questions about a new girl he must have met. He tells her to relax, that he was just joking to see what she would say. She apologizes to him for making him wait so long for his parents to reunite. She promises not to let anything come between them this time. Will is sorry that he was so angry at her for how mad he got after the last time. He knows it wasn't fair and tells her that he's proud to be his son. Sami beams and thanks him, then she hugs him tearfully. They talk about the wedding and how everyone will be crying at the wedding. She says some people will not be happy for them, like Kate. Sami tells him that the wedding will have a country-western theme. He asks about Kate. Will says that he used to think Sami was selfish and didn't care about other people. He was angry when she left town. She grabs him by the shoulders and assures him that she would never willingly leave him. He goes on to say that he knew she would come back eventually, but he worried that she would be plotting revenge or something. He admits he was wrong and that Sami was a hero for saving Lucas's life. Sami looks worried, so he wonders why. She says she's just distracted about the wedding.

Nicole gets irate that Sami hung up on her; she curses Sami, Victor, and everyone else who has ever done her dirt. She can tell someone is lurking in the shadows, so she yells at them to come out. Kate emerges. She knows that Nicole was talking to Sami, so she gives her a quarter to call her back. Nicole is reluctant to take anything from Kate; she compares her to the devil tempting Adam and Eve, then she hisses at her like a snake. Kate tells Nicole that she is going to tell her everything that Sami is up to. Nicole raises her eyebrows in surprise at that. Nicole wonders why she should help her. Kate says imperiously that it's their duty to take down Sami. Nicole reminds her that she's too busy worrying about how to eat and asks Kate if she has any bottles she can take to the recycling center (to get money). Kate lectures her to stop feeling sorry for herself. Nicole tries to walk away, but Kate grabs her arm and reminds her that she just gave her a pile of cash, so she has to help her. Nicole tells her that it takes a lot of money to get through one week in Salem. Kate promises to give her more money if she gets her information. Nicole asks if she followed up on what she already told her, so Kate replies that she did talk to Tony but got nothing. Nicole is surprised to hear this. Kate says that Tony only mentioned Sami and a disguise. Nicole says that's it and tries to walk away again. Kate stops her and asks her to explain. Nicole asks Kate to think about Sami and a disguise. Kate remembers running into Sami in her lawyer disguise outside Tony's room. She wonders what good that is. Nicole tells Kate that Sami was wearing a major disguise to look like a completely different person for months. She figures that Kate must have run across her when she was this other person. Kate is shocked to hear that Sami was pretending to be someone she knows. Nicole says Kate is going to have to figure out who it was. Kate wants more information than that. Nicole tells Kate that she saw Sami a few times in this disguise, but she had no inkling at all that it was Sami. Kate is surprised to hear that. Nicole tells her it was a "classic" and asks her if she saw the movie "Victor/Victoria" and reminds her about the part. Kate realizes that Sami was disguised as a man, but she still wants more details. Nicole thinks Kate would recognize him but won't tell her anything further. Nicole is worried that she has too much to lose, so Kate points out that she must be nuts because she has already lost everything. Nicole says Sami has promised to help her get Brady back. She worries that he will find out what she's done and will think her inhuman and unforgivable. Kate tells her gently that she's not getting Brady back because he's in love with Chloe. Nicole yells at her to shut up, but Kate keeps on telling her that she needs to start over. She works on Nicole, promising to give her money and help her to start a new life someone else. Nicole seems torn, but Kate's phone rings. She has to take it because it's an important business deal. Kate tells Nicole to think about her offer, but not too long. Nicole says that she doesn't want to give up on Brady because she loves him so much. She vows to make Sami keep her promise as she stalks off.

Bo and Billie return to Patrick's house, discouraged because they couldn't find Chelsea, Max, or Patrick. Hope urges Bo to calm down. They argue again about Patrick working for the DiMera's. Billie says that maybe she was wrong and that she does trust Patrick. Bo accuses her of just thinking that because she's sleeping with him. Hope reminds him that she trusts him, too, and she isn't sleeping with him. Bo wants to phone to put an APB out on Patrick, but Hope stops him. She warns him that this is no way to handle his new daughter. Billie agrees and points out that if Bo wants to attack someone Chelsea admires, she will push them away. Bo looks perturbed. Hope gets some of the police to keep an eye out for Chelsea in a non-official capacity. They will bring her in if they find her. Hope is confident that Patrick will find her. Bo, annoyed, goes out to get air. Billie goes to phone Abby to see if she's seen Chelsea. She explains to Hope that she wants to keep the main phone line free. Hope watches Bo through the living room window. He takes out Georgia's death certificate. Hope comes out and hugs him, assuring him that everything will be okay. Bo berates himself for not finding Chelsea earlier, since she grew up right there in Salem. Hope tells him that he shouldn't feel guilty because he didn't even know. He shows her the death certificate, which surprises her. He explains that the coroner's office made him a death certificate to give to Billie, so he made a photo copy that he keeps in his wallet. He adds that it was all he had left of his daughter. He keeps putting himself down for not investigating further and finding Chelsea. Hope reminds him that Chelsea had good parents to take care of her. This doesn't help make Bo feel better. Billie comes out and adds her voice to Hope's. She urges Bo to look to the future. She points out that Chelsea is still a teenager, so she will need her, especially when she finds out that she is not an orphan. She is determined that they will give her loving homes, which will make a difference in her life. Hope thinks they should be careful not to get their hopes up that Chelsea will be easy-going about this. She knows Chelsea could fight them both. Billie is optimistic and tells Hope that very passionately. Hope reminds her that Chelsea hasn't acted like someone who would want a new mom or dad and that Chelsea doesn't have a great relationship with any of them. Billie knows they will find a way to make it work; Hope agrees to help out. Hope asks Bo if he understands what she's trying to warn them about. Bo tells Hope that they've been getting used to the idea that Chelsea is their daughter, so he and Billie are in a different place emotional than Hope is. Hope adds that Chelsea seems tough, but she is very fragile. Billie thinks that Chelsea is just like her. Bo agrees with Hope that it won't be easy and that they don't know how it will turn out. He just adds to Billie that they will be there for their daughter to support her, no matter what.

Nicole phones to talk to Sami, but Lucas answers, so she pretends to be the florist for their wedding. Nicole threatens Sami again over the phone. Lucas can tell that Sami is upset, so he offers to talk to the florist for her. Sami waves him off as Nicole keeps threatening her. Sami takes the phone aside and threatens Nicole back that she will go to jail, too, for helping her, if she spills the beans. Nicole reminds her that she kept her end of the bargain, so Sami has to keep hers. Kate has been listening in again, so Nicole tells her that she and Sami are at a stalemate. Kate presses her again to take her off, but Nicole can't tell her more. She urges Kate to take the pieces she has and fit them together.

Sami offers iced tea and popcorn to Will and Lucas, who are going to watch a game on TV. In the kitchen, she gets another phone call, so she yells into the phone, thinking it's Nicole again. It's Bart, who babbles a little, as Bart tends to do. Sami wants to know what he wants. Bart reminds her about Tony's threat to help him out of prison or have her secret exposed. Will and Lucas keep watching the game.

Patrick sees the romantic camp site that Max has set up for himself and Chelsea. Max and Chelsea are intent on making love. Patrick debates how he should rescue Chelsea without getting her angry or embarrassing her. He talks to himself about how the poor girl is going to be upset to learn that Bo and Billie are her real parents. He hears Chelsea let out a cry, so he runs in anyway without thinking.

Max apologizes to Chelsea for spilling cider on her. She tells him that it is okay and that she screamed because she thought she saw a big spider. He urges her to take her shirt off so that it will dry and suggests that she use the blanket to cover herself. She looks hesitant, so he suggests taking her home instead. She cozies up to him and says that they should just lie on the blanket under the stars. Now he thinks they should wait. She thinks it will be more romantic if they just hold each other all night, but he thinks it will be too difficult to control themselves all night in that case. She dares him to do it, but asks him to run back to the house to get her a sweatshirt. He is reluctant, but she talks him into it. Chelsea takes off her shirt; she is wearing a slip-like thing underneath. She starts to cry (either because of her blouse or because they were interrupted). Patrick runs up, seeing her crying, and wants to know if Max did something to her. Chelsea uses the opportunity. She jumps into Patrick's arms. Patrick asks what happened. Chelsea doesn't go into details but pretends to be too upset to talk. Patrick believes that Max did something terrible to her. Chelsea then tells him what happened but twists the truth so that it sounds like Max tried to rape her. Patrick gets angry and wants to know where he is, thinking that Max used her and then just left. Chelsea asks him not to leave as she throws herself into his arms again.

Bo asks Billie if Abby had any news, so Billie tells him and Hope that Abby confessed that Chelsea is with Max. Max walks up and hears them mention his name. Billie demands to know where Chelsea is, so Max tells them that she's down at the beach. He wonders what all the fuss is about. Billie yells at him for leaving Chelsea alone, so Max explains what happened and why he's there. Bo asks if they're on a date, so Max answers that they are. Bo asks if he's seen Patrick, but Max, confused, says he hasn't. Bo informs him that their date is over. Max wonders why, so Billie tells him that they need to talk to Chelsea right now. Bo worries that Patrick is with Chelsea and starts to get angry that Patrick might be "all over her" again. Hope tries to get him to calm down, but he rushes off.

Later, Chelsea gets nervous and tries to take back what she said, but Patrick is too angry about Max to listen. He wants to take her to the emergency room, but she declines. He tells her that Billie wants to talk to her, but that's the last person she wants to hear. She mentions that Max is coming back, so he wonders if she's trying to make Max jealous by playing up to him. She denies that. Patrick looks like he might not believe her. He tries to drag Chelsea back to the house to talk to Billie, but she doesn't want to go and resists. Max leads Bo and the rest to the campsite.  They hear Chelsea scream.  Bo runs up and tells Patrick to get his hands off her, and then he punches Patrick.

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