Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/11/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/11/05


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Chloe flips through a bridal magazine when Brady walks up. Brady asks if she’s found a dress yet and asks to see the pictures of the ones she’s chosen. After some prodding, Chloe shows Brady one of the dresses she likes. Brady agrees that it’s beautiful and tosses the magazine aside as he hugs her and exclaims that seeing Chloe in the gown will make it even more beautiful. Chloe imagines happily walking through the romantically decorated cottage in her wedding dress until she sees in the mirror that her scars have returned. Chloe gasps and pulls back from Brady’s arms. Brady is shocked that Chloe suddenly wants to cancel the wedding and Chloe exclaims that they can’t have a wedding where everything is beautiful except the bride.

Deveraux home:

Frankie sits alone at the table on the deck sipping a beer. Frankie flashes back to Jack asking him to keep Patrick away from Jennifer. Max comes rushing up touting the score to the baseball game on TV and asks Frankie to come watch with him. Frankie tells Max to go on and watch without him. Max accuses Frankie of choosing to stay outside because he’d rather sit there and daydream about Jennifer.

Jack comes downstairs and sits in the living room going over insurance documents. Jennifer comes downstairs with a basket of laundry and announces that Jack Patrick is finally asleep. Jennifer inquires as to what Jack is doing and becomes worried when she realizes that he is pouring over his life insurance policy.

Java Café:

Abby and Chelsea walk in and sit at a table. Chelsea grins as Abby asks why they are there. Chelsea admits that she found Abby a guy whose already admitted to liking Abby. Abby turns to look at the guy behind the counter and is happy with Chelsea’s pick. Chelsea has Abby go over and talk to Josh as well as buy her a soy latte. Kate takes her coffee to a separate table. While Abby is at the counter, Chelsea walks up to Kate and tells her that she looks like she could use a friend.

Sami’s apartment:

Lucas finishes getting dressed in the living room as Sami comes out of the bedroom. They kiss. Lucas pulls back because Sami has asked for another sundae that he must now go out and get. Sami agrees that she does but complains that she doesn’t want Lucas to leave. Sami chooses her ice cream craving and sends Lucas out for the sundae. Sami puts on her stereo and dances around to Martina McBride. Sami then grabs her wedding dress out of the closet and continues to dance around. Sami turns and notices that her front door is slightly open so she walks over to close it. Nicole sticks her foot in the opening to keep the door from closing and Sami throws open the door to see that it is Nicole. Both don’t look happy to see each other.

Java café:

Abby is annoyed when who she thinks is Josh asks about Chelsea instead of her.

Chelsea sits down at Kate’s table and asks what is wrong. Kate, having no patience, demands to know what Chelsea wants. Chelsea proclaims that she wants a job.

Abby tells “Josh” that her friend’s name is Chelsea and is surprised when “Josh” admits to having never met Chelsea. Abby becomes even more annoyed when “Josh,” asks for Chelsea’s cell phone number.

Kate tells Chelsea that Billie was right about her not being shy. Kate asks why she should give Chelsea a job and Chelsea claims that reading a lot of fashion magazines make her knowledgeable about fashion. Chelsea then tells Kate that Basic Black needs someone who has insight into what young people want in fashion, especially since what Basic Black is currently putting out is too much “then” and not enough “now.” Kate tells Chelsea that she is a rude young woman who won’t get anywhere with that attitude. Chelsea doesn’t understand what she did wrong. Kate points out that Chelsea has done nothing but insult her upon sitting down uninvited.

Abby is surprised that this guy doesn’t know Chelsea and asks if he is Josh as he hands her her two cups of coffee. Josh walks up behind Abby and introduces himself just as Abby accidentally spills some of the coffee on him. Abby apologizes.

Chelsea insists that she isn’t rude; she only says what’s on her mind. Chelsea rudely asks if Kate is going to give her a job or not and Kate chuckles as she replies, “not.” Kate looks up as Lucas walks in and stands up to make eye contact with him. Lucas only shakes his head in disgust.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami wants to know why Nicole is here but Nicole insists that Sami already knows why. Sami shuts the door in Nicole’s face but Nicole pushes it back open again and lets herself in. Sami turns off the music and urges Nicole to leave. Nicole refuses to leave, insisting that Sami help her get Brady back as part of their deal. Sami tells Nicole to keep dreaming and Nicole plops down on the couch and gets comfortable. Sami becomes frantic and demands to know what is going on. Nicole proclaims that she is going to sit there until Sami gets Brady back for her.


Brady tries to convince Chloe that their wedding is going to be the happiest day of their lives. Chloe claims that she isn’t acting this way because she is wrapped up in herself but because she’s worried about Brady.

Deveraux home:

Max picks up a beer and joins Frankie at the table. Frankie admits that he was thinking about Jennifer and Jack because they’ve been so good to them. Max asks why Frankie came back to Salem and Frankie claims that it was mostly because of work and to see family. Max wants Frankie to admit that he came back to see Jennifer.

Jack claims that he’s only making sure that since they were away so long and missed a few bills that no policies have lapsed. Jennifer unfolds the policy for Jack’s life insurance and confirms that it is paid in full. Jennifer tells Jack about how she couldn’t bring herself to cash in the policy back when she thought he had died and is glad that now she doesn’t have to deal with paying it back. Jennifer decides to put aside the laundry for later in order to spend some quality time with Jack. Jack likes that idea and agrees that he’ll join that quality time just as soon as he’s done going through the papers. Jennifer tries to convince Jack to put aside the papers as they kiss and insists that he has all the time in the world to go through them. Jack blurts out that he doesn’t have the time.

Java Café:

Abby apologizes again and Josh jokes about having their lawyers call each other. Abby secretly delights in Josh’s offer to redo her coffee order. Abby rushes back over to Chelsea, who has now returned to her original table to share how meeting Josh went but all Chelsea wants to do is complain about Kate. Abby tells Chelsea about how Kate is upset because of the fall out with Lucas. Chelsea decides to sit back and enjoy the fireworks between Kate and Lucas.

Lucas has Josh prepare a sundae for him. Kate walks up behind Lucas and asks to talk. Lucas tells Kate to make it quick because he has to get back to his fiancé. Kate points out that she is still Lucas’ mother but Lucas corrects her by saying that to him Kate is only the woman who gave birth to him for a mother doesn’t lie and conspire against her children. Kate asks to be given a chance to explain the reasoning for her actions but Lucas claims that it’s because Kate is a despicable person. Lucas tells Kate to take a look at herself in the mirror because she won’t like who she sees. Kate warns Lucas not to say anything he’ll regret but Lucas claims he hasn’t said anything like that yet. Kate asks that they have a real talk and Lucas insists on going first. Kate assures him that she is listening and Lucas says he only has one thing to say to her and that is goodbye.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami slams down her wedding dress on the table and pulls Nicole up off the couch. Nicole frees herself from Sami’s grasp and plops back down on the couch. Sami yells at Nicole to get out but Nicole refuses to leave until she gets Brady back. Sami refuses to help which annoys Nicole. Sami uses the fact that Lucas will become suspicious if he comes home and catches Nicole there as reason for Nicole to leave. Nicole insists that Sami help her get Brady but Sami claims that there is nothing she can do. Nicole points out that Sami has some in with Brady because she is his sister but Sami points out that Brady hates her. Nicole uses that to claim that she and Brady are a match made in heaven then. Sami points out to Nicole that she knew from the beginning that if Chloe were around, Brady would go back to her. Nicole becomes upset and Sami apologizes. Sami warns that Nicole should worry more about Roman finding Victor and Caroline because if he does find them, then Nicole loses the money. Nicole claims that she’d drop the money if it meant she could be with Brady. Sami advises Nicole to gather all Victor’s money, stash it in an off shore account and leave Salem before Victor and Brady can find out she knew about Chloe or she will wind up in jail. Nicole takes the comment as a threat from Sami and decides to head off to tell Lucas the entire truth right now. Sami grabs Nicole’s arm to stop her but Nicole stops to take her lipstick and write, “Sami is Stan” on the mirror.


Brady urges Chloe to stop worrying about him. Chloe questions whether Brady is sticking with her because he is blind. Brady insists that his eyes are wide open. Chloe is grateful that Brady can see past her scars but complains that all the other people will only see scars. Brady doesn’t care what others think but Chloe insists that he should because of his high profile job. Chloe feels that marrying her would be like committing career suicide and therefore she refuses to let him do it. Chloe walks off, leaving Brady completely confused and frustrated.

Deveraux home:

Frankie denies having come back for Jennifer but Max doesn’t buy it. Frankie uses his time with Eve toward his case but Max accuses him of wishing it was Jennifer going away with him instead. Frankie admits that he does have some regrets and that he does think about what it would have been like if he had stayed in Jennifer. Max urges Frankie to not let Jennifer get away and kick Jack out of the way. Frankie interrupts to insist that he likes Jack. Frankie changes the subject by bringing up Chelsea and trying to convince Max that Chelsea isn’t a racetrack groupie that he can use and discard. Max is angry that Patrick talked to Frankie about him and Chelsea. Frankie advises Max to act like a Brady and uphold the family name in his actions. Frankie claims that Chelsea is only acting like this because she’s trying to impress Max. Max jokes about how Frankie seems to know so much about women. Frankie claims that Jennifer was a lot like Chelsea at that age and both aren’t bad girls, just in a hurry to grow up. Frankie suggests that Max get to know Chelsea first by taking her out on a date. Max asks if Frankie wants him and Chelsea to do the things that he and Jennifer used to do.

Jack apologizes for yelling at Jennifer and claims that he was getting their affairs in order behind her back so as not to worry her. Jennifer grabs Jack’s arm to stop him from fiddling with the papers and asks if they have something to worry about. Jack claims that while they have nothing to worry about right now, he wants to make sure that he has prepared for his family should something ever happen like his time on the island again. Jennifer hugs Jack as she tells him that they are counting on him to do that for them in person. Jack admits that he is worried about more than Tony. Jennifer looks at Jack with worry as Jack rambles about not knowing what will happen in life and how good it is to be prepared. Jennifer demands to know why Jack is going through the insurance papers and asks if there is something wrong with him.

Java café:

Chelsea complains that she can’t tell what is going on between Lucas and Kate. Abby believes they shouldn’t be watching because it isn’t any of their business and would rather talk about Josh. Abby is irked when Chelsea’s only concern upon hearing that she spilled coffee on Josh was that he was bringing them new ones. Josh walks up as Chelsea is rambling about how Josh is a geek because he’s a math whiz and likes comic books. Josh angrily slams the coffee cups down on the table and walks off.

Lucas repeats his warning to Kate about taking Will away. Kate admits that she made a mistake but thinks that she has suffered enough, using Roman leaving her as an example. Lucas sides with Roman’s decision which Kate considers harsh. Lucas points out that Kate was harsh with Sami. Lucas doesn’t believe Kate’s claim that she really tried to reach out to Sami and get along. Kate claims that while Sami may be attractive, she is a bitch through and through. Lucas claims the only bitch he sees is Kate and grabs his sundae before storming out.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami quickly grabs the window cleanser and rushes to clean the lipstick message off the mirror. Sami insists that she won’t tell anyone what Nicole did to Chloe. Nicole claims that Sami has done much worse than her and refers to her a traitor to her country. Sami doesn’t understand what Nicole is talking about and Nicole pulls out her lipstick again. Sami struggles with Nicole to get the lipstick from her. Nicole taunts Sami by calling her Stan and Sami tells her not to say that name anymore. Nicole tells Sami to worry about when Victor comes back and learns about her time as Stan. Thunder is heard outside so Sami looks out the window and spots Lucas returning home. Sami urges Nicole to get out before Lucas comes back but Nicole wants Sami to agree to help her get Brady back before she leaves.


Chloe apologizes and insists that other people will cringe upon seeing her face. Brady declares that if this is really about his career, then he’ll fix it. Brady goes to the desk and writes down a few words on paper. Chloe inquires as to what he is doing and he hands her the paper. Chloe reads it and refuses to let Brady follow through with what the paper says. Brady insists that it’s his decision to make.

Deveraux home:

Frankie insists that what he and Jennifer had is over but Max calls Frankie on the fact that he still loves Jennifer. Frankie insists that it doesn’t matter because Jennifer is happily married. Max compliments Frankie on being honorable and agrees to Frankie’s request to be honorable enough to stay out of Patrick and Billie’s hair since Chelsea is staying with them. Frankie admits that he has a feeling that Patrick is trouble and Max accuses Frankie of coming back to Salem to protect Jennifer and her family from Patrick.

Jack calls himself a fool and stacks everything back into the locked box as he tells Jennifer she is right about putting off going over the insurance papers. Jack uses the remote to start “Stand By Me” playing on the stereo and asks Jennifer to dance. Jennifer happily grants his request.


Chloe reveals that the letter is a letter of resignation and refuses to let Brady sacrifice this on top of everything else he’s sacrificed for her. Brady is using his willingness to resign from Titan as proof that he’d do anything for Chloe. Chloe can’t believe that he’d be willing to resign when becoming CEO of Titan was such an honor to Brady. Brady considers it only a job and promises that if Dr. Travis can’t fix Chloe’s scars, then they will move away from civilization because it only matters that they are together. Chloe feels better and kisses Brady, now happy about planning their wedding.

Deveraux home:

Frankie laughs off the notion of protecting Jennifer and his family. Max concedes the argument and heads back to the garage apartment to watch the game. Frankie hears the music and looks through the window at Jack and Jennifer dancing.

Jack asks Jennifer if he’s heard this song somewhere before. Jennifer tells him about how this is one of her and Frankie’s songs and suggests that they change the song. Jack tells her not to because Frankie wouldn’t mind her sharing it with him.

Frankie listens to the song from outside the window and imagines being the one dancing with Jennifer and then dipping her for a kiss just as he watches Jack do the same.

Java café:

Abby is angry with Chelsea for possibly ruining her chances with Josh. Chelsea promises to find Abby someone else and wants to leave. Abby tells Chelsea to wait when she stands up and spots Josh behind them working on a display. Abby tells Josh that just because Chelsea thinks poorly of him, it doesn’t mean that she feels the same way. Josh smiles. Abby suggests going out sometime and Josh likes that idea. Abby grabs the pen from Josh’s apron and uses it to write her number on his hand. Abby leaves as Josh promises to call.

Kate steps out from the back and mentions to herself about how Sami may have won this battle if she could find something on Sami, she can win the war and show Lucas what a witch Sami really is. Kate leaves the café.

Sami’s apartment:

Lucas walks up to Sami’s apartment and stops to get the key out of his pocket. Inside the apartment, Sami agrees to help Nicole in order to get her out and hands her her purse as she orders her to get out. Sami notices that Lucas is starting to unlock the door and forces Nicole out onto the fire escape. Lucas enters with the ice cream and Sami grabs it from him as she suggests that they let it melt. Lucas gladly welcomes Sami’s advances and they lie down on the couch to make love.

Nicole, now drenched from the storm, watches them through the window and curses Sami. Nicole vows to make Sami pay if she doesn’t help her get Brady back by revealing Sami’s time as Stan.

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