Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/4/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/4/05


By Danielle
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Deveraux garage:

Max overhears Patrick talking on the phone about needing more time and not wanting to do the plan if it puts “her” in danger. Max pushes Patrick away, insisting that he understands about keeping his secret. Max taunts Patrick about his refusal to allow Max to be with either Chelsea or Billie. Patrick grabs Max in a headlock and warns him to stay away from Chelsea and Billie. Billie catches them and yells at Patrick. Max explains that he overheard Patrick talking about not doing a job because it means hurting someone he cares about. Billie confronts Patrick but Patrick promises to talk later and leaves. Billie confirms that Max is okay and then chases after Patrick. Patrick tries to evade the question by suggesting they join the barbeque.

Deveraux house:

Jennifer shares her worries with Frankie about how Jack burned his hand. Billie shares with Jack her story of another ISA agent having the same symptoms as Jack. Billie continues to urge Jack to tell Jennifer the truth but Jack refuses. Jack watches Frankie and Jennifer tease each other about Jennifer’s cooking. Jack pulls Frankie aside to point out how close Frankie and Jennifer are becoming. Jack shares his fears that Patrick is after Jennifer. Jack claims that he’s asking Frankie to look after Jennifer because he’s going to be on the road as a reporter. Frankie agrees to Jack’s request and they shake on it.

Chelsea’s car & Deveraux house:

Abby and Chelsea narrowly avoid an accident but Chelsea still refuses to pull over as the cop continue to chase her. Chelsea parks the car near the Deveraux home and she and Abby try to rush into the house. The cop calls in the car as abandoned and finds the registration citing Chelsea as the owner. In their attempt to get inside, Abby and Chelsea run into Jennifer. Abby and Chelsea quickly make up a lie about going to the movies and run off.

Deveraux house:

Billie brings Patrick over to greet Jennifer and Jack and Frankie share their disgust with each other at the sight of Patrick. Jack yells at Billie for bringing Patrick. Jack is shocked when Billie calls Patrick a hero. Patrick takes Frank aside to warn that Max better stay away from Chelsea or he’ll have to answer to him. Billie once again begs Jack to tell Jennifer the truth but Jack still refuses. Jack surprises the group with a viewing of old home movies after eating. Jennifer and Frankie flash back to dancing together as they watch the moment on tape. Jack gloats to Billie about how Frankie and Jennifer grow closer as they watch the movies.

Patrick tells someone on the phone that he refuses to do what is being asked because he can’t ever hurt “her.”

Deveraux garage:

Abby and Chelsea run into Max and fill him in on their situation. Max agrees to go talk to the cop and try to smooth things over. Chelsea and Abby duck behind Max’s car to hide. Abby complains to Chelsea that she hasn’t learned from her parents’ death and now may get Max in trouble. Chelsea and Abby watch Max tell the cop that he was the one driving. The cop pulls out the handcuffs to take Max in but Max claims that he was driving Chelsea’s car because he was trying to fix it. Max also claims that he didn’t realize how fast he was going nor did he hear the sirens. The cop demands to see Max’s license and then realizes that he is Max Brady, the famous racecar driver. Abby worries that getting a ticket or points on Max’s record that could harm his career. Chelsea tells Abby not to worry because Chelsea will repay him with her virginity. The cop isn’t impressed by Max’s celebrity status and writes him a ticket. Abby tries to convince Chelsea to change her mind and save herself for someone she really loves, even if that man is Patrick. Chelsea ignores Abby’s advice and goes off with Max once the cop leaves.

Lucas’ apartment:

Belle and Philip have arrived at the party. Everyone else mingles as Sami shares her hopes with Lucas that her popping out of the cake is a step toward them getting back together. Lucas dashes her hopes when he negates that notion. Sami fumes as Kate and Eugenia gloat. Sami is still confident that she’ll get what she wants. Belle and Philip try to get Lucas to give Sami another chance but he refuses.

Kate complains to Julie for her part in Sami’s plan. Julie defends her opinion that Sami and Lucas belong together. Kate admits that Sami is planning to get her back and Julie inquires as to why that should be. Kate brushes off the question. Sami apologizes to Roman for her actions toward Kate but Roman sees it as a cover for something more sinister and insists on knowing what it is. Sami claims she isn’t up to anything and Roman lets it go.

Belle confronts Sami as well but Sami claims that she’s only trying to make things right. Roman asks Kate to give Sami back her job at Basic Black and Kate agrees to think about it. Lucas tries to end the party but Sami shocks everyone when she refuses to let anyone leave. Sami tries to stall by giving Lucas his gift but Lucas refuses it. Kate speaks up and ignores Roman’s attempts to calm her as she yells at Sami in an attempt to convince her to leave Lucas alone. Sami defends herself but Lucas claims that Kate is right. Sami suddenly claims that she has been lying all along and profusely apologizes. Kate and Roman share their disappointment with Sami except that Roman does it in a more tender way. Sami tells Roman that she was horrible to Kate even though Kate was trying to be nice to her. Roman apologizes to Kate for doubting her and suggests that they leave. Kate whispers to Eugenia that they’ve won. Maggie and Julie say their goodbyes to Lucas, glad that Alice wasn’t around to witness this. Sami heads over to the door and slams it shut, refusing to let anyone leave until everyone sees what she got Lucas for a birthday gift.

Sami promises to leave after Lucas opens it if he so desires. Eugenia steps outside to take a call. Lucas is surprised to get a present of cassettes. Sami flashes back to when she and Nicole watched Eugenia grab them. Sami tells Lucas to play a tape right now for everyone to hear. Sami gloats as Kate freaks.

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