Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/19/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/19/05


By Hilary
Proofread by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn and Mimi are kissing when they stop and don't go any further. Mimi says they should not go there. Mimi says that she is confused now, and Shawn tells her that they both are. Mimi talks about how she misses Rex so much and that she knows Shawn still loves Belle. Shawn and Mimi wonder if they will ever be able to move on with their lives. Mimi says that Rex was the best thing to happen to her and that she not only lost Rex that day ,she also lost Belle, her best friend. Shawn says that she will be able to forgive Belle one day, but Mimi doesn't think so. She says she lost two people she could really count on.  Shawn says now she can count on him. Mimi says thanks and how she can't believe that she, Shawn, Belle, and Philip were friends all through high school. Mimi then talks about Belle; she knows she shouldn't bring her up, but she is the reason that she and Shawn are friends now. Shawn asks Mimi what she is talking about. She says she has a confession, that in High School she had a crush on him.  He says it wasn't a big secret.  He asks if he he never thought twice about her.  He says she's a beautiful girl. Shawn then talks about how he always thought that he was going to end up with Belle, and it would be easier to accept it if their break up was mutual.  He states that he may never be able to love anyone the way he loved Belle. Shawn says he doesn't want to lead Mimi on, but he doesn't think that he could love anyone that way again or let himself be that vulnerable again. Mimi says she understands as she won't be able to get over Rex for a long time.  Mimi says there is a hole in her heart, and she doesn't think anyone can fill it. Shawn says it sucks what they are going through, but it's good that they are going through it together. Mimi says she is happy to have Shawn because she doesn't know what she would do if she lost him, too. They hug and Mimi begins to cry. Shawn and Mimi start to talk about Belle again. Mimi says that Belle shouldn't have just married Philip, she should have waited for Shawn.  She complains about how Belle always needs someone to be there and hold her hand. Then they hear Belle and Philip making love.  Mimi asks if the walls could be any thinner and tells Shawn that she is very sorry about this. Mimi tells Shawn that he is not alone and that he has her.

Billie and Patrick storm into Chelsea's room and they tell Max to get off her. Billie asks Chelsea and Max what they think that they are doing. Chelsea says they are making love.  Billie begs them to tell her that they didn't do it. To her relief, Max says they didn't. Chelsea tells Billie that she hates her and to get out of her room as she doesn't want anything to do with her.  However, Billie won't leave. Chelsea says Billie is not her mother, but Billie says she promised her mother she would look after her. Chelsea says she is off the hook; she doesn't have to look after her as she doesn't a need a surrogate mother.  Patrick says that this is all Max's fault, but Max says that they consenting adults. Chelsea tells Billie she should have never moved her. Chelsea also asks Billie if this is about Georgia and trying to make up for the loss.  Chelsea tells Billie it's a good thing that Billie lost Georgia as it is the best thing that ever happened to her.  Chelsea says that she will never have a chance to ruin Georgia's life as she has now ruined hers. Chelsea yells that if Billie wants to help her daughter, she should stop looking for her.  Billie gets sad and walks off;  Patrick tells Max to get dressed and to get out, and then he follows Billie.

Chelsea says that at least she made Patrick jealous. Max tells her to wake up as Patrick only wants Billie. Max tells her that the Bradys are a family of true love. Chelsea doesn't think so, since Kate and roman are splitting up, and Bo is always going with Billie and leaving Hope in the dust. Max tells Chelsea that she should lighten and listen to Billie. He also tells her that she should be thankful that a person like Billie offered to help her. Chelsea says Billie is just taking care of her and finding her a place to live so she can get to Patrick. She says she will stop Billie. Max asks her how, but Chelsea only replies that she will think of something. Chelsea tries to get Max to make love to her again, but he stops and says they should not do this. She asks if it is because of what Billie and Patrick said. Max replies that it is not only them, but Frankie is right about falling in love from making love. Max also tells Chelsea that he likes her and wants this to be special. Chelsea tells him to forget it; she would have slept with him, but when it comes to love, she only wants Patrick. Max tells Chelsea that she is making a big mistake.

Patrick rushes out to comfort Billie. Patrick says Chelsea is just really mad and embarrassed, and not to take what she said seriously. Billie says that Patrick is right, that Chelsea is just a teenager who is upset about her parent's death. Billie says she doesn't even know Chelsea, but it still feels like she has twisted a knife in her heart. Billie says that Chelsea isn't much to her, she is just a girl who Billie is helping out. Patrick says that one thing Chelsea told them made sense-- that Billie is trying to replace Georgia with Chelsea. Billie says no, how could she, when Georgia keeps on pushing her away? Patrick points out that Billie just called Chelsea "Georgia". Billie then wonders if Chelsea is right-- what if she really is a horrible mother? She wonders how she could have been so wrong about thinking that Georgia was dead all these years when she was actually living in Salem safe and sound. Billie thinks that she should have had a feeling. She then wonders if Chelsea is right about another thing-- what is she really did ruin her daughter's life? Billie then starts to cry again. Patrick starts to comfort her, but then he says there may be a reason she is feeling this attached to Chelsea.  He tells her that maybe she should sit down. Billie says no and tells Patrick to spit it out. Patrick suggests to Billie that Chelsea could be Georgia.

Brady is thrilled to see that Victor is alive, but Nicole isn't. Victor tells Brady that Tony DiMera wanted him dead, and he knows someone else who did, too. He tells Nicole that he has waited a long time to see his beautiful wife again. Victor tells Brady that Nicole is a killer, and he also tells him that he has evidence in his safe to prove all this. Brady asks where the evidence is now. Nicole tells him that Jan Spears stole it. Victor tells him that Jan was her partner in crime. Brady remembers the night that Victor had died and that Nicole handcuffed herself to him for the alibi. Victor says that Jan tried to electrocute him in the tub. He says Jan confessed to all this to him, and that it was Nicole's idea-- she put Jan up to it. Brady asks Nicole what is wrong with her. He says he thought when she hid that Chloe was alive from him, that was the worst thing she had done, but this has to take the cake. Brady and Victor agree that this is the end for her. Victor says that he has waited a long time for this and begins to choke Nicole.  Brady finally manages to stop him, and then Victor says that Nicole belongs in jail.  Nicole swears to Brady that she did not put Jan up to do any of this. Brady asks Nicole if she tried to kill Victor because she wanted to be with him. Nicole denies this. Nicole also says Victor is no saint. Brady apologizes to Victor and tells him that he never would have slept with Nicole if he knew that he was alive.  However, Victor tells Brady that he does not blame him and that he knew that Nicole would try to seduce him. Nicole asks Victor if they can just call it even because she may have hated Victor, but she really did love Brady. Victor says she only loved what she could get out of Brady. Brady then tells Victor about how Nicole was trying to transfer 20 million dollars into her account. Brady says they are lucky the bank called and they could catch her before she got away with it. Nicole says she deserves something for all he put her through. Victor says she should just get out of his house before he shoots her. Nicole wants to pack her clothes, put Victor says she should leave with only the clothes she has on. She says she has no money and asks where she will live.  Victor tells her he doesn't give a damn. When Nicole leaves, he slams the door in her face. Brady goes outside and tells her she deserves what she is getting because she lied to him and that he never wants to see her again. Victor says he is very proud of him, and Brady once again says he is sorry.  Victor says it was Nicole's fault. Back outside, Nicole says It's not over and that she will get Victor and everyone else.

Marlena and Alex share a romantic dinner. Marlena compliments him on what he made for her and tells him that these are all her favorite foods.  She says that she has not eaten them in years. Then she wonders how she remembers that and if the therapy is working.  He asks her what she remembers. She says she only recalls the food. She calls him "Dr. North", but he tells her to call him "Alex". She asks him how he made this soup for her. Alex has a flashback of being with Marlena and eating dinner with her. Marlena asks him if they have a past, or if they share a history? He says he simply looked into her history, asked all her friends about things, and found out as much as he could about her. Marlena tells him about how happy she feels.  She says that if she has ever felt this way before,, it must have been because she was loved and she was secure. Alex tells her he is sure she was. Marlena tells Alex that he makes her feel at ease unlike John, Roman, and everything else. He says he only brought her here so she would not have to feel that way. He takes Marlena's hand, and it's cold, so he decides to light a fire. Alex calls her "Doc" and she tells him that Roman and John call her that.  He tells her that he knows; he used that so he could break barriers between them. Marlena starts to have a memory about drinking wine with him. Marlena tells Alex that she remembers something. He says that she looks a little chilly and suggests they stand by the fire. Marlena says she has memory of them like this, and wonders if that isn't impossible. He tells her that she is projecting real memories onto him, and he assures her that it's normal. Alex tells her to just let these memories come back and not to fight them. Marlena sees herself and Dr. North making love.  This makes her upset, so she leaves.

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