Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/3/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/3/05


By Danielle
Pictures by Boo

Chelsea’s car:

Chelsea and Abby test out the new car by driving to Buddy’s Burger Barn for some fast food. Abby mocks Chelsea as she complains about how Chelsea was so uptight about eating in the car. Chelsea gloats about how she won the car in a dance contest with Patrick and is now using Patrick to help her “master the stick.” Abby asks if that means something sexual and even though Chelsea insists that she meant the car’s stick shift, she admires Abby’s dirty mind. Abby is amazed that Chelsea is getting so close to Patrick and Chelsea complains that she’d be even closer if Billie wasn’t in the picture.

Abby and Chelsea argue as they drive down the road about whether Billie would be better for Patrick than Chelsea. Chelsea decides to show Abby that she’s capable of pushing the limit and revs the engine as they speed up. Chelsea ignores Abby’s pleas to slow down and a police car comes up behind them with siren wailing. Chelsea refuses to stop because she doesn’t have insurance and decides to try and outrun the cop. They end up swerving and screaming.

Deveraux home:

Billie arrives for the barbeque and Jennifer greets her. Billie is ominous as she asks Jennifer how everyone is and Jennifer picks up on Billie’s way of asking about Jack. Billie claims that as far as she knows Jack is fine and they talk about how they are forced to live as if the next bad thing is just around the corner. Billie convinces Jennifer to not think like that and Jennifer decides that they should only focus on good things.

Jack lights the grill as Frankie approaches with a bucket of ice and drinks. They make small talk until Frankie suddenly notices that Jack has his hand on the hot grill. It takes Jack a few moments to even notice that his hand is on the grill and Frankie is amazed that Jack didn’t feel his hand burning.

Frankie puts Jack’s hand in the ice bucket and runs up to the apartment to get a first aid kit since the burn is so severe that it could blister. While Frankie is gone, Jack looks at his hand and flashes back to Lexie warning him that he could eventually lose his sense of touch. Jack becomes even more determined to push Jennifer to be with Frankie. Frankie returns with the first aid kit and bandages Jack’s hand. Jack claims that he did some nerve damage to his hand on the Dimera Island and just never had it checked out. Jack promises Frankie that he’ll do something about it but asks him not to tell Jennifer about it just as Jennifer walks out and overhears. Frankie covers by pointing out Jack’s hand and assuring Jennifer that Jack is fine. Billie, in hushed tones, fusses at Jack for not telling Jennifer the truth yet but Jack points out how close Frankie and Jennifer are getting again believing that by the time he’s gone, Jennifer will be in love with Frankie again.


Kate runs into Roman at the hospital and fills him in on the lack of change in Marlena’s condition and that John is only not by Marlena’s side because he is preparing to retrieve objects from all over the world that might spark Marlena’s memory based on Alex’s suggestion. Kate asks Roman if he would do the same for her. Roman reiterates that he’s already said that he wants to be with her and asks her to trust him. Kate tells Roman that she is having a hard time trusting him because she fears she’d have to live her life watching Roman run to Marlena’s side every time something happens. Kate makes Roman choose between stepping away from Marlena to let John take care of her or ending their marriage. Roman chooses Kate.

Marlena’s room:

Lexie talks with Alex about Marlena’s condition. Alex determines that since Marlena’s head CT is normal, the amnesia must be caused by psychological trauma. Lexie offers to help with the treatment and Alex decides to take her up on the offer. Alex asks Lexie for Marlena’s complete medical history from the time she arrived in Salem until now.

Marlena begins to wake up and Roman and Kate rush into the room to see if Marlena remembers anything but she doesn’t. Alex sends everyone out and Roman gives him his card on the way out in case he is needed for anything. Alex has Marlena go back to sleep as he flashes back to another romantic moment between them. Alex asks Lexie to help by keeping him and Marlena in isolation and away from her family and friends. Lexie also agrees to keep Marlena’s family in the dark about the treatment until Alex plans to sit everyone down and explain. Lexie shares her hope that Marlena will be back to her old self in no time and Alex secretly admits that that has been his plan all along.

Lucas’ apartment:

Lucas prepares to spend his birthday alone by lighting a candle in a single cupcake but those plans change when Maggie and Alice stop by.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami comes up with the idea of throwing Lucas a surprise birthday party and enlists Julie’s help. Julie, who was on her way to join Maggie and Alice, stops off at Sami’s apartment and helps make the calls to invite Kate, Roman, Eugenia and to arrange Maggie’s help in getting a cake large enough for Sami to burst out of from the pastry chef at Chez Rouge.

Lucas’ apartment:

Maggie asks Lucas if he’d take Sami back if she proves her innocence but Lucas says no. Maggie purposefully drops the cake Alice made so they would have an excuse to use the bigger cake. While they wait, Alice gives Lucas cuff links that Tom gave to Lucas’ father Bill that Bill would now like to pass on to Lucas. Maggie compares Sami and Lucas’ relationship to Kate and Bill’s relationship.

Kate, Roman, and Eugenia arrive at Lucas’ apartment for the party. Lucas pulls Roman into the bedroom to talk but a chorus of partygoers singing Happy Birthday to Lucas interrupts them. Lucas heads back into the living room to find a large birthday cake and at the conclusion of the song, Sami bursts out of the cake much to Kate’s disgust. Roman helps Sami out of the cake and Sami walks over and gives Lucas a passionate kiss.

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